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July 30, 2021


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Golden high Episode 57 & 58

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( High School Romance )

Chapter 57

By: Summer Gold



Michael and Noah joined the others in the Library after a while,, feeling exhausted like they’ve been working.

“ Is it really that stressful?? ” Sharon scoffed

“ The only person stressed here should be me,,Michael did nothing ” Noah rolled his eyes

“ I waited for you,, ” Michael snapped

“ What are you two talking about?? Tell us how the audition went ” Lily said

“ I got the Romeo role,,” Michael said

“ As expected ” they all chorused

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“ It’s better if you just said they gave you the Romeo role ” Noah replied

“ Meaning?? ” Gavin asked
“ They did not even test him,,they just hand over the script to him,,,because of his look,,she was like,, You look so handsome,, you will be the perfect person for the role ” Noah tried to mimic the drama teacher

“ Wow!!!! That’s amazing,, so how about you?? ” Lisa asked

“ I will be his best friend,, I guess I got the role because he’s my Best friend,, I was really perfect when she asked me to display how best friends act together ” Noah said proudly

“ The female students will be starting theirs in few minutes,,which one among you will be going?? ” Ethan asked

“ Non,,,,only Hazel ” Lisa said

“ Non ?? Why?? ” Michael asked
“ We are not good in acting,,I prefer singing,, ” Lisa smiled

Michael sighed sadly and looked away,

“ Then get ready to watch your boyfriend kissing another girl,, ” Noah blurted out and Michael immediately tapped him

“ What do you mean?? ” Lisa asked

“ You should know that Romeo and Juliet are the most romantic couples you will ever meet,,,,,And in the play,,Romeo and Juliet will be kissing,, more than six scenes ” Noah said and they all gasped

“ Am going for the audition ” Lisa said and they all laughed

“ You just said you’re not good in acting ” Gavin said

“ That’s true,even if I go,,I won’t pass ” she said

“ It’s just a play,,,, no feelings attached ” Michael finally said

“ It depend on who ever get the role of Juliet,, or,,am not gonna allow that, never ” Lisa snapped

“ Well,,,I will also kiss once ” Noah said and they all faced Lily

“ Why are you all starring at me?? It’s just once,,not six times ” she scoffed

“ That’s not funny ” Michael said
“ Sorry ” Lily murmured

“ I don’t think that’s enough reason to fight,,” Sharon said

“ Reason why I want to sing with you ” Gavin said and poke her cheek

“ Frog voice ” She snapped

“ You’ve never heard me sing ” Gavin said

“ Sorry bro,,,I always show her your videos where you sing in that ugly voice ” Michael said and they all laughed almost falling from their seats

“ That is supposed to be a secret!! ” Gavin yelled

“ What secret?? ” Michael scoffed
“ As best friends ” Gavin said and slap his head

“ You’re hurting your girlfriend’s big brother?? Am taking my sister from you ” Michael teased

“ She can’t do that, ” Gavin said

“ Well sorry for you,, she’s gonna support me ” Michael replied

“ Should I break up with him now?? Or when brother?? ” Sharon smirked and they all laughed

“ Let’s give him a second Chance,, he’s gonna learn his mistake ” Michael said

“ That’s not fair ” Florence said still laughing

“ Guys check the school blog,, it’s a blast right Now ” Ethan who have been busy with his phone finally said

They all brought out their phones immediately like he’s the commander ,

“ What the f**k!! ” The girls all shouted at the same time.

Gavin and Noah faced Michael who only kept quiet,

The students got the news of Michael taking the role of Romeo and the comments are really crazy

♥ This is,,just great!
♥ Am doing anything to get the Juliet role!
♥ Gosh,,the kiss!!
♥ Can’t believe someone is gonna kiss those red juicy lips!!

♥ I wish it’s gonna be me!!

“ So,,everyone want to kiss Michael right now?? ” Gavin chuckled

“ That’s crazy ” Sharon said

“ Really crazy,,” Lily said

Michael dropped his phone and took a glance at Lisa who was quiet,

“ Am gonna tell them am not interested anymore ” he blurted out

“ What?? You should know that’s not possible anymore ” Ethan said

“ I never knew Lisa wasn’t gonna be there,,,, I f**ked up,,I want to be alone ” he said and walked out of the Library

“ That’s crazy ” Noah said

“ I need,,to ,,,,,am leaving ” Lisa said and left

“ I hope this doesn’t cause any trouble between them,,I love seeing them together ” Lily said

“ It shouldn’t,,, am just waiting for whoever is taking the role,that’s gonna be the solution ” Sharon replied


“ Am surely taking this rôle,,, it fit me perfectly ” Sofia said proudly

“ Yeah,,you’re really good in acting. And you’re beautiful too ” Vanessa said

Hazel scoffed as she listened to everything, they’ve finished the audition,, just waiting for the role to be announced

“ You just wanted that role badly because of someone’s boyfriend ” Hazel said

“ I never asked you to butt in Mr Leo’s daughter ” Sofia snapped

“ At least my dad have a good name,, how about yours?? ” Hazel smirked

“ Well,,it’s bad I don’t have parents. But my brother can buy your entire family with just a snap of finger,,trust me ” Sofia smiled

“ And who the hell is that brother of yours to buy my whole family?? ” Hazel snapped angrily

“ You will soon meet him,,,but I don’t boast about him,,am still humble in that,, unlike you,,what are you gonna do now?? Ask your dad to expel me or what?? ” Sofia said mockingly

“ Stop!! I don’t do that anymore okay?!! ” Hazel shouted

“ Are you going to cry?? Thought you’re tough,, I guess am wrong ” Sofia winked

“ That was a great one babe,,but who is your brother?? You talked like he’s some billionaire ” Vanessa said

“ You know him,,but I won’t tell you. I guess he will visit our school soon,he once told me that,, ” Hazel said proudly

“ Wow,,” Vanessa said

“ Guys!!!!! I just find out who got the role !! ” Noah rushed in

“ Who?? They all asked curiously
“ Sofia,,,, Williams, the new hot chick ” Noah said

“ why calling her that while am here?? It’s annoying ” Lily scoffed

“ that’s what the students call her, am sorry ” Noah said

“ This is bad,,,if you’re really saying the truth,,it’s gonna be bad ” Sharon said.


Chapter 58


Anna walked out of the bathroom after almost spending all the time in the world in there,, she took the hair dryer from her makeup table. She started drying her black hair,, she heard her phone ringing out.

“ Gosh,who the hell ” she muttered without picking it,,after she dried her hair,she sat down on the bed and then the call came again.

It’s an unknown number,, she decided to take the call.

“ Yeah this is Anna,,who’s this?? ” She asked

“ Wow,,so your name is Anna,, that’s great ” the voice came on and she gasped

Alex???? She never believed he was really going to call her,,wow,that’s so sweet of him.

“ Who is this?? ” she asked pretending not to know him

“ It’s Alex,,” He replied

“ Who is Alex?? ” She asked almost laughing

“ Alex Williams,, ”
“ Oh,,,,,hi ” she said and got up from the bed,,she heard the doorbell. Maybe it’s the delivery

“ You’re home now?? ” Alex asked
“ Yeah that’s right,,am home. You?? ” She asked as she opened the door and went out of the room.

“ Not home yet,,,got a shoot by 10:00pm,,,it’s almost time though ” Alex replied

“ A shoot by Ten?? Then when are you gonna sleep?? ” she asked

“ Are you worried? ” Alex teased
“ No,am not. It’s a question ” She scoffed and finally opened the door entrance

“ It’s just going to last for one hour,,not bad,,and besides, it’s a part of me already ” Alex said

Anna opened the door and the delivery guy smiled at her

“ Yeah,,that’s just who Alex Williams is right?? ” she said and the guy opened his eyes wide

Ooops,,bursted. She immediately grabbed the chicken from him and closed the door on his face.
“ Alex Williams?? Why does it sound familiar?? Am sure it’s not the one I know ” The delivery guy said as he climb his bike and then put on his helmet.

“ sir,,you have to start now ” Anna heard a voice talking to Alex

“ I still have three minutes ” Alex replied and Anna chuckled,three minutes??

“ I guess you have to go now ” She spoke up

“ Yeah,,,am going to call you when an less busy,,,,you can watch the makeup too. Trust me ,,it’s amazing ” Alex said

“ Am a fan,,you don’t have to tell me. ” Anna smiled

“ Why does it feel so good hearing that from you?? ”

“ You’re crazy,,,bye ” She hanged up and smiled widely

Wait,,what’s going on??

“ So,,where is she?? ” The Producer asked angrily

“ Am sorry,,but her flight got delayed ” The manager replied

“ What the f**k do you mean?? Do you know how much I spent on this?? Do you know what I did before I was able to convince Alex Williams to do this???? I wanted this work to come out perfectly that’s why am using Alex,, he’s the best for it. And I was lucky he accepted the contract,, now the damn lady who should be the lead female role claim to get her flight delayed?? What the hell!! She should be here by now,,what am I going to tell Alex again?? That he’s going yo wait for another one week?? What if something just come up and he’s not chanced again?? Then all my work is gonna enter into the mud?? Get her here right now,,I don’t care how you do it!! ” the producer yelled

“ Boss,,,Mr Alex is ready ” The PA entered

“ Take me to him ” He replied and they both walked out of the bathroom office

They both got to Alex who was standing with his two hands tucked into his trouser,,,

“ Alex,, there’s a little problem ” The producer said

“ It’s not gonna be possible again?? ” he asked calmly

“ Yeah,,, we got a News that Flora’s flight got delayed ”

“ Is it a must to use Flora?? Why not use one of the ones in your company ” Alex asked with his brow together

“ We need someone who fits perfectly,, ” He replied

“ Can I get the picture of the Flora?? ” Alex asked and he immediately bring out his phone showing Alex her picture

“ You’re using her mainly because she’s pretty?? ” Alex asked

“ How did you know that?? ”

“ It’s Obvious Mr Producer ” Alex said and he kept quiet

“ Am sorry,,, ”

“ Well,,I know someone Prettier. But she’s not an actress ” Alex smiled

“ It doesn’t matter right now if she’s an actress or not,,,”

“ Really?? ”

“ She just have to sign the contract,, and then the shooting starts,,we’ve got no time to waste. You may become invisible anytime ” He said and they both laughed

“ Am going to make her sign the contract,, but ,,,,make sure it’s a great pay for her,,,she’s really pretty ” Alex winked

“ Trust me for that Alex,,, I may even make her one of my,,,,”

“ Don’t even think of that ,I don’t think she’s gonna accept that ” Alex said

“ Oops,,okay ”
“ Am leaving,,, I will just get back to you tomorrow ” Alex said before going out.


Anna rushed out of the house,,she was really late for work,, she threw her bag in the back seat and get into the car. She drove out of the compound in full speed,,,,

A call came on her phone and she checked,,, Alex?? Why is he calling early??

She picked the call and connect it to the earpod

“ Alex?? Are you okay?? ”

“ Really?? Asking if am okay?? Gosh,,am fine ” Alex laughed

“ I was not thinking straight,,am driving right now ” She said

“ Oh,,maybe I should just,,,”

“ No it’s fine,,why did you call?? ” She asked

“ Can we meet each other?? I really want to see you again,,and I have something to tell you ” He said

“ Really?? Today?? ” she asked

“ Yeah,,today. Tell me your home address,I will come pick you up when you get back from your office ” he said

“ Okay,,I will send it. ” She replied and hanged up.


“ Hey ” Michael smiled and pecked her cheek lightly after the class was over
“ Hi ” Lisa replied with a quick smile

“ We are going to have lunch together right?? ” Michael asked

“ Yeah,,but we have to wait for others ” She replied

“ No,,just the both of us,,they are annoying. Let’s go ” Michael pulled her up and they walked out of the class

“ Those two,,why can’t they wait?? ” Ethan scoffed as they all walked together

“ I guess they wanna eat separately,, it’s not bad ” Lily said

They entered the cafeteria and spot the two love birds at one end of the cafeteria eating and laughing
” am damn hungry,,, let’s eat ” They all dropped their food on the table and started consuming it.

It have being a very stressful day,,the works are getting too much. Why will it be stressful when they will be graduating soon?? Shouldn’t it reduce??

“ When is the rehearsal starting?? ” Gavin asked

“ Tomorrow,,,, and yours?? ” Noah asked

“ Today,,, immediately after school ” Sharon replied

“ Wow,,,” Noah said

“ I’ve never heard any of you girls singing,, ” Ethan said

“ I once caught Lisa singing,,,,, it’s a secret ” Noah winked

“ Idiot ” Gavin scoffed

Sofia and Vanessa walked into the cafeteria,, and as usual the boys eyes were all over Hazel,,she smirked as she walked.

There was no extra seat in the cafeteria,,, just the table where Michael and Lisa were sitting.

“ Trouble is gonna start,,,in,,one,,,two,,three,, four,,five,,,” Sharon keep on counting while the others watched as they walked over to where Michael and Lisa is.
“ Can’t believe that bitch will be sitting with us ” Lisa said

“ Just ignore her ” Michael said taking a sip from his drink

“ That’s if she ignore me ,and am sure she’s gonna annoy me like a bitch she is ” Lisa replied

“ Lisa stop,,” Michael said
“ Anyhow ” She rolled her eyes and they finally got to them

“ We are sitting here because we have no choice ” Vanessa said

“ It’s fine,,not like we own the table ” Michael replied not looking up

“ It’s not yours,,but your girlfriend’s ” Sofia faked a smile before sitting down

“ Then does that mean I can order you to stand up now?? ” Lisa smirked

“ You can,,but am sure you won’t. You won’t like how it’s gonna end ” Sofia said

“ That’s enough,,,you should eat before it get cold ” Michael said

“ What’s your business with that?? ” Lisa said with a frown

“ Am only trying to make her stop talking,, geez Lisa. ” Michael said

“ It’s annoying ” Lisa said

Hazel suddenly walked toward them,,,

“ Can’t believe you guys are eating with this pest ” Hazel rolled her eyes

“ Good thing am a pest,, still better than a disaster ” Sofia smiled and Vanessa burst into laughter

“ You should work on your brain,,it needs help,,Michael am here for you ” Hazel said

“ Me?? ”
“ Yeah,,,we have something to do. Right now ,,come with me ” Hazel said

“ Oh,,,okay,,, Lisa I will be back ” Michael said and went out of the cafeteria with Hazel.

“ Are you two sharing boyfriend now?? ” Sofia smiled,,,

“ Your brain sure needs help ” Lisa replied and continue eating

“ Well,,,then I don’t think you will have a problem in me joining the crew ” Sofia said

“ And you think it’s gonna work?? You can only try,,he’s my boyfriend not yours. And I guess you’re so exited about the kiss,,,am honored,, everyone wanna have a taste of my boyfriend’s lips. ” Lisa smiled

“ So,,,you don’t feel bad about it?? ” Vanessa asked

“ Why will I feel bad,,,not like he’s going to fall in love with a bitch like her,,it’s just a f**king play. Come to think of it,,will you ever kiss him if not for the play?? Don’t feel bad,,he can never be yours ” Lisa said and stood up

“ You think?? ” Sofia smirked without looking up as she dig into her food

“ I know,,,I trust him,,he can never fall in love with you,, just give up ” Lisa said

“ You sure about that?? ” Sofia said again

“ I always get what I want Lisa,,, trust me. You should be the one to give up,, you won’t wanna cry right?? ” Sofia looked up with a smile

“ F**k you ” Lisa said and ran out of the cafeteria.



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