Dangerous attra-ction episode 2

💖Dangerous attra-ction💖
💞Episode 2💞
Written by Humble Smith💋
💝Austin’s POV💝
I rolled my eyes and swaggered back to my seat.
That serves him right..
Like really, how could he call me his brother..
Oh yuck!
It sounds like an insult in my ear..
Everyone was just looking around with an expression I couldn’t explain..
I sat down and faced the teacher who also seemed shock at what I did,
“We are waiting to hear who is our new clas-s perfect” I said to her and everyone c@m£ back to their s-en-ses and turned back to the teacher waiting anxiously..
“Okay.. after several checkup and test we had finally found someone who is worthy of being our clas-s perfect, someone who would be able to make us proud, he is far away better than our previous one in everything..”
I couldn’t help my smile as she said all that,
I could vividly see how anxious the student were..
“That person is no other person than our most cutest and riche-st..” On saying that, the student start glancing at me with a smile..
They must have alre-ady knew I am the one..
“His name is Austin!” She finally announced and you have to see how everyone screamed in glee,
The girl couldn’t help themselves as they start hvgging me..
Their b00bs were pressing on my che-st s£nding shrill down my spine..
I grinned and walked to the front of the clas-s..
The cheer increa-sed, everyone totally forgot about Steve,
“Good morning student” I greeted and they screamed in happiness b!owing k!ssto me.
The girls was really swooning as I primped.
“We love you!!!” They screamed and I nodded my head raising my shoulder..
“Thanks to the school authority for ma-king me the prefect of the clas-s, I will actually do the job like no other, so I’d be choosing as-sistance” I said and all the girls raised their hands up in the air wi-nking and primping,
I could even see some showing me their cleavage, I guess they don’t really know who I am.. I’m gonna fv¢k all of them before this week ends..
I looked around trying to figure who is the most S-xy..
“Hey come over!” I said to one girl who I found really attrac-tive..
Her bo-ob were really inviting..
She screamed and walked out,
She hvgged me ti-ghtly..
“Okay then, she would be my as-sistance for now till there is a nee-d for change” I said to the clas-s and they cl@pped..
I held her hand and walked back to my seat..
We both sat on my seat..
“So what’s your name S-xy?” I asked staring at her b00bs ..
“My name is Diana” she replied l!çk!ng herl-ips..
“We would meet after school” I said and she smiled and walked back to her seat..
I let out a hvge smile and faced the board waiting for out first teacher to come..
I’m really enjoying this..
💝Steve’s POV💝
I couldn’t believe what just happened..
Austin sl@pped me in front of all the student,
It was the highest embarras-sment I had ever gotten in my life..
It really pushed me to almost shedding tears..
I had to just leave the clas-s before I break down..
Right now I don’t know what I’m feeling,
Going back to the clas-s now is something that I find very ha-rd ..
How would they look at me..
They would all sneer at me like a trash..
How could he do that to me?
I dried my eyes with the back of palm and sniffed..
I was really pained and I feel like sinking into the earth..
I checked the time from my wrist watch and found out that I had another lesson in less than a minute..
I sighed and walked to the school garden,
I can’t walk back to that clas-s, not now that I had been insulted and degraded..
Before Austin c@m£, I was everyone’s favourite, being intelligent and smart had made me loved by my clas-s mate, everyone wants to be my friend..
Everyone respects me for being the son of Brenda, a very rich and wealthy business man..
I was adopted but only few knew about it,
I had been treated like his son not until Austin c@m£,
He destroyed everything, he destroyed my ego, he destroyed my pride..
I can’t just walk with my head high, he made it seem like I lied being a son while I was a servant..
I sat on the bench all alone staring at the space with a heavy heart..
I wish Austin would st©p all this and accept me..
I’m sure if he continues with the way he treats me, I may end up being treated like a commoner..
I sat there for a long time, I did not even know when the school bell rang for break..
“Hey Steve, I don’t really un-derstand anymore..are you a servant?” I heard a voice which I knew was that of Adrian my best friend..
I turned my gaze to him and didn’t even know when tears fell off..
“I’m not anyone’s servant so don’t ask me such an annoying question!” I half yelled..
“But Austin keep calling you that, you don’t even says anything, it seems like he is saying the truth” he said and I took a de-ep sigh..
“You all can believe whatever, I don’t give a damn!” I seethed and stood up..
“Where are you going to?” He asked and I sneered at him..
“To the clas-s? Got any problem with that?” I asked
“Austin is ma-king the student dislike you, I’m afraid they may start treating you badly!” He said and I arched my brow..
“What??..they don’t dare do anything to their prefect or they gonna smell the wrath of the school authority!” I seethed and he sighed..
“You are no longer the clas-s prefect, it has been given to Austin” he said and I felt drained remembering what made me leave the clas-s,
I felt empty with my heart becoming heavy, I felt like fainting, I felt like dying, I had never thought of living the kind of life..
This isn’t the kind of life I wish for myself. Leaving the orphanage home had been the best thing that had happened to me, but right now, I just feel like going back there, it would be better than this..
“What do you want me to do?” I asked with my eyes shimmering..
“I guess you should go and ask Austin for forgiveness, who knows you may had wronged him some where..” He suggested and I nodded and walked away..
My life su-cks..
I reached the clas-s and took a de-ep breath before walking in,
“Ohh god, here he comes!!” Everyone sneered
“You were nothing and you made us believe you were something” someone said and I exhaled in frustration..
Austin was just gawping at me..
I stood in front of the clas-s..
I nee-d to say something before things gets out of hand..
“I just got to hear that we got a new prefect and I would really want to commend him for being worthy to take it away from me..”
I paused and shut my eyes to absorb the pain I feel…
“I guess he must be very intelligent..well, I’m really happy for his success..” I paused again and walked to where Austin sat..
“Austin I’m sorry if I had wronged you but plea-se can you st©p all this maltreatment, it hurts so much” I pleaded and he gave me an annoying sm-irk..
“I just want to show you your level so you wouldn’t think you got it all” he grinned..
“Yes I have finally find out, can I be?” I asked and he chuckled..
“Well, I don’t have anything against you provided that you do all I orders, never cross my path and never make people think you are rich, just stay low while I rule” he said with a lopsided smile
“Okay, I agree” I said bowing..
Thank God it was break time, so there wasn’t much people in the clas-s..
What I’m I saying, everyone would eventually get to hear I bowed to him, the few in the clas-s was even laughing, I am really ashamed right now..
“One more thing..” He said
“What is it?”
“You know I’m not worthy for this prefect, I just wanted it to be taken from you so that you wouldn’t be noticed, you have to help me make everyone see me as an intelligent guy..” He said in a whisper and I took a de-ep breath and nodded my head..
“You’d be doing all the as-signment..” He said with a sm-irk and I nodded..
“Would all that guarantee my peace?” I asked and he nodded with an annoying grin..
I walked back to my seat with a heavy heart..
I sat down and buried my head in my seat to avoid the stares of the student..
I don’t think my life in school would remain the same after today..
School went fas-ter and finally it was closing time, I picked up my bag and head out.
“Hey Steve come carry this bag!” I heard Austin’s voice huff at me..
I walked to him and took the bag even though it was really ha-rd , I f0rç£d out a smile..
I’m alre-ady in for it, I would do all he orders, he wants me to carry his bag and walk home while he drives home empty handed,
Well I have no problem with that, I just nee-d my peace..
I took the bag and walked away, I could hear some student chuckle..
I don’t think I would ever forgive Austin for all this…
To be continued