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Forced episode 25 & 26

(My pains!! 😪)
By Damilola Faleke M 🎀💐
Chapter 25
🔥Mr Trevor’s pov 🔥
I signaled my men to dropped the gun when Alicia walked in.
Normally, when anyone walks in on us like he or she won’t leave here alive but my mind is telling me not to kill Alicia, maybe she might have a clue on her brother’s where about….
I studied her once again. She looked really freaked out..
I ordered the boys to leave us alone do we could talk one on one.
“What was that all about?” She asked as soon as they left
“What??” I asked like I wasn’t aware
“Them pointing guns at me?” She said looking around in fear..
” Sit down Alicia” I said and she did….
“You know you came right to me yourself to walk with me. You know about my transaction and never turned me into the police and that makes me to only trust you the more. I appreciate your loyalyalty and devoutness towards me” I said and she nodded smiling….
” But now Alicia is when am in need of your full service” I said and she stared at me in an assuring way.
” At your service Mr Trevor” she said..
“Am sure you still love my son” I said and she quickly nodded
“Of course sir” she replied
“You’ll get him very soon, but your brother is an obstacle” I said
“How??” She asked
” He knows about my transaction and he might be my downfall in this business” I said and she sighed
” Am not surprised” she said surprising me
” What do you mean by that?? ” I asked.
” Fernando is just my brother, I never loved him a single bit, he’s always a pain in the butt and a hindrance to whatever good plan I have for my life. Gosh I hate him, I haven’t even heard from him for months now, not like I care” she said looking quite angry leaving me only more surprised
” Are you serious?” I asked just to be sure of what she said
“Of course I am, I just wished he never existed” she said sighing and an idea popped in immediately
She could be the key to our plan…
” How would you like if we eliminate him??” I asked and she looked at me with her eyes wide open..
“Do you mean kill??” She asked
“Yes, lower your voice” I replied
“Hell yeah, that’s a great idea, my life would be free, I would live my life like a queen without anyone butting into my idea” she said happily.
Gosh she’s so easy to convince
” But we have to use you to get to him” I said and she kept quiet for some while before replying me
” I’ll be glad Mr Trevor” she said and I smirked happily in victory..
” We’ll talk about it later” I said and she nodded
“Mr Trevor, I heard the NBI Is no longer working on your case, so when would transaction begin??” She asked
Am loving this girl already, she’s the hold type, more bold than her brother.
“Yes that’s true, they’ve with us already and found our we aren’t guilty. For now we still have to stay alert but transaction would start soon, our clients are really demanding”I said and she chuckled
” That’s great then, so is this where you do the business” she said in a low voice
” of course not, we do all stuff related to that business in the warehouse. I’ll take you there later since you are now part of us. It’s a secret Alicia, not even my son or daughter knows about this, am only doing this because I trust you” I said and she nodded with a smile plastered on her face
I don’t know but I feel, I can trust this girl. She seems ready for this job despite the upcoming, she’s just the type of person I like, this ready to hit into action and can even sacrifice their own family for the growth of the business…
This is the kind of person I would always love to work with ..
💄 Alicia’s pov 💄
Am the best actress ever, I’ve never seen in my life, the man is just so stupid to think I would want to kill my own brother
I just hope this device captures every detail of what happened back in there, Mr Trevor would be doomed anytime soon…
Just like my mind was being read, an unknown number call popped in..
I picked it immediately and it was Fernando telling me to meet up with him… and,
I looked around before boarding a cab to meet him ..
💘 Tristan’s pov 💘
I watched as Tiana kept laughing to the show on the TV. I was sitting in the other couch quite far from her. She was really a sight to watch. It was great to see her smiling after so much time.
I kept on admiring the beautiful creature when her eyes met with mine, she quickly looked away making me chuckle. I was actually the one staring…
She’s such a beauty… Am falling for her little charms already..
Nah!!, That’s just some stupid stuff talking in me. I would be so stupid to trust a girl after what Alicia did to me. Girls are dangerous and can even do worse to me.
‘But Tiana is different from them all, she’s unique among all others’ my subconsciousness snapped at me…. I never knew my conscience was still alive. It left immediately after what Alicia did. But now am feeling what I’ve never felt before by just looking at this girl Tiana. I thought I hated her at first but now my mind tells me different….
Fuck!!, I would never fall in love with anyone. Not now or forever…
“So what do you think about the movie” she said happily eating her popcorn when the movie was over. I wasn’t even listening
“Oh, it’s great” I said and she chuckled
“Don’t even tell me that, you weren’t even here through out” she said
“What do you mean Tiana, I’ve been here through out” I said and she laughed
” Of course you were here, but your attention wasn’t here” she said smiling and I couldn’t deny it anymore
” Yh yh, you’re right” I replied dully
“Tell me about it since the movie is over” she said happily turning to me completely
” It’s nothing serious” I said
“Just tell me” she persuaded
“No” I stated and she stared at me weirdly
“Gosh!!, You’re so boring” she said taking her phone making me chuckle…..
Gosh I hate seeing her, it inhibits my feelings…
I quickly gave a lame excuse just to leave the house, far from her to avoid feeling that way…
I’ve gone by my vow for two years and nothing can make me break it especially Tiana..
💥Mr Trevor’s pov 💥
I was in my office talking privately with Sydney on how to completely destroy Mr Davidson. Am only at the verge, the only thing that remain is to take the company into his hand and that’s only what Tristan can achieve but he’s just acting stubborn and we need him really much….
“So Sydney what can we do since Tristan decided to be a chicken” I said and he chuckled
” Have you ever thought of taking it by force??” He asked
“I’ve thought of that severally but it would clearly be traced to me as the master mind of their misfortune” I said
” Of course it should, your real aim is to revenge on Mr Davidson for causing the death of your wife, it would only be a cool revenge when you let him know what he did to you and what you did back to him, it would make him regret so much, and come crawling back to you, to help him get his life back” Sydney said and I nodded loving the idea of that
“That’s a great idea Sydney, you got the brain” I said patting his back and he smirked evilly
“So how we gonna deal with that plan?” I asked and he came closer to me.
“We are gonna kill two bird with one stone” he said
“How?” I asked
“We will kidnap Tiana and tell her Tristan is the one behind the kidnap, and we would threaten her to sign the company to us or she dies” he said leaving me quite confused.
” So how are we gonna kill two birds with one stone ?” I asked
“I’ve been following and studying Tiana as you instructed and I see she’s already developing feelings for her and how nice he’s been to her. It would break her heart to discover that Tristan kidnapped her just for her to forcefully sign the company to him,she’ll experience a great heartbreak and a great loss, her family would go back to the streets including her” he said and I nodded in approval…
That’s definitely what I’ll do, kill two birds with one stone…..
Am winning..
(My pains!! 😪)
By Damilola Faleke M 🌺🌸
Chapter 26
🧢 Fernando’s pov 🧢
We were all in Archie’s office checking out the video captured from the device on Alicia.
I didn’t look surprised at what happened but Archie seemed so surprised.
“I can’t believe this, he’s truly after your life” Archie said to me after we were done watching the video
“I told you” I said
“It’s so hard to believe that such an ambassador of our country can be this hardened as a criminal, am really disappointed, I’ve always looked up to that man as someone so good and successful but I guess I was all wrong, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing and no difference from the devil” he added and I sighed
” he killed my parents, he took away my joy and happiness. I really can’t describe the happiness I feel within to know we are close to bringing him near his downfall” I said and Archie nodded. Alicia just sat staring at us.
” So what are we gonna do now?? Can’t we arrest him already? ” Alicia asked
” It won’t be that easy Alicia, the main case we have against him is drug trafficking not murder. We don’t even have any evidence on any of his transactions. When we get a very solid evidence. We’ll would take him unaware. And then we can charge him for drug trafficking, murder and even cyber crime, so for now Alicia I think you still have some work to do for us” Archie said to Alicia
” You’re right man, we got a lot of work to do here” I said
“Now, the ball is in Alicia’s court. She was able to bring us pure evidence of Mr Trevor plotting murder, I guess it wouldn’t be a problem” Archie said
” I guess so, cause he said business would start very soon and he will be taking me to the warehouse to get familiar with the place. But am really scared, what if he finds out my real purpose, those people are damn dangerous” she said looking worried
” No sis, you’ll be safe, I promise, he won’t even hurt or harm you a little, am beside you always,okay. Just act normal. Common you’re good at acting you got an A for that last conversation you had with Mr Trevor, this is just too small for you” I said and she smiled
” Thanks Fernando, you’re always giving me hope. Am sorry for all what I did and said then, I was just acting childish, forgive me brother” she pleaded and I chuckled
” I can’t be angry with you lil sis, am glad you know your mistakes, love you sis” I said and she came to hug me. Archie cleared his throat and we disengaged from the hug..
“I really commend your acting back there, for a moment I thought you were serious”Archie said and she chuckled
” Nahhh!! No matter how we fight, I can’t do that to my own blood” she said still smiling and her phone ranged
” Excuse me” she said moving to a corner taking the call…………….
After some minutes, she walked back to us…
“I think it’s time” she said
“Time for what?” Archie asked and I chuckled he suppose to know
“Time_ to _go_ to_ the_ warehouse _with Mr _Trevor” she stressed making me laugh…
“Ohhhh!! Wish you luck Alicia” Archie said and she rolled her eyes at him
” Bye brother, stay safe, they’re still hunting for you” she said
“Alright mum” I replied and she laughed leaving
💢 Mr Trevor’s pov 💢
” Gosh is Alicia not here yet?” I asked
“No, but she should be here soon” Sydney said looking worried
We were waiting for her in my office to move to the warehouse together, my boys were already there, we were just waiting for Alicia to come by.
She suddenly grew smarter and wise overnight and I like the new her. She could help boost my business up and she could also help get rid of Fernando since he’s our only set back for now…
My next plan is to make Alicia my manager for the drug factory…
“Sorry Mr Trevor but I have to ask, what makes you think we can trust Alicia??” Sydney asked
” Of course we can, she’s criminal minded, she’s pretty just like us, this is where she really fits in” I replied
” But……
As he was trying to say something, Alicia hastily walked in..
“Am sorry am late, there was pretty much traffic on the way” she said
” No problem, let’s go” I said and we all hopped into my car driving straight to the warehouse….
👝 Alicia’s pov 👝
We’ve been driving for almost two hours and we’ve not gotten to the damn ware house. We were already moving out of town, and it pretty looks like an isolated area.
I was really getting scared but I tried my best not to show it, what if Mr Trevor knew our plans already and is trying to get rid of me???
No, no,no, no, no, it can’t be, it’s warehouse right,a drug factory, is an illegal business, so it wouldn’t be anywhere near town, so I don’t took I should go hyper…
We soon diverted to a narrow junction, which could only take one car, the road was untarred leaving me surprised, I never knew there was any road like this in Los Angeles.
I’m sure I’ve never been here in my life.
Jeez!! Criminals really go extra length…
After what seemed like forever, we finally got to our destination, it was a large building, kinda old in appearance. Hmm, he must has been in this business for quite a long time…
I dropped down from the vehicle after the vehicle was parked. There was security guard on every spot you move, scary looking guys that really freaked me out. But I still maintained my stand.
We got into the building studying everywhere, there was different department for each transaction, gosh!! They surely make hell outta money here.
We were moving all about with Mr Trevor explaining things to me…
Still explaining, a guy walked to us.
He stared lustfully at me from head to toe, making me really scared. I’ve never seen him before, so why is he staring at me that way???
“Boss, we got the girl” he said and I was wondering what girl he was talking about cause since I got here I’ve only seen guys..
“Okay let’s go” Mr Trevor replied him
“Is she coming with us?” He asked weirdly
” Yes she’s now part of us” Mr Trevor said and the guy kept mute
We walked into an unknown room and I saw a girl tied up at the corner of the room, she looked helpless and I felt like going to help her cause she looks like she’s in trouble, but I couldn’t,she looked like a 17/18 year old girl
“So you’re the bitch that reported us to the NBI in the first place” Mr Trevor said and she only sobbed looking at Mr Trevor with hatred, I felt pity for her.
“You deserve more than that Trevor, you killed my dad, the only person I had in life, you deserve death” she yelled in tears struggling to free herself…….
“You made a mistake pretty, cause you’re gonna stay with your wonderful dad wherever he is. Cause you being alive only serve as a threat to us” he said and she sobbed the more. I felt really bad for her
” I hate you Trevor, you’ll pay for all your…..” She was saying and before she could complete her statement Mr Trevor shot her three consecutive times, I screamed out loud terrified… Making them all stare at me
💫 Tiana’s pov 💫
I and Samantha were in the ice cream shop, we decided to come here to chill, I can’t let myself get weighed down by the misfortune we are facing in our family, so I just decided to tag along with Samantha to avoid hurting myself as Tristan advised.
Samantha happily told me about Archie’s confession to her and I was really happy for her, I’ve sensed the tension between them from the beginning, but I just wasn’t to be sure of it, but right now, am pretty glad they’re finally together.
“So T, tell me about your love life you aren’t getting younger” she said and I chuckled..
” Am just 23 silly” I said
“23,24,25,26… Pretty no much difference” she said and I tried not to laugh cause of the ice cream in my mouth
“Stop acting like my mum” I said and she laughed
“You know you and Tristan make a perfect match ❤️” she said and my smile face off
” What’s wrong??” She asked but I couldn’t answer
“Common best did I say anything to hurt you??” She asked looking worried
” No, I think am in love with him” I said and she gasped
” Who??” She asked anxiously
” Tristan” I replied and she laughed happily
“I knew it, I knew it ,I knew it” she said laughing and almost everyone had their eyes.
” Oops!!” She exclaimed when she noticed how people were staring at her, I chuckled
“It’s nothing to rejoice about, it’s just one sided feeling” I said sadly
” What makes you think so”she said
” He doesn’t have any plan for a relationship after the heart break by Alicia, am sure we would be separating very soon, though it was a friendly note, but I just don’t want to” I said
” He likes you,I have that feeling, just that he won’t want to accept it, especially since he decided he wasn’t into relationship anymore” she said
” Hun??” I said
” The way he stared at you the last time I visited, made me have a second thought” that’s why I asked if anything was going on between you two” she said winking at me I laughed hardly
“You’re crazy Sam” I said
We talked about other fun stuff and took funny pictures till it was late when we decided to take our leave..
We were driving home in my car when we spotted a vehicle following us, we made different turns and still the vehicle was
following us.
We decided to pull over and surprisingly the vehicle sped pass us…
Samantha said it was just a coincidence, I tried to believe, so we drove straight home.


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