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July 24, 2021


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Golden high Episode 65 & 66

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( High School Romance )

Chapter 65

By: Summer Gold



“ What are you saying?? ”
“ I love you,, isn’t it obvious?? Let’s just make it official,, please don’t say no ” he said in a pleading tone.

Anna smiled out tears and immediately nodded her head,,,

“ I love you too ” she said

“ Oh my,,really?? ” Alex pulled her to himself and hugged her tightly


Michael tapped Lisa whose head was on his shoulder but got no response,,

“ F**k,,she’s sleeping again ” he said and removed her head but it fell freely back on him

“ Hey Sweetheart,,, wake up,,” he tapped her gently

“ Geez,,am so sleepy and hungry ” Lisa pouted

“ Then let’s get out of here already,,come on ” Michael said

“ Okay ”

They both got up and walked out of the Library leaving their books behind,,they will just get it back the next day.

“ I guess you’re tired,, get on my back ” Michael said

“ Huh?? You’re gonna get tired too,,am fine ” Lisa said

Michael ignored her and carried her forcefully,,

“ I have a lot of weight ” Lisa said with a smile

“ Good for you,,but I can’t feel anything ” Michael said in a mocking tone

“ That’s harsh ” she slap his back
“ just take me to the dorm,,I don’t feel like eating ” Lisa said and Michael stopped

“ You said it just now that you’re hungry right?? ” he asked

“ am hungry,, but,,I don’t feel like eating. I want some snacks ” she said and Michael chuckled

“ Okay,,drop me now ” She said

Michael dropped her and they both stood still for few seconds starring at each other,, Michael moved closer to her and she moved her head back,,

“ Are you sure you’re okay?? ” he whispered into her ear

“ What do you mean?? ” she asked

“ It’s weird,,you’ve been sleeping for almost four hours now,,you’re hungry but you suddenly don’t wanna eat,,am just,,,,”

“ So,,what do you think is wrong?? ” she asked

“ Are you,,, by any chance,,,, pregnant?? ” he whispered and she let out a loud laugh

“ what’s funny?? ” Michael asked

“ Like,,are you for real?? How can I f**king get pregnant?? I’m,,, I mean, we didn’t do anything yet,,am not a pregnant virgin, okay?? ” she said and Michael smiled

“ You’re wrong,,my kiss can get you pregnant you know ” He winked and they both laughed

“ You’re crazy ” Lisa said
“ But trust me,,when we are gonna do that,,,,, you’re gonna scream so hard ” Michael whispered

“ What??!!! ” She shouted

Michael laughed and run off while she ran after him,,

“ Wait up,am tired ” she called after him

“ Am sorry,,,” Michael smiled and walked back to her

They finally got to the dorm,,it was really empty. They entered the room and Michael turned to her,,

“ Can you stay here alone?? Sharon is not back, ” Michael said

“ Are you planning to leave me?? ” She asked and locked the door

“ You want me to stay with you?? ” Michael asked

“ Until your sister is back,,I can’t stay here alone ” she said

“ Okay,,I will wait till she’s back ” He replied and sat down on the chair

“ Am going to,,take my bath ” She said and walked out of the room

Michael took one of the numerous novels on the table,,how can someone love novels this much??

“ Am back,,” He heard a voice behind him after some minutes,,,he turned to face Lisa who smiled in return

“ When the f**k is Sharon coming back?? ” Michael asked

“ It’s just 8,,she will be here soon I guess,,,,why sounding like you really wanna get the hell out of here ” she scoffed

“ No,,am only worried about her. ” he said

“ Am sure Gavin will walk her here,,then you two can just go together ” Lisa said and he nodded

“ Michael come sit beside me ” she said,,he got up from the chair and joined her on the bed

“ You are not hungry anymore?? ” he asked

“ Sitting next to you make me full ” she said making him chuckle

“ Then,you can just sit beside me forever so you won’t get hungry anymore ” He replied

She smiled and looked up starring into his eyes,,,

“ What ” Michael teased
“ Kiss me ” she pouted

He leaned closer and pecked her lips,,
“ more ” she said and he kissed her again
“ More,more,more ”

He hold her face gently and deepened the kiss a little before moving back.

“ More more more ” she grinned

“ Come on ” Michael pulled her head backward and she laughed

“ I can’t wait for us to leave this place,,,,, I can’t ” Michael said

“ Why ?? ” she asked

“ There are many things I wanna do with you ” he whispered into her ear

“ Like what?? ” Lisa asked

“ You should just wait for it,,” he said and she blushed

“ Am cold,,,” she said ,,,it was a lie though

“ Really?? ”
“ Yeah,, am really cold ” She said

“ Rest your back and I will cover you up with the,,,,,,,, ” She interrupted him with a kiss

“ It’s not gonna work,,,,” she said

“ Then,, what is gonna work?? ” Michael asked

“ Your kiss,,” She said

“ Really?? Don’t tell me you’re pretending,, gosh,you’re so naughty ” Michael said

“ I know,,you don’t have to tell me. But you turned me into this anyway ”

“ How did I make you naughty? ” Michael asked

“ Because you’re too cute to handle,,,” She replied with a smile

“ Remember that day I asked you to become my girlfriend?? It was really funny ” Michael chuckled

“ Which part?? ”

“ You actually said you thought we were dating already,,That was really funny ” Michael said

“ Not my fault,,,I was really in love with you ” Lisa smiled

“ And I had to practice before telling you “ Michael said and they both burst into laughter.

“ I love you so much ” she said

“ I love you mostly ” He replied and lean closer making their lips touch.

She reciprocate almost immediately like she’s been expecting it,,

Her hands playing with his hair making the kiss more intense,,,

She laid on the bed pulling him more to herself,,,he broke the kiss and they both caught their breath.

He kissed her neck and then pecked her cheek,,,

“ You can sleep now,,I think she’s back. I can hear their voices coming closer ” Michael said and got up

He was right,,the door opened and Sharon entered,,she was surprised to see Michael but suddenly turned out,,

“ Hey Gavin,wait up,,he’s here ” She said

“ Goodnight sweetheart ” Michael said and went out

Sharon cleared her throat,,, Michael pecked her cheek

“ Are you happy now?? ” He said and pulled her hair

“ Hey that’s my girlfriend,,, let’s go ” Gavin grab his hand

“ How about Noah?? ” Michael asked as they walk

“ How will you know about him when you spent all day with Lisa as if one of you is going on a trip ” Gavin rolled his eyes

“ Are you jealous or something?? ” Michael teased

“ Of course,, you should spend time with your friends too ” he replied

“ Fine am sorry,,,,am gonna stay with you guys tomorrow ” Michael said

“ Fake promise ” He murmured

Chapter 66



“ Huh?? Why are you nervous?? ” Michael asked Lisa who was sitting on his bed while he stands resting his back on the wall watching her with kin interest.

They came back home just last week,,the exams are over. The results is not out anyway,,that will be announced on their prom.

Definitely right now,,the whole final year students can’t wait for the prom night to finally come. It’s gonna be a real blast no doubt,,leaving high school after so many years? Is that not something worth celebration??

“ My sister said we will be meeting her boyfriend tomorrow,, ” Lisa said

“ Hmm,let me guess. Are you nervous because you’re meeting the popular Alex Williams or you’re nervous because you’re meeting your sister’s boyfriend, I don’t get it ” Michael asked

“ Both actually,, you know this is the first time she will introduce a guy to me,,how will I act?? She also told me he have a sister around my age,what if we don’t get along with each other and ,,,,”

“ Come on Lisa,, you’re taking everything too far. Calm down,,it’s gonna be fine ” Michael said

“ Am trying to calm down but I can’t,, I don’t know why am feeling uneasy ” Lisa sighed

Michael chuckled and moved closer to her,,he pulled her up from the bed and kissed her neck.

“ Just breath,,” he said and continue kissing her neck,, eating and sucking deep into it until she let out a slight moan.

“ Are you okay now?? ” He asked and she nodded

“ Don’t think too much ” he said and tuck her hair behind her ear

“ So,,we are not gonna see each other tomorrow coz am not sure Anna will wanna leave her boyfriend ” Michael winked

“ Then am going to be the one leaving mine,,” Lisa smiled

“ Don’t miss me too much,, I will be here waiting ” Michael said and she hit his chest

“ Talking like am leaving right Now,,it’s tomorrow ” Lisa said and laid on the bed.

Michael smiled and laid beside her ,,they faced each other.

“ You’re so beautiful ” Michael said and touched her lips

“ You don’t have to do that,, just kiss me ” Lisa said

“ If I kiss you,, then I won’t stop. Not now ” Michael said

“ Then don’t stop,,haven’t you controlled yourself so much already?? I want you Michael,,, right now. ” Lisa said

Michael raised his head up a little and lean closer to her

“ You want me?? I don’t want to hurt you,, it’s your first time ” he said

“ I don’t mind,,,it’s you anyway ” she said and he smiled

“ It’s always going to be me,,Nobody else ” He said

“ I know,,, ”

He got up and kissed her on the bed,,,,he broke the kiss and went to her neck.

“ Why do you like,,kissing my neck?? ” Lisa asked

“ I don’t know,, am just addicted to that. ” Michael replied and she smiled

“ But it always make me feel calm whenever am nervous,, it’s like a drug or something in my body whenever you do that to me ” Lisa said

Michael smiled and kissed her again,,,, he broke the kiss again after some minutes.

He unbutton her shirt and she was almost shy because he’s seeing her br**st from the bra she was putting on

“ Don’t get shy,,you’re mine ” He said and finally took off the shirt

Lisa wanted to talk but he took her lips in again,, she immediately reciprocate trying not to be nervous or scared. ..

She felt his hand unhooking her b*a,,he took it off and squeeze her ni**ple a little.

She let out a loud moan into his mouth,,,he withdraw from the kiss and stared into her eyes. She immediately looked away feeling so embarrassing laying almost half n**ed in front of him

“ are you uncomfortable?? I can stop,, you know that,,,, ”

“ Just,,go on ” she said and pulled him closer,, he pecked her lips and moved to her two br**st pointing at him.

His mouth captured one of it and she almost screamed out in pleasure,,,

“ Oh,,my ,,,” she moaned out loudly

He s**k her breast and his hand playing with the other one,,,

Lisa held his head more closer to herself,,

“ Mich,,,” she said his name and a smile escape his lips like he’s been expecting that from her.

Suddenly a knock came on the door,,,Michael groaned,,.

“ What,,,” He asked

“ Hey big Brother,, I need to talk to you,, right now ” Sharon’s voice spoke up

“ Later,,am busy ” Michael said and took one of her n**ples in again

“ Please,,it’s really important ” The voice came again

“ Gosh,, you’re such a pain. Can’t we just postpone it?? ”

“ It’s really important ”

“ Go,,,,,she said it’s important ” Lisa said and he sighed

“ put on your clothes,,” He said and Lisa nodded watching him going out of the room with an almost angry look.

She chuckled and immediately put on her clothes,,,

# Next_Day

Lisa and her sister got down from the car in Alex’s private house,,just as expected. It look so amazing,,Anna is really lucky to have him, Lisa thought within herself.

“ Let’s go in and stop starring ” Anna said holding her hand

They finally got in ,,,,Alex was the first to show up like he have been waiting.

“ Finally ” be breath out and immediately pulled Anna into a hug

“ I thought you changed your mind ” Alex said

“ Not everyone is like you ” Anna rolled her eyes

“ I took that from you ” Alex said and Anna hit his chest playfully while Lisa watched in amazement. They are really cute together,,

“ Oh,,,you must be Lisa right?? Sorry I didn’t notice you ” Alex said

“ It’s okay,,,since you saw My sister,,it’s fine .” Lisa smiled

“ No that’s not true,,,You’re as important as she is,,come on,,” Alex smiled and gave her a quick hug and a peck on her cheek

“ Am starving,, ” Anna said

“ I can’t let you stress yourself,, maids prepared something ” Alex said

“ Cooking is not actually a stress,,” Anna said as they proceeded to the dinning room

“ How about Sofia?? ” Anna asked

“ Her room,,actually she have been waiting for you guys,, especially you. She told me she enjoyed your company the last time and she can’t wait to see you again. And then I told her you will be coming with your sister,,she was overwhelmed. “ Finally am gonna see my agemate, won’t be bored in this large mansion alone ” Alex mimicked Sofia’s voice and Lisa chuckled

“ Lisa,,will you go and call her to come down ?? Her room is just by the right when you climb the stairs ” Alex said

“ Okay ” Lisa said and got up

She climb the stairs gently and finally knocked on the door ,,,

“ Brother?? Or ,,a maid? ” The voice came on and Lisa wonder why it sounded so familia

“ Neither of the two ” she replied anyway

“ Then who?? Just hold on,,” Her voice came up again

It’s really familiar,, Lisa thought.

The door finally opened and Lisa was so shocked,, Sofia too was shocked

“ You?!! ” They both said at the same time

“ You’re Anna’s sister?? ”
“ You’re Alex’s sister?? ” They both asked in unison

“ Isn’t obvious?? ” Sofia rolled her eyes and got out of the room

“ It’s a shock,,, well,,you should come down. We are about eating ” Lisa said

“ Is Anna there?? ” Sofia asked

“ Yes she is ” Lisa replied

“ Oh my God!!! ” Sofia screamed and immediately rushed downstairs

“ What the hell?? ” Lisa said watching her running down the stairs

She really love Anna that much?? Drama queen,,

She scoffed and went downstairs to join them.



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