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June 18, 2021


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Golden high Episode 67 & 68

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( High School Romance )

Chapter 67

By: Summer Gold.



“ Sharon!!!! Come on!!! How do I look!! ” Lisa shouted

Well finally the Prom is here,,,,

“ How many times do I have to tell you?? You look hot,,am sure my brother won’t be able to take his eyes off you tonight ” Sharon winked and Lisa rolled her eyes

“ That’s what I want anyway ” she smirked

“ You’re so naughty ” Sharon laughed

“ Wow,,you’re beautiful ” Lisa said checking her out

“ Thanks,,we need to leave right now. Am sure the others are waiting already ” Sharon said and just then Hazel’s voice came up

“ Are you guys trying to disappear or something?!! ” Hazel yelled

“ Let them get ready,,at least they have a date,not like us ” Sofia rolled her eyes

“ I also have a date and am done already ” Lily said

“ Oh ,sorry I forgot ” Sofia said

“ We are here,, ” Sharon and Lisa appeared

“ Gosh,,finally. Wow,,you’re two are so pretty ” Florence said

“ Thanks,,,let’s leave!! ” Sharon said and they all walked out of the house

“ I brought one of my brother’s biggest cars,,,let’s move ” Sofia winked

You’re curious right??

Well,,many things have happened in few weeks. Sofia and Lisa became friends, Sofia told her brother everything that happened between Lisa and her.

Lisa was shocked,, she never expected her to say everything to her brother.

“ How could you do that?? You don’t feel bad or what?? ” Lisa asked

“ Well,sorry but I don’t keep anything from my brother. And besides I did that because I don’t like you,,,” Sofia had replied her

“ So Now,,you like me?? ” Lisa asked

“ I have no choice,,I love your sister for my brother. ” Sofia replied

# Back_To_Present

“ Where are they?? The party is almost starting ” Ethan said

“ They will be here soon,,I called Sharon few seconds ago ” Gavin said

“ Ethan?? Who’s gonna be your date tonight?? You can’t stay all alone ” Noah said

“ I have no one in mind ” He replied

“ Wait,,are you by any chance a gay?? ” Gavin asked

“ What?? Are you crazy?? How can I possibly be a gay?? ” Ethan half yelled

“ Just wanted to be sure you’re not,,,” Gavin smirk
Everyone was having fun,,some were dancing already. The boys were really bored,,waiting for the girls.

“ Hey Michael,,, got no date?? I can be,,,, ” a girl came over

“ Not interested ” Michael snapped without looking up

“ Oh,,,,okay ” the girl mumbled and walked away

“ That was harsh

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” Noah said and they all laughed

“ Lisa is gonna kill him this time ” Gavin said and they laughed again

“ Hey,,Rowan is coming to us ” Ethan suddenly said and they looked up

He walked to where they sat,,

“ Hi ” he greeted them and they were surprised

As far as

they could remember,, he have never said that to them,, not even once.

“ Mich,, can I talk to you for few minutes?? ” He asked and Michael looked up..

“ We have nothing to talk about ” He snapped

“ Okay,,please?? ” He said and Michael scoffed,, definitely acting up again,, he thought

“ Fine,, I will be back ” Michael said and followed him,,,,

“ So,what do you want to talk about?? ” Michael asked

“ Am just,,,I want to apologize for everything. For the pains I’ve caused you,, or any other thing. Trust me,,am a changed person now,,and I feel kinda guilty, that’s why am saying this. ” Rowan said and Michael was surprised

Is he the one standing or someone else?

“ Well,,,since you’ve realized your mistake. Am fine with it,,,,” Michael said not knowing what to say exactly

“ So,,we are cool now?? ” Rowan asked

“ Yeah,,,,” Michael replied
“ Thanks ” He smiled

“ You can join us,,,or you,,, ”
“ That will be awesome ” He immediately said while Michael nodded

They walked back to the table and rest were surprised to see him sitting Down,,,,

“ Why,, is he here?? ” Gavin asked
“ We are cool now,,,” Michael said in almost a murmur

“ That’s great,,,” Noah said

They all shook hands except Gavin who just ignored his hand,,,,

“ We are not cool,,,” He snapped
“ Oh,,,,” Rowan said shortly

“ I will be back ” Rowan said and got up

“ Gavin,, ” Michael called
“ How the f**k can you just forgive him like that? What if he’s just pretending?? ” Gavin cut him off

“ He’s not pretending,, I don’t think he is,,,” Michael said

“ I don’t care,, I hate him ” He said

“ Am in support,,I don’t like that dude. I only did that because of Michael ” Ethan said with a scoff

“ Fine,,let’s forget him,,,I am cool with him. That doesn’t mean we are friends already,,” Michael said

“ He shouldn’t come here again ” Gavin said and they all chuckled

“ I guess he’s jealous Rowan is gonna take his place with Michael ” Noah laughed

“ That’s never going to happen,,you all are my best friends. No one can change that ” Michael said

“ Better ” Gavin muttered

They started hearing some murmurs from the students,,

💛 Oh my gosh,,they look hot!!

💛 Wow,,,Sofia is hot

💛 Geez,,, how can Lisa be as pretty as that??

💛 I love their dress,,wow

“ They are here ” Noah said and they all looked up almost with a gasp

The girls are really beautiful,,, they all walked together. They were expecting them to come to them but they just walked over to another table with every eyes following them.

The boys faced each other looking confused,,

“ Do you think they all planned it?? ” Ethan asked

“ It’s obvious they planned it,,” Gavin replied while Michael only chuckled

The background music suddenly stopped and they all wondered what’s happening,,

“ It’s Alex Williams!!! Oh my God!!!! ” Gavin almost shouted but controlled himself

“ Who is the lady beside him ? ” Ethan asked

“ I think she’s Lisa’s sister,,right?? Michael ” Noah asked and he nodded

They all turned toward them as they walked in hand in hand,, the students were All screaming out.

“ They really look good together ” Michael muttered as they both waved at the students and sat down on the table prepared by the school specially for them.

Well,,Alex is gonna be the host for tonight. And he came with his girlfriend,,, no not a girlfriend,, his fiancee,, because he already proposed and they will get married very soon.

🎤 This is sure a wonderful night

It was Mr Leo who spoke up,,

🎤 Watching your favorite group of students going out of the school,,,wow,,,

💖 We are gonna miss everything!!!

The students shouted in unison and he smiled

🎤 We will miss you more dear students,,,,, you’re surely gonna be great persons in life,,am sure of that.

Without wasting much of our time,, before the fun starts,, I will like to welcome our guests, that’s Mr Alex Williams And His Fiancee, Miss Anna. You’re welcome

💖 Omg!!! He’s getting married??
💖 Wow,,so wonderful!!
💖 He’s my favorite actor!!

🎤 Am inviting him to take over,,he have something for our best students,,, Mr Alex,,up to you

Alex got up and pecked Anna’s cheek which resulted in different screams

“ My brother seem romantic tho ” Sofia said and they chuckled

“ He is ” Lisa replied with a smile

🎤 Hi,,students.

He spoke up,,

💛 Oopa!!!!!

He spoke for some minutes,,

🎤 So,,it’s time to announce our best students for the year. Well,,I’ve decided to do a little thing for them,, to encourage others. You all know OXFORD UNIVERSITY right??

💖 Oh My Gee

🎤 Ive prepared 15 admissions ready for the students am about calling out,,,so,,will you be one of them??? Let’s see,,

He smiled out dimples

“ Am definitely gonna be there,, I can’t miss that ” Lily said proudly and crossed her legs

“ Me too,,,” Hazel smiled
“ Guys keep quiet let’s listen ” Sharon snapped

🎤 So,,,am starting from the last number,,, that’s 15,,,


“ he’s in Eleven already and non of us is called,,I hope it’s not true ” Lily said and just then he mentioned Florence name

“ Oh my God,, did he just call my name?? ” Florence asked in disbelief

“ Go on girl ” Sharon smiled and Florence immediately ran toward the other students on the stage,she shook hands with Alex and stand

🎤 No 10,,,That’s Sofia Williams??
He said in almost a question,,

“ Wow,,I did it ” Sofia said gently and walked out

She got to her brother and brought out her hand for a shake,,, he ignored her hand and pulled her into a hug.

💖 Awwwn,,

“ Am proud of you ” He whispered into a ear and peck her cheek

Sofia smiled and stood beside Florence,,

“ You don’t seem to care about what’s going on ” Ethan said to Michael

“ Am sure he’s in number one,,why bother ” Noah said

“ Come on,,anybody can take the first,,,, ” Michael said

🎤 9th student is,,Etand Huston

“ Great one bro ” Gavin hit his head playfully before Ethan got up from his seat

“ I should be the next ” Noah said and Michael scoffed

“ What if you’re in the first place,, ” Michael said and he laughed

“ Maybe it will be possible if you are not here ” Gavin said and Noah chuckled

🎤 8th is,,,Noah James

“ I knew it ” Noah said

“ Then I should be the next ??? ” Gavin asked

“ Are you asking me?? ” Michael scoffed

🎤 And next,,,,Sharon Oliver

“ Wow,,,she finally made me proud ” Michael smiled watching her as she got up the stage

“ Proud brother and proud boyfriend ” Gavin smiled

“ I heard Vanessa left ,,,,” Gavin whispered to Michael and he nodded

“ Yeah,,Mr Leo told me about it. The devil is out ” Michael chuckled

🎤 6th student written here is Gavin Herman

Gavin got up nervously and walked out leaving Michael alone on seat

🎤 Then we have Lily Josh as the fifth,,,.

Michael on the other hand was eager to hear Lisa’s name,,,

“ She have to pass this,, she have to ” He muttered

🎤 The fourth person here is,,,Rowan Tainan

🎤 The third is,,,,,,

He stopped and everywhere was silent for a while,,,,,

🎤 MonaLisa Leo
He smiled and Michael almost scream out,,,

💖 Wow,,I can’t believe this!!!

“ Is this some miracle or what?? ” Lisa asked Hazel who only smiled back

Lisa went up and joined other after getting a hug from Alex

🎤 And the second person here is,,,,, who???

Hazel got up without thinking twice and the students screamed

“ Why are you so sure?? I didn’t mention your name ” Alex teased

“ You don’t know my name do you?? ” She smiled

🎤 Are you Hazel Leo??

“ That’s the queen ” Hazel muttered and the students laughed at her craziness

🎤 Congratulations,,, Hazel

Alex said with a wide grin

🎤 Now,,,the first person on this list really made me shock,,,, he’s really a genius,,,,,

💖 Michael! Michael!

The students interrupted him and Alex was surprised,, how did they know that??

🎤 Well I guess it’s the person you all are expecting,, and that’s Michael Oliver,,,,

Michael got up and walked to him almost getting touched by most of the students,,

🎤 Doesn’t he look like me??

💖 Yeah!!

Alex hugged him

Skip Skip⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩

“ Wow,,so like seriously now. You mean,,we all are attending the same university????? This is amazing!! It’s the best moment in my whole life!!!! ” Hazel said in a loud voice

“ Yeah me too ,,come on let’s celebrate this!!! ” Michael said and they all made a cheers with their drinks

They’ve all arrived back home,,,the Olivers house actually. They will be having a sleep over,,

“ Okay guys,,,I have something to confess ” Ethan suddenly said and they all kept quiet

“ What is it?? ”

“ You’ve all been asking who my crush is ” He blurted out

“ You said you have non ” Michael snapped

“ Well sorry I lied,,, I was only waiting for the perfect time ” Ethan said

“ Wow so who is she?? ” Hazel immediately asked

“ Well,,,,,it’s,,,, Hazel ” he said and they all gasped

“ Hazel?? ” Sharon asked and he nodded

“ You,,, have a crush on me?? ” Hazel asked

“ I won’t mind if you don’t like me back,,,,I just have to say it ” Ethan said

“ I like you,,,,I do ” Hazel spoke up immediately

“ Wow,, And I was here thinking he and Florence will be very cute together ” Lisa said

“ well you’re wrong,,, I have a boyfriend ” Florence said and they all turned to her in shock

“ Who is he?? ” they asked at the same time

“ actually,, he’s not in our school. But you will meet him soon ” she blushed

“ now am calm ,,congratulations to Our new couples,,,Ethan and Hazel!!! ”

“ who will date me?? I need to look for a boyfriend right now ” Sofia cried and they laughed

“ I can handle two you know ” Noah winked

“ get ready to die then ” Lily said and they all burst into laughter.

Chapter 68


Lisa walked out of the bathroom dripping wet,,probably the others will be in their respective rooms.

“ Hey Mich,, mind me putting on one of your shirts?? ” She asked and Michael faced her,,his eyes went over her body

She’s so hot,,,,

“ Sure,,” he replied and opened his closet,,,

“ That’s really much, are you a celebrity or what ” Lisa teased

“ You don’t want your boyfriend to look nice ?? ” Michael asked and hand over a shirt to her

“ I like it when you look cute,,but those girls ” Lisa groaned and Michael Laughed

“ You’re really something else ” Michael said

Lisa smiled shyly and ran into the bathroom to put it on,,, she came back into the room.

“ Hmm,,it look good on you. Maybe you should just take it ” Michael said

“ I was planning to steal it,,but you talked ” Lisa said

She tied her hair in a ponytail,, she was smiling inwardly with the way Michael was starring at her.

“ Just tell me what you want ” she said inwardly and decided to make him talk,,..

“ Am done,,,goodnight ” she smiled and peck his cheek

She almost got to the door when Michael stopped her,,,he moved closer to her and pinned her to the wall with his hand on the door,,,

“ Where do you think you’re going?? ” He asked and She scoffed

“ Am going to sleep, what else ” She said and looked down

“ Like seriously?? After doing this right in front of me,,you’re just gonna leave?? ”

“ Fine,,what do you want?? ” She asked and looked up

“ You ” he whispered into her ear and it caused shiver down her spine

“ I,,I don’t understand ” She said,,

Well,you’re a liar Lisa you understand him. Her subconscious mind said to her

“ You don’t need to understand,, but,,I can’t wait any longer. Please ” he said and she was shocked,, is he begging her right now??

“ I know how much you’ve kept yourself,,and I really respect you.but right now,, I think I can’t resist you any longer ” he said

“ You have to promise me,,,you won’t leave me alone or break my heart after this ” Lisa said in almost a shaken voice

“ I promise,, it’s never going to happen ” Michael said and she nodded

He immediately kissed her so hungrily and she reciprocate,, his kisses like magic in her body.

He lifted her up without breaking the kiss,,he locked the door with one hand and deepened the kiss,,,his hand rubbing her bare back from the shirt she was putting on.

He laid her on the bed gently still kissing her so tenderly,,he broke the kiss and pull off his hood.

She raised her hand up and touched his chest,,,he smiled and kissed her again. His other hand unbuttoning her shirt slowly,, she didn’t notice until he was done,, he took it off completely.

She was almost nak*d already,,it was just her panties which was on. But he started taking it off too while kissing her nervousness away,,

After taking it off ,he broke the kiss and checked her out. Lisa looked away feeling embarrassed and shy,,,she’s f**king nak*d. It’s a relief because the light in the room was dimmed ,,she was able to hide her flushing face.

“ You’re perfect ” he said still starring at her

Lisa only smiled shyly,,,, he pulled her face to his and kissed her neck. That’s her weakness,, he knew that.

She let out a slight moan escape her lips,, he left her neck and proceeded to her br**st,,,

“ Oh Mich ” She said with her eyes closed,, she was getting wet already with the way he was s**king her. She pulled his head more closer still not opening her eyes.

She was still enjoying herself when she felt something in her cl*t,,,her eyes went opened immediately.

“ Oh,,” she groaned as she saw him inserting his finger into her,,,

He kissed her quickly before taking it out which came with a more louder groan,,thank goodness he was kissing her.

He inserted it again and then faster,,,she broke the kiss forcefully trying to hold her breath

“ F**k ” she muttered and bite her bottom lips throwing her head backward

Michael added another finger,,

“ Ahh!! ” she screamed out and he immediately removed it

She breath out,,she felt some almost hot liquid coming out from her p**sy,,,,

Michael pecked her lips,, she almost thought it was over until she saw him taking off his trouser,, oh no.

Her eyes went wide when she saw it,,,he was really hard and Big,,, she gulped down immediately.

Michael noticed her and smiled,,

“ Don’t worry,,he won’t hurt you too much ” He whispered into her ear and she nodded nervously

She felt him rub his d**k on her opening,, maybe because she’s still tight?? And then he suddenly penetrate,, it happened so quickly

“ Mich Wait!! ” she shouted

Michael lean closer to her and kissed her,,geez she’s too loud.

He went in gently,, she was really tight and warm.

He pulled out and she broke the kiss almost in tears

“ It hurts,,, please ” she said throwing her head back

“ Am sorry ” Michael said and pecked her lips

She nodded and took a breath out,,she was almost calmed until he entered her again,,,

“ Oh no,,, ahh,,,” she finally teared up

It hurt as hell,,,she can’t ask him to stop again,, she just have to endure the pain

He started going in and out slowly and gently as he could while she winced silently

He later moved in more faster,,,

“ Michael!! ”
“ Wait,,that hurts! ”
“ Ahh,,,please stop ”

“ That’s enough ”
“ Oh,,,,”

She cried,,,,and then finally he stopped,,he lean closer and kissed her hair before getting off her.

“ Ahh,” she said as tears rolled down her eyes

“ Am sorry sweetheart ” Michael said wiping her tears,,,, she nodded slowly and turned her back on him

She was really hurting between her legs,, she could feel her blood all over,,, she badly needed to take a bath,, but she’s too weak to do that.

Her eyes immediately went closed,, Michael pulled her to himself and wrapped his arms around her

“ Thank You Lisa,,,I love you so much. And nothing is gonna change that,, never ” he said and pecked her lips watching her as she sleep soundly.



Hmm Michael,,issorite 🚶🚶

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