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September 25, 2021


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Forced episode 27 & 28

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🌸🌼 FORCED 💔💝
(My pains!! 😪)
By Damilola Faleke M 💙
Chapter 27

⭕ Fernando’s pov ⭕

“Look Archie, we need to go there, Alicia is not safe, did you just see the way he shot that girl??? ” I asked sweating after I watched how Mr Trevor heartlessly killed that girl without showing any single emotion. That man is evil than I thought..

“I understand how you feel Fernando, but this is the only way we can get that man, Alicia is definitely safe. Can’t you see, we have a pure evidence of murder against him, and gladly he did it himself, it’s a pure evidence” he said annoying me

” Isn’t that enough??, Can’t we just arrest him already” I yelled ruffling my hair…

I just want this man behind bars. Seeing him kill that girl only increase my hatred and agitation to put him behind bars.

“It’s not enough Fernando, stop acting like a baby, this is our only opportunity to get that man, we have to be patient. Our main purpose is to arrest him for drug trafficking. Once we get that, we team up to fight them. I’ve told you before. Yes I know he killed an innocent girl, it pains me as much as it pains you. But sacrifices are made, we just have to be patient okay” he said and I finally calmed down

” Fine” I replied

” Let’s just keep watching” he said and I nodded…

We were watching the activities of Mr Trevor on the laptop through the monitoring device on Alicia

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👝 Alicia’s pov 👝

Everyone eyes were now on me including Mr Trevor. I was now scared he might notice my mission but great fully he did not

“Are you okay Alicia?” He asked

“Yh I am, I was just….. ” I tried saying but he cut me off with an evil chuckle

” You’re one of us now Alicia, you need to get use to stuffs like this. We don’t spare betrayers” he said with an evil smile on his face, I swallowed and nodded. He doesn’t even feel any guilt for what he just did to that little girl, he killed her in cold blood and he still got the guts to even smile, this only proved he killed my parents…..

I feel really guilty for not helping that little girl, well it was either she go, or I try to help her and we go together…. She only made the sacrifice that will be beneficial to all of us…..

“Dispose the body” he said walking ahead of me I quickly trail behind me, I was scared if staying alone with those guys cause everyone of them looks like an addict…

We were still walking when he stopped, I also stopped.

“I hope I can trust you Alicia” he said

“Definitely” I said boldly and he nodded with a smile

We walked to a place where the doors were made with metal, he stopped and I did the same…

“This is where all our stocks are kept, you know what I mean” he said and I nodded

“can we go in? ” I asked with boldness I couldn’t fathom where it’s from

“Of course, but not today Alicia, you’re our Manager, you’re in charge of everything in here, but we don’t open this door anyhow, it’s just when we are about to make transaction and stock here that we do that, so since we already have placed orders, you’ll definitely go in there soon and see how it looks. ” He said and I nodded with a smile

” That’s the spirit, watch it, very soon you’ll be rich without the help of your brother or Tristan” he said and I swallowed at the mention of Tristan, how is he gonna feel when his Dad is arrested, apprehended or even executed…

“I can’t wait” I replied playing along ……..

“One more thing, you’re gonna be taking care of the next operation with Jack”he said and my heart skipped a beat

” Who’s Jake? ” I asked still trying to sound bold

” The guy who met us with the information of the girl as we were coming in” he said

” Ohh” I replied…,

I hate that guy, he looks scary and wicked..

Finally it’s gonna be over, we will finally have evidence of Mr Trevor’s drug factory and his illegal transactions, how I just wish he opened that door today there would’ve been less work for me….
Well he’ll still open it anyway…

🍇 Tiana’s pov 🍇

Someone pressed the intercom, I quickly rushed to check who it was, and I was happy to know it was Edward. I quickly buzzed him in, waiting at the door for him to walk in..

As he reached the door post I quickly jump on him happily hugging him, he chuckled and brought me down.

We both walk in, and I couldn’t help but notice the sad look he was wearing. Well am not surprised due to what’s going on in our family….

“Last time I checked Edward, the last time you visited was 3 moths ago. And now you are here wearing that horrible look” I said and he sighed making me more worried.

” Are you okay Ed?” I asked

“I am T, sorry for not visiting my lil sis, it’s kinda irresponsible of me” he said and I chuckled

” So what’s up with you?” I asked

“Tiana, dad wants to see you” he said and my countenance changed

” Why does he wants to see me?” I asked

” He really wants to see you” he said and I chuckled

” Remember,I don’t have a dad” I said folding my hands standing

“Tiana please” he pleaded

“Why does he suddenly wants to see me again, to yell at me, treat me badly or maybe marry out to another guy” I said and Edward walked to me.

” Dad is really sorry about that and I think that’s why he wants to see you” he replied

” I don’t want to see him” I replied

“Common T, look I Know Dad never made you happy in anyway. But at least you should go see him, especially now that he’s sick and in the hospital” Edward said sadly

” What??, Dad is in the hospital??” I asked and he nodded..

“But why didn’t you tell me that from the beginning” I said

” So you wouldn’t act this way” he replied

“What’s wrong with him?” I asked

“He got high blood pressure as a result of thinking about all that has been going on in the family business especially all the companies, now he isn’t really feeling well” he said and my heart sank in sadness

” Can we go see him now?” I asked

“I was hoping you’ll ask that. We can, let’s go in my car” he said and we both rushed out, I didn’t even carry any of my stuff

📌 Sydney’s pov📌

I’ve been following that useless girl Tiana and till now, she hasn’t come our alone, I really need to accomplish this mission, I’ve been following her around for the past two weeks now, and she’s always with someone, now she’s in someone’s car again..

Am really risking it following her everyday, I don’t know why it’s just so hard to kidnap her, what the hell is she using??

I have to get this done sooner so we would be done with this revenge phase of the boss..

🌸🌼 FORCED 💔💝
(My pains!! 😪)
By Damilola Faleke M 💌
Chapter 28
🍒 Tiana’s pov 🍒

“Dad” I called in tears when I walked into dad’s room in the hospital, he was in a terrible condition, mum only Sat down sobbing helplessly.

I sat down on the other chair close to his bed while Edward just stood.

“Dad” I called again after not gaining a reply the first time

He finally opened his eyes looking at everyone of us..

“Am glad you are here Tiana, my baby” he said in a sad voice weighing down my spirits, I’ve never seen my dad so week since I came into this world…

“Am here dad” I replied

“Amanda, honey” he called to my mum and she looked up at him

” Edward, son” he called

“Dad” Edward replied

“Am glad you’re all here for me, and didn’t abandon me at this crucial moment despite the way I treated you” he said in pains

” I owe most of my apologies to you Tiana, you were right, I was never really a father to you, and I regret that with all my heart and soul”he added and I sobbed the more

” Including you Amanda, I was never really a good husband to you,I was only after my own selfish interests and it all collapsed in a week. Am glad our children are both comfortable, but that wouldn’t stop me from regretting my inhuman action to all of you, including you Edward, this moment, I just wish I could turn back the hands of time, so I would die a good father”he said and my heart skipped a beat

” No Dad, don’t speak that way, you won’t die, I promise” I said

” I just wanna ask for your forgiveness Tiana, I made you bitter and now am really regretting that decision I made of marrying you out to a a man you don’t know or love. Forgive me Tiana” he pleaded

” I forgive you dad, for a fact, I’ve forgiven you a long period of time, like you said, I was only bitter, I love you Dad” I said and he forced a smile on his face.

“Forgive me too Amanda, I was never really there for you the way I ought to, I pushed you out of your rights in our family and a lot of things I can’t mention….. That’s why I want you to find a place in your heart to forgive me” he said to my mum who was sobbing

” I forgive you Israel. Just stay with us,we can all start a new life together” she said holding his hands

” I hope so” dad replied

” Edward, the same goes to you, forgive me boy” dad said and Edward smiled

” I do Dad, no need to apologise” Edward said

“Okay dad, why don’t you….” I was still talking when the machine started beeping loudly continuously, and before we knew it dad lost consciousness

“Dad, Dad, Dad” I shouted shaking him but he didn’t answer mum also tried but he still didn’t answer, we didn’t even know if he was dead or something…

Edward ran out to get the doctor and came back in with her almost immediately….

We moved out leaving the doctor and nurses alone with Dad, mum sat down crying while I and Edward kept pacing around… My dad mustn’t die, he mustn’t!!!!!

I went back home down casted, dad is in a really bad situation. For a moment I thought dad was dead when the doctor said his heart stopped beating for a while but they were able to recover him and now he’s in comma, I just can’t afford loosing any member of my family, every single one of them means a lot to me………..

I opened the door and Immediately I saw Tristan getting up walking to me. It’s late already, it’s already 11:39pm..

“Are you okay Tiana, where have you been??, I’ve been hell worried” he said in a concerned voice but I couldn’t answer him, I was too sad to do so.
He stared at me studying my face.

“Are you okay Tiana? Were you crying?” He asked, jeez how did he know, is my puffy eyes so obvious??

He walked me to the couch sitting me down.

“You can talk to me Tiana, am here for you” he said in an assuring voice and I sniffled and told him the whole story, he looked at me with an emotion I couldn’t even describe..

“Are you okay?” I asked and he didn’t reply

“Tristan” I called and he quickly snapped out of his thoughts

” Am sorry Tiana, this is all my fault, I have to go now” he said walking out

” Tristan wait” I called and he stopped halfway

” You can’t go out now, it’s late” I said worried

” I need to sort out something very important” he said, and without saying anything he walked out.

What’s going on??, What did he mean by it’s his fault, why are strange things happening around me, I just can’t understand, who the hell did I offend???????

🍬 Samantha’s pov 🍬

“What the hell is going on?” I asked Archie after hearing his conversation on phone, he flinched cause my voice was unexpected

“Jeez!! Babe, you scared me badly” he said with his hands on his chest

“What are you hiding? Who were you talking to Archie, don’t lie to me, I heard everything” I said and he swallowed

” Fine I’ll tell you, where do you want me to start from?” He asked

“Mr Trevor a drug trafficker?” I asked and he sighed

” Gosh!!, I didn’t want you to hear that” he said leaving me only more surprised

” Wait!!, What Mr Trevor are you even talking about?” I asked anxiously

“Trevor James” he replied

” You must be joking right”I said and he sighed

“Am not baby, am not” he replied

“Do you mean Tristan’s father?” I asked only to be sure of what he was saying

“Am as surprised as you are” he said
Jeez!!, What’s happening, Mr Trevor, a drug dealer????

” I need to tell Tiana” I said walking out but Archie held me back by my hand

” No Samantha, am only telling you this because I love you, am not suppose to tell anyone” he said and I felt worried

” But Tiana is my best friend” I said and he shoved the strings of hair on my face away

“I know love, but don’t you want that man to pay for his crimes?” He asked

” Of course I do” I replied

” promise you wont tell anyone, I trust you sweetie,when we sort things out you can tell Tiana about it even Tristan doesn’t know about this” he said and I swallowed

” I promise Archie” I said and he kissed my forehead

” I love you baby” he said

” Love you too Archie” I replied

💄 Alicia’s pov 💄

Am done with the first operation with Mr Trevor and truly, he is a drug trafficker, the hugest I’ve ever seen, his goods worth billions of dollars… Just that transaction I and Jake made for just a little pack of cocaine we were given two million dollars, that alone is a big fortune

“So now we have enough evidence against Mr Trevor, can’t we just arrest him already,am tired of involving myself I’m that stupid crime just to fight a useless, wicked unrepentant criminal” I said in irritation to Archie and Fernando recalling how Mr Trevor killed that innocent girl.

“Yes, but you still need to play along with him for now,still act like you’re against your brother, we want to take him and his workers unaware in that warehouse” Archie replied

” What??!! Why? And how long will that take?” I asked

” It’s better that was sis” Fernando replied

” So how long will it take?” I asked again

” It wouldn’t take more than two weeks before we strike, nobody must be spared. We need to prepare our men and all our equipment to flee any possible danger” Archie replied

” So am I still gonna keep wearing this device?” I asked

” You have to Alicia” he replied and I sighed

Jeez!! Am having a bad feeling about this. And again I don’t want Tiana and Tristan to bond in anyway while am away achieving this mission…

🍭 Tiana’s pov 🍭

I was on the lonely street alone in my car on my way to get some groceries when my car broke down…
Gosh!! This has never happened to me before, my cars are always in good shape, especially this which is not even up to a year…

And the worst part is that this is street is hell lonely, no single network here because of the rain am really scared of staying here alone…

I dropped down to check the vehicle’s engine, but I gave up when I saw all those annoying connections.
I don’t even know anything about cars or any machine stuff..

Jeez!! Weird things are really happening to me.

Suddenly I saw a car passing by, I tried waved at it, and great fully, it stopped before I even waved at it…

A guy dropped down and walked to me, I kind of changed my mind as I saw him, he looked so scary and I could smell a bad aura around him. I can’t afford staying here alone with this kind of guy, considering it’s almost nightfall….

“Hey young lady, can I help you here, what happened?” He asked

” It’s nothing, you can go, don’t bother” I replied in a scared tone

“Common, it’s dangerous out here, I have to help you” he said

” No am okay, I’ll just call a friend” I replied and he chuckled evilly

” Common Tiana don’t be stubborn” he said and fear gripped me the more…

How the hell does he knows my name???
Jezz, am scared..

He was walking to me and I kept on moving away, he kept on following until I picked up pace and started running with all my might. But the guy was quick to catch up with me.

He held me strongly and roughly, I kept on struggling to move away from him,but I couldn’t…

“Let me go” I screamed out loud but he didn’t

“Let go” I shouted but he still ignored looking for something I don’t know

I kicked him, great groaned and released me..

I ran again but caught up with me again but this time I felt something hitting my head, I screamed passing out immediately..


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