Damaged episode 17

” Guess what, Bryan” David said.
“You know I svçkat guessing so better go straight to the point”. I said.
“You are just too boring, can’t you make just a tiny guess” he retorted.
We were at my personal house, I come here sometimes when I don’t feel like going to our family mansion.
“Whatever”. I replied him. I wasn’t really in a good mood cos I’m so worried about something.
“Forget about it then, what’s wrong with you though? You’ve been wearing a long face since morning which is totally unlike you”. David said.
“I’m just worried about something”. I finally replied him.
“Why not spill out whatever that’s bothering you”. David said.
“I’m thinking of proposing to Ally but I don’t know what her reaction would be”. I confessed.
“You can just give it a trial. How will you know what her response would be when you’ve actually not asked her” David said reasonably.
There is s-en-se in what he’s saying, I reasoned. I just hope she won’t turn me down.
“Okay, I’d do that the next time we meet. I’ve ordered for an engagement ring online”. I told him.
“That’s the spirit bro” David said.
“So what about you and Melissa, when are you planning to propose to her”. I said
“That was what I was asking you to guess earlier. I proposed to Lisa yesterday and she accepted”. David said happily.
I’m happy for him. It seems all my friends are getting married this days leaving only me to remain a bachelor.
“That’s great news bro, so what’s the point right now”. I asked.
“Well, we want to get married as soon as possible so we are thinking of doing it next month”. said David
“Wow, aunt Sarah must be very happy right now cos finally you are settling down”. I tea-sed.
“Sure, and just so you know, you’re gonna be my best man so get prepared to start attending rehearsals with me. We have a lot of things to prepare for in just a short period of time” he said.
“Yeah, I know”. I said.
I brou-ght out my phone to dial Allison’s number. It rang for a while before she picked up.
📲”hello” she said.
“📲Hi, where are you? “. I asked cos I wished she was here with me.
📲”Am at the mall with Melissa” she said.
The two of them have bonded since I introduced them to each other.
📲Okay, I just wanted to ask if you would like to have dinner with me tomorrow”. I said
📲no problem. Talk to you later”. She said and cut the call.
I dropped the call and just then the intercom started ringing.
“David, plea-se help me get that”. I said and head to the kitchen.
I gulped down a glas-s of water and head back to the sitting room only to see David with a package.
“The delivery boy was here” David said as he hand me the bag containing the ring I ordered for.
Now that the ring is here, I just hope I don’t mess up tomorrow.
“Thanks man” I said to David.
I nee-d to make the proposal grand.
Should I propose at a restaurant or should I use this house? I have a lot of things to do in less than 24 hours.
“Ally, check this out for me. Would it fit me”. Melissa pouted. She was waving a blonde wig at me.
“Whatever did you nee-d it for”. I wondered aloud.
I can’t figure why she nee-ds a wig and a blond wig of all wigs. She is a natural brunette with long legs and a nice figure.
“Just indulge me. I don’t wanna dye my hair blonde so I want to buy this wig so I can wear it anytime I feel like going blonde”. Lisa said.
“Okay, try it on and let’s see if it suits you”. I said to her.
She placed it on her head and I was about to make a comment when I noticed my phone was ringing in my bag. It seems it has been ringing for a while but I didn’t notice because I was talking with Lisa.
“How do I look?” Lisa asked. I couldn’t reply her cos I’ve alre-ady pressed the answer bu-tton.
I talked with Bryan for a while before I end the call. He wants to have dinner with me tomorrow and I don’t know why am so excited. It’s not like this is the first dinner we are having.
“Who was that?”. Lisa asked
“It was Bryan”. I replied.
“Oh, was David with him?”. She asked.
I rolled my eyes before answering her.
“How do you expect me to know. Miss lover girl, why not let us speed up our shopping so you can go see him after”. I sm-irked.
“Yeah, that’d be better”. She replied.
We continued shopping and I couldn’t help but think about Bryan. I love him but I can’t tell him cos I don’t wanna be too forward
“Kira, get the hell over here now!!!”. I screamed over the phone.
Why will she re-move $500,000 from my account. I can’t wait to strangle her when she comes back from wherever she went to.
I met Kira at the Unique club the day I saw my ex girlfriend dancing with a strange guy. She was the one Ally caught me on be-d with when she returned from the hospital. We’ve been d@t!ngfor almost two months now.
I still hope I’d be able to apologise to Ally someday. I don’t know if she’d be willing to see me again that’s why I held my peace.
I paced round the be-droom impatiently. The money is not exactly the problem but why would she take my money without informing me, that’s what I want to know.
I got tired of waiting for Kira so I sat down on the be-d and I didn’t know when I sle-pt off.
I woke up to the t©uçh of Kira’s hand on my arm. I got up angrily. I sat up straight in be-d and gave her a resounding sl@p. I would have sl@p her again if she hadn’t retreated to the extreme of the room.
“Where are you coming from and what did you do with my money”
I fumed.
“Calm down Richie. Sit down first” she said.
What audacity. She’s even ordering me about in my own house.
“Okay, I’m seated so start talking”. I said calmly.
“I’m coming from the hospital. I told you my only sister is lying on a sick be-d on the brink of death but you couldn’t care less. I can’t just watch her die so I had to do something”. Kira said.
Oh, I didn’t know she used it for something as important as this.
“You should have informed me before using my credit card”. I said.
“I’m sorry about that but you’ve not been paying me enough attention”. Kira pouted.
Damn, why did she have to look so S-xy while pouting.
“Before I even forget, you promised you’d never raise your hands on me anymore” she added.
It’s true I promised her that but I can’t just control my temper, I’m so h0t headed.
“I’m sorry about that but I was super angry”. I said to her.
“Maybe it’s time to see that psych0thera-pist I told you about. If you really want to change for the better then you have to give thera-py a trial”. Kira said.
Ever since I told her about my childhood, my past relationsh!pwith Ally, how I almost killed my younger brother and how I damaged my ex girlfriend’s self esteem, kira has been pestering me to see a shrink.
Not that I nee-d one though, but I have to do this for Kira.
“I’ve heard you. I’d go see the person sometime next week, just make sure I have an appointment with the person next week”. I said.
“Alright, I’d call her before then”. Kira said.
“The shrink is a female? “. I asked
“Yeah, Dr Ria is a famous psych0thera-pist. She is one of the best in the field so trust me on this”. Kira said.
“Whatever”. I shrugged.
It’s not like I have a choice. I’m doing this so as to be free from my past and make sure I have a future with Kira cos I honestly like her a lot.
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