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July 30, 2021


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Golden high Episode 53 & 54

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( High School Romance )

Written By: Summer Gold

Chapter 53



Rowan tucked his two hands in his school trouser walking around ,,he walked into the swimming pool side of the school. He saw a body in the water ,,he scoffed and ignored. He wanted to leave but suddenly turned when the body face came up.

“ Oh my God,,, Lisa!!!! ” He screamed and jumped into the pool
He was able to take her out but she was unconscious,,
“ Oh no,,what do I do?? ” he asked himself looking confused
He started pressing her chest,,one,two,three,four,five,,seems it’s not working.

“ Mouth to mouth ” he thought for a minute and immediately leaned closer giving her mouth respiration
“ What the f**k are you doing?? ” Hazel came back
“ She fell into the pool,,she’s unconscious ” Rowan replied still trying his best to make her breath

“ What?? Fell into the pool???! ” Hazel shouted and ran to them
Lisa coughed out water
“ Thank goodness ” Rowan breath out worriedly
“ Lisa are you okay?? ” Hazel asked shaking her
Lisa opened her eyes and stared at Rowan and then Hazel.

She closed her eyes back,,

“ We need to take her to the school clinic ” Hazel said
Rowan nodded and carried her in his arm,,,they walked into the sickbay and dropped her on the bed
“ Stay here,,I will call the doctor ” Hazel said
Rowan nodded and Hazel ran out,,,he turned to the other student on the bed but could not see his face,,he was facing the other side.

Just then Hazel came in with Emily who rushed in like something else happened,

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“ How the hell did she fell into the pool??!! ” Emily shouted
“ I don’t know,,, but it was Rowan who saved her ” Hazel replied
“ Oh my,,,thanks Rowan,,Thanks ” Emily said and sat down beside her
Hazel and Rowan went out.

“ Baby ” Emily said in tears and took Lisa’s hand,, she kissed it gently and buried her face in it. The door opened and Leo came in looking worried,,
“ What happened? Heard she’s not fine ” He said and walked closer to them
“ Fell into the pool,,,like that’s possible. She can swim right?? ” Emily said in tears
“ But,,,,that’s what Hazel told me. Is she okay?? ” He asked and Emily nodded wiping her tears

“ You don’t have to cry,,she’s fine ” Leo said and wipe Emily’s tears with his palm
She was surprised and looked up,, he immediately removed his hand and looked away.
“ who is that?? ” Leo asked pointing at Michael
“ Mich ” She replied

“ Michael?? What happened to him?? ” He asked and got up
“ He seem to be injured internally,, he was hit with a ball,,and it resulted in a nose bleed ” she explained
“ is he okay?? ” He asked
“ not yet,,, he will have to rest for the rest of the week,,I can feel he’s in pain ” She replied

Leo sighed and touched his stomach,, Michael let out a light wince and he removed his hand
“ How did he get that hurt?? Someone threw the ball or something?? ” he asked
“ I don’t know,,, ” Emily replied
“ Who brought Lisa here?? ” He asked
“ Hazel and Rowan,,it was Rowan who saved her from the pool,,I owe him one ” Emily said
Leo nodded and walked out ,,
Emily increased the warmth of the room and covered Lisa with the duvet before leaving.

Leo walked into the class and the students were surprised, it’s really unusual for him to visit a class. It happens once in a lifetime but why is he here??

“ How did Michael got hurt?? ” he suddenly asked and the class were Silent
“ Am asking the boys ” He added
“ It was Rowan who kicked the ball ” Gavin said and they all faced Rowan
“ Rowan??? ” he was surprised
“ Yes ”
“ Rowan come with me ” He said and walked out

He really wanted to punish the person but how can it turn out to be Rowan who saved Lisa??

“ Rowan why did you do that?? ” He asked without turning back
Rowan kept quiet
“ It was not a mistake, don’t tell me that excuse. How could you do something like that,, he’s in pain ” He said and finally faced him
“ Am sorry ” Rowan said without looking up
“ I was going to punish you but I won’t,, I heard it was you who helped Lisa out of the pool ” he said and Rowan nodded

“ Do you have any idea what happened or how she got in?? ” Leo asked
“ Not at all,,,just found her unconscious. ” He replied
“ Fine,,you can leave ” Leo said and Rowan left
He sighed and walked back to his office.


Lisa opened her eyes slowly,she breath out and sat up from the bed. She gasped when she saw Michael lying on the bed next to her ,,she immediately got down from the bed and went to him.

“ What happened to him?? ” she asked no one in particular
She touched his forehead, he was running a temperature. She tapped him slowly but got no response.

The door opened,,Gavin and Sharon came in,

“ You’re awake?? ” Gavin asked and she nodded
“ That’s a relief,I was worried ” Sharon said
“ What happened to Mich?? ” Lisa asked and Gavin explained to her
“ Oh,,Rowan ?? ” she was surprised
“ Of course,,that son of devil ” Gavin said and Lisa remain silent

She was mad at him but thinking about how he saved his life,,, she could not say anything.

“ How is he?? ” Lisa asked
“ Well,,,your mom said be have to rest for the rest of the week ” Sharon replied
“ What?? Is it that bad??!! ” she shouted
“ You think I was joking?? The ball hit him in his stomach,, he even developed a nosebleed after that ” Gavin replied
“ What the hell?? ” she said
“ How about you?? Are you okay?? Do you have any idea who pushed you into the pool?? ” Gavin asked

“ How do you expect me to know that?? ” she said
“ Am suspecting that Sofia, she’s a devil ” Sharon said
“ I don’t think she can do that ” Lisa replied
“ Don’t trust people because of their innocent and pretty face ” Sharon said
“ Then you can also do that ” Lisa replied

“ Am your friend ”
“ I know, but you have a pretty and Innocent face ” Lisa said and Gavin chuckled
“ That’s not funny,,someone tried to hurt you. What if it happen again and there’s no one to save you?? ” Sharon said and sat down with Michael on the bed

She sighed sadly and took his hand,,

“ Am so worried,, he’s not waking up ” she said almost in tears
“ He’s going to wake up soon,,,” Gavin said and pat her back

“ We have a class right now,,Lisa are you coming?? ” Sharon asked
“ No,,am staying with him ” She replied
“ Fine,,, we are leaving. ”
They both walked out,,

Lisa sat down gently beside him,,,she covered him well with the duvet and pecked his lips softly. She watched him for some minutes and she started getting dizzy too,,,she fell beside him and slept off .

Chapter 54


Michael opened his eyes slowly and a sharp pain hit his stomach making him groan,,,he managed to sit up from the bed and that was when he discovered a hand around him,he turned and was shocked to see Lisa sleeping peacefully beside him.

“ How did she get here? ” He asked no one in particular

She pulled him closer in her sleep which made him winced,,her hands were touching his stomach and it hurt so much.

“ Lisa?? Wake up ” he said and Lisa opened her eyes

“ Michael,, you’re awake!! ” She said and immediately got out of bed

“ Are you okay?? ” She asked him trying to touch his belly

“ Don’t do that ” He held her hand
“ Then you’re still hurt,,” She sighed sadly

“ Am fine,,let’s leave this place ” Michael said trying to get down

“ No you can’t,, she said you will be here for the rest of the week ” Lisa said

“ You’re joking right?? Am really fine,trust me sweetheart ” Michael said and Lisa hit him in his belly

“ Oh no ” he shouted holding it in pain
“ You just said you’re fine,,why lying when you’re still hurt?? ” Lisa said

Michael Sighed and laid back on the bed,,

“ Did Rowan really did this to you?? Why the hell will he do that?? ” Lisa said angrily

“ He need help,, ” Michael said calmly
“ You’re not mad at him?? ” Lisa asked

“ Why will I be mad at him?? He’s just being childish,am only sad because I have to stay here,,,while others are in class and having fun. I won’t be able to stay with you ” Michael said

“ Am not going to leave you,,,, bad things always happen when we are not together ” Lisa sighed

“ Like what happened to me?? ” He scoffed
“ Someone pushed me into the pool ” Lisa said and Michael’s eyes went wide immediately

“ What?? Like,,, I don’t get,,you are the only one there or you guys were playing?? ” Michael asked looking confused

“ Someone tried to hurt me,, I was the only one there waiting for Hazel so we can change into our uniforms together. And then,,, I felt a hand pushed me forcefully into the pool,,I tried to swim but,, I actually hurt my shoulder so I could not. The water really got into me,,,,I guess I drowned. It was Rowan who helped me out and brought me here,,I woke up and saw you lying on the bed beside me so I joined you. ” She explained

“ That’s bad,,who tried doing that?? Have they checked the footage ?? ” Michael asked

“ No,,I don’t think so ” She replied
“ That person should be expelled ,,a murderer,, I need to talk to Mr Leo ” Michael said trying to get up but his belly hurt again

“ F**k Rowan,,” He said and sat down again

“ He did this and then saved you,, such a criminal ” Michael scoffed

“ I’ve not seen him ,,,,,it’s really bad of him ” Lisa said

“ Am really hungry,, damn ” Michael said

“ I will get some food for the both of us,,will be right back ” Lisa said and get up

Michael grab her hand making her sit down again,, he pulled her closer and kissed her hungrily,, his tongue craving for her sweet taste.

His hand were already doing it work into her school uniform,,, she broke the kiss

“ anybody can come in ” she said with her face flushing out

“ I lost control of myself,, I will be waiting ” Michael said and left her

Lisa nodded and walked out of the room,,Michael focused his attention to the TV which he seem to notice the moment Lisa walked out.

He was as bored as f**k,,,suddenly the door opened and Sofia came in. He was surprised to see her,, is she sick or something?? Why is she there??

“ Hey ” She said with a smile and moved closer to him
“ Hi ,,” He murmured still trying to know why she’s there

“ I heard you got hurt,,,I was really worried ” she said and finally got to his side

“ Thanks,, is that why you’re here? ” Michael asked

“ Of course,,,are you the only one staying here?? Want some company?? ”

“ No,,Lisa will be here soon ” Michael said and she scoffed

“ Fine,,so are you okay now?? ” She asked

“ Am fine ,,,”

She brought out her hand from the hood she was putting on and pressed his belly ,,,he immediately grabbed her hand,,

“ That hurt ” He said
“ Am sorry,,,” she said with a red cheek the way he was holding her,,Michael noticed and immediately let go of her hand

“ You can leave ” He said
“ I will come and see you later ” She said and leaned closer to his face

“ What are you trying to do?? ” Michael asked looking shocked and confused

She smiled and pecked his cheek ,,,,she waved at him and walked out.

Michael touched his cheek,,,

“ Who the hell is this blonde?? ” He said
“ Hey Lisa ” Rowan ran after her as she was about going into the school clinic

“ What do you want ” She asked bluntly
“ I wanted to,,ask if you’re fine ” Rowan said

“ Of course am fine,,” she said
“ Oh,,,that’s a relief,,” Rowan smiled and she scoffed.

“ Thanks for saving me,,and thanks for hurting Michael too ” She snapped and walked out on him

“ What?? ” Rowan sighed

Lisa walked in and met Michael looking shocked,,,

“ What happened?? Why is your face like that?? ” She asked

“ Oh,,,,, it’s nothing serious ” he replied and cleared his throat.

The door opened and they rushed in shouting like they are in the forest,,

“ Guys can you just bring it low?? ” Michael said

“ Wow,,you got food?? ” Noah asked and immediately grab the pack from Lisa

“ Don’t be selfish,,it’s for the patient ” Lily pulled his head and took the pack from him

“ Are you okay now Mich? ” Ethan asked

“ Still feeling the pain ” he replied with his mouth full

“ I feel like killing that dude ,,,I hate him ” Gavin said and Michael chuckled

“ he almost picked a fight with him,,it was the coach who stopped him ” Noah laughed

“ I can’t believe they bought his lies,it wasn’t a damn mistake ” Gavin said

“ I don’t like him either,,I don’t think I can ever talk to him,,,such a devil ” Sharon hissed

“ Who are you guys talking about?? ” Florence asked and they all burst into laughter including Michael

“ Ouch ” Michael groaned touching his belly and they all stopped and faced him

“ Are you okay?? ” They all asked at the same time

“ I guess I shouldn’t laugh ” he said
“ It’s more serious than I thought ” Florence said

“ It’s not serious,, stop scaring me ” Lisa said and they laughed

“ It’s not serious,, am just sad seeing him staying here ” Florence smiled

“ Hmm ” Michael muttered lowly and glared at Sharon

“ what was that?? I came here with Gavin already,but you were sleeping. Lisa didn’t tell you?? ” Sharon asked

“ That’s true,,you were asleep then ” Lisa replied

“ But,, I didn’t hear Michael asking you any question ” Ethan said

“ I saw his eyes,,,he was speaking with his eyes ” Gavin said

“ My eyes tell?? ” Michael asked with a smile

“ Of course,,,”

“ Wow,,this place is cool,,there’s a TV also,,ive never entered this place my whole life in Golden High,, ” Noah said.

“ We can just exchange bodies since you love this place ” Michael said and they laughed

“ They checked the swimming pool footage,,maybe the person who pushed Lisa will be caught ” Gavin suddenly said and they all faced him

“ Then?? ” Michael asked curiously
“ Nothing was found,,,it was blank ” He said

“ What the f**k,,,blank?? So it was not switched on?? ” Michael asked

“ Yeah,because of the girls I think ” Ethan said

“ But we were not naked,,I hate this shit ” Sharon said
“ Am sure the person will be exposed soon,,” Lily said

Emily came in and they all greeted her,,,,

“ Oh,,you guys came to keep his company?? ” She asked with a light smile

“ Yes mam ” They chorused
“ I guess it helped,,he’s smiling ” Emily said and they chuckled

“ But am afraid you will have to leave now,, I need to get something done ” she said

“ Oh,,okay,,we will take our leave ”
“ You guys should come back later ” Emily said

“ Okay mam,,,bye Mich ” They all waved at him and went out

Emily turned to Lisa who was still standing not moving an itch,,

“ What are you waiting for?? ” she asked



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