Damaged episode 10

Allison’s POV
Am so happy I’d be going to my shop today. I woke up earlier than normal. I cleaned everywhere and I made the breakfast before taking my bath.
Jess joined me in the dining room and we both had our breakfast.
Jess washed the dishes and we both went to our work places.
“Good morning, Ally” Sandra greeted as I walked into the shop. I noticed that Grace is not yet at work.
“Good morning”. I replied.
“How are you feeling now? ” she asked.
“I’m getting better. Thanks dear”. I said.
“Mrs Smith brou-ght some fabrics here. She wants to make fifty dresses for the children at her orphanage home. Grace went there to take the children’s measurements, that’s why she’s not around right now”. Sandra explained.
Mrs Smith is the owner of an orphanage home as well as some NGOs. She is a popular philanthropist.
“Okay. Did she say when she want to collect the dresses” I asked Sandra.
“Yes, she said she nee-d it next month but she didn’t give a specific d@t£”
“No problem. I’d like it if we can deliver it to her before then though”. I said.
I walked around the shop, inspecting the machines. I applied grease to the metallic p@rts of the machines and allow it to dry.
“Good morning, Ally” Grace greeted. I didn’t hear her come in because I was busy with the machines.
“Morning dear. Hope you’ve gotten the children’s measurements”. I asked her.
“Yes, it’s right here” she said giving me the measurement book.
I fli-pped open the measurement book and checked the children’s measurement. I closed the book when I was throu-gh with it.
“We can start working on it as soon as possible. Which style did Mrs Smith choose in the catalogue? “. I asked.
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“She chose the full circle go-wn beaded with pearls”. Grace replied.
“That’s nice. Let me cut out the fabrics, since I can’t sew for now”. I told them.
I brou-ght out my scissors, tape rule and tailor chalk. I cut the fabrics into the de-sired length and shape I nee-d.
“You can start working on it from tomorrow. Use today to complete the pending works on ground. I hope to join you in sewing as soon as I’m stronger”. I said to them.
I brou-ght out my phone and I started re-ading some novels online. After several hours, I turned to Grace and Sandra.
“You guys can go home now but plea-se come early tomorrow”. I said.
“Goodbye, Ally” they said in unison.
“Goodbye and take care” I replied.
I locked the door and decide to get some groceries at the mall.
*At the mall*
I arrived at the mall few minutes after I left my shop. I entered the mall and it was quite crowded for a Tuesday evening. I found an empty trolley, I picked different things I nee-d from different aisles. I was on my way to the cashier with my trolley when someone bu-mped into me
“Watch where you are going, mister”. I said and bend to pick some items that have fallen out of my trolley.
“I’m so sorry” he mumbled. I was done picking my things so I turned to go when his next word st©pped me.
“We finally meet again. We met at the Unique club few weeks ago” he said
“Oh!!! So I’m supposed to jump for excitedly, right?”. I asked in a sarcastic manner.
I saw that he was shocked. He certainly wasn’t expecting that but I couldn’t care less. I walked out on him and I went to the cashier. I pay for my goods and went back to Jess place.
I left my company early today. I intend to get some things at the mall.
I was on call with a client when I almost knocked down a lady pushing a trolley.
“Watch where you are going, mister” the lady said. The voice sounds familiar to me but I couldn’t place where I’ve heard it before.
“I’m so sorry” I said to the lady. I quic-kly end the call after promising my client I’d call him later. I turned to help the lady pack her things which fell off the trolley when I bu-mped into her. As she turned to face me, I saw her clearly. She is the same lady I met at the club that day. God knows I’ve been praying to meet her again and now my prayer just got answered.
“We finally meet again. We met at the Unique club few weeks ago” I told her.
“Oh!!! So I’m supposed to jump excitedly, right?” She asked sarcastically. I was so shocked. I watch her work out on me.
I can’t believe she could be so rude. I think I should just forget about her alre-ady. Who knows if the guy who sl@pped her at the club was still in her life. I don’t really know why I took a liking to her from the very first time I met her. I want to be her friend but it seems she doesn’t want friends.
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Finally, Ally and Bryan meet again😀 though it end on a wrong note😢. Bryan, take heart dear. Ally is still dealing with her broken heart💔 so she doesn’t care about any guy for now.
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