Ghosteens episode 21 – finale

By Authoress Diamond
Episode 21 (finale)
Now Enjoy
I was leaning on the iron bar waiting for the clas-s rep that went to visit the ladies(female toilet).
I kept on smiling all throu-gh as I remembered I and Ethan love life,I love him so much,he made me know there is more to being human.
The supreme one didn’t re-move my vision of seeing ghost, I do see them all most every time.
Ohh,Where is the clas-s rep,Ethan must be waiting for me.
Just then Scarlett,my new best friend in school c@m£ running toward me like she is been chased.
“Shalim!Shalim!” She called breathing heavily holding the iron bar for support.
“What’s wrong?Do you wanna throw up after this marathon?” I asked folding my arms cus sometimes she can be so mischievous.
“E…Ethan…Ethan” She stuttered pointing to the direction of our clas-s. We are both in the same clas-s,Ethan,Scarlett and I.
“Ethan? What’s wrong with Ethan?” I asked looking lost.
“Ethan” Scarlett stuttered again trying to breathe.
“What’s wrong with him?” I yelled impatiently.
“He…He fainted” She threw the bombshell.
“What?” I didn’t wait for her to reply before I raced to the clas-s and she followed behind.
Oh no!I don’t really think I can’t cope without Ethan…What’s the reason for his fainting?
I got to the entrance of the clas-s but the door is closed, I tried opening it but it locked.
“And he is in here?” I asked to be sure and she nodded.
“Why the heck is the door closed?” I groused getting frustrated as I made effort to open it but it isn’t opening.
“Where is everyone?How can everyone be at the cafeteria at the same time” I murmured.
But something is strange,the clas-s looks a bit dark, the dull lights are only switched on. The main light are not on.
“Chill babe,nothing will happen to your boify” She said with a sm-irk.
“Ya kidding right?I think I have to break this door open!” I yelled at her.
I was about kicking the door open when the door gave way itself.
I walked in,Scarlett trailing behind me.
“Ethan?” I called.
“Scarlett put on the light,where is my Ethan” I groused but didn’t get a reply.
“Scarlett?” I turned but couldn’t see her again.
Just then the blue light at the middle of the clas-s switched on revea-ling a two big love-shaped cake placed side by side on a well decorated table written on it vividly.
“My soul mate”
Oh my!
Just immediately a the light was switched on.
Happy birthday Shalim filled my ears.
Almost all the students are in here but where is Ethan.
“Am sure he did this💕”I muttered almost teary
“Happy birthday pretty Shalim” My best friend Scarlett beamed.
“You are-
” Great!”She interrupted me.
“But that not what I wanted to say” I said squee-zing my face.
“Thanks for being mischievous” I replied rolling my eyes at her and she chuckled pouring shines on me.
“Oh st©p! Where is Ethan?” I asked but she kept on pouring flowers and shines on me.
“Scarlett not now!” I screamed but she wouldn’t listen and I can’t see what’s going on.
Again the light went off, Scarlett st©pped immediately and I couldn’t hear a sound.
“What’s going on again?” I muttered trying to fathom another surprise.
Again the light got switched on,but this time it was the board light.
Holly Molly!”I g@sped
“Ethan?” I screamed
He looks so h0t even on his school uniform and he wore an ocean blue overall on it.
Geez!I might faint!
“Shalim” He called sweetly stretching a flower to me…I moved forward and collected the flower and immediately all the light went on again.
“Happy birthday!” This time the clas-s is filled than before.
I swear I might faint for real.
This is too much.
But wait the extreme end of the clas-s is still dark.
“Will you marry me?” Ethan threw the bombshell and my eyes wi-de-ned in shock
What? Marry?At what age?
“Age doesn’t matter darling” He replied as if he re-ad my mind.
Just then the light at the extreme was switched on revea-ling paperboard “Say yes” was written with different colours on it.
“Say yes!!!” Every one starts to chant even Ava that hates me cus she has crush on Ethan.
Is this real?
What will I say is wrong with me if I say no.
“Will you marry me?” He asked again now on his knee looking at me pleadingly but cute.
“Why won’t I Ethan? I sure love you and I will marry you!” I replied with beams and screams filled the clas-s.
“Latest and h0ttest couple in school” Someone screamed ma-king me chuckle.
“I love you darling, my only ghosteen” Ethan said bringing out a cute decorated box,he opened it but instead of a ring he brou-ght out a shining dazzling love shaped chain and fixed it around my n£¢k.
“I love you” He whispered to my hearing.
“I love you too” I muttered back and he briefly k!$$£d me earning screams from the students.
“Ohh,what’s happening here?” The principal yelled.
Oh no!
“Is school love nest or what?” he yelled angrily ma-king everyone panick.
Just then I heard a familiar voice behind the principal.
“Dad,I allowed them” She beamed.
Oh her dad is the principal? How come?
“You allowed them?” The principal (Ivy dad)asked and Ivy nodded.
“Go on then” The principal said with a smile.
“Thanks dad” Ivy replied pe-cking him.
“Yay!” Everyone screamed.
“Thanks” Ethan said ruefully and Ivy nodded smiling.
“The smiles is too much can someone tell her?”I murmured to Scarlett and she chuckled.
” Selfie everyone! “Scarlett screamed ma-king everyone rushed towards us.
” Cheese!”She screamed and the selfie stick cli-cked.
Ohh! thank you so much for your support, co-operation throu-gh out this little story of mine “GHOSTEENS”
I want to say a big thank you to you all!
Hope “GHOSTEENS” is interesting enough?
I will miss you guys
Always loving you all

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