Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 9

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 9 (Advice Me)
©Danny Biitka
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Dear Diary,
Being in a university is awesome, especially when you live in a wonderful hall on campus, it’s just fun everywhere, We have Vandals and Sarbah here in Legon, Knust can boast of Katanga and the other universities all have powerful halls they can really make noise about…Especially for their weird hall culture…Those who love the red, those who have the gods and those who wouldn’t like to see ladies at their halls and whatever whatever…Me, my hall,Liman have nothing really to hide or to show…we are just a comfortable people living in peace and minding our business.
I have always fancied how some students could dedicate their b©dy, mind and soul to their halls of residence, it’s always cool seeing them behaving crazy or otherwise just to keep the name of their hall flaming, Vandals will always do the worse…Fight, Commotion, Jama, and just be what they are “VANDALS…
You wouldn’t like to come on their way in any way, they wouldn’t let you go scout free…Yeah believe me…
Back in SHS, we all had in mind the tertiary institution he/she wanted to rep, we had in mind the hall of residence we wanted to join and how we will live on campus.
For me, University of Ghana was in my DNA, I worked really ha-rd to achieve that, but I couldn’t get the hall I wanted… Mensah Sarbah Hall, and heaven and earth knew I deserved to be there…They cheated me anyway…
I was feeling too lonely, Adiya will never stay in the room, and she’s always on the run. I called Shanty to check whether she was in her room or not, but the silly girl wouldn’t just pick up, I then decided to go to Bryan’s place unannounced…I knew he was there because his car was parked. I knocked on his door and pushed open the door because it was not locked…And there was Shanty slee-ping in Bryan’s be-d, Like dead asleep as in slee-ping, I was a little bit surprised because I have never seen her come to Bryan’s all by herself, Bryan was nowhere to be found, I decided to leave without waking her up, immediately I stepped out I met Bryan face to face, and he was clutching what looked like drugs or something..
Bryan: Where on earth have you been the whole day girl?
Me: Maybe you should tell me what my best friend is doing in your be-d
Bryan: Hey, that’s not necessary for now
Me: What do you mean by it’s not necessary?
Bryan: Shhh, you will make her hear us, st©p behaving funny
Me: Okay, tell me what it is then
Bryan: She pas-sed out this morning just outside my hall, I had to take her to the hospital in my car, we had called but we couldn’t reach you…I had to bring her here, and don’t ask me why I didn’t s£nd her to her room
Me: What happened to her?
Bryan: I said she pas-sed out, and I don’t know what made her pas-s out
Me: Oh God, and where is her twin sister Shampaigne?
Bryan: I went to get these drugs with her; she is on her way to your room to call you
Me: Oh she’s here
Shampaigne: Where TF have you being?
Me: Sorry dear, I just heard about Shanty
We got into the room, I could see she’s weak, her eyes looked so-re and her b©dy temperature was not just normal.
“Do you think we should keep her here? I asked
Shampaigne: I tried calling Mom, but she’s not picking up
Me: Let’s visit a hospital for more clarity; I don’t like seeing her this way
Bryan: You think? The nurse says she nee-ds some rest
Me: I don’t think so; you didn’t even see a doctor?
Shampaigne: Do you have any Doctor here in Ghana?
Me: We have Doctors okay, and who prescribe-d these drugs to you guys?
Bryan: We just had to describe the symptoms to the attendant at the pharmacy
Me: You two are crazy, you don’t know why she pas-sed out and you even went further to go buy any random drugs…
Bryan: Oh!! Ooppss
Me: Let’s go to the hospital now
Shampaigne: But which hospital?
Me: I know a hospital; my Uncle is a doctor there
I have a problem when it comes to people giving out drugs to patients without prescriptions, it’s a major cause of death and fatalities we have today.
I called Shanty’s Mom, but she wouldn’t pick up, I then decided to call my Mom, who is just a Mom to Shanty too
Me: Mom, hope you good
Mom: Am good dear, how is school
Me: Not soo fin
Mom: Why what’s wrong
Me: Shanty just got admitted at the 37 Military hospital, I tried calling her Mom, but we can’t reach her
Mom: I spoke to her yesterday; she’s supposed to be in a meeting today
Me: Oh okay
Mom: You guys should relax and remain positive, am coming there right away
Me: Okay Ma’
I was not all comfortable, I was sad for seeing my best friend being in a hospital be-d and drips to her hand, I was also sad for trying to accuse Bryan for something he didn’t try doing…Like cheating.
I was feeling tooo bad, I couldn’t look into his eyes directly, I was also wondering, what if Shanty had heard us back there?, Like what on earth was I thinking, My b©yfri£ndand Shanty have been going cloud nine?..
I saw Bryan sitting quietly in one of the chairs, he didn’t look too happy, and I know why, Shampaigne was with Shanty, I was outside waiting for my Mom.
There are many things in a relationsh!pthat can very dangerous, that include suspicions and unnecessary jealousy. Am in that position now, and I don’t know what to say to Bryan; Apologize and pretend nothing happened, what if Shanty heard me, what will I tell her when she wakes up?
Advise me plea-se.
Dear Dairy, Catch you later…..To be Continued
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