Dangerous attra-ction episode 3

💖Dangerous attra-ction💖
💞Episode 3💞
Written by Humble Smith💋
💝Steve’s POV continues💝
I hobbled home with the bags resting on my shoulder..
I don’t know why I’m pas-sing throu-gh all this, I guess maybe I’m not suppose to be in that house,
I think I just had to leave, at least I’d have rest..
I had tried telling Austin’s parent about what i’m pas-sing throu-gh but they kept on telling me they would be back soon..
I reached the house and dropped his bag on the sofa and head to my room..
I just nee-d to take some rest, I nee-d to cool my mind before I runs mad..
Today is just a very bad day for me..
I reached my room and took a quic-k refreshing bath in the en-suit..
I slumped on the be-d feeling exhausted..
I don’t want to remember what happened today before I end up crying..
I l@yon the be-d and in few minutes later, i sle-pt off..
My sleep was cut short by the scream that eloped the whole building..
I sat up and rushed out to know where it was coming from and I found out it was from Austin’s room..
It was a girl m0@n ing like a mad woman..
He must be giving her the fv¢k she had never experienced..
I walked back to my room and l@yon the be-d but I couldn’t sleep,
The noise was too much.
I felt like going in there and break their head..
I shut my eyes in frustration..
I felt bored..
Nothing to make me happy..
Nothing at all..
I l@yon the be-d with my gaze up to the ceiling,
I have to think of a way to leave this house,
It is getting too much..
Not long after, I heard a knock on my door..
I know it is no other person than Austin..
I sighed and unlocked the door..
“Hey guy” he greeted and I nodded
“Take this” he said handing his school bag to me
“What I’m I using it for?” I asked
“You are aware that we were given an as-signment, why hasn’t you come take mine..” He gritted and I breathed
“Does it means you don’t know a damn of what was written there, you are the clas-s prefect dude” I said in a sarcastic tone and he frowned..
“I don’t have your time, I just finished fv¢king my S-xy as-sistance, I nee-d to get some rest!” He sm-irked and shoved the bag into my hand..
“How are you sure I’m gonna put down the right answer for you” I sneered and he glared at me..
“Then wait for my wrath..you dare not!!” He growled and stomped away slamming the door..
I took the bag and sat on my be-d..
I Zi-pped it off and brou-ght out his book only to see everything scanty..
He didn’t even write down the question..
I sighed and flung it away..
But I got no courage, I found myself picking it up, I ended up writing it for him..
💕Clara’s POV💕
The annoying sound of my alarm j£rked me off from my blissful sleep ma-king me gr-unt in anger,
Why would this stupid alarm blare at this very moment when the sleep is more sweet..
I made to lie again but it blared the second time leaving me flared up..
I charged at the alarm and turned it off in anger before it turns me deaf..
I glanced at the clock and let out a loud hiss..
It was 6:06,
I would be going to my new school today and you know what..
I’m very nervous..
I can’t bear the eyes of the student which would be on me today..
Ohh gosh!!
I hate being called or seen as a newbie..
I sat up at the edge of the be-d with my head resting on my palm..
I know in no distance time now, my mom would be here to check on me..
Oh god, I think I have to drift into a little sleep before she…
“Clara!!!” Her voice echoed around the building..
“Ohh she is alre-ady here before I could even lie down..
“will you get your as-s outta there!” She half yelled and I poutedl-ips waging my head like the last born which I am..
“What is it? Are you nervous for the new school?” She asked sitting beside me..
“Ohh yes, I’d be the talk of the day, just imagine, everyb©dy would be staring at me mumbling to themselves..” I whined and she smiled
“You would still get used to them and would make friends, that’s how it always be at the beginning” she said in a soothing voice.
“Okay, I have to face it..” I said and jo-lted up..
“You are even very beautiful, the guys there would really drool over you” she said with a grin and I primped
“You are now flattering me right??..” I said with a baby look
“It is a real fact, go and get prepared before it is late” she coaxed and I scurried to the bathroom to clean up after pe-cking her cheek, I really love my mother than any other person in this world..
I’m both agitated and happy to begin this school,
I cant wait to make new friends..
My name is Clara and I’m the only daughter of my mother, with two other s£nior brothers..
but hey..
Its just like i have none because not one of them cares about me or my mother..
Talking about my father?
I have a father but he is also gone with my two brothers, they both left I and mommy to where we can’t find them,
I had to live with my mum alone,
I thank God she isn’t anyway poor, I must say she is very rich and wealthy, she has her business going well so I lacked nothing..
I tend to even forget I has a father or brother, all I know about is my loving and caring mom.
We had just travelled down here for a reason I can’t tell and my mom doesn’t even want to tell me.
I turned on the shower ma-king water splash all over my b©dy giving me a cold shill..
I closed my eyes allowing the water we-t my while b©dy as I think about today..
I am anxious to know how the school looks like,
After some minutes, I was done bathing,
I tied my towel round my b©dy from my che-st region downward, my b©dy was dripping we-t..
I reached my room and sat on the stool in front of the large mirror which reflected my figure fully..
I couldn’t help the smile that escaped myl-ips as I stared at myself..
I am really beautiful and curvy, you can’t actually resist my sweet smile and poppy eyes..
I shrugged before putting on the alre-ady washed and ironed uniform which really fitted me.
I turned around checking myself in the mirror..
I was satisfied with what I saw..
I picked my back pack and head off to the sitting room where I was sure my mom would be waiting for me,
She would be driving me to school..
“Ohh..wow, my daughter looks so gorgeous!!” She complimented as I walked in ma-king my cheek flush..
“That’s what you made me look like” I squealed with a baby look
“Ohh yeah, I really did a great job!” She said and stood up..
“Let’s go” she gestured and I smiled and stood at a sp©t..
“What is it?” She asked
“When I comes back, you will tell me why we relocated down to this place, I really nee-d to know..I’m actually missing my friend there” I whined and she sighed and gr@bb£d my hand
“Don’t disturb yourself with irrelevant things, your mind has to be in your study now..” She rasped
I shrugged and hopped into the car while she drove..
We drove to school chatting all along,
We reached the school and parked the car in the car park..
I must really commend, the school look so prestigious, the exterior design was awesome that I was alre-ady loving it..
“You like the school right?” She asked and I nodded holding her hand as we walk to the office.
“Its one of the best school here and guess what, I’m one of the founding pillars, there is nothing to worry about, you would be treated like a princess” she purred and I grin looking around..
After series of signing and other stuffs, I was given the map of the school and told where my clas-s was..
“You would be going alone, I have to leave now” my mom said and I nodded slowly..
I don’t just want her to leave..
I know no b©dy here..
“Do you nee-d an accompany, I can call one for you to show you..”
My mother interjected immediately.
“She is not a baby, she got her eyes and leg, why can’t she go alone” she said and turned to me..
“Hey, don’t ever act timid, always known that you have a say in this school, if anyone looks for your trouble don’t hesitate to report to the school authority” she said with a wi-de smile ma-king me hvg her ti-ghtly to my b©dy..
“Now you can go.. Make sure you make friend with the good one!” She said scru-bbing my head pla-yfully with her palm..
“Oh yeah, sure..” I said and pe-cked her before running off…
I held the map to my face and trace the route..
I walked throu-gh different hallways till I finally reached..
I stood at the door feeling agitated..
Just the , the principal walked to me..
“You are Clara right?” He asked and I nodded..
“The school proprietor instructed me to introduce you to the student..” He said with a smile which I returned..
He held my palm and walked me to the clas-s..
“Who is this goddess!”
“Is she a human??”
Every single student had their gaze on me, the boys was really drooling as they fed their eyes with my b©dy..
I felt shy a little but managed to stay calm.
“Her name is Clara, the only daughter of one of the founded of this school, she is an upcoming model..just decided to finish her eduction here, you are free to make her friend but don’t try $h!t with her or you would be expelled!!” The principal said and everyone gazed at me..
“You would now say something to your student, they must be craving to hear your voice” he said and I blu-shed and looked up only for my eyes to fall on someone who made my heart skip beat…
To be continued..
I wonder who it was????

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