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Golden high Episode 49 & 50

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( High School Romance )

Chapter 49 🌸🌸



“ You asked for me ?? ” Michael asked the teacher
“ No,,this is Sofia,,you’re going to show her round the school during lunch,,,” He said
“ Oh,new student,, okay ” he replied and walked to his seat

Sofia also went to sit down,,,she was already getting some stares from the boys which she love,, that’s what she like anyway,she love receiving those stares from boys,but right now only one got her attention.

‘ You’re mine ‘ she said inwardly with a smirk
“ Hi,am Joel ” The guy sitting beside her said bringing out his hand for a shake
“ I guess you know mine already ” She rolled her eyes and ignored his hand

❤ I knew she’s gonna be rude
❤ Take heart bro
❤ Gosh, why must every pretty girl be rude??
❤ That’s embarrassing

“ Can you at least take the hand? ” Joel said
“ Fine ” she rolled her hand and received the hand shake
“ Thanks ” Joel said with a smile

Lisa scoffed as she listen to the comments coming from most of the boys in class,,Like seriously?? She’s really that beautiful??

Lisa took a glance at Michael who was busy talking to Ethan,she was glad he’s not starring at her,,,

Finally the teacher entered,,,it was all about Revisions though,it was an interactive class so it was really interesting. Michael seem to be the one teaching the class because he answered almost all the questions,,, while the rest remain quiet like they’ve never been taught.

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Lisa succeeded in answering two questions,, she was happy at least.

After having more than three classes,it was lunch period. Lisa slammed her head on the locker looking tired as ever,,she raised her head when she felt a familia touch,,

“ Michael ” She said with a pout
“ Let’s go eat,am starving ” She said
“ I can’t go with you,, I may join later though ” He said

“ Why can’t we go together?? ” Lisa scoffed
“ I have to show the new girl around ” Michael said without expression
“ I don’t like her,,” Lisa hissed
“ come on,she’s still new and you’re already hating her?? ” Michael Laughed and poke her cheek

“ Am not joking Michael,, she better don’t try any rubbish with you ” Lisa said
“ Now that’s weird,why will she try rubbish with me?? ”
“ You should have seen the way she keep on starring at you like you’re a chocolate cake ” Lisa said looking annoyed

“ So what am I then?? ” He asked
“ This is not funny Michael,am serious here ”
“ Fine,, she can’t do that with me ”
“ talking of the devil ” Lisa rolled her eyes and looked away

Michael turned back and faces Sofia who was beaming with smiles

“ Am Sofia ” she said stretching her hand for a shake

❤ Seriously??
❤ she turned down Joel when he wanted a shake
❤ I can’t believe she’s asking for a shake
❤ Don’t tell me she likes him already

“ Gosh!! Why can’t you all just keep shut and mind your own businesses?? Must you poke nose into other people’s matter?? What the f**k is this school?? ” Sofia yelled and the class became silent

“ Annoying ” she rolled her eyes and faced Mich
“ I don’t need to introduce myself I guess ” Michael said
“ You should, but let’s just go,,I guess you are still going for lunch right?? ” she asked with a smile

“ I don’t know,, but we better leave now,,hey sweetheart see you later ” Michael said and pecked Lisa’s cheek
“ Sweetheart?? That’s her name?? ” Sofia asked as they walked out of the class
“ She’s my girlfriend ” He replied
“ Oh,,that’s cool ” she faked a smile and rolled her eyes.

‘ who cares if you have a girlfriend?? It’s me Sofia Wilfred,,I always get what I want,,’ she smiled inwardly
“ Uhm,,this is the proprietor’s office,,, you can see him anytime you need his help or something,, and that’s the school clinic,,you can go there whenever you feel sick,,stuffs like that,,, ”

“ What stuffs?? ” she asked and Michael faced her,,she smiled and lick her lips,,,,she have those pink lips and brown eye ball,,her smile look beautiful too

‘ she’s really pretty ‘ Michael said inwardly
“ You know the stuff am talking about ” Michael said
“ of course not,I don’t,, you said I can go there whenever I feel sick and stuffs like that ” she said looking serious

“ okay I mean,,you know some,, private stuffs,,,” Michael said.
“ what private stuffs?? ”
“ I just said private,, so you still want me to explain it?? ”
“ Explain ” She said

“ There are some private stuffs,,oh Geez I said stuff again ” Michael said and hit his head gently
“ Come on,explain ”
“ You’re a girl, you should know what am talking about. Like,,you know what happen every month,,, to the girls I mean,,so you can see her if you have any pain,,,, I can’t believe am saying this,, let’s just go ” he said

Sofia chuckled and ran after him,,,

“ This is the Chemistry Laboratory,,, beside it is Physics lab,,,And the Biology lab,,,these ones are for the seniors alone,,the juniors have theirs also ,,,so don’t be mistaken,but I don’t need to show you theirs right?? ” he asked

“ No you don’t,,, can you show me the hall way?? ” she asked
“ Why do you want to see the hallway badly?? Can’t you just wait and let me take you there?? ” Michael said
“ I just want to see how it looks like, maybe it’s more prettier than my ex school ” she smiled and lick her lips,it’s like that’s her usual style.

“ Fine,come with me ” Michael said and they both started walking
She keep on starring at him as they walk,,
“ Why are you starring at me that way?? ” Michael asked
“ You’re handsome, I can’t take my eyes off you ” She smiled
“ This is your first time seeing someone as handsome as me?? ”He asked

“ Yea ” She replied
“ that means your ex school don’t have some hot guy every girl falls for?? ” Michael joked.
“ Nope,, we don’t have any boy ” she said as they finally got to the hallway,,it was empty and quiet, most students are in the cafeteria

Michael faced her with a confused face

“ No boys?? ”
“ It’s an all girls school actually ” she smiled
“ wow,,really?? That’s interesting,, so how do you see the hallway?? ” Michael asked looking around
“ It’s cool,ours was painted with pink all through,, it was so beautiful.” she said

“ so how does a single school look like?? Is it fun?? ” Michael asked
“ of course ,,really really fun,,it’s crazy I have to leave my friends all because of something ” she said
“ what?? ”
“ Some students are practicing Lesbianism,, so my parents were worried about me,,,,they wanted me to leave immediately ” she said snapping her finger together

“ That’s crazy,,lesbians?? ”
“ of course,,I really miss my friends. But now am happy to be here ” Sofia said
“ You’re happy to be here ? Why?? ” Michael asked
“ Isn’t it obvious?? I am talking to a cute guy right now,,” she said and Michael smiled

They started walking out,,,

“ Everyone in our class look really handsome ” Michael said
“ I noticed,,but you got my attention. You’re really handsome,, are you an angel?? ” she whispered into his ear
“ That’s crazy,,,,Am human. ” he said

“ well to me ,,you’re an angel ” She said and hold his hand
“ This is the Library ” Michael said and removed his hand for hers
“ wow,it’s large and beautiful ” Sofia said and rushed in
“ yeah it is ”
“ For seniors alone right?? ” she asked and Michael nodded

“ You are really brilliant,,,you answered almost all the questions in class,,,am just an average student,,, mind teaching me more?? ” she asked with a bright smile
“ Huh?? ” Michael said
“ please,,,please, please,, please ” she said and grab his hand
“ I will ,think about it,,,, but am not sure,,,” Michael said

“ You’re not sure?? Why?? Your girlfriend is going to get mad ?? ” She asked
“ What?? ” Michael asked
“ she will get mad,,I can see,,” she rolled her eyes
“ Let’s leave,,lunch is almost over ” Michael said and turned to leave

“ Let’s eat together ” she said and embraced him
Michael moved away ,,,
“ Don’t do that,,,, what if someone sees us and think it’s something else?? ”
“ Your girlfriend again, this is crazy. You have a girlfriend doesn’t mean you can’t,,,,, ”

“ You are not allowed to flirt with me Sofia,, I don’t like it ” Michael said
“ Fine,,, ” she scoffed and went out of the Library

“ what the hell was that?? ” Michael asked himself before running off to the cafeteria
“ He’s finally here ” Lisa rolled her eyes
“ Did you get something for me?? Am starving ” Michael said
“ I did ” Gavin replied showing him the covered food.

“ Thanks ” Michael said
“ So,,you showed her everything? ” Lily asked
“ Yeah ” He replied
“ did something went wrong or something?? You don’t seem too cool ” Noah said

“ It’s nothing ” Michael replied and glare at Lisa before facing his food again
“ I saw you guys in the Library just now,,she was trying to flirt with you, ” Florence said as she joined them

“ what?? ” they all chorused
“ Geez,,,,,that was nothing,,, ” Michael said
“ from nothing to something ” Sharon scoffed
“ Guys that’s enough,,,it was nothing,, that’s it ” Michael said

Lisa didn’t say anything,, she only eat her food in silence

“ But she’s pretty though ” Ethan said
“ yeah she is ” Michael replied and they all faced him

He cleared his throat,
“ why are you all starring at me that way?? ” he asked and dropped his cutlery
“ you said she’s pretty ” Gavin said
“ I did,so what’s the big deal?? I only said the truth,,fine she’s ugly,guess that’s what you all wanna hear ” he said

“ That’s crazy ” Noah said and they all started eating again
“ Lisa ,,you’re not eating again?? ” Lily asked and they all turned to her
“ I lost my appetite,, you guys should meet me in class ” She said and got up, she walked away

Michael immediately dropped the food and ran after her,,

“ Hey,,you’re Lisa right?? ” Sofia appeared in front of her
“ yeah ,,am glad you know me ” Lisa said dryly
“ of course,,Michael told me you two are friends ” She smirked and Lisa held her fist tightly.
“ see you later ” Sofia smiled and walked away

That was when Michael got to her,,

“ Hey sweetheart ” he called and hold her hand
“ Sweetheart?? ” She asked and looked up at him
“ Lisa?? What happened??,, why are you tearing up?? ” Michael asked immediately

The statement keep on ringing in her head,,,

“ Michael told me you guys are friends ” really?? Friends?? Just friends??

Chapter 50


“ Lisa?? What’s wrong?? ” Michael asked again
She wipe her tears ,,
“ It’s nothing ” she said
“ did something happen just now?? ” he asked

“ can you just let me be? I want to be alone ” she said and walked away leaving Michael in total confusion
“ Is your girlfriend mad at you?? ” Sofia appeared beside him
“ No she’s not ” he replied

“ Are you lying to me right now?? ” She scoffed
“ I can handle this okay?? Don’t poke nose into other people’s matter ” Michael snapped
“ I said that first ” she rolled her eyes
“ I know,,am only trying to remind you so you can also act on it ” Michael said and walked away

“ trying to act tough,,,you can’t get away from me Mich, trust me ” she smirked before turning but suddenly bumped into a girl

“ who the hell is this crazy fellow ?? ” Sofia said angrily
“ Are you a dog,,?? Even my pet dog doesn’t shout these days,, maybe you both exchange qualities?? ” Hazel scoffed and walked away

“ is she crazy?? How dare her talk to me like that ” Sofia said angrily

Hazel walked into the class and find no one,, just someone she know as Lisa burying her head down,, she dropped her bag and ignored her,,she was about going out when she heard her sniff,,,she’s crying? She thought and moved closer to her

She cleared her throat and Lisa looked up,, she immediately wipe her tears,she seem surprised to see Hazel.

“ when did you get here? ” Lisa asked
“ I hate dumb questions, why are you crying anyway. Did your boyfriend dump you or something?? ”Hazel asked
“ No,,,” lisa replied

“ Have you seen the new girl?? ” Lisa asked
“ we have a new student?? And she’s a girl, is she pretty??? ” Hazel asked and Lisa nodded
“ more than me?? ” Hazel scoffed

“ I don’t know Hazel,but she’s a pain,she hardly use one day and she’s already making me feel bad. ” Lisa said
“ what happened,, let me guess,,she’s flirting with Mich?? ” Hazel asked and Lisa nodded

Hazel laughed and fell from the chair

“ You should know it’s always gonna happen, it’s not new. But did Michael,,, ”
“ he even admired her,,it’s crazy I am here tearing up ” Lisa said
“ Michael really find her pretty?? ” Hazel asked looking shock

“ That’s unusual,, but it’s just a compliment, not like he’s going to ditch you for her or something ” Hazel rolled her eyes
“ I have a bad feeling about her ” Lisa said
“ How about i teach her a lesson ?? ” Hazel smirked.

“ she’s not gentle ” Lisa said
“ am not gentle either,, you’re the one who always act dumb ”
“ Am not dumb okay?? I don’t like trouble ” Lisa corrected

“ Wow,,so am the trouble maker?? I see ” Hazel said and scoffed
“ Sorry about that ” Lisa said and rest back on the locker
“ So ,,,you don’t trust your boyfriend?? ” Hazel asked
“ I trust him,,,” Lisa replied
“ No you don’t ” Hazel said

Lisa wanted to reply but the students started rushing in,,guess lunch is over.

“ That’s the witch ” Lisa said showing Hazel Sofia
“ she already got on my bad side though ” Hazel scoffed and walked away when the teacher came in

“ Are you okay?? ” Lily asked as she sat down beside Lisa
“ Yeah am fine now ” Lisa replied

Hazel and Lisa walked out of the class,,Leo was the one who sent for them.

“ What do you think he want to talk about?? ” Lisa asked
“ I don’t know,,, how do you expect me to know? ” Hazel said
“ You should know ” Lisa said
“ You’re annoying ” Hazel snapped

“ You’re also annoying ” Lisa smirked
They entered into his office,,

“ Hey dad ” Hazel smiled and sat down
“ Good afternoon dad ” Lisa said and sat down
“ Why are we here?? ” Hazel asked
“ You are busy?? ” Leo asked
“ No,,,we don’t have any other class for today ” Lisa said and Hazel shot her a glare

“ am busy ” Hazel said
“ You’re always busy ” Leo said and got up from his seat,,he sat down on the table

“ Am glad you two are getting along well,,it’s better this way ” he said and Hazel scoffed
“ I want you two to always stay with each other no matter what,,you are sisters so don’t fight. And,,,whenever you need anything,,, come to me and ask,,do you get that Lisa?? ” He asked

Lisa nodded,,,

“ Am hungry ” Hazel said
“ Then go and eat ”
“ Bye ” Hazel got up and pulled Lisa along
“ She’s something else ” Leo smiled

He was about going out of the office when Emily came in,,

“ You’re leaving already?? ” She asked
“ I want to go home,,,to eat ” he said
“ I brought food,,,for you,,,” she said showing him the bag in her hand

“ Oh,,,,,but,,,”
“ I can’t poison your food can I?? ” Emily smiled
“ well,,,okay fine ” Leo said and sat down watching her as she brought out everything.

Lisa was sitting alone in the school library, a novel in front of her but she was deep in thought. She suddenly felt a presence beside her and she almost flinched.

“ Am human ” Rowan said with a smile
“ When did you get here ? ” She asked trying to calm down
“ just now,,what the f**k are you thinking about?? ” Rowan asked
“ Nothing,, I better leave now ” she got up but Rowan grab her hand and made her sit down

“ You’re really avoiding me right now?? ” he asked
“ no am not,,I don’t want to disturb your moment ” She lied
“ No,,just stay here. It will be better if you are here ” Rowan said
“ Oh,,Kay ” she said and calmed down even though she was feeling somehow uncomfortable.

She focused on the novel trying not to talk to him,, the space between them can occupy two other students.

“ how was the vacation?? ” Rowan asked and faced her
“ Huh?? ”
“ what’s wrong?? Am still the Rowan you know,,why acting like am going to eat you?? Did your boyfriend ask you to stay away from me ?? ” he asked
“ Michael have nothing to do with this ” She said

“ Then what is it?? ” He asked
“ I,,,I really need to go back to class ” Lisa said and got up

Rowan grabbed her hand and made her sit down on his laps,,her eyes went wide.

“ what the f**k are you doing?? ” Lisa half yelled and tried getting up but he was too strong.
“ Rowan let me go ” She said
“ I really want to forget about you but I can’t,,,, just give me a chance to prove my love for you,,I love you so much Lisa ” he said

“ Are you crazy?? You know I have a boyfriend ” Lisa said
“ Who cares?? This is about me and you,,not him ”
“ Leave me alone this minute ” she struggled to get away from him.

“ Let her go Rowan ” A voice said behind them
Rowan let go of her and she immediately got up and ran behind Michael
“ You’re so shameless to force a girl to like you,,” Michael said shaking her head
Rowan faked a smile,,
“ You think that’s funny?? Is she not more safe with me?? At least she won’t have many enemies who want her boyfriend ” Rowan smirked

“ What the hell are you talking about?? ”
“ Mich,,that’s okay,,let’s leave ” Lisa said holding his hand
“ When next I see you get close to her,,,you’re a dead man ” Michael said and walked out with Lisa.

There was total silence between them as they,,

“ Are you okay?? ” Michael asked breaking the silence
“ Am fine ” Lisa replied without facing him
“ Are you mad at me ?? ” He asked
“ Why will I be?? ” she finally looked at him

“ I don’t know,, I just,,,don’t want something like that to happen ” Michael replied,she kept quiet
“ Lisa,,, we need to talk,,,” Michael said and hold her
“ Talk about what?? ” She asked
“ Something important ” he replied

“ Okay ” Lisa said
They both walked to the school garden,,
“ Wow,,it’s like the flowers grew more beautiful ” Lisa said inhaling them
Michael plucked one and attached it to her hair
“ You look pretty ” he smiled
“ Sofia is prettier ” Lisa rolled her eyes

“ Says who?? ” Michael asked
“ Thought you said she’s pretty ” Lisa replied
“ Oh come on,,she’s pretty,but that doesn’t mean she’s prettier than you,,you’re the most beautiful girl I know ” Michael said

“ Sound like fake ” Lisa teased
“ That’s not fake,,it’s true. Now I get,,you’re acting that way because I called her Pretty?? You’re so cute when you’re jealous ” Michael laughed and touched her cheek
“ It’s not funny,, I thought you like her already,, seem everyone is falling for her ” Lisa scoffed

“ I don’t like her,,,” Michael said and they both sat down
“ What do you want to talk about?? ” she asked
“ Let’s make a promise ” He said and Lisa looked at him with a confused face
“ What promise?? ” she asked

“ To always trust each other no matter what ” he said bringing out his pinky promise finger
“ No matter what happen, no matter what we hear about each other,or see,,let’s trust each other ” he said



To be continued

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