Cruel intentions Episode 39 & 40

-Chapter Thirty Nine
‘’People try to break others when they are broken inside.’’
Wendy waited until she heard Jason’s car drive off before she jumped out of be-d and walked over to the door. Stepping out of the room, she closed the door behind her back. Then she nervously descended down the stairs and into the living room.
There were two men in the living room just like Jason had said.
The men were strong and well-built with broad shoulders, they didn’t look like they kind of men she wanted to mess with.
Wendy bec@m£ alarmed and her mouth went dry when she noticed that the men were carrying guns. She wondered who these men where and what they would do to her if she tried to escape. Paralyzed with fear, she walked into the kitchen and quic-kly filled a glas-s with water and drank it.
Afterwards, she leaned against the cabinet, inhaled de-eply and closed her eyes. She imagined herself as Mike’s wife, she saw herself living a happy life with a lot of children running up and about, she also saw herself advancing in her career and owning her own events company.
‘’Do you nee-d help with anything?’’
A voice startled her from her reverie and she instantly opened her eyes. It was Alex one of the men she had seen in the living room.
‘’No!’’ Wendy responded, her voice was ba-rely audible.
‘’Who are you?’’ The question flew out of her mouth before she could st©p it.
‘’My name is Alex and my friend is James,’’ he said.
‘’Okay and what are you doing here?’’
He laughed and she took a step back, his laugh was a shaky mess, it gave her goose bu-mps.
‘’I am sure you know why we are here.’’
‘’If you don’t have anything to do in here, you better go back to your room,’’ he said in cold tone. ‘’And plea-se don’t try to do anything stupid, we are trained to kill disobe-dient and cheating women.’’
‘’Okay,’’ she responded before she hurried back to her room and locked the door behind her back. That man had threatened to kill her, what had she gotten herself into, how would she get in t©uçh with her sister or Mike when her phone was broken beyond repair? Wendy paced back and forth trying to think of way to get out of the house and when nothing c@m£ to mind, she threw herself on the be-d.
She had to think of something before Jason c@m£ back home.
Jason pu-ll-ed up in front of the hospital he stepped out of the car and rushed for the entrance. When he walked in, he instantly sp©tted Bee’s friend Debr@.
Then he walked towards her and she saw him, she broke down in tears.
Jason held her for a few minutes until she st©pped crying.
‘’What happened?’’ he asked.
‘’Bee is dead,’’ she cried.
‘’I think she was attacked and stabbe-d to death by criminals. When I went there this morning to see her, her door was open and she was lying in a pool of blood.’’
‘’Who could have done such a terrible thing?’’ Jason asked.
‘’I don’t know but the police were informed, they will be investigating the matter.’’
‘’I want to see her.’’
‘’You are sure?’’
Jason and Debr@ went to the doctor’s office and asked if they could see Bee’s b©dy. After the doctor authorized them, Jason and Debr@ were led to the morgue.
‘’You are sure about this?’’ Debr@ asked when they got to the door.
Jason took a de-ep breath, ‘’Yes.’’
They walked in and a man in a white lab coat pointed towards Bee’s b©dy.
Jason walked closer then he swallowed a sob and lifted the cloth off the b©dy.
When he saw Bee’s b©dy, his gut rolled inside like a churning river and he took a de-ep breath. He could tell that Bee had been stabbe-d several times.
‘’Oh Bee!’’ He exclaimed as tears fell down his face.
How could someone be this cruel? As he stared at her for a few more minutes, he suddenly felt sick and he didn’t want to be there anymore so he walked out.
Yes he had his own differences with Bee but he would never have wished her such terrible and cruel ending. After he left the hospital, Jason drove to the police station.
The Next day,
Vee walked into her office and sat down at her desk that morning. As she turned on the computer, she dialed Wendy’s office line but it went unanswered.
Shaking her head, she dialed Karen’s line, Karen picked up the phone immediately.
‘’Good morning Karen,’’ she said.
‘’Morning madam.’’
‘’Has Wendy reported for work alre-ady? I was calling her office line and no one picked.’’
‘’Wendy didn’t say anything to you?’’ Karen asked, surprised that Wendy had resigned without informing their boss.
‘’Tell me what?’’
‘’She s£nt me some messages this morning that she won’t be working here anymore due to some personal reasons and she has alre-ady emailed me her resignation letter.’’
‘’A resignation letter?’’
‘’I don’t know anything about that.’’
‘’I thought you were aware.’’
‘ No I didn’t, anyway you can get back to work and plea-se forward that resignation letter to me.’’
A series of thoughts went throu-gh Vee’s mind as she re-ad the resignation letter. Nothing made s-en-se at that moment and she wanted to get to the bo-ttomof the matter. Vee then dialed Wendy’s number but it took her straight to voicemail. Frustrated she decided to call her brother.
‘’Sis!’’ Mike answered immediately.
‘’Wendy has resigned do you know anything about this?’’
‘’No I don’t.’’
‘’Have you spoken to her today?’’ she asked.
‘’No I haven’t but the last time I saw her she didn’t mention anything about resigning.’’
‘’This is confusing and we have an event coming up, how could she do this to me?’’
‘’I will try and get in t©uçh with her again.’’
‘’Okay, let me know if you hear anything from her.’’
‘’Bye,’’ she cut the call and made a mental note to visit Wendy at her house if she didn’t hear anything by the end of the day.
Mike had called Wendy several times the past two days but his calls went straight to voicemail. He had also s£nt her a couple of messages but none were returned.
He was worried about her and a number of things were rushing throu-gh his mind as he tried to think of a reason why she had gone mute on him.
Maybe she had regrets about what they had done and now she didn’t want to have anything to do with him.
He tried her number again and after trying a few times with no luck, he put his phone on the table and focused on work. Though he could ha-rd ly concentrate, he wanted to see Wendy, he wanted to be sure if she was okay but how would he see her? With the kind of husband she had, he couldn’t go to her house.
Jason exhaled.
‘’I nee-d to find a way to get to her,’’ he said out loud.
-Chapter Forty-
5PM, Vee picked her bag, walked out of the office and headed towards the entrance then she walked out to her car. She sat in her car and dialed Mike’s number she wanted to find out if Mike had heard anything from Wendy.
‘’Sis!’’ Mike answered almost immediately.
‘’Hey, I just wanted to find out if you have heard anything from Wendy.’’
‘’No I haven’t, I have been trying her number the whole day but I keep getting the same response, I am really worried about her, it’s unlike her to be this quiet.’’
‘’I was about to head home but I think I will drive to her house first,’’ she said.
‘’Keep me upd@t£d, I will be heading home soon.’’
‘’Sure,’’ she ended the call and started the car.
On the way to Wendy’s house, a mixture of thoughts ran throu-gh Vee’s mind, she couldn’t un-derstand why Wendy had decided to resign at a time like this, when they were working on one of the company’s major events.
Maybe someone had said something to offend her or maybe she wasn’t happy with the conditions at the company but couldn’t she have spoken out?
After a couple of minutes’ drive, she arrived at Wendy’s house. Stepping out of the car, Vee made her way to the entrance and she knocked on the door. She waited for a couple of minutes but got no answer. She knocked again and again.
After what seemed like forever, Jason finally opened the door.
‘’Yes?’’ he asked, eyeing Vee from head to toe.
‘’I am looking for Wendy,’’ said Vee.
‘’And who are you?’’
‘’I am her boss.’’
‘’I thought my wife resigned from your company, what do you want from her?’’
‘’I just wanted to speak to her for a few minutes.’’
‘’Can I talk to her plea-se?’’
‘’I am sorry you won’t be able to see or talk to her for now.’’
‘’She doesn’t want to see you so plea-se leave.’’
‘’I would appreciate you left my house,’’ Jason said in a serious tone.
‘’Okay I will leave but plea-se tell Wendy to get in t©uçh with me as soon as she—,’’
‘’Leave,’’ he cut her off before he walked back in and slammed the door in her face.
Vee stood, there, unmoving for a few minutes before she walked out.
‘’Your stupid boss was here,’’ Jason said when he walked back into their room.
‘’And what did you tell her?’’ she asked.
‘’I told her you didn’t want to see her.’’
‘’Why are you doing this?’’ she asked’
‘’I am just protecting what’s mine,’’ he smiled.
‘’You have to let me go,’’ she pleaded.
‘’I love you too much to see you in the hands of another man.’’
‘’You call this love?’’ she asked.
Wendy’s hands were tied to the head of the be-d while her legs were tied to the be-d post. She had been put in this position by Jason’s men.
‘’I love you in my own special way,’’ he said.
‘’You are sick Jason.’’
He bur-st out laughing, ‘’you could be right.’’
‘’Someone will find me here and if they do, you will be arrested.’’
‘’And that is supposed to make me tremble in fear?’’
‘’Your days are numbered.’’
‘’You are beginning to sound like a broken record, enough with the threats.’’
‘’Just wait and see.’’
‘’What do you want to eat for supper?’’ he asked.
‘’I don’t want to eat.’’
‘’I am going to prepare some food for us and by the time I am done, you had better be re-ady to eat or else all hell will break loose.’’
‘’I hate you.’’
He leaned forward and k!$$£d her forehead, ‘’I love you a lot,’’ he whispered.
And with that he walked out of the room.
Vee got home to find Mike preparing their dinner she kicked off her shoes and placed her bag on the table before she joined him in the kitchen.
‘’Hello,’’ he said.
‘’Hey you, how was work?’’
‘’Work was okay can’t complain, did you manage to see Wendy?’’
‘’No I didn’t, that j£rk of her husband didn’t allow me to.’’
‘’But did he at least tell you why she quit?’’
‘’No he didn’t, he slammed the door in my face before I finished talking to him.’’
‘’He sure has an attitude.’’
‘’I wonder what Wendy saw in that arrogant man.’’
‘’Love is blind.’’
‘’I guess so.’’
‘’I will keep on trying her phone but I don’t hear anything from her in two days, I will report her missing,’’ he said.
‘’That will be calling for trouble.’’
‘’Just wait and see.’’
‘’Be careful.’’
‘’I will go and freshen up as you finish cooking.’’
Jason was feeding Wendy when his phone rang he ignored it for the first few tones because he was doing something important and whoever was calling could wait.
When he was done a few minutes later, he picked up his phone and found missed calls from Sharon. When he called her back, it wasn’t her voice that greeted him.
Shock held him captive as he heard the news. Shock made him sink to his knees as he thought about the twins. Sharon had been found dead in her ap@rtment.
She had been found hanging from her n£¢k in her room.
‘’What happened?’’ Wendy asked.
‘’Sharon killed herself,’’ he said.
‘’What? How? When? What happened?’’
‘’I can’t answer any of those questions now,’’ he responded.
‘’I am sorry for your loss.’’
He stood up and gr@bb£d his car keys, ‘’I have to go and see my sister and the twins. I nee-d to tell them about what happened,’’ he said.
‘’Can I come with you?’’ Wendy asked.
‘’No! I don’t trust you enough to untie you right now.’’
‘’You expect me to remain like this until you get back.’’
‘’Bu–,’’ she ba-rely opened her mouth before he stuffed a cloth in her mouth. Then he got out, hurried around to his car and got in.
As he drove to Julia’s place, his mind was running wild he couldn’t un-derstand what was happening around him. Was it a coincidence that both Bee and Sharon were dead or maybe someone was trying to get to him? He didn’t believe that Sharon had killed herself, Sharon was so full of life and the last time he was with her, she seemed happy and excited for her upcoming wedding.
The thought of someone killing his mistress and baby mama to get throu-gh to him gave him shivers, he couldn’t even think of one single person who could do such.
Still de-ep in thoughts, Jason attem-pted to make a turn when he suddenly lost control of the car. The car slid off the road and rolled over before finally hitting into a pole.