Damaged episode 16

It’s been a month since I officially bec@m£ Mrs Jessica Miller. We are on our way home after spending a month at Paris for our honeymoon. It feels good to be back in the states.
I was jo-lted out of my reverie by a light tap on my shoulder.
“A penny for them?”. He asked. I was confused. What’s he talking about?
“For what? “. I asked back.
“For your thought. You’ve been lost in thought since we left the airport”. Jeff said.
“I was just thinking about some random stuff”. I replied.
Finally, we just arrived at my new home.
Thinking of home, I gave my ap@rtment to my bestie. I’ve really missed her a lot, although we both chat online but it can’t be compared with seeing each other physically.
Jeff opened the door for me and I stepped out of the car. A maid c@m£ to wheel our luggage in.
I really nee-d to shower and rest, I thought grumpily as I marched upstairs.
I soa-ked myself in the Jacuzzi. I made the water warm so as to cool my nerves. I could stay here forever cos I’m feeling lazy to stand.
I g@sped in shock when I felt a strong arm wra-p around my ba-re back.
“I didn’t hear you come in”. I said to Jeff who was busy mas-saging my b©dy.
I arched my back and let out a m0@n in plea-sure. This guy would soon be the cause of my death😒
I could feel his erection un-derneath me. His hands traced circles un-der my arms. I buried my left hand in his hair while I wra-pped my right hand around him.
He k!$$£d me pas-sionately and I returned the k!sswith fervour.
The water in the jacuzzi was getting cold but I couldn’t care less. I was having a wonderful time with the love of my life.
I m0@n ed as Jeff thrû-st into me. I couldn’t help but scream out his name as I clinaxed. He also reached his cli-max few minutes later.
I was so spent. I couldn’t move a limb. I let Jeff clean me up. He carried me in the bridal style to the be-droom.
“Will you eat now or after you wake up? “. Jeff asked.
“I’d eat when I’m awake”. I replied drowsily. Some seconds later, I was just in dreamland.
“Arise and shine sweetheart”. Jeff said. He was coming into the room with a tray containing our breakfast.
“Good morning to you too”. I said to him.
I covered my b©dy with the duvet since I was only in my un-derwear.
“How was your night?” he asked me.
“It was peaceful, urs?”. I asked back.
“Mine was exhilarating” he said.
I lifted the cover from the tray to reveal mouth watering waffles🧇🧇 and tea.
I hungrily munched my breakfast because I didn’t eat dinner last night. I must remember to thank the maids.
After breakfast, I took the tray back to the kitchen and I thanked all the maids because I don’t know the exact maid who made the breakfast.
I decided to swim for a while before I call Ally.
I rummaged my closet for a bikini to wear. I settled for a purple bikini and a pair of water goggles.
“Jeff, I’m off to the pool, see you around”. I said as I was about to leave the room.
“Have fun dear”. He replied me as I left the be-droom.
I swam for almost two hours before I decide to go in.
I was surprised to see Ally re-ading one of her fancy novels in the living room. She didn’t even know I’m in the room with her.
“Bestie, I’ve missed you so much”. I said as I got to where she was sitting. She looked up and smiled. She wanted to hvg me but st©pped when she discovered I was dripping with water.
“I’ve missed you more dear”. Ally said.
” I know you definitely have gists for me and I also have mine but plea-se wait for me while I quic-kly change into a decent cloth”. I said to Ally before going to my room.
I sat down quietly waiting for Jess to come back. A maid c@m£ to ask for what I want to take.
“You nee-d to visit Paris, bestie. It was so lovely but I missed New York though”. Jess said.
“Wow, start gisting me alre-ady”. I said.
She narrated everything she saw at Paris to me. I hope I’d be able to visit the places she mentioned someday. I can’t wait to travel out of this country. I intend to travel to Africa also so I can see where my mom c@m£ from.
“It’s your turn to gist me too”. Jess said.
I told her about the psych0thera-pist I am seeing. She has been really helpful. It’s nice to start living my life without a reminder of my horrible past.
Bryan has also been fantastic, he always sit in the waiting room anytime I have a thera-py session.
I’ve gone on several d@t£s with Bryan. We’ve gone shopping together, attended some seminars together, visited the zoo, had dinner together at his place. His family approved our friendsh!pand I know his mom is secretly hoping that I would be his girlfriend. His best friend, David and his girlfriend, Melissa are also cool.
“Wow, a lot of things really happened after I left”. Jess said.
“Yeah”. I replied her.
Just then Jeff c@m£ into the room and sat next to Jess.
“Hi Ally”. Jeff greeted.
“How are you doing?” I asked him.
“I’m fine and I can see you are also fine so I don’t nee-d to ask how you are”. Jeff said.
I smiled while Jess chuckled.
I know that Bryan and Jeff do communicate even when they were on their honeymoon.
I discovered it was alre-ady late and I nee-d to start going home.
“it’s so nice to have you back, we’d see some other time. I have to go home now”. I said to Jess.
” when are you going to come visit us again”. Jess said.
“You can come visit anytime or I can come visit you next week if I’m not busy”. I replied.
“Good bye Mr and Mrs Miller”. I added as I got up to leave.
Jess and Jeff both saw me off to the driveway and I got into my car and drove off.
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