Damaged episode 9


It has been a week since Ally arrived at my place. She wasn’t as pale as before but she wasn’t really improving either. I have to f0rç£ her to eat, use her med, etc. I tried talking to her about whatever happened to her ar Richie’s pleace but she was just not re-ady to talk and I couldn’t f0rç£ her so I let her be. I just hope she’d get well soon and return to the happy and carefree Ally I used to know.
“plea-se I nee-d water”. I heard Ally say. I was so surprised because she doesn’t talk again after what happened to her. I rushed to the kitchen and got her a glas-s of water. She gulped it down at once. Wow, she must have been really thirsty.
“Do you nee-d any other thing?” I asked her.
“No. I’m okay for now” she said.
Am glad she’s talking to me. It means she’s getting better.
I know Jess wants to know about the incident at Richie’s place. Well, I intend to tell her because she deserves to know. She has been there for me at my weakest moments. She’s the real definition of a true friend. Sometimes I don’t know what I’d do without her.
“I caught Richie on be-d with another lady” I finally dropped the bombshell. I could see that she was shocked and angry at the same time.
“What!!!. I wish I knew this was what happened that day. I swear that guy is not okay. After everything he did to you. No wonder he couldn’t even come to the hospital to check on you, he was busy with his who-res”. Jess said.
“Well, I’ve decide to move on with my life. I’m done crying over any man. No man is worth the stress” I told her. She shook her head negatively.
“No, because Richie is a son of a b***h does not make every man the same” Jess tried to convince me.
“You don’t know what you are talking about. I know you and Jeff are really crazy about each other and I really hope it stays that way forever but as for me I know all men to be sadistic and I’m not re-ady to have anything to do with them again.”. I replied Jess.
All my life I had been at the mercy of an abusive male. First, it was my dad and until recently Richie also. Well, all that is bygone. I’m done with the male species.
“I’m going to the shop tomorrow. Even if I’m not fit to sew clothes for now I just nee-d to go check how the things are going over there”. I told Jess.
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“You shouldn’t stress yourself. Why not wait till next week. You’d be stronger then. I don’t want you to hurt yourself again”. Jess said.
“I nee-d to go tomorrow and by the way, you’ve not been going to work since last week because of me. What if you’re not working for Jeff. Di you think your boss would grant you a leave of abs£nce when you are not the one that is sick”. I replied her.
“Probably not but still, I should be the one worrying about my job not you”. Jess said.
“I’ve alre-ady decide to go to work tomorrow and you can’t change my mind. I’m promising you that I won’t stress myself though” I told her.
“That’s my girl”. She said.
I got up from my chair and stretched myself. It’s been a week since I was last outdoor. I’ve missed the feel of the sun on my head. I nee-d to get prepared for work . I remember all my clothes were still at Richie’s place. As much as I don’t want to see the bas***d again, I know I’ve to go to his place to pack all my things. I’d be getting a new ap@rtment next week.
“Jess, can you follow me to Richie’s place? “. I asked.
“Huh? Whatever for?” She asked back. I could see she was shocked so I laughed at her expression.
“You really look funny right now. This expression doesn’t suit you. I’m not going there because I want to go but because I nee-d to pack all my stuffs from there”. I said to Jess.
“Wow, you almost gave me a heart attack at my tender age” she retorted.
“Tender age my foot” I replied clucking my ton-gue out at her 🥵. She threw a pillow at me and I also threw a pillow back at her. Before long we were both engaged in a pillow fight.
After a while, we were both p@n-ting like we p@rticipated in a marathon race. It has been long since I had this kind of fun. We both got dressed and we went to Richie’s place.
Richie Stone’s mansion🏘️🏘️🏘️🏘️
It’s so sad to revisit a place where you’ve been treated like nothing. I remember all the bad memories but I can’t dwell on them now. We stepped into the house and I took the lead while Jess followed behind me.
I have my spare key with me in case Richie isn’t around. I intend to return it to him once I’m done packing my things.
I told Jess to wait for me in the living room while I pack my things but she refused saying she want to help pack my things so I have to concede.
*in the be-droom*
Richie was sitting on the be-d doing something on his phone. He didn’t notice we were in the room until Jess cleared her throat and said
“Hey, we’re here to pack Allison’s things. You can go back to whatever who-re that happen to cross your path. If you value your life, stay far away from Ally unless you intend to spend the rest of your miserable life in Jail”. As Jess was speaking, I was watching the emotions on his face. He was shocked, speechless and almost looked repentant but I know that must have been my imagination cos the Richa-rd I know can never repent.
“I’m sorry for everything, Ally” Richie was saying but Jess cut him off.
“Shut that mouth of yours. We aren’t here to chat with you. Ally go gr-ab your things and let’s get out of here”.
In less than a hour, we finished packing and I re-moved the key from my bag. I threw it at him and said
“That’s your key. Don’t ever as-sume we know each other. When we meet again which I don’t pray ti happen, just ignore me”. I said and left with Jess.
Ever since Ally left my life I’ve been feeling somehow. I feel sad knowing I damaged her self esteem. I made her feel worthless and all she’d ever shown me was affection. I tried calling her immediately she left that day but it was all to no avail. I even called her number but she just wouldn’t pick up. I knew she had probably gone to her best friend’s place and I consoled myself with the thought that at least she’s in safe hands.
I’ve not been able to concentrate at work since Ally left. Secretly, I nursed a hope that she wouldn’t be able to live without me so I was half expecting her to come back to me and then I’d try to be the best man for her.
All that hope was shattered when she c@m£ with her friend to pack her things. I saw the resolved look on her face. She didn’t even listen to me when I tried to apologise. I must have hurt her more than I ever imagined. I hope she find someone who will love her back. I just wasn’t the person for her and I wish her best of luck in life.
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