Ghosteens episode 20

By Authoress Diamond
Episode 20
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At the mall
Shalim (Elodie)pov
“Oh my gee” I exclaimed picking my words one by one cus of how fascinating the mall looks.
“This place looks so good” I complemented.
“Can we go in” Ethan asked looking straight.
That attitude of his…Extreme fun killer!
“Yeah” I replied dragging my words and we walked it.
I rushes to the wear different make ups are placed.
I picked the one with about twenty colours,dropping it inside the basket Ethan brou-ght to me.
“What do you wanna use make-ups for?” He asked but I ignored busying perceiving the sweet scent of the perfume am holding.
“Smells good…hmm…like a strawberry” I said smiling but quic-kly squee-zed my face remembering the spoilt one I ate.
“I wanna buy a lingerie” I said walking towards the ladies wears.
“That ex-posing night wear?You must be kidding” Ethan groused.
“plea-se” I pouted myl-ips at him blinking my eyes like a controlled doll.
“It’s okay!” Ethan surrendered.
“Yay!” I exclaimed searching for a lingerie.
I sp©tted a black shining lingerie
“This will do” I muttered removing it from the hangers.
“Are you done?” Ethan asked
“Yup” I replied popping the “p” ma-king him chuckle.
We were about leaving when I heard a familiar voice giggling.
It shouldn’t be what am thinking.Ethan also st©pped walking and turned to the direction of the giggles.
“Ivy?” Ethan called and the lady looked up bemused.
“Ethan!” Ivy screamed clutching the baby she was holding well.
She looks a bit mature and more robust than last year.She hvgged him almost immediately.
“Ethan, this is unfair” she said whimpering.
“Ivy,am sorry” Ethan pleaded.
“My calls, my text,everything! Why?” She replied alre-ady getting teary.
“Am so sorry dear” Ethan pleaded ru-bbing his forehead.
Just then the baby muttered…
“M…m..ummy” the baby said it on a funny way and I could help but chuckle.
“Hi” Ivy greeted me.I totally forgot am a human now not some sort of ghost.
“Hello” I replied shyly.This is the second human am speaking to ever since we were back on earth.
“Ivy, is that your child?” Ethan stuttered.
“Yeah,he is…Fool!How will he be my child, he is my aunty child,we c@m£ together to shop” Ivy replied smiling and I could see Ethan heaved.
“But Ethan” she called looking down.
“What’s it Ivy?” Ethan asked curiously.
“Am pregnant” She replied curtly.
“Pregnant? For who?” Ethan asked his eyes almost bulging out.
“Ethan when you left I had another boify from my dad’s school and I got pregnant immediately I finished high school” She confessed.
“Baby” We heard someone say and we all turn our direction to him.
“Have been looking for you” he said to Ivy before he noticed us.
“Who are they?” He asked facing Ivy.
“Hmm,they are…” Ivy stuttered.
“I am her high school friend and this is my girlfriend” Ethan replied drawing me closer.
“Ethan” I stuttered my cheeks turning red but he heard me more ti-ghter.
“We have to go now Ethan” Ivy said and bid us bye.
“Bye”I mouthed to her with a brief wave but Ethan just stood transfixed to a sp©t.
” Just a day in heaven”Ethan muttered disappointed.
“Ohh sorry” he said when he realized he has been holding me since.
“Let’s go” he muttered.
“But I haven’t finished buying what I wanted” I protested.
“Then meet me at home” he replied curtly walking away
“Oh no” I murmured following him immediately after paying for what we bought.
👦Ethan p.o.v.👦
I sat on the be-d reminiscing of what happened earlier at the mall
I haven’t gotten myself even when we for home.
Ivy got pregnant?
So quic-kly?
Just then I heard a knock.
“May I come in?” Shalim asked from outside and her voice sounds like she is singing.
“Enter” I replied less concerned and door cracked open.
I raised my head to look at her and…
What the fv¢k is she wearing?
I shouldn’t have bought that lingerie for her,it’s so ti-ght and h0t!
Why must she pick black?
Oh geez!
“Ethan” she called tenderly.
“Am sorry for what happened earlier” She said.
“It’s not your fault” I replied nor looking at her.
“It’s my fault, if you hadn’t not gone to heaven, this wouldn’t have happened” She rushed her words but I couldn’t help but stare at her plumpl-ips ss she speaks.
“Am really sor-
I didn’t allow her complete her words before I interlocked myl-ips with hers.
I felt really guilty after we c@m£ back from the mall.If I hadn’t come into his life,he wouldn’t have the cause to go to heaven talk less of missing a year on earth and loosing his only girlfriend. I felt so sorry for him.He has to go back to high school finals cus of me now.
I have to say at least sorry to him. I wore the lingerie he just bought for me and it looks perfectly good on me…I sprayed the apple scent perf on my b©dy before going out of the room to his room.
Now am in here begging him when suddenly he jammed hisl-ips with mine,my eyes almost bulged out from its position as I tried dis£ngaging from the k!ssbut it looks like am wasting my energy.
” Ethan “I called in between the k!ss.
” Am sorry “He pleaded immediately he unlocked hisl-ips from mine.
I was too shy to look at him so I just resorted in cl!çk!ng my toes on the floor.
” Shalim,I..-
“I am sorry,isnt that what you want to say?It’s okay” I cut him off.
“Nope,am not saying that” he replied.
“I love you” he replied again.
“Uhn?” I asked to be sure I heard well.
“Shalim,I love you” He repeated it again staring de-ep into my eyes.
This must be one of my imaginations again,I ru-bbe-d my eyes to be sure it isn’t a dream.
“Oouch” I gro-an ed.
“What for?!” I yelled.
“So you could know,this is not a dream” He replied smiling.
“Shalim,I love you” he said and rested his head on my shoulder.
“I hope you love me as much as I do” he muttered drifting back to sleep.
“Ethan” I heaved plackng y hand on his hand.
“I love you too” I replied almost teary and I hearx him chuckle.
“I know that” he replied smiling.
He hasn’t sleep yet?
I rested his head on his pillow adjusting him well on his be-d.I stood up to leave when he held my hand from his sleep.
“Don’t leave” Ethan muttered.
“Sleep here” he muttered again and pushed me on his be-d.
Oh jeez!
I l@ygently on the be-d beside him while he wra-pped his hands around my w@!st.
“I love you baby, don’t leave me” he muttered dreamily while I smiled silently.
“I love you too” I muttered silently.
“I heard that!” He replied with a chuckle.
“Uhn?” I hummed with a chuckle.
I wonder if he his he slee-ping or dreaming?
I hope this is not another dream of mine.
I also drifted to sleep in between smiles as I adjusted my b©dy well on the mini be-d.
*To be continued
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