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July 30, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Golden high Episode 59 & 60

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( High School Romance )

Chapter 59

By: Summer Gold



“ Hazel,,,where are we going?? ” Michael finally asked after so much silence

“ Don’t you think,,, we need to talk?? ” She asked and faced him

“ About?? ” he asked
“ Us ” she replied and stopped

“ I told you I don’t want us to be friends anymore,,I told you,I don’t want to talk to you again. But,,,I was not in my right mind when I said that. I said that because,, I was hurt. And now,,, you keep on ignoring me like you don’t know who I am,,,,” she stopped and moved closer to him but he moved back

“ let’s be friends,, again ” she said and stretch out her hand for a shake

Michael smiled and pulled her into a hug,,,,

“ did you forgive me?? ” she asked

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“ of course,,, we are best friends. Are we not?? ” Michael said

“ yes we are ” she smiled and they both unlocked from the hug

“ Is this why you brought me here?? ” Michael asked

“ Yes and No,we still have something to do,,dad asked me to bring you. So let’s go ” She said


Anna checked herself out for the last time before walking out of the room,,,

“ Not like it’s a date or something ” she said to herself and scoffed

“ Wow,,you look,,,stunning ” Alex said checking her out over again

“ You’re not gonna eat me with that eyes right?? ” Anna chuckled

“ Am sorry,,, just couldn’t resist the beauty ” Alex said with a wink and grab her hand, they both walked out.

He opened the car for her before going in,,

“ Acting like a gentle man ” Anna scoffed

“ Of course am gentle,, trust me ” he smiled and drove out

“ What is this place?? Nobody is here ” Anna asked

“ It’s special,, Come on. I can’t go somewhere else,,I can’t face any fans right now,,just wanna focus on the beauty in front of me ” he smiled out dimples

“ You’re weird ” Anna laughed and followed him

She gasped when they entered the place,, it was filled with different roses,,just a table at the center and two chairs.

“ Is this some date or something?? ” she teased

“ No it’s not,,,if it was a date,,,this is too cheap,,I want expensive things for you ” he whispered into her ear

“ Have a seat ” he said taking out the chairs

“ Thanks ” she said and sat down

Alex smiled and sat beside her,,he’s really attracted to this lady he met just two days ago

“ Hmm,,why are we here?? ” Anna asked
He just shook his head with a wide smile,, what is wrong with him?? He have never felt this way talking to a lady,,why is she so different ??

Two chefs appeared,,they pushed the meal in a mealcarrier,,it look so expensive as they arrange it neatly on the table

“ Enjoy the food mam and Sir ” they bowed and left

“ We are just two here Alex,,is this not too much?? ” Anna asked

“ That’s my business to think about I guess ” Alex smiled

“ You’re right,,am sorry ” Anna said

“ If you’re sorry ,,can I get a kiss?? ” he asked and she was shocked

“ Huh?? ”
“ Never mind,,I was joking ” Alex said and she breath out.

“ Let’s eat and talk,,” Alex said,she nodded and took the cutlery.

Alex poured the wine for both of them,, he just keep on starring at her. She caught him staring and raised her brow

“ It’s fine,,just eat ” He smiled

“ Is there anything on my face?? ” Anna asked

“ Oh,,,nothing. ” he replied

“ You’re,,,,, I don’t know what to say ” she said and Alex chuckled

“ Tell me about yourself ” He blurted out

“ There’s nothing special about me,,I don’t have parents. They passed away when I was just 10,,,I only have a kid sister,, we moved down to Korea some months ago because of my job,,and here I am. It’s great to be back home though ” She smiled

“ Sorry about your parents,, but do you know we have a lot of things in common?? ” Alex asked and she raised her head up

“ Really?? ”

“ Yeah,,,my parents passed away when I was ten also,,and I have a kid sister too. She’s the best thing that will ever happen to me,,,she was just 2 years when we lost our parents, and I was 10. I have to raise her up alone. I don’t know ,,but,,,,I can’t trade her for anything in this world. I worked harder because of her,,,you know it’s really hard for a young baby without a mother,,, that’s why I vowed to give her the best,,I really love her ” Alex smiled sadly

“ That’s emotional,, I will like to meet her one day. Am sorry about that,,” Anna said and rub his hand gently

“ Can you keep on doing that?? ” he smiled

“ In your dreams ” Anna said and removed her hand

“ Tell me,,how old are you ?? ” Anna asked

“ You don’t know my age?? ” he teased

“ How will I know your age?? ” She asked

“ never mind,, I guess you’re not a good fan you claim to be,,good fans always know everything about their handsome oopa ” he winked

“ So you expect me to call you that?? Keep dreaming ” She said

“ Well am 25,,” he finally said

“ Wow,,,that’s amazing. I actually thought you’re 21 ,,,you look handsome and young ” Anna chuckled

“ I know am handsome ” he said proudly

“ Good for you ” She rolled her eyes

“ You should be 18 right?? ” Alex teased and she slap his hand

“ Are you kidding me??? My kid sister will be 18 in few months !! ” she half yelled but laughed out

“ Then tell me your age ”

“ Am 23,,,am older ” she smirked
“ Yeah,,you’re older ,,I can see,,Ajumma ( older aunt in korea ) ” he smiled

“ Don’t call me that!! ”

“ But you’re older ”
“ Okay,,am younger. Do you get that?? ”
“ Yes kid ”

“ Geez!! ” Anna groaned

“ Fine,so tell me,,you’ve never had a boyfriend or you broke up?? ” Alex asked

“ I once had a boyfriend,, that was when I was in high school,, ” she said with a quick smile

“ Wow,so where is he now?? Why did you break up ?? ”

“ Maybe because the love wasn’t strong enough,,it was something small,,but we both turned it into a big thing. We have no choice than to go separate ways ”

“ You sound like you still love him ” Alex laughed

“ No,,I don’t. But you know it’s hard to forget a First love ” she said and he nodded

“ You’re right,,,”

“ How about you,,first love ?? ” She asked

“ What’s first love?? I never had a girlfriend ” He said

“ That’s not true,, you’re kidding me right?? You should have a girlfriend in high school,,I mean,,you’re handsome. Even if you don’t approach them,girls will come ” She said

“ I guess so,,,but I didn’t even attend high school ” he said with a smile which immediately disappeared

“ That’s,,,,,,, then,how did you end up getting all these ??” She asked

“ I’ve always took interest in acting you know,,it really run in my blood. And besides, I really wanted to study,,always that kid reading just anything I come across on the road with my kid sister in my hand. But ,,,there was a day ,,,it was like some miracle. I entered an audition by mistake,,they actually thought I was one of them,,,I can’t loose the opportunity either so I showed them what I’ve got. And I got it,,,i started acting at the age of 15 ,,I attended the university along that. ,,” he concluded

“ wow,,,you are really something,, am suddenly feeling like a proud mother ” Anna chuckled

“ Feel like a proud wife ” he said with a smile

“ You’re crazy ” she laughed

“ I have something for you,, it’s great. But it depends on your approval ” Alex said

“ What is it?? ” she asked and took a sip from the wine

Alex explained the contract to her,,

“ Wow,,is that not amazing??? Wow,,,you mean,,,am gonna play the lead role?? ” she asked

“ You will accept it ?? ” he asked

“ Count me in,,,”

“ But,,,am gonna kiss you ” he whispered into her ear

“ Pervert ” she laughed
“ It was really amazing talking to you Alex ,,thanks for tonight ” Anna said as she got down from the car but was surprised to see Alex also coming out of the car

“ Where are you going?? ” she asked in a confused face

“ I need to do something before going ” Alex replied and pulled her closer by the waist

“ What are you,,,” he captured her lips before she could finish her statement

She almost pushed him away but she gave in and opened her mouth letting him gain entrance with his tongue,,

He broke the kiss and peck her cheek

“ I will see you,,,uhm,,,tomorrow ” he smiled and entered the car

Anna smiled shyly and went in,,,

“ Oh no,,,” she shouted and collapsed on the couch.

Chapter 61


“ Where the f**k are they?? Most students are leaving already ” Noah said

“ I think I know where they are,,, rooftop. I saw the message on Michael’s phone ” Ethan said

“ Okay,,Ethan and I will go and call them ” Gavin said and they nodded

They both got up and went there,, they opened the door and met Michael sitting alone with his face buried

“ Is he sleeping or what ” Gavin chucked and tapped him

“ Lisa?? ” he called and immediately looked up but was disappointed to see his friends

“ What the hell happened!! You’re in tears?? ” Gavin almost shouted

“ What happened to Lisa?? ” Ethan asked

“ She’s,, mad at me. She’s really mad at me,,and ,,I feel like am going to ,loose her,,,I won’t be able to take her ” he said and wipe his tears

“ You guys are cool right?? Then what happened,, why is she mad at you ” Gavin asked

“ I really messed up ” Michael said

“ How?? ” they asked at the same time

“ I kissed Sofia ” he replied

“ What?!!! ” They shouted at the same time

“ What the f**k were you thinking when you kissed her?? Did she seduce you or something?? ” Ethan asked

“ You know even if she seduce me,I won’t fall for that. But,,, it’s just,,complicated, am so stupid. If I didn’t kiss her,,she’s still going to hurt Lisa,,I shouldn’t have gave in,,,am so stupid. Now she’s mad at me,,she said she hate me ,,she called me a liar,,, ” Michael said

“ It’s okay,,,,stop talking. She should know you can’t do that because you really want to hurt her,,” Gavin scoffed..

“ No,,it’s all my fault. It’s all my fault,,, I just hope she forgives me,I can’t live without her ” Michael said

Gavin and Ethan stared at each other and then back to him,,

“ Let’s go to the dorm,,it’s really cold here. You’re almost freezing,, let’s go ” Ethan said and he got up

“ Just take heart,, she’s going to come around soon ” Gavin pat his back as they got back into the cafeteria

“ Michael! ” Sharon half yelled and rushed to him immediately she saw his face

“ Am fine ” he said and looked away

Sharon scoffed and grab his hand,,she took him out of the cafeteria.

“ You cried,, why?? ” she asked almost in tears,,

“ No I didn’t,,, ”
“ Don’t lie to me,,did something happen between you and Lisa?? ” Sharon asked

He sighed and explained everything to her,,

“ That’s bad,,you’re really at fault brother. But,,,she should understand and at least listen to going to talk to her though,, ” She said

“ Am really hurt,,I saw her crying because of me,,I feel so bad ” Michael said sadly and Sharon pulled Him into a warm hug
Sharon entered the dorm and met Lisa in tears,,she sighed and sat down on the ground beside her.

“ I know he hurt you,,, but he love you. It’s not entirely his fault even though he acted dumb,,,, ”

“ I don’t care,,, ” Lisa cut her off

“ Okay fine,,, but,,,you two just have to make things up and get over it. It’s you he loves, not Sofia. Just trust him ” Sharon said

“ Trust?? He’s just a cheater and a liar ” Lisa said in tears

“ Lisa no,,, that’s my brother,mind what you’re saying. He will never do anything to hurt you Lisa,,, he’s not a cheater neither is he a liar. I won’t take that from you,,, ”

“ I don’t care either Sharon, ” she said and climb the bed

She covered her face in the pillow and slept off


“ Wow,it’s really beautiful!! ”
“ So classic,,wow,,now am jealous ”
“ Michael look like an Angel on earth,, ”

“ Can’t stop falling in love with these too,,wow ”

The students murmured as they checked out the new school cover,, Michael And Hazel.

They were dressed neatly and each carrying some text,,their backs touching each other. It look really beautiful and for the fact that they both have beautiful faces made it more classic

“ It’s no more Vanessa,, that’s awesome. I prefer Hazel to Vanessa. She’s more brilliant and beautiful too ”
More murmurs from the students

“ Wow,Lisa look at that,, isn’t it amazing?? Michael look so hot in there,,” Florence said

Lisa looked up and just walked away ,,,Florence and Lily ran after her

“ Okay,,I must say. You’re taking this too far,,do you wanna break up with him now or what?? Just because Sofia forced him to kiss her?? You’re only making it easier for Sofia. And you see now,,, Sharon is even mad at you because you called her brother a cheater,,is it up to that?? ” Lily asked

“ You guys should just go away and leave me alone,, do you get that?? ” she said and walked off.

She suddenly bumped into someone and she looked up,,it turn out to be Michael. They both stood still,,,

It’s almost the end of the day and they’ve not spoken to each other,,,

She looked away and walked out of his sight,, Michael immediately stopped her and held her hand.

“ Don’t touch me,,” she snapped and threw his hand off

“ Lisa am sorry,,just forgive me. Am really sorry ” Michael pleaded

“ Can I go now? ” She said

“ Sweetheart,,,, you know I will never do anything to hurt you. I won’t do that,, ”

“ Don’t ignore me please,, it hurt ” Michael said and hold her hand again
“ I love you so much,,, ”

Lisa only kept quiet,, she’s trying really hard to be mad at him but it seem impossible, she’s really stuck with him and she knew that.

But right now,,she need to be alone and just forget about him.

“ Fine,,,,,, but I want to be alone. Okay?? Can you leave my hand?? ” She asked

“ You’ve forgiven me?? ” he asked

“ Just let go of my hand!!! ” she yelled and walked away.

Michael stared at her as she walled,,he sighed sadly.

“ Did something happen between you guys?? ” A voice asked behind him and he turned back

Sofia smiled at him,,,

“ This is all your fault ” He said
“ How is it my fault?? How did she even know about it?? ” she scoffed

“ Avoid me now Sofia,, I may do something you won’t like if I see you. Just avoid me,,do you get that!! ” He yelled angrily and pushed her out of the way

She almost fell,,

“ What the f**k?? ” She groaned


“ Are you okay?? ” A hand tapped Lisa as she laid her head on the desk. She was the only one in class,,,

She looked up and faced Rowan,,

“ I guess you had a fight with your boyfriend ” He said with a smirk and sat down

“ So what?? ”
“ You can just come to me,I will make you feel better ” he whispered

“ That won’t happen,, I love him. Do you get that,, you should just clear the rubbish in your brain,it’s never gonna happen. ” she said

“ You keep on getting sad ,,,,,” he was shocked when Lisa hugged him and rest her head in her chest.

“ What are you doing?? ” he asked
“ Just stay still and keep quiet ” she snapped

That was when he noticed Michael standing just at the class entrance,,,

Good play,,he smiled and hugged her back patting her back lightly.

Michael who was watching them turned back and walked away,,,his hand tightened up in an angry fist,,,

“ Hey Michael,, you’ve,,,,,, ” Gavin was talking but he cut him off

“Not in the mood ” he snapped and walked off

Lisa immediately pushed Rowan away from herself,,,

“ That was nothing, do you get that! ” She shouted

Rowan let out a fake smile and nodded before going out of the class.


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