Ghosteens episode 19

By Authoress Diamond
Episode 19
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Ethan’s p.o.v.
I don’t know why I enjoyed teasing her,her anger,her yells are so super cute.I didn’t waste time re opening the door she jammed cus everything seems old,dusty and rusty.
Just a week from home and a day in heaven.
I trailed behind her,my left hand still in my side pocket.Shalim keeps murmuring and nagging till we got to the sitting room.
“Shalim”, I called tenderly but she didn’t respond.
” Showing pity to those small bo-ob s is my offense now,right? “,I asked searching my eyes round the house.
” Yeah,exactly! “She yelled sitting down while she folded her arms around her che-st.
” You are suffocating “I warned.
” In your dreams,cus am not”She replied.
“Oh ho…Am not actually talking about you in person, I mean you’re suffocating your bo-ob s with the way you folded your arms around it” I said with a light chuckle.
“Will you just st©p talking about my bo-ob s?You are way too n@ûghty!” She yelled at me with a glare.
“I really new to call Ivy” Ethan muttered while I fumed.
“I remembered vividly dropping my phone somewhere here before going to school and got kidnapped” ,he groused searching the TV shelf.
“Oh yea…I found it” He screamed happily while I scoffed.
“But…It’s dead” He explained sadly trying to switch it on again.
“YAY!” I screamed happily twirling around him,sticking my ton-gue at him in a mockery way.
“Just pray your d!¢k is not small” I mouthed to him while he g@sped.
“Kettle calling pot black!See who is n@ûghty” Ethan muttered.
I walked triumphantly to the fridge picking out strawberries as I shoved it into my mouth.
“Eww!It’s spoilt” I screamed regretting ever having a bite.
“Oh oh…Serves you right anyways” Ethan chuckle walking closer to me like a king.
Tsk!So arrogant!
“I don’t really know why everything and everywhere looks like a hag…Looks outd@t£d somehow” Ethan grumbled.
“I wanna p…puke!” I yelled hitting him on his che-st.
“Be quic-k!There are many thing I wanna buy in the mall” I ordered.
“You love shopping” Ethan replied styling his hair.
He wore a black t©p,blue jean with a pair of Nike snickers not after putting on a thre-ad chain and a black star shaped earring on his left ear only.
Super duper h0t!
Oh my gee!
Ivy is kinda lucky and am kinda jealous.
But wait! I totally forgot about the k!sswe had during the unique transport from heaven.
Why the heck did he took advantage of myl-ips? hun?
Why did I k!sshim back in the first instance? I should have pushed him away but I gave in…
It so sweet but won’t he think am cheap?Why did I have to reciprocate?Not like we are d@t!ngor something.
I don’t even know his he sees me.
Is it like a friend?
Or what?
“Hey!” Ethan snapped me out of my thought waving his f!nger at me.
“What?” I asked taken aback.
“What were you thinking that much?And will you just st©p drooling?” Ethan asked sarcastically.
“Drool?Never!” I protested.
“Just go and gel your hair,it’s scanty at the front” He replied.
I huffed to the dressing stool staring at my face throu-gh the mirror.
“Not that bad” I muttered opening the lock searching for a comb when my eyes caught something.
“A power bank!” I screamed happily.
“Really?” Ethan beamed while I handed it to him.
“Seems my dead phone is about to resurrect…I hope it works”,Ethan said with a brief smile.
🔜🔜🔜After about an hour
” Tsk!”I g@sped on seeing the numerous messages that wouldn’t st©p popping on the phone screen immediately Ethan switched it on.
What kinda irritates me is that mist messages are from Ivy.
💬Hello baby!
💬Won’t you reply?Are you asleep alre-ady?
💬Why aren’t you in school for a whole week?
💬I c@m£ to your house but it’s locked,Any problem?
💬Are you out of the country?
💬Ethan reply me plea-se,I just wanna inform you that our graduation is in few month…We are almost throu-gh with high school,baby.
💬You mustn’t miss our final high school exams.
💬Ethan,you and your mom is reported missing on news… Where the heck are you guys?
💬Something big happened baby,the school bully,Lolita is found dead!Such a blast!
💬Bby,today is my birthday!
Won’t you wish me?Or let’s go shopping.
💬Today is our graduation!
💬Why aren’t you replying or coming to school?
💬Now I know…You should have break up with me physically than resulting to this heart wrenching way.
💬Ignoring me!I hate you Ethan!
“Geez!” Ethan heaved while I just stared at the screen like a lost sheep.
“What’s Ivy saying…What graduation? We only spent a day in heaven” Ethan emphasized in confusion.
I kept on staring at the messages and that’s when it dawned on me.
“The d@t£s” I muttered trying to decipher.
“The d@t£s?” Ethan asked not getting what I meant.
“Check today’s d@t£” I ordered,he pressed on the bu-tton and stared at it in shock.
“Today’s d@t£ is 24-08-2021” Ethan face dropped in shock.
“That explained it!When I was a ghost,it was confirmed that a day in heaven is equals to a year on earth” I confirmed.
“Oh geez! I wasted a year just like that? I didn’t get to graduate with Ivy.I didn’t complete high school” He emphasized sadly.
“Am happy” I said smiling.
“What?” He asked staring at me.
“At least I wouldn’t be calling a person am more older than a s£nior” I replied smiling.
“I don’t get?” Ethan said with curiosity searching my face with those blue eyes of his.
“Am older than you” I replied rolling my eyes at him.
“Really? How come?” He asked again.
I love it when he is curious
“You remember am alre-ady in high school before Mitchell brou-ght you in” I asked and he nodded in confirmation.
“But cus I died, my age st©pped counting that’s why I still look seventeen”I concluded.
” Ohh…does that also explain your small bo-ob s?”He chuckled while I punched him on his arm.
“Ouch!” He gro-an ed painfully
“Am happy cus I won’t be the only one starting from final year in high school” I said smiling.
“You mean…I and you would be in the same clas-s now?” Ethan asked and I nodded pouting my mouth.
“Oh we gonna be late for the shopping, I can’t wait to buy socks,school shoes and a pink barbie bag” I rushed my words dreamily, Let’s go!”I said dragging him to stand.
“Let’s go!” Ethan beamed picking his phone.
*To be continued
Who is following me to the mall oh💃
*Preview from the next episode.
“Buy me a lingerie” Shalim begged.
“That expo-sed night wear?” Ethan asked dumbfounded.
“Ivy?Is this your child?” Ethan stammered.
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