Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 8

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 8
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Dear Diary,
Errmm, As I was saying early on, The man was full of honors, I didn’t see any ring on his ring f!nger, but I could see a family picture on his desk…Men only take off their wedding ring if they are trying to pl@ysmart…A faithful man will keep on wearing his ring even if his p@rtner is dead..
To get some form of security, I stole time to text Shark to tell him my location and what I was doing at my location and what might happen at my location…I asked him to come hung around the office in case of anything…
Shanty had had a heated argument with her fantasy b©yfri£ndJamal, like the guy was getting on her nerves too much, She has been good to him by not shading him off in the first place, but she wasn’t re-ady to take any form of pressure from him anymore, she had seen the guy flir-ting with a different girl in one of the lecture halls, when she confronted him, he denied it, but she was smart enough to take a picture to prove her claim…and that kind of ended their hide and seek fantasy relationsh!p…
Shampaigne was getting on well with Danny, they have being hanging out more lately, Shampaigne was feeling more and more secure in the company of a guy for the first moment in his life. As they held hands walking hand in hand towards Shampaigne’s hall, they had nothing to say in p@rticular, Danny knew if it must really happen, then it must be now or never.
Danny: Errmm, Shampaigne
Shampaigne: Whatsapp dude
Danny: I have always wanted to thank you for being there for me
Shampaigne: Aww, you don’t have to say that, Am happy to have you too
Danny: And Errmm, I have always wanted to say this
Shampaigne didn’t let him finish with whatever he wanted to say, She pu-ll-ed him by the collar of his shi-t and planted a de-ep k!ssonto hisl-ips…Danny stood frozen, he has k!$$£d a couple of girls…but this one nearly made him ¢v-m in his p@n-ts.
Shampaigne: I love you too Danny
Danny: I love you…
So this I will ask…It is cool for a girl to kick start a relationsh!p, as in the case of Shampaigne..?..Sometimes I think it’s cool…The guy is supposed to start that, but things change you know….Sometimes, guys can also be damn shy…
A relationsh!pshould be free and fair, so when it comes to who proposing, the guy always bears the burden, I have heard some instances when girls kneel down to propose to guys with rings…I think it’s soo cool, it looks so odd and abnormal, but it shows how long they might have come, and how the feminine factor is always re-ady to sacrifice and defy the laws of nature when it comes to “Who Proposes”.
Back with my lecturer, he was receiving a call and did not really care who was in his office, my eyes were buried in my phone so that I wouldn’t make any eye contact with him.
After he had hanged up, I took of his shoes, then his suit and later his belt…Anything he re-moved fueled the speed at which my heart was beating…I could hear my own heart beat….I knew I might be shouting for help anytime from now..
Lecturer: Back to you, you know you cheat in my clas-s, don’t you?
Me: Yes Sir
Lecturer: So why did you decide to cheat anyway?
Me: Frankly speaking, I had not prepared for the quiz, and I was not aware of it till this morning, so I had to help myself out, that’s what every student will do to save his/her GPA
Lecturer: You look and sound smart
Me: Thank you Sir
Lecturer: And you look really beautiful
That s£ntence from him was like another way of flir-ting, I know it, that’s what men always do. They always start with. You and this you are that. And they next time. You might be warming their be-ds.
Lecturer: Go to sit over there, take this marking scheme and mark the quiz you guys wrote
Me: But Sir am not your T.A
Lecturer: You think am honoring you? It’s a punishment
Me: Including my own work?
Lecturer: Yeah, it’s your choice to either pas-s yourself or fail yourself
WTF? I have the choice to either pas-s or fail myself?…Oh my goodness, this lecturer wouldn’t dare give you an A in his paper, you have to struggle for a B and a C….as for some students. It will be a miracle a get a D in his paper…And here I am, with my script in my own hands…and re-ady to help myself out.
Danny and Shampaigne had had a good time in the room, k!ss!nga guy was like a new thing to her Shampaigne…At least…she’s d@t!ngnow…A guy.
Bryan was with Shanty trying to console her; she has being crying after the fight with Jamal…
Bryan: I swear he’s got no amount of manners left in him…you know you should forget him
Shanty: Yeah, I would
Bryan: He was just there for a p@rticular reason; he’s pissed off because you didn’t honor his invitation. And they mere fact that you took a picture of him ma-king out with another girl
Shanty: Yeah, am so done with guys
Bryan: C’mon, we have not come to that girl
Shanty: I thought I could start something fresh with him, I had made up my mind to accept his proposal on conditions…but he is just the incarnation of my ex..
Bryan: Yeah I know, that moment you make yourself fall victim of “broken heart theory”, you might live your whole life thinking guys are the same
Shanty” Of course they are…
Bryan: It’s never true…we vary
Shanty had all the right to be pissed off, but I wouldn’t like to hear the Broken heart distin she’s talking about.
Girls, don’t let any guy mess up with you in the first place, when we talk about feminism and whatever, it would be ideal to identify our strength and work throu-gh it. When we all accept that, love can really break us down. Then we are still vulnerable…vulnerable to love…
I am not really to be broken hearted ever. Not to Bryan…I will only suc¢v-mb to that it comes to my husband…not a b©yfri£nd…b©yfri£nds are replaceable…girlfriends too.
Dear Dairy, Catch you later…..To be Continued
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