Cruel intentions Episode 37 & 38

-Chapter Thirty Seven-
‘’Babe!’’ I exclaim, forcing a smile on my face.
He glances at the clock on the wall above the television.
‘’And where are you coming from?’’ he asks.
I sh0t him a questioning look, ‘’I thought I told you I went out for lunch.’’
‘’And I as-sume you have been eating from 13:00 till now?’’
‘’I am sorry for coming late babe, we had a lot to talk about, I lost track of time.’’
‘’And how was lunch?’’ he asks, he is unusually calm and that scares me a little.
‘’Lunch was okay, what time did you get home?’’
‘’A few minutes ago,’’ he smiles.
‘’Okay, what would you like to have for dinner?’’
‘’So you and Sonia had lunch just the two of you?’’ he asks ignoring my question.
‘’No, she invited some of her other friends.’’
‘’And how many where you in total?’’
‘’And what’s with all the questions?’’
He shrugs, ‘’I just want to know.’’
‘’We were five,’’ I respond.
‘’You didn’t answer my question about dinner.’’
‘’Food is the last thing on my mind.’’
‘’Where did you really go Wendy and plea-se don’t give me that bull$h!t about lunch with Sonia and her friends.’’
‘’But I was out for lunch,’’ I respond almost immediately.
‘’You are gonna stand in my face and lie?’’
‘’Babe I am dead serious, I was out for lunch with Sonia and the girls.’’
‘’You are sure?’’
‘’Babe, I swear, I was with Sonia and the girls this entire time.’’
‘’Okay. Just stand where you are,’’ he says.
Then he gr-abs his phone off the be-d and dials a number, the phone is on speaker.
‘’Hello,’’ a familiar voice comes on the phone a few moments later.
‘’Hey Sonia, how are you?’’ he asks.
‘’I am fine Jason how are you?’’
‘’I am doing fine thank you.’’
‘’Is there anything I can help you out with?’’ Sonia asks.
As I stand there listening to the conversation, my heart is beating so ha-rd I can ba-rely hear myself think. My palms are shaky and sweaty and there is this sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach that is ma-king me feel sick.
‘’I wanted to find out if my wife is still at your place, she told me she was heading out for lunch with you but she is not back home and I can’t get throu-gh to her phone.’’
‘’Oh, yes she was here for lunch but we lost track of time you know how girls are when they get together, she just left my house a minute ago, she should be home soon. And her phone battery died, she couldn’t charge it here because we had no power.’’
‘’Oh okay.’’
‘’I apologize on her behalf for coming late plea-se don’t be angry with her when she gets home.’’
He laughs, ‘’Why would I be angry with her if she was truly with you?’’ he asks while shooting me a serious look.
‘’Was just ma-king sure.’’
‘’I have to go now, thank you for having my wife over for lunch.’’
‘’You are welcome.’’
As he ends the call, a p@rt of me urges me to run for my life but I don’t, instead I stand still and look at him. Wordlessly, he stands and walks towards me.
‘’You were with Sonia and the girls huh?’’ he asks.
I choose to remain silent, what can I possibly say to vindicate myself. Right now my whole b©dy is shaking I am terrified of what Jason will do to me.
He steps closer closing the space between us. I close my eyes waiting for my fate.
‘’Where did you go?’’ he asks again in a soft voice.
The fact that he is still calm is scary as hell, Jason is always yelling when he is angry and from the expression on his face I can tell that he is beyond angry.
‘’Picture no sound?’’ he chuckles.
I am about to respond when my phone chooses that exact moment to ring.
‘’And I thought the phone was dead.’’
‘’I—uhm, well.’’
‘’Answer it and put it on speaker,’’ he says.
I pu-ll my phone from my bag and stare at the screen- its Mike calling.
‘’Answer it,’’ he says.
When I don’t make any effort to answer it, he gr-abs it from me and answers it, he makes sure to put the phone on speaker.
‘’Hey love, are you home yet?’’ Mike asks on the other end of the line.
Jason gives me a cold look that nearly knocks me off my feet and for second, his eyes continue to flash with anger. At that moment I just want the ground to swallow me.
‘’Hello are you there?’’ Mike asks.
Jason ends the call and smashes my phone against the wall. Desperate, I stomp to the door but Jason’s legs are longer and he catches up to me.
He gr-abs my hand and yanks it away from the door before I can open it.
Then he pins me against the wall, leaning closer he starts sniffing me.
‘’You sle-pt with him?’’ he asks
‘’No I didn’t,’’ I shake my head.
‘’Then why do you smell like S-x?’’ he asks in a disgusted tone, his face is ba-rely inches from mine.
‘’It’s not what you think it is,’’ I respond.
‘’Wendy! How could you allow another man to t©uçh you?’’ he asks.
His breath is rushing in and out of his nose.
‘’I didn’t—,’’
‘’How could you?’’ I cut her off before she can finish what she wants to say.
‘’How could you?’’ I yell.
My head is throbbing and my heart is beating fas-ter than usual. The thought of Wendy being with another man makes my blood boil I am trying so ha-rd to be calm.
‘’I thought I was enough.’’
‘’You are enough.’’
‘’How long have you been slee-ping with him?’’
‘’I didn’t sleep with me.’’
‘’And you are still denying the fact that you sle-pt with that fool who just called you?’’ I spit the words out, my anger getting the best of me.
‘’Jason just listen to me.’’
‘’I don’t have the time to listen to you.’’
‘’And since you are a who-re, I will show you tonight how who-res must be treated.’’
With that, I gr-ab her and toss her on the be-d before I rip her jeans free from her b©dy. She tries to lever of the be-d but I gr-ab her and hit her.
‘’Shut the fv¢k up.’’
I rip the shi-t off her b©dy before I re-move her br@ and p@n-ties leaving her n-ked.
‘’Jason!’’ she cries, ‘’don’t do this plea-se.’’
I sl@p her across her face, ha-rder this time ma-king her l!pbleed.
‘’I never knew you were such a loose woman Wendy!’’ I spit.
After that I take off my trou-sers and un-derwear, I climb on t©p of her, pene-trating her instantly. She tries to push me off but she can’t because I am stronger.
I begin to thrû-st ha-rd as I can and she starts to loudly cry.
‘’This is what happens to who-res,’’ I keep screaming.
‘’You are hurting me, plea-se st©p.’’
Her plea-s fall on deaf ears because I continue going fas-ter until I finally pu-ll out of her a few minutes later. When I roll off her and we stay in silence for a few minutes.
‘’You want to know the truth?’’ she asks breaking the silence.
‘’I cheated on you and I have no regrets about it,’’ she says.
‘’You still have the guts to talk?’’
‘Mike made me feel alive and he gave me the best S-x of my life. I don’t think I would have married you if I met him earlier,’’ she says.
I look at her as the anger begins to build up in me again. Her face is unre-adable.
‘’Shut up.’’
‘’Mike treasures me, he treats me with so much respect unlike you,’’ she goes on.
‘’St©p talking about him.’’
‘’Mike made me feel things I never thought were possible, oh that man is a skilled lover,’’ she smiles.
‘’St©p talking about him you bit-ch,’’ I yell before I jump on her and start to choke her. She doesn’t even fight me as I do that.
‘’You are trying to be strong huh?’’
I continue to choke her with one hand while punching her with my other fist until she loses consciousness.
-Chapter Thirty Eight-
Lillie awoke abruptly she sat up and looked around her, trying to figure out where she was. Her b©dy was trembling and her forehead was beaded with sweat.
When sighed in relief at the realization that she was in her room.
‘It was a nightmare,’’ she said out loud as she stretched and rolled out of be-d.
She looked out of the window and saw that it was dark outside she had sle-pt longer than she had anticipated but she was determined to go throu-gh with the plan.
Lillie hurriedly dressed before she stood in front of the mirror and pu-ll-ed her hair up before she tied it back with a ribbon. She was clad in a black jumper and tracksuit bottoms, on her feet were a pair of black sneakers.
After that, she opened one of her drawers and took out a gun before she put it in her pocket. Then she gr@bb£d a small bag and packed everything she nee-ded for the night, slinging it over her shoulder, she gr@bb£d her car keys and walked out of the house. She got into her car and started pla-ying soft music as she drove towards her destination.
Several hours later, she parked her car on the side of the road. Next she opened her bag, reaching in- she pu-ll-ed out a set of black gloves. She sli-pped on the gloves before pu-lling out a bottle of chloroform and a white cloth.
After she unscre-wed the cap from the bottle, she poured the liquid on the folded cloth, smiling, she stepped out of her car and walked towards the gate.
Lillie climbe-d over the fence and jumped in before heading for the door.
At the door, she knocked and waited. She knew Jason usually c@m£ here at night and Bee always opened the door without asking who it was.
Bee opened her eyes to a loud knock on her door she glanced at her clock and noticed that it was almost midnight. She knew the only person who could come to her house at such an ungodly hour was Jason but she didn’t want to see him.
She stayed quiet hoping that he’d go away but the pounding continued.
‘’He never gives up,’’ she said.
Then she slowly got up and made her way to the living room.
Lillie threw the door open expecting to see Jason but there was no one there.
‘’Jason,’’ she called out twice but there was no answer.
Confused, she turned to walk back into the house when someone gr@bb£d her from behind, before she could process what was happening, s cloth was pressed r0ûghly against her nose and she instantly lost consciousness.
When Lillie was sure that Bee had pas-sed out, she pu-ll-ed her into her living room and closed the door behind her back.
After that Lillie undressed Bee slowly until she was n-ked. pu-lling out a hvge knife from her bag, she thrû-st it de-ep into Bee’s abd0m£n.
As the blood spurted from Bee, Lillie bur-st into a fit of laughter, there was something about blood that excited her. She began to curse Bee and calling her names as she continued to as-sault her and by the time she was done, there was blood all over the walls and floors, Lillie too was covered in blood.
Satisfied with her work, Lillie re-moved a small paper from her bag and ticked off Bee’s name then she put her knife and cloth back in the bag.
She left Bee’s house and walked along the quiet streets towards her car. She got into her car and sat in it for a few minutes before she turned on the engine.
Lillie drove back home quietly, she was so calm and cool.
For Lillie, killing people was all fun and games, it made her happy.
This was something she had done before she had no regrets about it because every person she killed deserved it.
When she arrived home, she went straight into the bathroom and showered before she poured herself a glas-s of wine and sat down to enjoy her night. It was going to be a busy and exciting week for her because she still had to settle scores with Mike and Wendy, she didn’t know who to deal with first but the thought of having Mike watch as she killed Wendy excited her, she wanted Mike to go throu-gh the same pain her had put her throu-gh.
Wendy woke up to the sun glaring from the window, she had a headache and b©dy aches plus her throat was dry and painful. She sat upright as the events of the previous night c@m£ rushing throu-gh her mind, Jason had strangled her until she had lost consciousness she looked at the wall clock and noticed that it was 8’ o clock – she had been unconscious the whole night.
Jason walked in the room a minute later, seeing that his wife was alive, he breathed a sigh of relief and walked towards her, he had been up the entire night watching her and waiting for her to regain consciousness. Yes she had hurt him by slee-ping with another man but he didn’t want her to die, at least not yet.
‘’You are awake?’’ he tried to hold her hand but she yanked her hand away.
Wendy opened her mouth and tried to talk but it was ha-rd , her throat was so-re and it hurt.
‘’I will get you water,’’ he said as if re-ading her mind.
He walked out of the room and returned a minute later with a glas-s of water. Then he handed it to her and she ra-pidly drank the water before giving the cu-p back to him.
‘’How are you feeling?’’ he asked
She sh0t him a serious look but didn’t respond.
Jason was a monster she couldn’t even un-derstand how it had taken her this long to realize that. And now she wanted out, she was done with him.
‘’You messed up real bad,’’ he said.
‘’Are you gonna divorce me?’’ she asked, her voice was ba-rely audible.
‘’You want me to divorce you?’’ she asked.
‘’I think it would be best if we went our separate ways, we are too broken to be fixed.’’
He stood up and laughed, ‘’this was your plan all along?’’
‘’’Things happened, I didn’t plan this.’’
‘’Tell me about this Mike you have been slee-ping with,’’ he said.
‘’Are you gonna give me a divorce or not?’’ she asked.
‘’I will never let you go Wendy, you and I are meant to be and only death will do us p@rt.’’
‘’That is ridiculous.’’
‘’You want to know is,’’ he could finish his s£ntence because his phone rang.
He picked up his phone and answered.
It was Bee’s friend informing him that Bee had been attacked the previous night. He ended that call feeling a little disturbe-d. Then he turned to Wendy.
‘’I have to leave but I will be back,’’ he said. ‘’I have some men in the living room that will be watching over you when I am out, I have s£nt your friend Karen a message that you have resigned from work,’’ he added.
‘’You thought I would let you go out after what you did?’’
‘’You can’t keep me here as your prisoner.’’
‘’Watch me,’’ he said before he gr@bb£d his keys and marched out of the room.