Damaged episode 11

I got home after a stressful day at work. Ally is not back from her shop.
I changed from my office wears and freshen up before I start ma-king dinner.
I was almost throu-gh in the kitchen when Allison’s car drove in. I heard her footsteps receding as she went into her room. Few minutes later, she c@m£ to help me in the kitchen.
“Hi, let me help you with that” she said collecting the tray of food from me before talking it to the dining room. I noticed she look a bit angry so I asked her what the problem is
“Ally, what’s wrong with your face?”
“I ran into an as***ole at the mall” she said.
“Richie?” I asked
“Nope, the idiot I was dancing with at the club when Richie c@m£ to cause a scene” Ally replied.
“Hmmm, why did you refer to him as an as***ole? Did he pester you today at the mall?”. I asked.
“Not really but I just hate his guts” Ally said.
“I think you’re being too harsh on this guy without even knowing him. Don’t make him suffer for what he knows nothing about” I said to her.
“I think I just lost my appetite”. She said and left the dining room angrily.
I glanced at her plate, she ba-rely t©uçhed it before flaring up.
I finished my meal in silence and washed the dishes. I knocked on Ally’s door but she refused to open it so I let her be. I know she would still come around.
I woke up early today cos we’re having an important pres£ntation today. We are launching a new product and different important personalities will be pres£nt. I quic-kly dressed up and I saw Ally in the kitchen ma-king coffee.
“Good morning dear” I greeted her.
“Good morning. I’m so sorry about last night. I shouldn’t have taken out my anger on you”. She said.
“No problem. I’m not angry but we’d continue this conversation later because I nee-d to be at work as soon as possible” I told her.
‘okay bye, see you in the evening” she said as I dashed out of the house
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I woke up feeling so hungry that I could eat a cow😁. I remember the last food I ate was yesterday’s breakfast. I didn’t have time to eat at work and I also skipped dinner because I didn’t like what Jess was saying. I would apologise to her when I see her this morning.
I did my morning rituals and then went into the kitchen to make myself a cu-p of coffee before I’d cook the breakfast.
I was ma-king the coffee when she c@m£ into the kitchen.
“Good morning dear” she greeted.
“Good morning. I’m so sorry about last night. I shouldn’t have taken out my anger on you”. I told her.
“No problem. I’m not angry but we’d continue this conversation later because I nee-d to be at work as soon as possible” Jess said.
“Okay bye, see you in the evening”. I said to her as she left the house.
There was no point in ma-king breakfast again since Jess alre-ady left for work.
I just drank my coffee and went to work.
I met Sandra and Grace alre-ady working on Mrs Smith’s dresses. I greeted them and I walked to a corner of the shop. I sat down and I was pressing my phone when we had a customer.
“Good morning”. I look up and it’s Mrs Robert.
“Good morning ma’am”. I greeted her. I gave her a chair to sit on.
“I nee-d some evening go-wns for my friend”. she said.
“Just a minute”. I said. I went over to where we normally keep the catalogues. I gave her three catalogues to choose from.
“I’m confused since I’m not the one that want to wear it. Maybe I should just call my friend” she said.
“Alright ma’am, incase she nee-ds to see the dresses I can s£nd it to her mail or to her WhatsApp”. I told Mrs Robert.
She stepped out of the shop to make the call and c@m£ in after some minutes.
“Allison can you plea-se come to my friend’s house. She said she wants to see it now and since you still have to take her measurements, you can as well do it now” Mrs Robert said.
“Okay ma’am, let me get some things and I’d be with you soon”. I told her. I went to my workroom and I took the necessary things I nee-d before I went with Mrs Robert. I alre-ady informed Grace and Sandra about my whereabouts in case anyone ask of me.
I took a ride in Mrs Robert’s car since I don’t know where we are going to. We arrived at the mansion after 30 minutes of driving. I marvelled at the mansion as we drive in. The security guards greeted Mrs Robert warmly while they waved at me. The people who own this house must be exceedingly rich I thought.
We both c@m£ out of the car and she led me into the house.
I stepped into the living room and I was still admiring the interiors when I heard footsteps coming from the staircase. I turned to see a woman in her early forties but with a lovely face coming into the room.
“Good afternoon ma’am” I greeted her
“Good afternoon. plea-se have your seat. I’m Sheila Cooper but you can just call me Sheila” she said stretching her well manicured hand at me for a handshake.
“I’m Allison Scott”. I replied. I must say that this woman is quite humble though. I gave her the catalogues to choose from it whichever styles she want.
“What can I offer you while you wait? ” she asked me.
“Water is fine”. I replied her. She turned to Mrs Robert “Sarah, do you care for some cookies?”
“Nope, I’m alright”. Mrs Robert said.
Mrs Cooper called out to a maid who brou-ght a glas-s of water for me.
I sipped my water quietly and pressed my phone while waiting for Mrs Cooper.
“I’ve decide on what I want” she said pointing to the styles she want. I marked the styles with a pencil and I brou-ght out my measurement book.
“I nee-d to take your measurements ma’am”
“Just call me Sheila” she said.
I took her measurements and I discussed the prices of the dresses with her and she agreed to pay the amount I mentioned.
I dropped my things in my bag and stood up to leave.
“Good bye Mrs Robert, good bye Mrs Cooper”. I said to them.
“Don’t go yet. Let me call my driver to drop you at your shop”. Mrs Cooper said.
I thanked her and turned to leave after she spoke with the driver.
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