Diary Of A Legonite 2 – Episode 7

Diary of a Legonite 2 Episode 7
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Dear Diary,
I was awoken by this noise from my phone, it was Shark calling…what on it does he want la?
Shark: Hey girl good morning
Me: Good Morning
Shark: How do you do
Me: How do you do
Shark: Very well
Me: what’s up this morning, have you typed my as-signment alre-ady?
Shark: Yeah I have, but I heard we have a quiz today
Me: Whaat? I didn’t hear that
Shark: Yeah, the course rep posted it to the whatsapp page
Me: I don’t have bundle, thanks for alerting me
Shark: So, go throu-gh your notes, we will meet later in the day
Me: Okay dear…
I rushed out of my be-d and gr@bb£d my handout and jumped back into be-d, I opened to a random page and started re-ading anything…I hate this kind of quizzes…If I don’t reverse well, I’ll have to pl@ythe formation today. With Shark leading attack…I’ll copy from him till heavens come down..,
I have been wondering, what really happens outside the walls of a university.it has become a norm that, we all grow to believe the idea that, if you are not educated in a university or any other tertiary institution, if you do know have a degree or something…you are meant for doom in life…But that is an African perception, especially Ghana.
Our educational structure is soo bogus and disorganized that, many students tend to divert their plans and dreams immediately they fail Was-sce…Almost all of us wanted to be doctors when we were young…but we still lack doctors in Ghana, why, because not everyone is given the chance to study Medicine, irrespective of our financial power. You have to pas-s with distinctions before you can study in the Medical study…Yeah…That was when our appetite for medicine faded…Na lie? Our educational structures favours the bookish, but not the talented, it favours those with good grades, not the smart ones…Yeah!!
I could see from my course that, most of those in my clas-s might not have the interest in pursuing LLB, they might have ended there because they just wanted to do LLB, because being a lawyer at the end of the day will make you feel big and important…But that is not how things should be…Here, we praise some professions above other, why?. Because they feel important…Yeah…
Coming to Legon especially, you will smell pure discrimination, or maybe segregation or you can call it Racism or whatever you wish…Students behaviors sometimes tally the kind of program they are pursuing. Take the Law school for an example…The girls here are too knowing and something something. Like they own the school…why…They think they pursue Law…The guys always wearing spectacles and suits and whatever, always clutching books and guy guy…It’s a disease…trust me….Same to those in the Medical school, they behave worse…as if they paid the fees in diamonds…Mtcheeew!!
Shanty had wanted to be a nurse since her childhood, but she’s here doing Political science in the University, which means she has been cut off her children dreams of being a nurse, you go the nursing schools we have here and they admitting students who had good grades…No wonder we have hostile people in our hospitals today who claim to be nurses…Nurses were supposed to be loving to patients…but what we see it the exact opposite…A nurse will handle a patients as if they were some kind of viruses.
The quiz was more like a joke, ah, the T.A’s were frepping like WAEC invigilators, we were too smart for their knowledge…we copied like nob©dy was watching us…like me…I wasn’t a shark in the subject of study, so I wouldn’t dare pl@ywith the quiz…every mark can save you from a trail…and every university student will do everything they can to avoid a trail.
After lectures, I was confronted by one of those T.A’s called me to come see him…He said he saw me copying…So he’s gonna report me to the Lecturer…And you wouldn’t dare mess up with that Lecturers…Trailing is his pas-sion…He told me to come see him….
“But why didn’t you say something when you saw me cheating? I asked him
T.A: It’s all the same
Me: I don’t think so
T.A: Look, the other T.A has taken the answer sheets away, I think he’s gonna give it to the lecturer, he has your ID amongst those who were cheating
Me: How can you take my ID number without my knowledge?
T.A: If I were I’ll follow him ASAP and beg him for mercy
I chased the said T.A until I saw him talking with the Lecturer, My heart missed a beat..what on earth will I tell this man….
Lecturer: Hello can I help you?
Me: I pray so…
T.A: she was cheating…..I have her ID number
Lecturer: Young lady, He said you were cheating, so I can’t help you
Me: Sir plea-see, that’s why I chased him to beg for mercy
Lecturer: Give my bag to her, she will follow me to my office and write a report…
I was now thinking beyond thinking barriers, what on earth is this man trying to do with my life, write a report for just common cheating?….Why am I writing a Was-sce paper?
I have heard about Lecturers messing up the little bodies of students here on campus…The Girls nu…and I am here, matching to the office of a lecturer whose b©dy stature is like that of a WWE wrestler…In other words, he can squee-ze me in his palm…
I looked around his office walls and what I saw was enough to tell me he is a well-educated man, I prayed silently in my heart and hoped he carried a good heart too.
Dear Dairy, Catch you later…..To be Continued
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