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March 7, 2021


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Damaged episode 16

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It’s been a month since I officially became Mrs Jessica Miller. We are on our way home after spending a month at Paris for our honeymoon. It feels good to be back in the states.

I was jolted out of my reverie by a light tap on my shoulder.


“A penny for them?”. He asked. I was confused. What’s he talking about?


“For what? “. I asked back.


“For your thought. You’ve been lost in thought since we left the airport”. Jeff said.


“I was just thinking about some random stuff”. I replied.


Finally, we just arrived at my new home.

Thinking of home, I gave my apartment to my bestie. I’ve really missed her a lot, although we both chat online but it can’t be compared with seeing each other physically.

Jeff opened the door for me and I stepped out of the car. A maid came to wheel our luggage in.

I really need to shower and rest, I thought grumpily as I marched upstairs.

I soaked myself in the Jacuzzi. I made the water warm so as to cool my nerves. I could stay here forever cos I’m feeling lazy to stand.

I gasped in shock when I felt a strong arm wrap around my bare back.


“I didn’t hear you come in”. I said to Jeff who was busy massaging my body.

I arched my back and let out a moan in pleasure. This guy would soon be the cause of my death😒

I could feel his erection underneath me. His hands traced circles under my arms. I buried my left hand in his hair while I wrapped my right hand around him.

He kissed me passionately and I returned the kiss with fervour.

The water in the jacuzzi was getting cold but I couldn’t care less. I was having a wonderful time with the love of my life.

I moaned as Jeff thrust into me. I couldn’t help but scream out his name as I clinaxed. He also reached his climax few minutes later.

I was so spent. I couldn’t move a limb. I let Jeff clean me up. He carried me in the bridal style to the bedroom.


“Will you eat now or after you wake up? “. Jeff asked.


“I’d eat when I’m awake”. I replied drowsily. Some seconds later, I was just in dreamland.




“Arise and shine sweetheart”. Jeff said. He was coming into the room with a tray containing our breakfast.


“Good morning to you too”. I said to him.


I covered my body with the duvet since I was only in my underwear.



“How was your night?” he asked me.

“It was peaceful, urs?”. I asked back.


“Mine was exhilarating” he said.


I lifted the cover from the tray to reveal mouth watering waffles🧇🧇 and tea.

I hungrily munched my breakfast because I didn’t eat dinner last night. I must remember to thank the maids.

After breakfast, I took the tray back to the kitchen and I thanked all the maids because I don’t know the exact maid who made the breakfast.

I decided to swim for a while before I call Ally.

I rummaged my closet for a bikini to wear. I settled for a purple bikini and a pair of water goggles.


“Jeff, I’m off to the pool, see you around”. I said as I was about to leave the room.


“Have fun dear”. He replied me as I left the bedroom.


I swam for almost two hours before I decide to go in.


I was surprised to see Ally reading one of her fancy novels in the living room. She didn’t even know I’m in the room with her.


“Bestie, I’ve missed you so much”. I said as I got to where she was sitting. She looked up and smiled. She wanted to hug me but stopped when she discovered I was dripping with water.


“I’ve missed you more dear”. Ally said.


” I know you definitely have gists for me and I also have mine but please wait for me while I quickly change into a decent cloth”. I said to Ally before going to my room.




I sat down quietly waiting for Jess to come back. A maid came to ask for what I want to take.


“You need to visit Paris, bestie. It was so lovely but I missed New York though”. Jess said.


“Wow, start gisting me already”. I said.

She narrated everything she saw at Paris to me. I hope I’d be able to visit the places she mentioned someday. I can’t wait to travel out of this country. I intend to travel to Africa also so I can see where my mom came from.

“It’s your turn to gist me too”. Jess said.


I told her about the psychotherapist I am seeing. She has been really helpful. It’s nice to start living my life without a reminder of my horrible past.

Bryan has also been fantastic, he always sit in the waiting room anytime I have a therapy session.

I’ve gone on several dates with Bryan. We’ve gone shopping together, attended some seminars together, visited the zoo, had dinner together at his place. His family approved our friendship and I know his mom is secretly hoping that I would be his girlfriend. His best friend, David and his girlfriend, Melissa are also cool.


“Wow, a lot of things really happened after I left”. Jess said.


“Yeah”. I replied her.


Just then Jeff came into the room and sat next to Jess.


“Hi Ally”. Jeff greeted.


“How are you doing?” I asked him.


“I’m fine and I can see you are also fine so I don’t need to ask how you are”. Jeff said.

I smiled while Jess chuckled.

I know that Bryan and Jeff do communicate even when they were on their honeymoon.

I discovered it was already late and I need to start going home.


“it’s so nice to have you back, we’d see some other time. I have to go home now”. I said to Jess.


” when are you going to come visit us again”. Jess said.



“You can come visit anytime or I can come visit you next week if I’m not busy”. I replied.


“Good bye Mr and Mrs Miller”. I added as I got up to leave.


Jess and Jeff both saw me off to the driveway and I got into my car and drove off.


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How was this episode? Hmmm, Jess and Jeff should do fast and have a baby👼👶. I can’t wait to be an aunt😒😒. Who else noticed it’s been a while I mentioned Richie, should I involve him in the next episode? .

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