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Golden high finale

( High School r0m@nç£)
Chapter 68
By: Summer Gold.
Lisa walked out of the bathroom dripping w€t,,probably the others will be in their respective rooms.
“ Hey Mich,, mind me putting on one of your shi-ts?? ” She asked and Michael faced her,,his eyes went over her b©dy
She’s so h0t,,,,
“ Sure,,” he replied and opened his closet,,,
“ That’s really much, are you a celebrity or what ” Lisa tea-sed
“ You don’t want your b©yfri£ndto look nice ?? ” Michael asked and hand over a shi-t to her
“ I like it when you look cute,,but those girls ” Lisa gro-an ed and Michael Laughed
“ You’re really something else ” Michael said
Lisa smiled shyly and ran into the bathroom to put it on,,, she c@m£ back into the room.
“ Hmm,,it look good on you. Maybe you should just take it ” Michael said
“ I was planning to steal it,,but you talked ” Lisa said
She tied her hair in a ponytail,, she was smiling inwardly with the way Michael was starring at her.
“ Just tell me what you want ” she said inwardly and decided to make him talk,,..
“ Am done,,,goodnight ” she smiled and pe-ck his cheek
She almost got to the door when Michael st©pped her,,,he moved closer to her and pinned her to the wall with his hand on the door,,,
“ Where do you think you’re going?? ” He asked and She scoffed
“ Am going to sleep, what else ” She said and looked down
“ Like seriously?? After doing this right in front of me,,you’re just gonna leave?? ”
“ Fine,,what do you want?? ” She asked and looked up
“ You ” he whispered into her ear and it caused shiver down her spine
“ I,,I don’t un-derstand ” She said,,
Well,you’re a liar Lisa you un-derstand him. Her subconscious mind said to her
“ You don’t need to un-derstand,, but,,I can’t wait any longer. plea-se ” he said and she was shocked,, is he begging her right now??
“ I know how much you’ve kept yourself,,and I really respect you.but right now,, I think I can’t resist you any longer ” he said
“ You have to promise me,,,you won’t leave me alone or break my heart after this ” Lisa said in almost a shaken voice
“ I promise,, it’s never going to happen ” Michael said and she nodded
He immediately k!$$£d her so hungrily and she reciprocate,, his k!sses like magic in her b©dy.
He lifted her up without breaking the k!ss,,he locked the door with one hand and de-epened the k!ss,,,his hand ru-bbing her ba-re back from the shi-t she was putting on.
He la-id her on the be-d gently still k!ss!ngher so tenderly,,he broke the k!ssand pu-ll off his hood.
She raised her hand up and t©uçhed his che-st,,,he smiled and k!$$£d her again. His other hand un-bu-ttoning her shi-t slowly,, she didn’t notice until he was done,, he took it off completely.
She was almost nak*d alre-ady,,it was just her P@nties which was on. But he started taking it off too while k!ss!ngher nervousness away,,
After taking it off ,he broke the k!ssand checked her out. Lisa looked away feeling embarr@ssed and shy,,,she’sfu-cking nak*d. It’s a relief because the light in the room was dimmed ,,she was able to hide her flushing face.
“ You’re perfect ” he said still starring at her
Lisa only smiled shyly,,,, he pu-ll-ed her face to his and k!$$£d her n£¢k. That’s her weakness,, he knew that.
She let out a slight m0@n escape herl-ips,, he left her n£¢k and proceeded to her br**st,,,
“ Oh Mich ” She said with her eyes closed,, she was getting w€t alre-ady with the way he was s**king her. She pu-ll-ed his head more closer still not opening her eyes.
She was still enjoying herself when she felt something in her cl*t,,,her eyes went opened immediately.
“ Oh,,” she gro-an ed as she saw him in-serting his f!nger into her,,,
He k!$$£d her quic-kly before taking it out which c@m£ with a more louder gro-an ,,thank goodness he was k!ss!ngher.
He inser-ted it again and then fas-ter,,,she broke the k!ssf0rç£fully trying to hold her breath
“fu-ck ” she muttered and bite her bottoml-ips throwing her head backward
Michael added another f!nger,,
“ Ahh!! ” she screamed out and he immediately re-moved it
She breath out,,she felt some almost h0t liquid coming out from her pu-ssy,,,,
Michael pe-cked herl-ips,, she almost thought it was over until she saw him taking off his trou-ser,, oh no.
Her eyes went wi-de when she saw it,,,he was really h@rd and Big,,, she gulped down immediately.
Michael noticed her and smiled,,
“ Don’t worry,,he won’t hurt you too much ” He whispered into her ear and she nodded nervously
She felt him rub his di-ck on her opening,, maybe because she’s still ti-ght?? And then he suddenly pene-trate,, it happened so quic-kly
“ Mich Wait!! ” she shouted
Michael lean closer to her and k!$$£d her,,geez she’s too loud.
He went in gently,, she was really ti-ght and warm.
He pu-ll-ed out and she broke the k!ssalmost in tears
“ It hurts,,, plea-se ” she said throwing her head back
“ Am sorry ” Michael said and pe-cked herl-ips
She nodded and took a breath out,,she was almost calmed until he entered her again,,,
“ Oh no,,, ahh,,,” she finally teared up
It hurt as hell,,,she can’t ask him to st©p again,, she just have to endure the pain
He started going in and out slowly and gently as he could while she winced silently
He later moved in more fas-ter,,,
“ Michael!! ”
“ Wait,,that hurts! ”
“ Ahh,,,plea-se st©p ”
“ That’s enough ”
“ Oh,,,,”
She cried,,,,and then finally he st©pped,,he lean closer and k!$$£d her hair before getting off her.
“ Ahh,” she said as tears rolled down her eyes
“ Am sorry sweetheart ” Michael said wiping her tears,,,, she nodded slowly and turned her back on him
She was really hurting between her legs,, she could feel her blood all over,,, she badly needed to take a bath,, but she’s too weak to do that.
Her eyes immediately went closed,, Michael pu-ll-ed her to himself and wra-pped his arms around her
“ Thank You Lisa,,,I love you so much. And nothing is gonna change that,, never ” he said and pe-cked herl-ips watching her as she sleep soundly.
Chapter 69
“ Do you accept Anna Marie to be your new wedded wife?? ” The priest asked
“ Yes I do ” Alex replied with a warm smile
“ And To the bride,,do you accept Alex Williams to be your wedded husband? ” Yes I do
“ May the lord bless your marriage,,”
Alex didn’t wait for the priest before he pu-ll-ed Anna to himself and k!$$£d her hungrily,,,
It was so filled with love and de-sire for the two,,
“ I will love you forever,, that’s a Promise. I will give you anything,,, even the whole world. I love you so much ” Alex whispered into her ears and she have no choice than to bur-st into tears
They are so much in love with each other no doubt.
“ Wow,,they look so good together ” Sofia said cl@pping her hands together
“ Yeah,,, they are both lucky to have each other ” Lisa said with a smile
“ That’s true,,,and besides. They made a lot of changes between us,right?? ” Sofia said and Lisa nodded
“ Best friends?? ”
“ Yeah,, best friends ” They both hvgged each other
“ You know what?? ” Sofia started after breaking the hvg
“ What is it?? ” Lisa asked curiously as she took a bite from the chicken soup
“ You’re lucky to have Michael,,,, he really loves you a lot. It’s all over his eyes,,he’s in love with you ” Sofia said as they both watched Michael chatting with his friends looking as handsome as ever.
One could mistake him for the groom if he was a bit older,,
“ You really think so?? ” Lisa asked
“ Yeah,,I don’t think he can fall into a lady’s tra-p easily. Mine was a threat,, even though I achieved what I wanted,,it was not cool,,,it didn’t come from his heart ” Sofia said and Lisa faced her
“ I think am lucky to have him then,,,, I love him so much also,don’t know what am gonna do if he ever leave me ” Lisa said and Sofia smiled
“ he won’t dare do that,,, you have us,we will always support you guys,,,you have such a beautiful relationsh!pI can’t trade that with anything ” Sofia said
“ Thanks,,,,, but,,,people do change. I never knew you were gonna be a good friend you know?? ” Lisa said
“ And your sister_in law too ” Sofia said and they both laughed
“ What did we miss?? ” The other four girls joined them
“ Nothing,, we were just talking ” Lisa said
“ You know I am really getting jealous of you two,,I am your best friend, not her ” Sharon tea-sed
“ We are all best friends and will always be ” Lisa said
“ Remember I told you guys I have something to,,,,,,”
“ Yeah,,so what is it?? ” Lily cut her off curiously
“ Well,,,few days ago. I went to the mall,,,and then I met this guy,,,”
“ Is he handsome?? ” Florence and Sharon immediately asked
“ Of course he is,,,” Sofia replied with a red cheek
“ More than my brother?? ” Sharon asked
“ What?? Michael?? Of course not,,, but he’s handsome ” Sofia smiled
“ Okay,, so what happened ” Lisa asked
“ We exchanged contacts,,and now,,,he asked me out on a d@t£. But am nervous,,,,should I go?? Am new in this type of things you know ” Sofia said
“ You have to go,, don’t worry we can go with you and wait in the car so if he tries any rubbish, we attack ” Hazel finally spoke up
“ Crazy sister of mine ” Lisa rolled her eyes and they all laughed
“ But it’s a nice idea,,we got this ” Lily said
A message c@m£ on Lisa’s phone and she immediately checked,, she was surprised it’s from Rowan,,I mean Rowan!!
💌 Hey,,,,I know it’s crazy but I just have to s£nd this to you. Even though it’s late,,,,I really want to apologize for everything,, I know I hurt you,,,maybe not really you, but someone you love. I was just being childish you know?? And now,, I think it’s all over. I am really sorry and I hope you forgive me, I know you will,,you’re the girl with the most pure heart I’ve ever known. This may be the last time you will hear from me,, and definitely we won’t have the opportunity to meet again,,,I can’t attend OXFORD with you guys,,,dad is really sick and I have to leave the country with my family, I will definitely have a good life wherever we go so don’t worry about me. Just want you to know,,,,my heart still beats for you every time but am sure gonna get off it soon,,,,goodbye Lisa,,, my first love ✍
Lisa never knew she was in tears until her friends spoke up,,
“ What did you see ?? You’re tearing up ” Hazel said and they all looked worried
Lisa immediately wiped her tears,,,
“ It’s nothing,, am fine ” She spoke up
“ Do you want me to call Michael?? ” Sharon said and she immediately nodded still wiping her tears which refused to st©p
Soon Michael walked over to them,,
“ What happened?? ” He asked and they faced Lisa
“ Hey sweetheart,, are you okay?? ” He asked holding her hand
“ Can you take me from here,,to somewhere more cool ” He said
“ Oh,,,okay,,let’s go ” He said and they both left
“ Are you okay?? Tell me what’s wrong ” Michael said as they both got into the car
“ I ,,don’t know why am tearing up,, but I got a message ” Lisa said
“ From who?? ”
“ Rowan,,,” She replied and he turned to her immediately
“ What did he say?? ”
Lisa handed over her phone to him and he re-ad it,,,
“ So,,,why are you tearing up?? ” Michael asked looking confused
“ I just,,,I don’t know why am feeling guilty all of a sudden,,,it’s like,,,, am a bad person,, or,,,,I just don’t know,,, I need to cool my mind right now ” Lisa said and Michael sighed before starting the car
He st©pped the car when they got to the bridge,, they both got down from the car
The cool breeze is really amazing as they watch the water flowing,,
“ You’re not a bad person Lisa,,, you get emotional easily, that’s because you have a warm heart,,,,,and Rowan is surely gonna forget about you soon. Am sure of that,, he will be able to un-derstand that,, you two are not meant for each other,,,, that,,,you’re,, mine ” Michael said and she faced him
“ You’re mine Lisa,,, no one else’s,, but mine. So,,,st©p crying because of another guy. It hurts ” Michael said
Chapter 70
“ Come on Sofia,, you look h0t,,now get out of the car ” Lily said
She breath out before getting off,,,
“ Am nervous ” she said and they all gro-an ed
“ Okay,,am leaving. I will be back ” she said and walked into the restaurant,,it was so quiet. Well,,it’s for high cl@ss people so everything went solemnly
“ Wow,,guys guess what ” Hazel said
“ What happened?? ” They asked at the same time
“ Ethan’s mom,,, just gave birth to a baby girl!! ” Hazel shouted
“ Wow,,it’s finally a girl. Ethan always complain about his kid brother being devil, am happy for him ” Sharon said
“ Can’t wait to see her,, she will be as cute as me ” Hazel said and they all scoffed
“ Wow,,you’re going Oxford?? ” Samuel asked with a smile
“ Yeah,, with my friends actually. It’s gonna be fun ” Sofia replied and took a spoon
“ I guess am lucky then ” Samuel said and she looked up
“ Lucky?? How?? ” she asked in surprise
“ Same Oxford,, is that not fate?? ” he smiled
“ I can’t call that fate,,it’s something normal I guess ” Sofia said
Samuel smiled and hold her hand,,,
“ I like you,, I really do ” He said and she blu-shed a little
“ Thanks,,,” She replied
“ Let’s eat,,we can continue after that ” Samuel said
“ You two look so cute ” Sofia said as they all eat together,, with Alex And Anna ,,they look so happy together
“ You’ve been saying this for almost two weeks now,” Lisa rolled her eyes
Sofia poke her cheek ,,
“ Am glad you two get along so well ” Anna said
“ Yeah ” Alex smiled
“ So,,how are you guys preparing for school?? You will be leaving soon,,no time ” Alex said
“ We are always re-ady brother,, ” Sofia smiled
“ Yeah,,always re-ady. and we won’t disappoint you ” Lisa said
“ Okay that reminds me,,Emily,,,”
“ Oh mom,,,I spoke with her not too long. Am sure she’s gonna enjoy her trip,,I told her not to worry about me. Am 18 now,I can take good care of myself ” Lisa smiled
“ Am glad Leo really did that for her,,am proud of him ” Alex said
They all smiled as they continue eating.
“ I thought I wasn’t gonna see you again ” Michael sighed as they both walked hand in land in the quiet street,,the view was a blast
“ Come on,,it’s only been two days ” Lisa said
“ It’s different sweetheart,, we use to live nextdooor but now you are not close anymore ” Michael said and she pe-cked hisl-ips
“ How are they?? ” He finally asked
“ They are fine,,Anna missed you guys a lot. But I guess she’s too busy to come over, you can just visit some times ” Lisa said
“ Fine I will ” Michael smiled and they both st©pped
They sat down on the long bench,,,
“ How do you feel about leaving home again after so many months?? ” Michael asked
“ You will be there,,, what else do I want?? ” Lisa said and he smiled
He took her little hand in his,,,he k!$$£d the back and she blu-shed
“ I don’t want us to p@rt ways,, never ” Michael said
“ Me too,,,,you’re everything to me now ” Lisa said
He pu-ll-ed her up and made her sit on his l@ps,,
“ You’re also everything to me,,,and,,,I don’t think I will be able to take it if we leave each other. Lisa,,,,” He suddenly called
“ Huh? ”
“ It’s weird,,,but,,,,don’t ever smile at another guy except me. Don’t do that,,,, I really am so possessive and jealous of a whatever is mine,,, no matter what ” he said
“ I won’t,,,, you are my happiness anyway. Why will I show it off to another guy?? ” Lisa said
“ I have something for us ” Michael said and brou-ght out a ring case,,,he untied the ribbon and brou-ght it out,the two rings shine like diamond
“ Am not proposing now,,,but am going to do that in the future,,very soon. This two rings will serve as a promise,,,,,never to leave each other. We will always be together,, always,,, forever, that’s it ” He said and she nodded almost immediately
Michael smiled and inser-ted it into her f!nger,, she also did the same
“ I promise you Michael,,, it will always be you,,Nob©dy else but you ” Lisa said
“ I promise too,,,,,,it will forever be you,,,I will be yours,,, and you are mine alone,,soulmate ” Michael said and with that they both engaged in a de-ep k!ss
# A_Month_Later
They all got down from the car,,,They look so amazing. Their looks alone make the old students drool over them immediately,,
👄 What are they??
👄 I think they are new,,ive never seen people as h0t as this in Oxford
👄 They look so cl@ssic
Michael re-moved his sungl@sses cutely and brushed his hair backward with his f!nger,,, as usual he was alre-ady gaining attention
“ Bad for them it’s only you I want ” He whispered to Lisa who chuckled
They all stand still in front of the school ,,OXFORD was boldly written in front of it,,,,
“ Hey Michael,what do you think about the billboard?? ” Hazel asked and he smiled
“ Wanna get the pictures replaced in a three months?? ” Michael sm-irked and they all laughed
“ I think am gonna enjoy my stay here ” Lisa said
“ All the best,,to us ” Gavin said
They all smiled and started walking in,,,into another step in their lives.
Another life ahead of them,, not GOLDEN HIGH,but OXFORD UNIVERSITY
How will life treat them??
What will they face??
Well,,,,they have the positive mindset. They will always over come anything, that’s how strong they are.
And with every step they take into the school,, they know surely.
Their lives is about to change,,
Another Journey begins,,,,,,,
Well,,,so,,peeps,,this is the end of Golden High School.
I hope you enjoyed it,,,,
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    I LOVE THIS STORY LIKE MAD………..Intresting story i have ever read.i wish this can continue…Author more knowledge n ink to ya pen

  2. Gallant AJ

    Wow this is the best storie ever, I can’t believe that i just read it two times. More sucess to u my writter

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