Dangerous attra-ction episode 1

💖Dangerous attra-ction💖
💞Episode 1💞
Written by Humble Smith💋
💝Steve’s pov💝
The alarm in my room made a blaring sound jo-lting me from my sleep,
I gro-an ed in anger and turned off the alarm..
My head was really heavy and my eyes was bulged and bloodsh0t.
I still nee-ded to sleep,
It was 5:00 and I just went to be-d around 12:04…
I still nee-ded some sleep but I can’t dare to sleep again or I would have to face Austin’s wrath,
He would punish me badly for that..
I’m just like his servant or sbould I say slave..
He hates me like mad and I can’t tell why,
Since he c@m£ back from Korea, I had been his greatest enemy, my pres£nce alone irks him..
I don’t know why..
I had never wronged him but he keeps finding fault in all I do..
He would always intentionally hurt my feelings, he would keep pestering my life,
From the very day we met till now, he had never smiled at me..
I would have left this house if I had any other place to go..
His parent abducted me from the orphanage home,
It had been nice being with them not until Austin c@m£, the worst of it was that, few weeks after he c@m£ down here, his parent left for a business trip leaving just the both of us..
I had to face his arrogant and baleful behavior..
He had deliberately made me stay up last night..
I don’t see any reason why he should order me to start counting money late at night..
Just like that, he gave me bundles of money and ordered me to start counting it one after the other even when he alre-ady knew how much it was..
That’s how wicked he is..
I stretched my b©dy and yawned before stepping down from the be-d..
I don’t wanna be late to school,
I’d be going on foot while he drives in his car..
He would never want me to ride on any of the fleets of car parked in the garage..
I walked to the bathroom feeling dizzy,
I was half asleep half awake, my vision was even blurry…
I managed to take my bath and quic-kly dressed up,
I scurried off after picking my backpack..
As i got to the sitting room, Austin was seated on the couch pressing his phone still wearing his night wear..
I sighed knowing well that this morning wouldn’t go well for me,
I thought he was still in his room so I’d just sneak away..
“I’m going to school” I said to him with a smile which attra-cted a glare from him..
“Ohh..wow..as a rich guy!..hmm, like you are going to school, you are going to one of the best school in town, school for the rich, you are going there..a bastard in both side!” He snorted and I bent my head feeling hurt..
Austin is just a year older than me but he had reduced me to trash that I don’t even seem to be a human in front of him..
“But your father had cleared off all my school fees, he gave me scholarsh!p..” I tried explaining even when I knew he alre-ady knows about it..
“Do you know it is an insult to me that a guy picked from the road is just being like me..we live in the same house, attend the same school and even eat the same food..don’t you know it is intimid@t!ngme!” He gr-unted and I breathed.
“The difference is clear, st©p all this, you are a model, everyone drools around you because you are not only rich but also cute and smoking h0t..I’m not like you in any way..” I said in a low tone looking into his eyes which was always baleful..
“Do you know I want you to go back to the trash can you c@m£ from?” He spited and I cringed..
“What??” My eyes wi-de-ned..
“Your luck is really annoying me, how can my billionaire parent notice you?..how could they bring you here to live with them..just look at the house you are living in..aren’t you awe!!” He asked and I f0rç£d out a smile even when I was flushing in shame..
“Yeah, I’m really lucky” I breathed and he sneered at me..
“So you are alre-ady prepared for school?” He scoffed and I nodded
“What does that shows? You are more serious in your education ugh?..like seriously, you are trying to show me you are more serious..” He glared and I arched my brow at him..
“I don’t un-derstand..” I muttered
“You must wait for me..I’d be the first to go to school, you poor br@t, don’t you have respect.. you are on scholarsh!pand is schooling from my dad’s pocket so you have no right to go there before me, get back to your room and wait till I finally leave..” He gritted and I took a de-ep breath trying to contain my anger which was boiling up..
I stared at Austin with anger in my heart wishing I can hit him, he is just too annoying..
“Okay, I’ll gladly do as you said” I smiled and walked back to my room..
💝Austin’s POV💝
I glared at him as he walked back to his room,
I don’t just like that bastard like seriously..
Seeing him makes me feel anger swelling in me..
I just hate him because of his perfection,.
He is not only cute but also very intelligent,
I really envy him..
You can’t believe he is the clas-s prefect, well I had alre-ady ordered for the position to be withdrawn from him and given to me, which would be done today..
He is such a cool guy that can really melt any one’s heart with his smile,
I just had to make life ha-rd for him so he wouldn’t have the cause to smile,
I had been able to make him dumb in school after introducing him to the clas-s as my servant brou-ght by my father, He ha-rd ly talks and would always stay alone..
I finally rose from where I sat and got prepared for school,
Without telling him, I left for school leaving him waiting for me..
I drove away to school feeling happy,
I got to school and parked my car..
Immediately I stepped down from the car, many student especially the girls c@m£ out to look at me..
There is no doubt they couldn’t get over my cuteness,
Not long after I had sat down on my reserved seat with a proud smile,
Steve walked in ma-king my countenance turn into a frown..
He walked to his seat gently without glancing at anyone,
“Here comes my servant!!” I said out and everyone bur-st into laughter ma-king him bend his head in shame..
“He had been washing my shorts since morning that was why he c@m£ late” I said again and this time, they did not only laugh but also drew him up from where he sat..
“What is it??” He growled
“Is it true?”
“What he said, is it true?” They asked him and he glanced at me.
I gave him a cold stare and he turned to them with a de-ep sigh..
“Can you guys let me be!!” He gritted and they all left..
I guess they are still respecting him as a clas-s prefect not knowing it ends today..
Not long after, the form teacher walked into the clas-s,
“I just c@m£ to announce to you all that we now have a new clas-s prefect..” She said and everyone gazed at Steve who was shocked with what he heard..
“Oh yes, another person has been appointed, we can’t have a student on scholarsh!pas the leader of this clas-s of is degrading!” She continued and I smiled with a raised shoulder waiting for my name to be called..
“Can I say something?” Steve said immediately raising his hand up,
I gawped at him as he stood up..
“I nee-d to make a correction, I am not here in scholarsh!p, I live with Brenda’s family.. I’m their son and Austin here is my half brother”
“God forbid!!” I squealed immediately and jo-lted up..
I rushed at him and sl@pped him ha-rd ly..
“Don’t dare to say that again you wretched br@t!!..Do I look like your brother in any way???” I growled..
He stared at me for some time before rushing away from the clas-s,
I could see tears fall off from his eyes..
To be continued
One word for Austin