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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Golden high Episode 51 & 52

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( High School Romance )

Written By: Summer Gold

💫 Chapter 51 💫



Lisa stared at him for some minutes before nodding,,

“ Promise?? ” Michael asked
“ Promise ” She replied and sighed
“ Now we are good right?? ” He asked
“ Maybe ” Lisa rolled her eyes
“ Why does it feel like you are planning to do something?? Suddenly telling me to promise,,no matter what I see,no matter what I hear,,it’s weird. Really weird ” Lisa said folding her arms together

“ What?? How is that weird?? ” Michael asked
“ I don’t know, but tell me why you’re suddenly making promised and all that ” She said
“ Because,, I feel like you don’t trust me,,you always feel like am going to hurt you or something,,,,,, chatting or flirting with other girls doesn’t mean I,,,,,,,,” Lisa interrupted him

“ I hate it when you flirt or when they flirt with you,,can’t you understand?? ” Lisa snapped feeling annoyed already
“ But I don’t flirt with them,, they are the ones who always do that and ,,,,,”
“ Then just avoid them,,,, I don’t like it,it always make me mad. ” Lisa said and looked away.

“ You’re my girlfriend,, I am your boyfriend,, that doesn’t mean you can’t talk or play with

other boys,,but it’s just to some limit, that limits where it’s only me who can ever do that to you,,and same goes with me,,,,”
“ No,,,the same doesn’t go with you. Michael,I am the girl,,I know when to tell a guy I don’t want this or that,, I can never flirt with any boy,,we can only talk or joke together. But those girls,,,,,,they are dangerous Mich,,,you’re a boy too even if I have to trust you,,one day you’re going to fall for their flirts, that’s what am scared of ” Lisa said truthfully

Michael breath out not knowing what to say,,

“ What do you want me to do now?? ” He asked starring into her eyes
“ I don’t know,,,,,, but I think am just,,,selfish and crazy ” she said
“ No you’re not,, don’t say that ”
“ Yes I am,,,am really selfish. Wanting you all by myself, getting mad when I see you with other girls,, tearing up thinking you’re going to leave me some day,,am really selfish ” She said

“ You’re not the only one Lisa,don’t feel bad. I always feel the same way too,,I want you all for myself, I always get jealous too,,do you know how much I was mad when I saw you sitting on Rowan’s lap when I walked into the Library?? I only controlled myself,, I always try to calm down,,, or am going to do something silly. It’s because we love each other,,,, but Lisa,,, I also always control myself because I

trust you,, I know you will never cheat on me,, I really do trust you. But,,,why can’t you do the same?? Why can’t you just trust me and forget the numerous girls flirting with me??? ” he said feeling hurt in his words

“ Am sorry if I hurt you by not trusting you enough,,,, I really love you so much that I don’t wanna lose you,,am sorry ”
“ that’s never going to happen,, ”


When they walked out of the school garden,, it was a new atmosphere between the two,,it was silent but filled with sweet emotions for them. Trusting each other is not the problem, but the tension in their relationship is the problover

By the time they got back to class,only few students were present,, they already went to the hostel since the school is over.

“ Lichael Couples, where are you coming from?? ” Lily teased
“ What’s Lichael?? ” Noah asked
“ Combination of Lisa and Michael, the first word of Lisa’s name and the last from Michael’s name,, that’s Lichael ” She winked
“ Never knew you have sense ” Florence said and they all laughed

“ Why are you two silent?? It’s unusual ” Ethan said
Michael left Lisa’s side and sat down,
“ we are coming together from somewhere,, just tired I guess ” Michael replied and took a glance at Lisa who also sat down

“ Hmm,tired?? Doing what?? ” Lily asked
“ What else?? ” Michael asked and they all gasped
“ What the f**k?? Don’t tell me you guys,,,,”
“ It was a sweet moment ” Michael said while Lisa only kept a straight face
“ He’s lying ” Gavin smirked

“ Why will I joke with this type of thing?? ” Michael asked looking serious
“ Am confused,,, ” Sharon said and faced Lisa
“ Tell me if it’s true ” Sharon said
“ Can we just leave?? Am tired ” Lisa said and got up.

“ Okay guys,,bye ” The girls got up and walked out of the class
“ Are you two okay?? You don’t look too cool ” Noah asked
Michael sighed,,
“ It’s fine,,let’s go ” He replied and got up..

“ We want to study for some minutes here ” Ethan said
“ You can study in the dorm too ” Michael said
“ We prefer this place for today ”
“ Am not in the mood to study ” Michael sighed

“ It’s fine,,we will join you later ”

Michael nodded and walked out of the class,,,,

“ He’s not looking good ” Gavin broke the silence
“ I know,,but I think it’s because of the new girl, she look desperate to me. I saw the way she keep on starring at Mich like she want to swallow him ” Noah said
“ I think it’s becoming too much,,, it’s cool but,,I don’t find it nice sometimes. He’s not the only guy in this class,,,,” Ethan said

“ Don’t tell me you’re jealous because he always get all the attention from girls?? ” Gavin asked
“ No,,,I mean,,,maybe there’s something else,everyone look handsome in their own ways too ” Ethan replied
“ He’s brilliant,, his smiles alone can make your heart melt ” Gavin said with a wink

“ I will advice him to start using Mask,” Ethan said and they all laughed
“ Let’s study guys,am being serious here ” Gavin said in a deep voice

“ Am more brilliant than you,,don’t forget that ” Ethan said
“ That was then,, ” Gavin defended himself
“ And besides,, I don’t have a girlfriend or crush,, my heart is only for my book ” Ethan smirked

“ Then I guess you should be more brilliant than Michael then,,, ” Gavin said and they all laughed
” I don’t think he studies the same book as us,,am always confused. Well,,let’s just study harder,this is out last session, I can’t wait to get the hell out of here ” Noah said


Sofia entered her dorm,,the first time she was here in the morning,the room was empty, though she was told that one other student is there.

When she entered, a girl is inside,,she look strange though,maybe she’s not in the same class with her.

“ You’re the new girl?? ” she asked asked
“ Yeah I guess,,Am Sofia ” she said with a light smile

At least she have to get along with her room mate

“ Am Vanessa,, we are in the same class though ” She smiled
“ But I didn’t see anyone like you in class all day ” Sofia said and sat down
“ I decided to rest a little bit today,,, my ex roommate left for the state, so she’s not coming back ” Vanessa said

“ I guess we can be friends ” Sofia said
“ Of course ,,I have no friends again since Eunice left,, so we are friends now ” Vanessa said.

💫 Chapter 52 💫


It was on Thursday morning,, the whole school was silent, no students could be seen in classrooms. They are all doing one or two exercises,, in the senior classes,it seem to be more interesting. The boys were in the soccer field while the girls at the swimming pool,,everyone was having fun.

“ Hey,,Sharon come on,we are late already. I don’t want those teachers to scold me ” Lisa said pulling Sharon’s hand
“ Mr Leo is your dad,,why will the teachers scold you?? ” Sharon teased
“ I don’t have time for argument,,let’s go and change so we can join the others ” Lisa snapped

They both walked into the ladies room,,they change into their swimming pants and ran out.

“ Gosh,,they are so loud ” Sofia complained as she change into her swim pant too
“ I don’t like her ” Vanessa scoffed
“ Which one? ” Sofia asked
“ Lisa ”
“ You mean,,Michael’s girlfriend?? ” Sofia asked in a mocking tone

“ I hate her,,she ruined my chance of being with Mich,,we were good friends not until she came here. I hate her ” Vanessa said
“ Michael seem to be all over her,,can’t believe he always shun me. Even if I can’t have him,,am going to make Lisa miserable. ” Sofia said

“ We are in this together,, am going to teach her a lesson. ” Vanessa smirked
“ I heard she’s Mr Leo’s daughter,,,who cares?? ”
“ I have an idea ” Vanessa said and moved closer to Sofia

She whispered something into her ear,Sofia grinned and nodded

“ But,,what if we get caught?? ” Sofia asked
“ I got this,trust me ” She smiled and they both walked out of the dressing room.

“ Our first contestants are,, Sharon,Lisa, Vanessa and Sofia,,,get on the track ” The female teacher said and the girls moved forward
“ Get ready for your lose girlfriend ” Sharon smirked at Lisa
“ Empty drums make the loudest noise” Lisa replied with a wink
“ Go!! ” The teacher said and they jumped into the pool swimming like their lives depend on it

They got to the other side and turned back again,,Lisa was at the front,,definitely gonna win

💛 Wow,,,Lisa!! Lisa!!! Lisa!!

The students keep on shouting her name,,and she won

“ Oh my God!!! I won!!! ” she shouted happily and got out of the water
“ I guess am gonna win too,,” Hazel said as she moved forward.


Meanwhile the boys are yet to start the match,,the coaches are still choosing the players. And finally they were done,,Rowan team and Michaels team. Since the two are the best in soccer,.

“ Uhm,,can I say something?? ” Michael asked the coach
“ Yeah ,what is it?? ”
“ I don’t think am in the mood to play right now,,but I can just be the goalkeeper, that’s better ” Michael said

“ What the f**k are you saying?? You are the one we are looking up to in this team ” One of the boys said
“ So what if am not in school?? You won’t play?? ” Michael scoffed and faced the coach again
“ Are you good in catching?? ” He asked
“ You can trust me for that ” Michael smiled

“ Fine,,then Gavin,,you can take over Michael’s position ” The coach said
“ Okay sir ” Gavin replied and moved closer to Michael
“ I know you’re lying ” he whispered
“ Don’t worry,,I won’t let them get a goal but I have a bad feeling about this,,,, just be careful with Rowan and his crews,they may destroy your leg ” Michael smirked and walked to his position

“ What is he talking about??” Gavin wondered

“ Michael is the goal keeper?? ” Jayden asked and Rowan looked up
“ Gosh,,I was targeting his leg,,but now he escaped ” Jayden said with a scoff
“ Just watch me ” Rowan smirked
“ What are you planning this time?? ” Nolan asked
“ Shut up coward ” Rowan snapped

The match finally started,,, it was a great one between the two opponents, Michael made sure he got every goal coming which made it hard for the opposite team to score any .

“ wow,,am proud of him ” Gavin grinned as they take a rest
“ Can’t believe we have 4:0 in the first half,,,,” he added and gulped down a whole bottle of water
“ look over there ” Noah said and they all turned their gazes to Michael who was sitting down,,Rowan walked to him

“ What is he doing?? ” Gavin asked as they watch Rowan pointing at face and then to Mich
“ That devil is planning something, I can sense it ” Ethan said
“ I guess he’s mad because they are loosing ” Gavin said

“ Not like it’s a real match,,just a practice. When will he grow up?? ” Noah scoffed
They were about going to Michael when they were called for the second match.

……………….Minutes Later

“ Oh no!! ” Gavin shouted and the boys ran toward Michael,,,
Rowan kicked the ball so hard that it met Michael in his stomach,,,,

“ Michael are you okay?? ” The coach asked
“ No am not ,,” He replied holding his stomach tightly
“ He’s got a nose bleed ” Ethan said
Michael touched his nose and discovered he was really bleeding

Gavin got up and ran toward Rowan grabbing his collar angrily,,

“ How dare you do that!!! ” He shouted
“ Hey Gavin that’s enough ” Noah said holding Gavin back.
“ Why acting this way?? It was just a mistake ” Jayden said
“ It was a mistake Gavin,,not his fault ” One of the teachers said

“ It wasn’t a mistake,, he did that intentionally,,,” Gavin said
“ Can you just leave me ” Rowan said and threw his hand off

“ Take him to the school clinic ” The coach said

“ I will carry him ” Ethan said
“ Are you okay?? ”
“ Am not okay!! My stomach hurt so much ” Michael groaned
“ You will be fine,,don’t talk ” Noah said

They got to the sickbay and dropped him on the bed,,Emily came in.

“ What is wrong with him?? ” She asked looking worried as she rushed toward him
“ He was hit with a ball,,,,and he got a nose bleed too ” They explained

“ I think he’s asleep ” Gavin said
“ You can leave,I will take care of him ” Emily said
“ You guys can leave, I will stay with him ” Gavin said
“ Okay,one person can stay ” Emily said


The girls rushed out of the swimming pool area,,they entered the dressing room to change back into their uniform.

Lisa and Hazel were the last to get in,,it was already filled so they went out,,,,

“ It was really fun ” Hazel said almost jumping back into the pool
“ I am really tired and I might catch cold soon,,I think I hurt my shoulder so I can’t swim for now ” Lisa said holding her shoulder
“ You hurt your shoulder?? ” Hazel asked and pressed her shoulder

“ Ouch,,, it hurt ” Lisa screamed and moved away from her
“ You should use some pain reliever ” Hazel said and Lisa nodded

A junior student suddenly walked to them,,

“ You’re Hazel right?? ” She asked and Hazel nodded
“ A teacher called for you ” she said
“ Oh,,okay,,,Lisa I will be back,,wait here so we can get dressed together ” Hazel said and walked away with the junior student

Lisa sat down beside the pool waiting for Hazel,,her two legs in the cold water.

She suddenly heard some footsteps coming closer to her,,she was about facing back when a hand pushed her into the pool.

She struggled to swim but she could not,,her shoulder was hurting so badly,,


To be continued

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