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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Golden high Episode 55 & 56

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( High School Romance )

Chapter 55

By: Summer Gold



Emily turned to Lisa who was still standing not moving an itch,,

“ What are you waiting for?? ” she asked

“ Am staying here ” she murmured
“ And why will you stay here?? ” Emily asked

“ I have cold mom,,,” she said and went to lie on the bed,, Emily was confused,,cold??

“ Can you please increase the heater?? Am really cold ” Lisa said and sneeze

“ Oookay ” Emily replied with her brow raised looking as confused as anything.

She increased the heater and faced Mich,,she caught him starring at Lisa and smiling.

“ Am giving you this ” she said showing Michael the syringe

“ What the hell?? Injection?? Am not taking that,, am fine ” Michael said

“ This will make you sleep,,and make the pain go away,,,” Emily said

“ Can you just give me drugs instead?? I can’t take this ” Michael said and Lisa chuckled

Emily turned to her and she immediately pretended to be asleep

“ It won’t hurt ,,trust me,,,you have to get back on your feet,this will make it easier. Get me your hand ” Emily said with a smile

Michael nodded and give her his hand,,,, she hold his wrist tightly and beat it with her finger slowly looking for the vein,,

Stay still ” she said and Michael closed his eyes

She injected him immediately,,,

“ All done,,,,see?? Such a lazy head ” She pushed his head backward and Michael smiled

“ Am not lazy,,,” he said
“ Yeah I know,,,injection lazy then ” she stood up

“ And you Lisa,,,you really don’t want to attend class today right?? ” she asked but got no reply

“ Gross ” she murmured
“ Can I lock the door? I don’t want anyone to disturb my sleep,,,” Michael said

“ Huh??,,,,,okay,,,,,you can. I will tell others to use the other rooms so you can have a good rest ,,,see you later ” Emily said and Michael got up slowly to lock the door immediately she left.

He went to lie on the bed again,,,

“ You really locked the door?? ” Lisa suddenly appeared beside him and he flinched

“ Geez,,I thought you’re sleeping,, that was scary ” Michael scoffed covering himself with the duvet

“ I asked a question ” Lisa snapped
“ Yeah I closed the door because I don’t want anybody to come in,,why are you asking?? ” He asked

“ How about I make you feel better?? ” she winked

“ She said the injection is gonna make me feel,,,,,,,,” He didn’t complete his sentence when Lisa joined him on the bed

“ What are you planning in your head?? ” he asked

“ More reliable pill ” Lisa smirked and immediately locked her lips with his making him speechless,,,

“ wait sweetheart ” he said and broke the kiss
“ What is it??

“ Your necklace,, where is it?? ” he asked
“ Here ” she smiled and brought it out from her neck,,it was inside the uniform.

“ Gosh,my heart was beating fast,,I thought you lost it ” he smiled

“ No I can’t,,,, it’s like my world now ” She said and touched it

Michael pulled her closer and plant a kiss on her neck,,,he kissed her neck again in the same place,,,,

He sucked deeper into her neck making sure he left a very visible Hickey there,
“ Where are we going?? ” Noah asked as he walk with Lily, they’ve been walking round the school like idlers .

“ Am just bored ” Lily pouted and went into the biology laboratory,,, Noah chuckled followed her,,,

She sat down on one of the seats and sighed,,

“ what are you thinking about?? ” Noah asked and sat down close to her
“ It’s nothing ” she replied

“ you can tell me anything Lily” he said and Lily turned her face to him ,,their faces so close at the moment

“ really?? I can tell you anything?? ” she asked not looking away and Noah nodded

He was fighting the urge to kiss her badly,,

“ Then,,,how about I tell you this,,,,,, I love you ” she said and Noah’s eyes grew wider

“ You,,, love me?? ” he asked
She nodded and without hesitating,, she slammed her lips on his,,,he immediately opened up.

It’s like a dream come true right now,,your long time crush finally telling you she’s in love with you??

The kiss was really intense but he broke the kiss and stared into her eyes,,

“ Are you sure of what you said?? ” he asked

“ Yes Noah,,,am sorry if,it’s coming late. But,,these days,I’ve not being myself. I always think about you,always wanting you by my side,,getting jealous when you talk to other girls,, am really lost Noah. I love you so much ” She said and hold his face in her two short hands,,,

“ I love you ” She said before kissing him again.
Michael sighed sleepily,,Lisa keep on talking and don’t even allow him sleep peacefully

“ Is this a punishment or what? ” he asked and faced her

“ What do you mean?? ” Lisa asked
“ I really want to sleep badly ,but you won’t stop talking ” he groaned

“ So you mean am annoying right?? ” she scoffed
“ You’re annoying,, if that will make you stop ” Michael said and she chuckled..

“ You can sleep,,but trust me,am going to do a pay back when you’re fine . ” she said and got off from the bed

“ Don’t leave,,just keep quiet ” Michael pulled her back and rest his head on her chest

“ Am I a pillow right now?? ” She scoffed
“ So soft ” Michael muttered and she slap his back

“ You pervert!! Take your head off ” Lisa said

“ Why will I do that?? It’s mine anyway ” he replied and pulled her more closer to himself taking the whole softness of her br**st.

“ Michael,, get off ” Lisa said

“ This is really comfortable,,, let me stay here ” He replied and immediately fell asleep.

Chapter 56



Anna got down from her car,,she was looking so beautiful with her sun glasses on. She was putting on a crop top and a trouser, and a heel.

She look so beautiful and classic like the wife of a billionaire,,

She walked into the mall,,she have planned to get the dress for the company’s party. They just won a contract and the company CEO hosted a party..

She need to look good,,,

“ You’re welcome mam,,,” One of the staffs bowed

Anna smiled and removed her sunglass since she’s already in,,

“ I need a nice and simple party dress ” She said gently,, that’s who she is,, always speaking like she doesn’t need to talk .

“ Come with me mam ” She said and Anna followed

“ Here,,,these dresses are gonna fit you so perfectly,, am very sure of that ”

“ How sure are you?? Give me the black short dress,,,am gonna try it out,it’s my taste ” she said

“ Okay mam ” she removed it and hand it over to her

“ You can change in there mam ” she pointed at the dressing room

Anna nodded and went in,,she put the dress on and checked it out in the mirror,,it really fit her perfectly

She smiled and walked out,,

“ I told you it’s gonna be a perfect fit ” the lady said

“ Yeah I guess,,,,am taking it,,,” She said and walked back in to take it off.

After paying for the dress,they packed it for her and she walked out of the mall.

“ Hey pretty ” A man grinned at her from the black car,,

She scoffed,, she have noticed him following her right since from the traffic,, who the hell is he??

She didn’t find him attractive at all,,

“ What do you want old man ” she rolled her eyes

“ Am not old,,that’s funny ” he grinned and moved closer to her

“ I really want to talk to you,,you look hot ” he whispered to her

“ Thanks,, but you’re not my type ” she whispered with a smile

“ Do you have a boyfriend?? How come am not your type ”

Anna opened her mouth to talk but couldn’t,, he’s right,,she doesn’t even have a boyfriend.

“ Yeah,, she have a boyfriend and am right here,,can you just get lost?? ” A voice said behind her and she turned back in shock

She gasped when she saw the dude standing behind her,,,,

Is this not,,,Alex Williams??? He is!!!! The popular Actor!!! Alex!!!

But wait,,did he just say he’s her boyfriend??

“ He’s,,, he’s,, your boyfriend?? ” the other guy asked

Anna could not reply ,,,she was shocked and confused at the same time

“ You’re not deaf right?? ” Alex said
“ Am sorry,,I ,,I better get out of here ” he entered his car and drove off

“ Gosh!! Did you hear that??!! ”
“ She’s Alex’s girlfriend!! ”
“ I knew it the moment she entered here!! She look so classic and pretty ”

“ Wow,they look good together ”

They heard the whispers,,,and different cameras on them,,

Until his guards stopped them from taking pictures,,

“ Thanks,,,,,,, but,,,that’s not a nice thing to do,,,,,rumors spread really fast ” Anna said

“ At least it’s not a bad rumor ” Alex smiled

“ What?? ”

“ Are you afraid your boyfriend is gonna see the pictures?? ” Alex asked

“ I don’t have a boyfriend,, but what if your girlfriend sees it?? I hate troubles ” Anna said

“ I don’t have a girlfriend either,, so it’s going to be a nice rumor ” He smiled out dimples

Anna was silent,,,

“ Well,,thanks for saving me. I will be on my way now ” She said with a little bow

“ Why making it look awkward?? Ladies don’t bow for their boyfriends ” Alex said

“ What?? Boyfriend?? ” she asked

“ Everyone here thought we are dating,, so let’s not make anything confusing ”

“ Why are you sounding like you like what they are thinking?? ” Anna asked

“ It’s amazing,,I’ve never been caught in camera talking with a girl, or fans tagging a girl as my girlfriend,, so it feels nice ” Alex said and Anna nodded

“ I will walk you to your car,,,” He said

Anna nodded and they walked to where she parked it,,

“ Thanks again,,bye ” Anna entered the car
She was about closing the door when Alex hold it ,,,

She looked up,,

“ What,,,” she asked

“ Can I at least get your contact?? A pay back ” He smiled again,, his dimples getting more deeper

“ Fine,,your phone ” She sighed

He called his PA and he ran to them,,

“ My phone,,, the personal one ” he said
“ Sir?? ” The PA was surprised

“ You heard me right ” He said
“ Oh,,yeah ” he immediately gave him from the numerous phones with him

“ Here,,” Alex gave it to her and she typed her number

“ I will call you,,bye ” he smiled again

Is it a normal routine??

Anna nodded and drove off,,

Alex smiled as he watch the car driving out,,his guards were surprised to see him that way,,they’ve never seen him admiring a lady that much,, even asking for her contact??

“ Why are you all starring at me that way?? Let’s leave ” He said

They bowed and immediately followed him,,

“ Oopa!!!! We love you!!! ”
“ You’re so handsome!!! ”
“ I love your movies!!! ”

He smiled and waved back at them,,,


“ Wow,,finally you’re back,,,” Gavin said jumping on Michael

“ Get off dude,,am gonna faint ” Michael said pushing him away

“ We have a lot of gist ” Ethan winked
“ Noah and Lily are dating,,what else?? ” Michael smirked

“ How the f**k did you know that ” Noah asked

“ Well,,,I have Lisa ” He winked
“ Lover boy ” They all groaned

“ Well,, congrats,,,for crushing for more than three years ” Michael said and they laughed

“ That’s embarrassing ” Noah said closing his eyes

“ Yeah it is ” Ethan said

“ I heard something guys,,but I haven’t confirmed if it’s true ” Gavin said

“ What is it?? ” They all asked
“ The play for the coming prom is gonna be something like the,,,,,, ”

“ Romeo and Juliet ” They all chorused and Michael scoffed

“ Why must it be like that?? Why can’t they try something like Jack and Rose from Titanic?? ” Michael asked and they faced him with a confused look

“ You’ve gotten a ship?? ” Ethan asked
“ I can help them get one ” He replied proudly causing them to laugh

“ I don’t know how to act,,I will just join the singing stuff ” Gavin said

“ Dude, you can’t sing either,that frog voice of yours,,I wonder what my sister see in you ” Michael scoffed

“ Am handsome ” Gavin winked
“ Your wish ” Michael replied

“ Yeah,,his wish,,cause am more handsome than him ” Noah said with a smile

“ We know,,that’s why it took you three years for your crush to finally notice you ” Michael said

Ethan and Gavin couldn’t control their laughter,,

“ That’s savagery 101 ,,,,” Ethan said
“ Fine,,,, ” Noah said and continue walking in silence

“ Who do you think is gonna take the role of Romeo?? ” Ethan asked

“ I guess it’s gonna be Mich,, he’s handsome ” Gavin replied

“ It’s not about being handsome,, what if I don’t pass the audition?? It depends on the action ” Michael said

“ You’re a good actor,,,I wonder why you choose science ” Noah said

“ I don’t know either,, but I can still change right?? ” Michael asked

“ Are you crazy?? Change for what?? ” They all yelled

“ Thought you wanted me to become an actor,, then I will just go to acting school ” he smiled

“ Geez,,you’re annoying ” They all said and walked faster leaving him behind

He chuckled and suddenly shouted holding his belly,,,

“ Michael!!! Are you okay?? ” They all ran to him

“ Am hurt ” he said in a painful voice

“ Really?? Climb on,,we will take you to the school clinic ” Gavin immediately said showing him his back

Michael climb on,,,

“ Let’s go to the class first,,I need to take something ” he groaned

“ Okay ,,you will be fine ” Ethan said and they started walking to class.

Michael got off from Gavin’s back with a smile

“ Thanks for the ride dude ” He winked and sat down

“ What??? He pretended!!! ” They shouted and started chasing him round the class



A new character: Alex Williams 😚😘😋

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