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Flabby Patty episode 1 & 2

💔 Flabby Patty 💔
( She’s too fat )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
‘Flabby Patty’ has stuck ever since she was a kid.
Just because she was not skinny with a perfect body, every one at school made fun of her curves.
Patty has gone through high school being hidden away behind the shadows all this time and she was okay with it.
It’s senior year of high school, and her life turns upside down, nothing like she ever expected.
Episode 1
Oh how I dreaded High School. Specially Greenwich High School that made me want to dig a hole and bury myself alive.
I have been made fun of ever since I was a kid. Unlike the other girls in my school, I have thick thighs and a round curvy body and above all that, I am like five feet and six inches tall.
Like being fat wasn’t bad enough. I was the female version of Hagrid, with my dark brown shaggy, curly hair. There’s one way to put it, I was a walking disaster.
Every kid in school used to call me ‘Flabby Patty’, well because of all my flab. At first, I used to be so offended that I’d cry for hours locking myself up in my room but thankfully I have spent almost all of my high school years being invisible.
Nobody barely notices me anymore so it’s all good.
I looked at myself in the mirror and grimaced. My hair never fell into place no matter how many times I combed it. The only good thing about my face were my green eyes, I got those from my Dad.
Sighing, I threw my backpack over my shoulders and made my way downstairs to get breakfast.
Mum worked as a consultant in some company. She joined after Dad died five years ago in a car accident. It hasn’t been the same ever since. I barely get to see Mom anymore as she is always working. I guess that’s her way of coping with Dad’s death.
I walked into the kitchen and saw the yellow sticky note on the fridge. Gone to work, will be back by 9. Love you, Mom.
Suddenly I lost all my appetite and changed my mind about having breakfast. It was almost time for my bus, so locking the front door behind me I started walking towards the bus stop which was only two blocks away.
First day of the last year of High School. Finally, I’d be out of that hell hole and I’ll go off to college and maybe for once make friends and have a normal life.
I had to wait for five minutes before the bus showed up.
I was the last kid to get picked up, so always sat in the front seats, fortunately away from all the bullies. Ugh, I hated my school to that extent that I wished it would explode with everyone inside it.
The first person to spot as I walked down the bus was Avery Samuel. With her perfect auburn hair that smelled like cranberries and her dimpled cheeks, Avery was my only friend at school
If you call listening to another person talking about themselves occasionally being friends, then yes, she was my friend.
“Patty!” She waved excitedly from a distance and everyone turned to loom at her. I hated when she drew attention but she did it on purpose. Guys loved her and she made sure they did.
On the other hand, I hoped the stay invisible for another year but being around Avery was a little difficult to do so. “Hey Ave,” I whispered tucking my hair behind my ears.”
“You look nice,” she smiled at me, her hazel eyes dripping with joy.
One thing I liked about Avery, as much as she loved being complimented, she was always complimenting others as well. I mean she even said nice things to me and I was a the queen of loaded bullshit.
“Thanks,” I muttered and forced a smile. Without another word, I walked into the school halls. It smelled like wet floors and detergent, like it had been just mopped.
“Wait up Patty!” Avery panted behind me her heels ticking upon the wet floors. “Slow down.”
“I need to grab my schedule for this term,” I said letting her catch up to me.
“We’ll go together,” it sounded more like a question so I nodded.
We were always meant to get our class schedules from our advisor, Angie Hamilton.
Besides Avery, she was also the only friend I had.
“Good morning Angie,” I smiled as we walked into her office.
Surprisingly it wasn’t packed with students like it normally was every first day.
“Morning girls,” Angie’s face lit up as she looked up at us. Adjusting her glasses, she grabbed two pages and held them out to us. “These are your schedules.”
“Thankyou,” I said gently grabbing the paper.
“Thanks Angie,” Avery winked and giggled.
“Off you go girls,” Angie shook her head, grinning. “Come see me during lunch, Patty.”
I nodded.
As I held out my hand to open the door to her office to walk out, the door flung open bashing me right in the face. I fell backwards and landed on my butt.
“OMIGOSHPATTYYOUOKAY” Avery sounded like she was throwing a fit.
“You should be more careful Hunter!” I heard Angie’s voice scolding him.
For a minute everything had blacked out and all i could hear were voices. Avery helped me to my feet.
” I am so sorry,” Hunter’s rough voice banged through my ears making my head hurt.
Placing my hand on my forehead, where the huge bump had formed, I blinked continuously trying to adjust my sight. “Yeah, ok.”
“You should go see the nurse,” Angie advised shaking her head with a concerned look on her face.
“I’ll take her,” Avery linked her arm into mine.
“Mhm.” I mumbled. My head throbbed with pain and my nerves were about to burst.
“I am sorry Flabby Patty,” Hunter flashed me a grin before Avery dragged me out of Angie’s office.
“Who the hell does he think he is?”Avery snorted angrily. “Just because he is hot doesn’t mean he can go smashing people in the face everytime he opens a door!”
I couldn’t help but laugh even though my head still hurt. “It’s fine Avery.”
“No its not!” she shook her head in disapproval.
So, you guessed it.
Hunter Reyes was the man-whore of our school and undoubtedly he was exactly the opposite of a walking load of bullshit. He was a walking load of hot-shit. Every single girl drooled over the path that he walked on.
And to my utter dismay, he didn’t miss out on a chance to make my life miserable.
He was the one who came up with the name Flabby Patty. And well, since he was the Emperor of Greenwich High, everyone followed.
“So I have English right now,” I said glancing at my schedule. “Do you?”
Avery sighed looking disappointed. “I have biology. Guess we won’t be having a few classes together.”
To be honest, I was slightly disappointed too. It was nice having her around in class because then i didn’t have to work with someone else in a group.
After waving bye, I walked into my English class. A few kids were already seated in the back benches leaving out the front desks. This was all wrong! How was I supposed to stay invisible if I sat in the front.
I had the biggest urge to start running away from here and never stop till I reached China or something.
Lowering my head, I walked into the class and sat down on one of the front desks.
English was one of my favourite classes because I loved learning about words and writing.
“Wasssupp Guyssss!”
Oh no. No. No. No.
I looked up to see Hunter’s annoying grin and the entire class hooted with girls chuckling.
This was all wrong! Senior high was already messed up.
“Hey Flabby Patty,” he winked and took a seat next to me. I kept my gaze away from him. Maybe if I ignored him, he’d go away.
“You lost weight over the summer,” I could feel his voice ripping through my ears.
My face was turning hot because I knew all the eyes were burning towards me.
“Hey look at me Flabby Patty.” The entire class burst out laughing like he had something highly amusing. People really needed to work on their crappy sense of humor.
“Go away.” I muttered under my breath still not looking at him.
“You don’t mean that,” Hunter laughed, his annoying laugh piercing through my ears. Ugh, if only he would leave me alone. Just one more. Was it too much to ask?
“What a loser!” Someone shouted.
” Flabby Loser!” A girl’s voice followed..
My vision was getting blurry with tears, trying to hold them back. I felt humiliated.
“Fuck you,” I managed to choke out.
“Excuse me?” Hunter said his voice sounding surprised.
Taking a deep breath, I turned to look at him. His dark blonde hair fell perfectly over his forehead and his blue eyes were full of mischief. Although, at the moment he was frowning at me.
“Fuck you,” I repeated looking him in the eye. This was my last year and i was not going to let this idiot of a guy ruin it.
Surprisingly, Hunter’s frown curled into a grin. “Name your time and place.”
I would have bashed his face against the wall and eaten his brains for lunch if only the teacher didn’t walk in that time.
First thing to do on my checklist this year, Kill Hunter, I scribbled it down on the last page of my notebook.


“Come in,” Angie’s soft voice spoke from the other side of the door. Quietly, I turned the knob and walked into her office.
She smiled as she saw me and pointed to the chair in front of her. “Sit Patty.”
I nodded trying to smile back and sat down. “How are you Angie?”
“I am good,” she replied taking off her glasses and folding her arms over the table. “I need to ask how are you doing?”
I shrugged. Honestly, I had no clue how I was doing. “Fine I guess.”
“I am worried about you,” Angie shook her head. “You really need to socialise a bit more.
“Have you not heard?” I scoffed. “Nobody likes being friends with the Flabby Patty. ”
“You’re a great kid Patty,” Angie rested back on her chair. “Your grades are good enough to get you into Beaconsfield University.”
That was like my dream institute. That’s where my mom and dad had met. It was one of the biggest universities in the city and quite a challenge to get into. If Angie thought my grades were good enough, I might have actually had a chance at getting in.
“Really?” I asked, my thin lips curling into a smile.
She nodded with a huge grin on her face. “There is one drawback in your case however.”
“You need to pass the interview to get in. Seeing you having absolutely no interaction with your peers, I don’t think that’s going to help you out,” Angie replied seriously.
“I interact okay,” i said defensively. “I have Avery.”
She shook her head and chuckled softly. “Patty, i think we both know Avery is not the best role model. All i am saying is please try to make more friends. Go out, live a little.”
I nodded quickly just to get her to stop talking about this. Could she not see that I didn’t fit in here to make any friends? I was Flabby Patty for crying out loud, nobody liked me or ever would. And that was a fact.

When I got home, the garage was still empty. Although I knew Mom never got back before nine, but I always hoped that maybe she would want to spend some time with me and come home early for once.
I sighed and unlocked the front door.
There was leftover pizza from last night, so I grabbed a cold slice from the fridge and made my way upstairs to my room.
Throwing my bag across the floor, I plopped down on my bed and switched on the laptop logging on to Facebook.
0 notifications. 0 messages. 1 friend request.
It was quite unusual for me to get requests since I was never really much active on social media. Who would give a damn about me to actually read my status updates?
I checked who had added me and ofcourse, it was none other than Hunter Reyes. I rolled my eyes and deleted his request when suddenly a message popped up.
Hunter Reyes: Why didn’t you accept?
Patricia Smith: Because I didn’t want to. 🙂
I laughed at my reply hoping it had offended him just like he made me miserable. Then again, why would he feel offended getting rejected by the queen of the flabs.
Hunter Reyes: Come on Flabby Patty. I won’t bite 😉
Ignoring his message, I turned off my laptop. He was probably amusing himself by flirting with me. I was not a clown of his pathetic show to entertain him.
I hated how guys like him got away with anything at all. I hated Hunter. I hated Greenwich High. I hated my life. I hated me.
Jumping to my feet, I took a few steps towards the mirror. My shoulders were too broad and my hip bone was so wide.
I grimaced at my reflection. If only I had a body like Avery’s, then maybe guys like Hunter wouldn’t make fun of me.
Maybe then they would notice me instead. Blinking away my tears, I plopped back down on my bed and closed my eyes.

“What you working on?” Avery glanced over my notebook at school. I was hiding in the art room, during a free period.
Nobody besides Avery knew that’s where I always ran off to write.
I shrugged. “It’s not that good.”
“Nonsense,” she smacked my shoulder. Avery smelled like lavender and she had tied up her hair into a perfect high ponytail. Whereas I was stilling the Queen of the Flab land. “Let me see.”
She snatched the notebook from my hands ignoring me and started to read out loud.
“My heart beats slow and sound,
In this ocean of melancholy I will surely drown.
Can you hear my screams from up above,
Is it too much to ask for a hint of love?”
Avery’s face lit up but her jaw dropped open.
“This is so good.”
“Sort of,” i replied quickly grabbing the notebook back from her and closing it. “It’s just something I like doing in my free time.”
“That’s too good to be just a hobby Patty,” Avery scolded me, frowning.
Ugh, could she just let it go.
I pushed my hair out of my eyes and nodded. That’s what I always did to get people to shut up about something I didn’t like talking about. Nodding.
A knock on the door made us both jump and there he was.
Hunter was standing at the doorway smirking at us. His blue polo shirt complimented his tanned complexion and made his eyes stand out. He was an asshole, but a pretty asshole with no soul.
“Hey girls,” he waved at us and Avery gestured him to come inside. She seemed to miss the point of me “hiding” in the art room. It was to stay away from demons like him.
“Hey Flabby Patty,” he patted my shoulder sitting down next to us and Avery giggled. I shifted moving away from him so there was atleast a ten inches gap between us.
“What are you doing here?” Avery asked, her eyes flushing with admiration. Right, so now she was crushing on him.
Two minutes ago she despised him, and now she was drooling all over him.
“I just wanted to ask you if you could go out with me tonight?” He smirked showing his perfect white teeth. What did he think? That anyone would be jealous of those teeth. Pffft. As if.
I glanced at Avery and her cheeks were a bright pink color. I rolled my eyes at the back of my mind and she squealed, .
“Gosh, take a breath.” I muttered annoyingly.
“What was that?” Hunter’s rough voice pierced through my ears again. Every time he spoke, he gave me a migraine..
I quickly shook my head keeping my eyes on my notebook, not looking up.
“How’s your head?” he asked and I nodded.
“Can’t you speak?” He sounded annoyed. Ha!
“Well,” Avery broke the tension. “I’ll see you later, huh, Patty?”
My eyes turned to her and I nodded again. I didn’t want to utter a single word around Hunter. She smiled at me and wrapping her hands around his arm, she pulled herself up along with him.
She walked out of the art room, her hips swaying, with Hunter at her heels.
“By the way Flabby Patty,” he said peeping back through the door. My eyes met his. “We should hang out sometime.” He winked and laughed at his own pathetic joke.
Everyone knew what he meant by “hang out”. He obviously used that line when he wanted to sleep with somebody along with “go out with me”.
I opened the back of my notebook angrily and scribbled down a few words on my list, Bash Hunter’s head with a brick.
TBC 😭🖤😭🖤😭.


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