Cruel intentions Episode 35 & 36

-Chapter Thirty Five-
Two Weeks later,
Saturday afternoon, I find myself sitting on the couch staring at the ph0togra-phs that are la-id upon my table. I have been busy the last few weeks, trying to get as much information as I can get on Wendy’s husband and to say that I am happy with what I managed to find out is an un-derstatement. I am thri-lled and I can’t wait to get started with my plan. There’s nothing that makes me feel as powerful as seeking retribution from the people who have done me wrong.
I don’t believe in waiting for Karma because Karma sometimes forgets certain addresses, I love to settle scores my own way. As a child, I went throu-gh so much pain I was abused both emotionally and physically by people who were supposed to protect me. And when I confided in people hoping to get some sort of help, they told me to forgive and let it go but I couldn’t.
The pain continued to haunt me and eventually it bec@m£ my driving f0rç£. And when I grew up I had to find a way of coping when someone caused me pain.
So I started using revenge as a way of taking back control.
I believe I am a good person, yes I am not perfect but I think I deserve to be happy.
I took a risk when I created that tinder account, all I nee-ded was someone that could just love me and see past my flaws. When I found Mike I thought I had arrived.
That man made me feel comfortable, he made me feel good about myself and I opened up to him and decided to give us a chance.
I was certain he wasn’t going to hurt me. But they are all the same these men are trash- Mike, David, Jason they are all the same.
And speaking of Jason, I am still in awe of the information I managed to find out about him, that man is the worst of them all, he deserves a medal in cheating.
I think now I un-derstand why Wendy is cheating on that man even though I will not let her off the hook that easily, she should have chos£n someone else to cheat with.
Currently I have ph0tos of different women that Jason has been slee-ping with but I am mostly interested in Bee and Sharon.
I am certain that these two know that Jason is a married man and yet they choose to be with him anyway, I hate women like that and just staring at them infuriates me.
After spending a few more minutes plotting and planning, i decide to take a shower and take a nap. I nee-d to have enough rest before putting my plan in motion.
It’s been two weeks alre-ady and Mike and I seem to be getting closer by the day. And I thought by now I would have given up on the idea of wanting to be with another man but I feel more determined now more than ever.
Ever since Jason got back from his little trip three days after we argued I s-en-sed a rift between us and we have become more and more distant from each other.
We go for work in the morning everyday come back home, eat and head to be-d, we really have nothing much to talk about.
Sometimes he spends hours talking on his phone at night, he hasn’t even t©uçhed me or initiated S-x for the past two weeks, that’s unlike him, I have no doubt Jason is cheating on me, I haven’t confronted him yet because I don’t want to be beaten. But I will try to investigate this matter and see if I can find out something.
Anyway, it’s a Saturday afternoon and I just stepped out of the shower a few minutes ago, I am going throu-gh my closet for an outfit suitable for today.
Mike invited me over to his place for lunch and a movie, Vee is out of town so we are safe. I told Mike I am having lunch with Sonia and Lucy and he didn’t seem bothered. I think he is going out too because he is taking a shower.
After a few minutes I settle for skinny jeans, a bu-tton down yellow blouse and sandals for my feet. Jason walks out of the bathroom as I pack my stuff in my bag. He eyes me from head to toe but says nothing.
‘’I will be heading out now,’’ I say once I am done.
‘’Okay. Have fun.’’
‘’Thank you.’’
Slinging my bag over my shoulder I walk out.
I get into my car and drive to Mike’s house, I am so excited about spending an entire afternoon with Mike, it’s crazy but I feel like I have known Mike my whole life.
pu-lling up in front of his house, I step out of the house and head for the door.
Taking a de-ep breath, I press the doorbell the door opens a few minutes later greeting me with a whiff of Mike’s cologne.
‘’You look good,’’ he smiles at me before lightly k!ss!ngmyl-ips.
‘’Thank you.’’
‘’Come in,’’ he opens the door wi-der.
He closes the door as soon as I step in before leading me towards the living room.
‘’plea-se feel at home, lunch will be served shortly,’’ he hands me the remote.
‘’Okay,’’ I sit down and place my bag on the couch.
‘’Should I get you anything to drink?’’
‘’I wouldn’t mind a glas-s of wine.’’
He disappears into the kitchen and returns a minute later with a bottle of wine and two glas-ses. He opens the bottle and pours some wine for me before handing the glas-s to me.
‘’Thank you.’’
He walks back to the kitchen and i start drinking my wine. After a few sips, the wine relaxes my b©dy and all the tension leaves me then I re-move my shoes and l@yon the couch.
After Wendy leaves, I finish getting dressed and drive to Rose’s house.
So the night I left Bee’s house, I drove to the nearest club in search for a woman I could spend a night with and that’s where I met Rose.
Rose and I had a few drinks before we drove to her house. I spent three days with her before going back home to my wife, Rose and I have been talking and I think like her, she is just the perfect person I nee-d to replace Bee with.
I am tired of Bee’s tantrums, as far as we are concerned that woman is dead to me.
I drive to Rose’s house while thinking of Wendy, there’s definitely something going on with her- I can feel it even though I can’t yet place my f!nger on it.
Wendy has become so distant she ha-rd ly has time for me these days.
I have seen how she puts so much effort in doing her makeup and getting dressed these days as if she is trying to impress someone.
Plus she spends more time on her phone than usual especially when she thinks I am not looking. I haven’t said anything because I am still observing her.
I talked to Jacey about this and she hinted that Wendy could be cheating.
I laughed about it because I don’t think Wendy could double cross me.
I finally get to Rose’s house a couple of minutes later and she is all dressed up.
‘’Hey,’’ she squeals with excitement when she sees me.
‘’Hey, you look beautiful.’’
‘’Thank you.’’
I love how the dress she is wearing molds her b©dy.
‘’Shall we?’’
We get into my car and I drive towards our direction.
I am taking Rose shopping today, I just feel like spoiling her like I do with my women. When we get to the mall, I find an empty sp©t and park my car before we step out. We are holding hands and walking towards the shops when i noticed Sonia a distance away from us, she was talking to a man while leaning next to a car.
‘’Are you okay?’’ Rose asks.
‘’You look like you have seen a ghost.’’
‘’I nee-d to make a call.’’
I pu-ll-ed out my phone from my pocket and dialed Wendy’s number, the phone started ringing and she picked up a few seconds later.
‘’Hey babe,’’ I said.
‘’Just checking up on you, have you met up with Sonia yet?’’
‘’Yes we have, she is actually preparing lunch right now.’’
‘’Oh, you are at house?’’
‘’Okay I thought you guys were dinning from that little Italian restaurant in town, that’s where the boys and I are headed to for lunch.’’
‘’Oh no, we decided to just have lunch from home today.’’
‘’Okay, enjoy yourselves.’’
‘’What happened?’’ Rose asked.
‘’I don’t feel like shopping anymore, I think we should go.’’
‘’I hate to be questioned, let’s leave.’’
‘’I will walk back to my car and drive off, you will have to find a way back home on your own.’’
‘’Fine,’’ she whined before she followed me back to the car.
Chapter Thirty Six-
‘’All cheaters make a thousand excuses to convince themselves that they did the right thing. There is no excuse for cheating, if you are not happy leave.’’
After ending the call with Jason, I texted Sonia and told her to cover me up incase Jason decided to call her. I must say I found Jason’s call a bit strange.
Jason doesn’t really like Sonia and most of my friends, i doubt his story of wanting to check up on us well maybe he is just keeping tabs on me.
‘’You are okay?’’ Mike asks when he walks back into the living room later.
He makes his way to the couch and kneels down beside me.
Then he holds my hand, ‘’Have I told you how beautiful you look today?’’
I smile at him, ‘’you have told me that countless times.’’
‘’Then I will keep on saying it.’’
Then he leans over and to k!ssmy forehead but I reach for him & pu-ll his head to mine. And without saying anything, I begin k!ss!nghim ha-rd on the mouth.
We k!$$£d for a couple of minutes, the intensity of our pas-sion increasing until he finally breaks the k!ssand rushes to the kitchen to check on what he was cooking.
‘’I hope you didn’t burn the food,’’ I said.
‘’No I didn’t.’’
‘’You are trying to distract me,’’ he accuses.
I smile as I pour myself another glas-s of wine then I follow him to the kitchen so I can watch him cook. He is in front of the stove, stirring into a pot.
I lean against the counter as he finishes cooking. And when he is done, he sets the table and fixes us plates of food.
And then we sit at the table and quietly eat, Mike is unusually quiet for my liking his mind seems to be obviously occu-pied with different thoughts.
‘’You are a good cook, this food is tasty,’’ I say breaking the silence.
‘’Thank you.’’
‘’You have been too quiet,’’ I say, taking a sip of wine.
‘’There’s something I have been meaning to ask you.’’
He looks at me intently for a moment before he closes his eyes and then he opens them again after a few minutes. I look at him and wonder what is bothering him.
‘’You can tell me anything,’’ I say before I reach for his hand and squee-ze it.
‘’You said last time that Jason can never agree to give you a divorce.’’
‘’I have been thinking.’’
‘’What if we elope?’’
I blink at him, ‘’Elope?’’
He nods, ‘’Jason would kill us.’’
‘’He would never be able to find us.’’
‘’Jason has his ways, I wouldn’t want to risk your life like that.’’
‘’So you want to stay married to him?’’
‘’I made a vow before God and our families, till death do us p@rt remember?’’
‘’Forget about the vows and think about you want.’’
‘’I don’t know.’’
‘’I like you a lot and I think what we have is special, I am not willing to let you go and I don’t want to be sneaking around like this anymore.’’
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‘’We shall figure something out eventually just give me time,’’ I say.
After we finish eating, I clear the table and wash the dishes while he cleans the kitchen. Then we head back to the living room to watch a movie.
The movie starts and I can see that he is glued to it, my mind however won’t let me rest -it keeps wandering. The idea of eloping with another man has never crossed my mind until now. I don’t think it’s something that I would do.
And thinking about it just now makes me realize that this thing with Mike will not go anywhere, I shouldn’t have even let things come this far.
I think it’s about time I let him go but before that, I have to do one thing.
Without giving it a second thought, I stand up and start undressing.
First I unZi-p my jeans and let them slid down my legs before stepping out of them.
‘’What are you doing?’’ he asks.
Ignoring him, I re-moved my blouse, ex-posing my br@. Then I reached behind and un-hooked my br@, shrugging it off my shoulders, I let it fall to the floor.
Mike’s eyes wi-de-ned in shock, ‘’Damn,’’ he swallowed ha-rd .
Next I re-moved my un-derwear and stood completely n-ked in from of him.
‘’Mike I want you to make love to me,’’ I stepped up to him.
‘’Wh—what,’’ Mike stammered.
‘’Make love to me, plea-se,’’ I plead.
‘’Are you sure?’’ he asks.
‘’Yes, I have never been more sure of anything in my entire life,’’ I quietly respond.
‘’Fine,’’ he stands up and pu-lls me to him before he softly k!ssmyl-ips.
Then he led me to his room and made me sleep on his be-d.
When he was completely n-ked, bu-tterflies engulfed every p@rt of my b©dy ma-king me feel light headed and nervous.
I know if Jason finds out about this I will be dead but so be it, I am taking the risk, I don’t want to die without ever knowing the plea-sure of being with another man.
He got on t©p of me and k!$$£d myl-ips pas-sionately as he moved his hands down my n£¢k and my brea-sts. When he finally slid himself into me, I wra-pped my legs around him ti-ghtly and allowed myself to be consumed by the moment.
As he continued to fill me, low m0@n s escaped myl-ips this was more than I had expected it to be.
I am sitting on the couch in our be-droom, a bottle of beer in my hands. I have a series of thoughts going throu-gh my mind I am mad, confused and angry.
Right now I feel like I can kill someone.
After leaving the mall, I drove Rose to her house before driving back home.
I have been here since that time and it’s getting dark outside but Wendy is nowhere to be seen. I haven’t tried to call her again because I want to see what time she will get here. When she gets here, I want her to look at me in the eye and tell me why she lied to me about going for lunch with Sonia.
And who goes for lunch and spends the entire day out, I hope my suspicions are not correct because my heart is boiling with rage and I don’t think I can control myself.
After that intense loving ma-king, Mike and I must have fallen asleep because the next time I open my eyes, it’s alre-ady dark outside.
‘’Oh my God,’’ I jump out of be-d and pick my clothes.
‘’What?’’ Mike wakes up.
‘’We oversle-pt.’’
‘’I know right.’’
I quic-kly get dressed and he gets dressed too.
‘’I nee-d to rush home, I hope Jason is still out with his boys,’’ I say.
‘’I hope so too.’’
He gr-abs my bag and walks me outside to my car.
‘’Thank you for today,’’ I say.
‘’I hope you will think about what I said.’’
‘’I will,’’ I lie, after today I have no intentions of seeing Mike again.
‘’Bye,’’ I said before I got into my car.
When I arrived home, I didn’t see his car in the driveway. I breathed a sigh of relief as I stepped out of my car and walked to the door.
I entered the house and closed the door behind me before climbing the stairs to my room. When I entered the be-droom, I turned on the light, I almost screamed when I saw Jason sitting on the couch, I had not expected to find here.
What was he doing sitting in the dark?