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Flabby Patty episode 5 & 6

💔 Flabby Patty 💔
( She’s too fat )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 5
I must admit, I was a little excited to be going on a date but at the same time I was terrified. What if this Mackenzie thought I was fat? What if he thought I was drop dead ugly?
Oh well, it wouldn’t be the first time anyone thought that of me.
I sprayed on some perfume on my collared shirt, & down to my blue jeans. Looking at my reflection in the mirror, I grimaced.
My frizzy never fell into place but to be honest I looked better than I did most days.
It was quarter past seven, which meant Avery would be here any minute at my doorstep. My door bell rang making me jump and I ran down the stairs almost tripping.
Avery was standing at the doorway, as I opened the door, wearing a red dress that showed off her flawless curves. In short, she looked sexy as hell. “Hey Patty,” she grinned and a guy quite taller, stepped up beside her.
I must say my jaw dropped open because he was jaw droppingly gorgeous. His broad shoulders looked flawless under his blue varsity jacket.
“This is Mac,” Avery winked at me again.
“Nice to meet you,” Mac spoke gently holding out his hand and I took it shaking it.
“Let me just lock the door,” I mumbled stepping out and locking the door behind me. My heart felt like it had jumped to my throat. Mackenzie was gorgeous and I was a mess.
Avery poked my back and quickly ran off to Hunter’s car parked in front the house, leaving me standing with Mac awkwardly.
“Shall we?” he smiled, dimples forming on both his cheeks and I could have sworn I died.
My face was probably bright red and I nodded. To my surprise, he took my hand and led to me the car. His hand was extremely soft as well as warm and I was worried that mine was too sweaty.
Avery sat in the passenger seat with Hunter at the driver’s seat and yeah me and Mac were in the back seat.
“Hey Flabby Patty,” Hunter exclaimed looking at me through the review mirror. “You look great.”
I rolled my eyes and Mac chuckled followed by Avery’s laugh. She seemed pretty happy to have set me up with Mackenzie.
The drive to wherever we were going was extremely long. Hunter and Avery held hands during the whole drive while me and Mac sat at an awkward distance from each other.
He probably thought I was such a freak show and was regretting to have agreed to go on a blind date.
“You don’t talk much,” he sighed scratching the back of his head nervously. “I don’t usually go to such things but Avery here insisted I meet you.”
“She did?” I blinked. It was so nice of Avery to think i was worthy enough of meeting her boyfriend’s friends.
His chuckle was absolutely breathtaking and don’t forget his flawless dimples. “You’re cute.”
The world was definitely ending. The cutest guy I had seen in a while thought I was cute. He thought Flabby Patty was cute.
“Thanks,” I squeaked, my cheeks turning a bright pink color. He looked at me and I looked back at him staring right into his eyes. He made my heart race by just taking a gander at him. Mac was going to be the death of me.
I glanced at the rearview mirror and my eyes met Hunter’s as he watched me. He looked away when he realized I was looking. Weirdo.

We all sat down on one table, me and Mac on one side, with Hunter and Avery facing us.
It was some really fancy looking restaurant and to be honest I had just expected some arcade where we could play games and have fun.
I was sweating like a pig. Why you ask? Because I was freaking nervous that’s why! Avery and Hunter were having a great time, swooning over each other while they giggled together.
Poor Mac was stuck with awkward Patty to spend the rest of his night.
“So what would you like to eat?” Mac finally spoke trying to make a conversation with him.
I could tell he was annoyed with me because he kept brushing his hair back and repeatedly fix his jacket. Who does that? Unless their nervous or annoyed, or maybe both.
“I’ll have whatever you’re having,” I said without looking at him, playing with the fork and spoon on the table.
His warm palm rested in my thigh and I choked. Yes, I choked on my own spit. “You sure? Cause I am a vegetarian.”
I turned my head to see him grinning at me. “Are you making fun of me?”
“No,” he frowned seemingly hurt by my remark. “Why would I do that? You’re pretty cute.”
I choked again. This was not as bad as I thought it would go. My cheeks blushed and I couldn’t help but smile.
Hunter’s eyes met mine and for a minute it felt like he wanted to say something. His expression was vague and stern the way he stared at me.
I looked down checking if something was wrong on me, but even though everything was fine, his weird expression didn’t go away.
“I just need to go to the girl’s room,” Avery announced flipping back her hair. “Patty come with?”
I started to shake my head. Coming to this fancy place, but moving around and seeing people’s face. No thanks.
She shrugged and got up to go to the restroom. I wiped my palms over my jeans because they were sweating too much.
Either it was too hot or I was sitting with the two hottest guys at one table. It was definitely the second.
“Are you okay?” Hunter asked reaching his hand across the table and touching my forehead. What the hell was he doing? “You’re warm. Do you feel sick?”
Swatting his hand away, I shook my head. “No, I am fine.”
Mac glanced at me and then back at Hunter. He had just sensed what I did. It was so weird of Hunter to do that.
“Are you sure? Cause you seem like you have a fever,” Hunter squinted his eyes like he always did when he studied something, and by something I meant my face.
“I just feel hot,” I blurted out and let out a deep sigh.
“We could go out for air?” Mac suggested taking my hand. It felt nice to be touched by someone like that.
“Okay,” I nodded and ignoring Hunter’s weird stare, we both walked out the restaurant. It was quite chilly outside but I had been suffocating inside.
“Finally,” Mac’s face lit up and he smiled looking at me. Gosh, those dimples. “Now I can really talk to you.”
“You were already talking,” I chuckled.
“Yeah but it was a little weird in front of Hunter,” he shrugged. “Want to walk?”
We both started strolling, so close that every second our shoulder would bump.
“Do you go to Greenwich High?” I asked breaking the silence.
“I just transferred here,” he replied digging his hands into his pocket. “I’ll be starting on Monday.”
“You don’t say much,” his hand poked my nose and I flushed.
“I don’t socialise much I guess.”
“Why? Hunter forbids you to?”
I stopped dead in my tracks. What the eff was that supposed to mean? Although there was a hint of amusement in his voice, I was sure he was quite serious.
“No,” I grimaced. “Why would he stop me?”
He shrugged. “I don’t know. I could see the way he looked at you.”
“You mean with disgust?”
Mac let out a loud laugh. “I meant quite the opposite actually.”
“You’re obviously not from around here,” I said rolling my eyes. “Hunter calls me Flabby Patty.
As in Fatty Patty and everyone at school hates me because I am not as pretty or as hot as girls like Avery and I am..”
Before I finished, I was rudely interrupted by Mac’s lips on mine. My body felt like it was floating above the clouds. There went my lips’ virginity.
His lips pressed harder onto my mouth as his arms wrapped around my waist pulling me closer to him. My mind went numb and couldn’t help but kiss him back.
Even though me and him had just met, it felt like i had known him for eternity.
Mac was like this amazing kisser or the emperor of kissers, not that I would even know what a good kisser would be like, but he made me melt into his arms and that was saying something.
He pulled away and rested his forehead on mine. “I’ve been wanting to do that since the time I first laid my eyes on you.”
My temples were throbbing and my body was slightly trembling as his soft hands rubbed my shoulders. “Thanks.”
Mac laughed and I could smell his amazing breath. Like marshmallows and cotton candy, he smelled like Christmas. “Well Patty, would you like to go out to an actual date with me? Just me and you?”
Okay, life was not what it was supposed to be. Cute guys weren’t supposed to ask me out or even kiss me!
“Yes,” i whispered, biting my lip to restrain from smiling too hard.
Maybe I was not exactly the ugliest girl on this planet after all.


The sun was shining brightly through my window when I opened my eyes. I glanced at the digital clock next to my bed, 10:03 am.
I smiled to myself as I recalled what had happened last night. Mac had kissed me and then took me home later.
The first thing I did was check my phone to see if Mac had maybe left a text. 0 new messages. I was a little disappointed but maybe he was still asleep. Not everyone woke early on a sunday morning.
I grabbed my laptop from underneath my bed and turned it on. It was time for me to search for him on Facebook and add him. Who knows, I could get to change my relationship status some day.
As soon as my Facebook logged in, 2 notifications popped up on the screen. 1 new friend request, 2 new messages.
My heart started to race, Mackenzie Roger had sent me a friend request already. Without a second thought, I clicked accept.
I hadn’t felt so happy in such a long time. Avery had done the best thing for me by setting me up on a blind date.
I clicked open my messages inbox and a message from Mac and another from Hunter. Obviously I opened Mac’s message first.
Mackenzie Roger: I had a great time (:
My face turned red as my mind flashed back to last night. I closed my eyes recalling the feeling of his soft lips on mine.
He had just appeared out of the blue and made me feel so special and not to mention, beautiful. The first guy who didn’t call me fat, fugly or flabby.
Patricia Smith: I did too. Can’t wait to see you again 🙂
After replying to him, and grinning to myself like an idiot, I decided to check what the Emperor of the Asshole Kingdom had to say.
Hunter Reyes: You left without saying bye?????
You seemed sick, I hope you’re allright.
Btw don’t let Mac get so close to you so quick
You can take care of yourself tho Flabby
Avery’s in my bed right now, she says hi 😉
I felt my eyes get big as I stared at his messages on my laptop screen. He was high or he was having a fit.
Tapping my fingers on the keyboard, I read his messages over and over.
Patricia Smith: Thankyou for introducing me to your friend Mac. I had a great time.
I was about to log off, when a new message suddenly popped up. Hunter was fast.
Hunter Reyes: I didn’t. Avery insisted on setting you two up because she thought you needed to live a little.
Patricia Smith: Whatever.
Hunter Reyes: You looked nice last night Flabby 😉
Patricia Smith: stop flirting with me, i’ll tell
Hunter Reyes : it’s only a compliment jesus. Are you on your period?
Patricia Smith: omg piss off
Hunter Reyes: Can i have your number?
Patricia Smith: No
Hunter Reyes: i can get it from Avery you know
Patricia Smith : Get it from wherever, you’re just not getting it from me!
Hunter Reyes: Calm down Flabby
Patricia Smith: I hate you
Hunter Reyes : Lol, we’ll see how long that hate will last.

I waited all day for Mac’s text but he never did. Mom tried to make conversation with me at dinner. She never even cooked, all we had was takeaway and tonight we were having pizza.
“You seem upset,” Mom said taking a bite off her pizza slice.
I shrugged with a mouthful of pizza. Why did she think i was even going to tell her about anything?
“Is it a boy?” She grinned and grabbed another slice from the pizza box.
“No mother,” I rolled my eyes. “It’s actually you!”
Mom’s face look stunned and she blinked twice trying to digest what I had said. “What do you mean by that?”
I banged my fist on the table as tears burned in my eyes. “After dad died you have only cared about yourself! Did you for once think I needed you?”
“Patricia I..” she stammered reaching her hand out to me.
“No!” Tears were streaming down my face. “You abandoned me Mom!”
“Oh sweetheart,” she cried. “I never meant to.”
“Well we all don’t mean to do a lot of things mom,” I sniffled and without another word I stomped up the stairs to my room. Burying my head in my pillow, it was time for my weekly night sobs.
I missed Dad so much and nobody couldn’t replace that void inside of me.
Bing! My phone beeped and I quickly grabbed it hoping it was Mackenzie and to my utmost joy, it was.
Can i call? x
That little ‘x’ at the end, made my heart skip a beat. It had been like what, 12 hours? And I was hopelessly crushing on him.
I replied with a yes, and a few seconds later my phone started ringing. For a minute, I felt nervous to talk to him on the phone.
Hopefully I wouldn’t say something stupid and make him change his mind.
Taking a deep breath, I answered my phone. “Hello?”
” Hey Patty,” his voice sounded so sexy on the phone and if he was in front of me right now I would have kissed him, well maybe. ” How are you?”
” I am good,” my voice sounded shaky from being too shy.
“I am sorry i didn’t call earlier,” I heard him sigh.
“Was just a little busy.”
“Its okay!” I answered quickly clutching my phone tight in my hand. “Its not like i was waiting for your call or anything.”
He laughed. “H ow cute. You were waiting for my call?”
“Pffft no.”
“Are you sure?” I could sense the amusement in his voice, and i bit my lip smiling to myself.
“Cause I thought it was pretty cool that you were expecting for me to call you.”
“Maybe,” I couldn’t help but chuckle.
“So Patty,” I loved the way my name sounded in his voice.
If he kept saying my name repeatedly, a million times, I would never get tired of it. ” Tell me something about you that nobody knows.”
“I get offended really easily,” I blurted out.
“Really?” He sounded worried. “Why is that?”
I shrugged and then felt stupid for not realizing that he couldn’t see me. “I don’t know. Just cause of my insecurities I guess.”
“You have nothing to be insecure about. You don’t have to be like every other girl wanting to be perfect. Flaws are what makes a person beautiful.”
If this guy had asked me to undress, I would have. In my dreams though. “Now you’re exaggerating. Tell me something about you that nobody knows.”
“I think Emma Watson is over rated,” he laughed.
“What the shit? You’re kidding!”
“I am not. She’s not that hot.”
“You’re clearly blind,” I shot at him.
“Am i? If I was, I wouldn’t have kissed you,” I could feel him grinning on the other end.
“That doesn’t even make any sense,” i let out a scoff.
” Really patty? Really? ” and he was laughing. My heart throbbed aggressively against my ribs. He had the most beautiful laugh a man could possess.
“You’ll be coming to scho
ol tomorrow?”
“Yup. Show me around?”
I smiled. “Ofcourse.”


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