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Flabby Patty episode 3 & 4

💔 Flabby Patty 💔
( She’s too fat )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 3
So tonight Avery was going out with Hunter. To be honest, I couldn’t care less but she wouldn’t shut up about it.
“I am so excited PATTY!” She would yell down the hallway whenever she saw me. He was probably going to screw her up and dump her. That’s what Hunter did, everyone knew. But I guess that really didn’t matter to Avery.
Laying in bed I thought about what Angie had said to me about making friends. She was right, partially.
I didn’t have any friends because I didn’t want to get made fun of because of my insecurities. People liked being friends with who were pretty, perfect, fun to be with, and well pretty. I was none of those things.
I looked at the photograph frame with the photo of me and my Dad in it. He was holding a two year old me, over his shoulders. Tears smoldered in my eyes as my heart throbbed, missing him to death.
He generally let me know that I was the most beautiful young lady on the planet. Mum was never around to try and think about what I was going through.
Trying not to think about all the things that bothered me, I turned on my laptop and started writing. That was my escape from reality. The only way for me to pour out my emotions without anyone else hearing them.
‘ Like a withered flower beneath your feet,
Like a dying heart that’s lost its beat.
Like a falling bird with its wing broken and torn
Like a corpse buried underneath, blue and alone.’
I sighed going over what I had just written. A message popped up on my screen and it was none other than Hunter.
Hunter Reyes: Still haven’t accepted my friend request?
Rolling my eyes, I quickly typed a reply.
Patricia Smith: Piss off, loser.
Hunter Reyes : If you think that offends me, you’re dreaming.
He was so lucky I couldn’t reach out to him through my screen and scratch his eyes out.
Hunter Reyes: Yo fat ass?
I felt anger boiling up inside of me. He did not miss out a chance on calling me fat or flabby.
Patricia Smith: Don’t you have a date to go to?
Hunter Reyes: It’s called being fashionably late, my dear Watson 😉
Ugh, who the hell did he think he was? Such an annoying snob. I wondered why Avery was even going out with him.
Without replying, I closed the lid shut of my laptop. I didn’t want him to get any silly ideas about me wanting to talk to him.
Besides, I had zero time for boys and their crap. I had a lot of other important things to worry about. Like my weight, my grades, and my weight.

Next morning, when I reached school, Avery jumped around with joy. By now everyone at school knew she and Hunter had gone out and now he was added to her list of 101 guys she dated.
@”Patty, you won’t believe it!” She exclaimed, her cheeks pink. “He kissed me and it was amazing.”
I pretended to be happy for her because I didn’t really give two craps.
“Good for you,” I smiled as I walked up to my locker to place my bag in there.
“Hunter’s actually not too bad,” Avery grinned to herself staring off in space dreamily. “He’s handsome, cute and not to mention totally kissable.”
Rolling my eyes at the back of my mind, I slammed my locker door shut. “Can you please not talk about him Avery? Please?”
“Sorry,” she frowned at me. “Someone’s in a mood. I had good news for you anyway.”
“Good news?” I scoffed. “If you have a remedy for me to lose my weight then yeah shoot with the good news.”
Avery shook her head, seeming annoyed with my remark. “You don’t even need to lose any weight.”
“Easy for you to say, you’re perfect.”
Ignoring my jealousy, Avery continued with her apparently good news, “I set you up for a blind date with Hunter’s cousin, his name’s Mackenzie!”
I almost ended up snapping my own fingers into half. The hell had she done? I didn’t know this guy but I knew one thing for sure that he was going to run away as soon as he laid his eyes on me.
“NO freaking way!”
“It will be fun!”
“Calm down girls,” Hunter’s annoying voice boomed over us. “What is the argument about?”
Avery crossed her arms over her chest as he wrapped his arm around her waist. “Patty doesn’t want to go out with Mackenzie.”
If I had a shovel with me at that moment, I literally would have dug a whole and shoved the both of them into it and made a grave right in the centre of the school hall.
A message for anyone who messed with Patty Smith. But unfortunately, I had no shovel and well nobody cared about Flabby Patty.
“Don’t worry,” Hunter laughed. “He totally digs fat girls.”
I gasped, not because I was surprised, but because I was raging mad. Taking a step towards him, I reached out my palm and struck him across the cheek.
Heads turned, gasps, screams, and not to mention Avery’s face turned pale like she was about to throw up.
“Are you insane?!” Hunter yelled through his gritted teeth holding his hand over his cheek.
I felt my face was turning hot and was probably swollen like a tomato. “Keep your stupid opinions to yourself.”
I stomped away from them both angrily to the art room. It was then I realized what i had done. Patty the loser Smith had slapped Hunter the hot as eff Reyes. Everyone was going to hate me more than they already did. I was a goner.

When I got home after school that day, I was surprised to see Mum’s Ford in the driveway. In years, this was the first time she had come early or normally she would be out all day even on the weekends.
Happily, I ran inside the house and to my surprise I found a middle aged man sitting in the living room reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee in his hand.
As he saw me, a smile formed on his plump lips. His hair was jet black and his eyes matched it. “You must be Patricia?”
I realized I was standing as still a statue watching him. “Uhh, it’s Patty. Who are you?”
A soft chuckle escaped his lips as he folded the newspaper placing it down on his black pant. He was obviously a friend of mom’s but I still felt obligated to ask him that question. “I’m Vincent.”
He said that like he expected me to be familiar with who he was.
I opened my mouth to answer but before I could speak, Mum stepped into the living room. “Honey, hey!” She threw her skinny arms around me and squeezed me against her chest. I was taken aback by her sudden affection so I pushed her off of me. “I would like you to meet Vincent.”
I shrugged and then folded my arms expecting an explanation. Who the hell was this man and why was he trespassing our territory?
“I can tell her if you want,” Vincent got to his feet, and unexpectedly he was quite talk.
He pulled Mom near him and placed a kiss on her lips. I just about choked. In any case, before that, my head began spinning like a roller coaster. This wasn’t happening.
“I asked your mom to marry me,” he said and they both took a gander at me with tremendous smiles all over their faces expecting me to be happy for them.
“And you’re telling me this because?” I shot at them. How would she be able to do this to me? To Dad?
“Sweetheart, I needed you to know before any concrete decision I made,” Mum touched my shoulder and I slapped her hand away.
By then tears were trickling down my face
. “You haven’t given a crap about me since Dad passed away, and now all of a sudden you expect my endorsement?!”
Mum’s face went pale and Vincent glanced at her with an astounded look.
“I can’t believe you Mom!” I cried holding my clench hands. “I can’t accept that after all this time you can replace him!”
Wailing like a pig, I ran upstairs to my room and tumbled down on my bed. With my head covered into the pillow, I most likely cried throughout the night.
Everything was going wrong! If only Dad was still alive. If only someone would understand what I was going through.


Thank God for Friday. I didn’t have to see all the irrelevant people at school for two consecutive days.
As mean as it sounds, I was actually kind of glad to not see Avery that morning.
My eyes were red and puffy due to excessive crying all night and she would ask a lot of questions which I was in absolutely no mood to answer.
“Good morning Flabby Patty,” I heard a familiar walk up behind me while I was putting my stuff into my locker. Rolling my eyes, I slammed my locker shut.
“Leave me alone,” I started to walk away from him. Why couldn’t he just mind his own business and enjoy being the emperor of his own shitsville?
“Aw come on Patty,” he followed behind me poking my back with his forefinger. Gosh, I would rip him apart if I could. “Why do you ignore me? Afraid you would fall for my charm?”
I walked into the English class without answering any of his dumb questions. To my utter dismay, he took his usual seat next to me. He would make dumb comments about my weight and the entire class would join him making fun of my existence.
But today, I had bigger problems to worry about than Hunter and his pathetic insults. My mother was ready to replace my Dad when after all these years, I was still not over it. Nobody had loved me like he did, not even my own mother.
Opening my notebook, I scribbled down a few words in it. My tears were flooding in my eyes thinking about last night. This was not a good place to pour out my emotions so I had to hold them back.
“What’s wrong Flabby?” Hunter’s voice sounded concerned but I did not look at him. He would laugh even more if he saw the tears in my eyes.
I shook my head.
“You look like you have been crying.”
I shook my head again glancing at the watch in my hand. Why was I so early to class?
A warm hand touched my chin, turning my face in his direction. I was staring right into Hunter’s flawless eyes. You know how they say eyes are a reflection to the person’s soul, well for a minute I actually believed that.
His eyes squinted studying my face. “You have been crying. Is it cause of me?”
I managed to choke out ‘No’ and pull away from his touch. Stupid asshole, who did he think he was. If he thought his charm worked on me, he was.. right. Dammit. I hated him. That’s it.
Fortunately, Hunter didn’t bother for the rest of English class and that was a first. So for that I scratched out the first thing on my list that was to Kill Hunter.

“Don’t you have friends?” I spit at Hunter as he apparently joined me at lunch without an invitation.
“Yeah but it’s better bothering you,” he winked at me and taking a chip off my plate. He leaned against me so I could feel his minty breath upon my face. What the hell was his problem?
“Get the fuck off me,” I growled pushing him away. “Go kiss your girlfriend’s ass or something.”
“Potty mouth,” he chuckled raising his eyebrows. “Maybe I should call you Potty Mouth Patty instead of Flabby.”
I clenched my fist planning to make it meet with his face in the next second. “Call me whatever. Just leave me alone please.”
“Please?” Another chuckle.
“Please Hunter,” my voice trembled as I spoke. I didn’t have time for this nonsense. “Not today.”
When I looked at him, there was the same look in his eyes again. My heart throbbed against my chest. In that moment, I felt like I could stare into his eyes forever.
Okay, that got cheesy but trust me if you had been the one getting the privilege of looking into those pearls, you would understand what i felt in that moment.
“What’s wrong Flabby?” he muttered. I concluded that he was only hot till he opened his bloody mouth.
I rolled my eyes and shook my head. The hell was I thinking. Picking up my lunch tray, I decided to change my table just to get away from him.

Ofcourse, Mom wasn’t home till nine that night. Why would she even want to come home early? Not like she had a daughter rotting away by herself in her house.
I hadn’t even texted and asked Avery why she never showed up to school. Yeah, I was a bad friend but not like she ever asked me if I skipped which by the way, I rarely did.
I turned on my laptop to write something and for some reason i decided to log in my Facebook account too. You guessed it right! A message from Emperor Hunter.
Sighing to myself, I clicked open his message.
Hunter Reyes : Patty, were you crying because of me? I know you hate me and think I am an asshole, but I never meant to hurt you that much.
That was actually the nicest thing he had said to me or anyone had in a while.
Smiling I typed in a reply quickly.
Patricia Smith : No, it was not because of you.
Hunter Reyes: promise?
I couldn’t help but laugh at that. Why was he so concerned anyway?
Patricia Smith : Yeah man, get off my back.
Hunter Reyes: I can’t
Patricia Smith: goodnight
Hunter Reyes: Wait, can’t you just talk? I am bored
Patricia Smith: Hire a clown, he’ll entertain you.
Hunter Reyes: I’ll hire you then
Patricia Smith: Are you calling me a clown?
Hunter Reyes: I wasn’t then, but now i am
Patricia Smith: You’re an extreme douchebag
Hunter Reyes: lol you do know those words don’t offend me right?
Patricia Reyes: but they do offend real people with real feelings
Hunter Reyes: So you’re saying I have no feelings?
Patricia Smith: I am saying you don’t consider any one else’s feelings like mine!
Hunter Reyes: Woah Potty mouth, I have a girlfriend 😉
He was unbelievable. Taking a pillow, burying my head into it, I screamed. For a moment i had thought he might be a decent guy but no he was the King of the Assholes. How could he even understand what I meant?
Hunter Reyes: Nothing wrong with having two girlfriends though so I will consider your feelings flabby
Patricia Smith: Oh shut up
My cell phone beeped, and without waiting for his reply I turned off my laptop. When i picked up my phone to see who it was, it was a text from Avery.
Hey! Sorry I couldn’t make it today but tomorrow 7 pm double date with Hunter and me, and you and Mackenzie. No excuses! xoxo
I groaned laying back down on my bed. Why did I have to be around that stack of trash?
Angie’s words flashed into my mind about trying to make new friends. Maybe this Mackenzie wouldn’t be like Hunter or anyone else and actually be good person. I might have considered actually joining them.
TBC 😭😭😭😭


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