Damaged episode 18

“You haven’t t©uçh your plate of noodles, now you’re demanding for pizza” my husband said. He doesn’t nee-d to remind me, the noodles is suddenly looking un appetising to me.
“I know but I just don’t feel like eating noodles again”. I said.
“No problem, let me order for pizza”. Jeff said.
He was about to order for the pizza when I felt like puking again.
I quic-kly rushed to the bathroom retching out the remnant of my ba-rely t©uçhed breakfast.
“Honey, what’s wrong? ” my darling husband said in a worried tone.
“I don’t know”. I couldn’t say another word as another bout of nausea washed over me and I vomited again
“I think I have to call the doctor because you don’t look fine”. Jess said.
“Don’t bother, it’s probably the flu”. I said trying to convince him, not that I can convince myself that I’m suffering from the flu, though.
“I have to call the doctor, just give me a minute” he said.
I washed my face and managed to walk to the be-droom without coll@psing.
I met Jeff in the room pacing up and down.
“The doctor would soon be here” he said.
Whatever, I’m alre-ady feeling sleepy so I lied on the be-d and sle-pt off.
I woke up hours later feeling so tired and spent. I noticed an IV fluid has been fixed to my be-d and I was on drip. I scanned the room for Jeff and just then he walked in looking somehow happy.
Can someb©dy just tell me what is going on?
“What’s wrong with me? ” I asked Jeff.
The doctor is nowhere to be seen but I’m sure he must have told Jeff about the sickness am suffering from.
“You are four weeks pregnant plus you’ve got the flu also”.
What? Preg what? I know I’m supposed to be happy but I’m scared.
“Tell me you are joking or something”. I said flatly.
“Nope, why should I be joking about such a thing”. he asked.
“I don’t know babe, but I’m scared about this pregnancy thing”. I said.
“Why are you scared?”. Jeff asked.
“I don’t know if I’d be a good mother to our children, I’m scared about parenting”. I told him.
“Don’t be scared honey, no one is perfect, we’d re-ad all about it and we can attend clas-ses for young couples who are planning to make babies and trust me when I say you’d make a great mom someday, I’m also new to this but I’m willing to give it my all so let’s do this together honey”. Jeff said.
Well, his words have soothe my soul a bit but I’m still paranoid though I don’t wanna show it.
“I just hope I won’t be a bad mom”. I said.
“You are gonna be terrific”. Jeff insisted.
Today is the day I intend to propose to Ally. I just hope she accepts to be my wife.
I told mom about my plans alre-ady so she s£nt the maids at the mansion to come help me decorate my house.
I have alre-ady set everything in the dining.
The table has been covered with a nice tablecloth and I bought some fancy candlesticks just like the one they use in ro-mantic movies.
Mom s£nt the Butler to come help me prepare dinner and Melissa also c@m£ to help.
We are throu-gh with the dinner preparation and I’ve s£nt the maids back to the mansion.
I was left in my house with David, Lisa and the butler.
Lisa and David are about to go also.
“Goodbye, Bryan”. Lisa said.
“See you around, bro”. David said and they both left the house.
I have to go dress up and await Allison’s arrival.
I’m strangely excited about this dinner of a thing.
I just wanna look good to his place, he texted me the address alre-ady.
I’m planning to rock one of the evening go-wns I sew. It’s a blue sequined go-wn with an off shoulder and I’m gonna use a gold n£¢klace to match. I don’t really fancy makeup so I might not use any. I have this stiletto heels I’ve not put on before, I think today might just be the day to wear it.
I took my time while bathing, I don’t know why I feel the nee-d to look extra good today.
I styled my hair perfectly and applied only l!pgloss to myl-ips and I got dressed in my dinner outfit.
I checked for a gold purse to match my jewellery and I was set to go.
I drove out in my car and in no time I got to my destination.
Wow, his house is really beautiful.
I s£nt him a message that I’m outside his house.
💬hi, I’m in front of your house”
💬come right in”
I dropped my phone into my purse and found my way into the house.
The interior is way cooler than the exterior.
“Good evening ma’am” someone dressed as a butler greeted me.
“Good evening”. I replied.
“Master Bryan said I should usher you in” he said.
“Thanks sir”. I replied
“You don’t nee-d to thank me ma’am, it’s p@rt of my work” he said leading the way to the dining room, I guess.
I just followed him and pray I won’t fall flat on my face due to the high heels I was putting on. I wonder how some people manage to put this kinda shoes on for most p@rt of their lives.
“Here we are ma’am” the butler said and bowed slightly.
I was surprised at the sight before me, the dining room was just fantastic.
The table has been set for two and candle lights could be seen on the table.
Bryan stood up immediately I entered the room, he was looking handsome as ever but he kinda look nervous also but I don’t know why he should be.
I hvgged him as I got to his side. He let the hvg last longer than necessary but I wasn’t complaining because I like being in his arms 😜
We both sat down and the butler serves us the dinner which comprise of tuna cas-serole as the main course while dessert was vanilla cake with some éclairs.
To say the least, the dinner was fabulous.
Just then Bryan went on his knees, he di-pped his hand into his pocket and brou-ght out a box containing a lovely diamond ring. I was just transfixed and I couldn’t move.
“Allison, would you do me the favour of being my other half, you complete me, you are my missing rib, plea-se would you marry me?”. Bryan said in a serious expression. I’ve never seen Bryan so vulnerable before, it’s like he la-id ba-re his heart for me to see.
“OMG!!! Yes I would”. I replied happily. It was like a dream come true for me, I never expected Bryan to propose to me.
“Wow, thanks so much for accepting. You don’t know how glad I am right now”. Bryan said.
“The feeling is mutual dear”. I said and chuckled.
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