-Chapter Twenty Nine –




When we finish eating our dinner, we have chocolate ice cream for dessert.

After that we pay the bill and leave the restaurant.

As usual, Jason opens the car door for me and when I am settled in, he walks round to his side and gets in. He turns the engine on and drives out.

‘’Thanks for tonight, dinner was perfect,’’ I say.

‘’I am glad you liked it,’’ he says with a hint of amusement in his voice.

‘It felt like back in the days when we were young,’’ I laugh.

‘’Yes it did.’’

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‘’How are the twins?’’ I ask

‘’They are fine, they are at Julia’s house though.’’


‘’So, when are you going to come back home, it’s not the same without you.’’

‘’I don’t know if coming back home is a good idea.’’

‘’I am working towards being a better man, please forgive me & come back home.’’

‘’Give me time to think about it.’’

‘’Okay, take as much time as possible, I will be waiting for you.’’


A couple of minutes later, he pulls up into my driveway then he exits the car, walks round to the passenger side. Then he opens the door and helps me out of the car.

‘’I don’t want this night to end,’’ he says while holding on to my hand


‘’You want to come in so we could watch a movie?’’ I ask.

‘’I would love that.’’


We walk towards the front door, then I unlock it and we enter.

I know Nita is not yet home yet, she sent me a text while we were at dinner, she said she will be here a bit late, I shouldn’t wait up for her.

‘’Do you want anything to drink?’’ I ask

‘’Water would do,’’ he says.


‘’Water?’’ I give him a questioning look, Jason hardly drinks water, I was expecting him to ask for a beer or a glass of wine.

‘’I am trying to stay off the bottle,’’ he responds as if reading my mind.

‘’Impressive,’’ I respond before heading to the kitchen to get him his water.

When I walk back into the living room a few minutes later, the TV is already on and he is checking through the channels for a movie we can watch.

I hand him his water before I head to my room to change.

I undress and change into my pajamas before I join him in the living room.

‘’Come and sit here,’’ he says.

‘’Okay,’’ I walk towards him and sit right next to him.

‘’What are we watching?’’

‘’Someone great,’’ he responds.


The movie looked interesting though Jason and I paid little attention to it as we chatted away. I poured my heart out and he listened without interrupting.

By the end of the movie, we were in better terms and Jason asked me if he could accompany me to church the next day.

‘’You can come to church with me tomorrow,’’ I smiled.

‘’Thank you.’’

‘’You are welcome.’’

‘’I guess this is where we say goodbye,’’ he said.


Standing up, we both looked at each other, then his hands came to my face and he cupped my cheeks in his hands.

‘’I love you,’’ he said touching his forehead to mine.

I remained silent.

‘’I know I have been a jerk but I need you to promise me something,’’ he said.

‘’I am all ears.’’

‘’Promise me you will always remember that I love you no matter what happens between us and I always have your best interest at heart.’’

‘’I promise.’’

‘’That’s not all I needed to hear.’’

Then he leaned in and kissed me slowly on my lips

‘’Jason, no,’’ I whispered as I tried to resist him.


‘Don’t push me away,’’ he murmured huskily against my lips as he deepened the kiss, I know this wasn’t supposed to happen but what did I have to lose, he was my husband after all, I kissed him back and allowed myself to get lost in the moment.

He kissed me so passionately for several minutes until I was breathless with desire.

And then he suddenly pulled away.

‘’I think I need to go now while I still have the strength to leave.’’

‘’You don’t have to go,’’ the words flew out of my mouth before I could stop them.

‘’You are sure?’’ he asked.


She led him to her room, shutting the door behind them.

In the bedroom, he undressed me before he undressed himself. And then we made love passionately and as usual my body still responded to his.


After we made love, we took a shower together before we decided to sleep.

I awoke the next morning to Nita knocking on my bedroom door I must have been so tired last night, I didn’t hear her when she got home.
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Yawning silently, I eased myself slowly from the bed because I didn’t want to disturb Jason who was still peacefully sleeping.

I unlocked the door and stepped out, closing it gently behind my back.

‘’Since when do we lock doors in here?’’ she asked.

‘’Morning to you too,’’ I rolled my eyes.

‘’Why did you lock your door and why are you closing it now?’’ she asked.

‘’I need some privacy,’’ I responded.

‘’Are you serious?’’

‘’How was your kitchen party?’’ I asked. ‘’And what time did you get home?’’

‘’The kitchen party was amazing, I got home a few minutes past midnight and since your light was turned off, I figured you were asleep, I didn’t want to disturb you.’’


‘’Aren’t we going to church?’’ she asked.

‘’We are, you go to your room and get ready while I go back to mine.’’

She gave me a questioning look, ‘’is there anything you want to tell me?’’

‘’Like what?’’ I snapped.

‘’I don’t know, you are acting a little too strange.’’

I shook my head, ‘’you are always suspicious of me.’’

‘’I want something from your room, can you move away from the door?’’

‘’I don’t want you in my room.’’


‘’I just don’t want you in there.’’

‘’Who do you have in there?’’

‘’None of your business.’’

She laughed, ‘’I hope it’s not what I am thinking.’’

‘’I am not in your head I wouldn’t know what you are thinking.’’

‘’Not after everything he has put you through,’’ she said.

‘’What are you talking about?’’

‘’Babe!’’ Jason called out before Nita could respond.

‘’I knew it,’’ she said.

‘’You wouldn’t understand,’’ I responded.

‘’Babe,’’ he called again.

‘’I am coming,’’ I replied.

‘’Are you being for real?’’ she asked.

‘’Stop being judgmental.’’


‘’I am not being judgmental, why can’t you use your head for once, that man will never change, the sooner you realize the better for you.’’

‘’I am old enough to make my own decisions.’’

‘’Fine, go back to him like you always do, pack your things and go and play wifey as always but you must know that I won’t be here anymore when he fucks you up.’’

‘’Fine, I don’t need you.’’

‘’Go then,’’ she yells.

‘’I am leaving,’’ I respond before I walk back into my room

‘’Is everything okay?’’ Jason asked


‘’Get dressed, we are leaving.’’

‘’What do you mean?’’

‘’I am coming back home.’’


‘’Yes babe.’’

‘’This is the best news I have heard in weeks,’’ he says.

‘’I hope I don’t regret this decision.’’

‘’I promise you I will be the best husband ever.’’

‘’I will hold you to that promise,’’ I respond before I start packing my bags.

-Chapter Thirty-

I grabbed my bag and packed my clothes, toiletries and everything I had come with.

A few minutes later, Jason and I left the house.

Nita and I didn’t exchange any words as I walked out of the house.

Everything had been said, there was nothing left to say.

Jason got into his car and I got into mine, we both started our cars at the same time. Jason drove out first and I drove right behind him until we got home.

I pulled up next to him almost an hour later then we both got out of our cars and walked into the house. When we entered the house, I looked around and noticed how dirty it was, everything was a mess, the floor was thick with dust and dirt as though it had not been swept for days.

I gave Jason a quizzical look, ‘’what happened to Jane?’’ I asked.

‘’I gave her some days off since the twins are not here.’’

‘’And when is Sharon getting the twins?’’ I asked.

‘’You don’t them here?’’ he asked.


‘’That’s not what I said.’’

‘’What are you saying?’’

‘’You know what, don’t mind me, I think church can wait, I need to clean this place.’’

‘’You are sure?’’



I went upstairs to the bedroom to the change. The bedroom was a mess too, the bed was unmade & clothes were scattered across the floor.

I looked at the mess and suddenly felt hot with rage, what sort of a man can’t honestly be responsible enough to make the bed and put his dirty laundry in the washing basket?

I changed what I was wearing into a t-shirt and some leggings before I started making the bed I changed the beddings and replaced them with clean and fresh ones. Jason walked into the room when I was picking up his clothes.

He undressed, threw his clothes on the bed and walked towards the bathroom.

‘’Is it so hard for you to put your dirty clothes in the right place?’’ I asked.

He turned and looked at me, ‘’ what do you think?’’

‘’It’s not fair that I should always pick up after you,’’ I said.

‘’You are the wife and I am the husband.’’


‘’I am lord over you,’’ he responded.

‘’And then we are back to square one?’’ I rolled my eyes.


‘’It hasn’t even been twenty four hours and you are already picking up a fight with me?’’ he said, shooting me an accusing look.

‘’Fine, you go and bath,’’ I said.


He walked into the bathroom and slammed the door behind his back.

I started cleaning the house after that, I started with the bedroom and then the living room. When Jason finished bathing, he grabbed his keys and left the house, he said he was going to get some food because he was starving.

It took me about three hours to thoroughly clean the entire house, by the time I was done, I was exhausted so I took a shower and decided to sleep as I waited for Jason to get back.



Mike broke up with me yesterday and I was almost tempted to attack him for hurting me like he did but I decided to play it cool, I needed time to gather my thoughts and plan my come back. Mike not only broke my heart but he took a part of me that can never be returned. Mike will pay dearly for wasting my time and hurting me.

I woke up quiet early today and packed my stuff because I am moving out of this place to somewhere different.

After what happened with Mike I think I need to be in a new environment.

‘’Thank you for letting me stay here,’’ I handed the keys to the owner of the apartment. I called her last night and told her I was moving out.

‘’Thank you for being a good tenant,’’ she said.

We shared a quick hug before I said my goodbyes and walked out.

I made my way to my car and loaded it up then I took one last glance at the house. I got into my car after that, starting the engine, I pulled into the main road and turned up the radio. Two hours later, I pulled up in the driveway of my new house. This time around I had chosen a house in a quiet neighborhood in the outskirts of town.

I parked my car and stepped out before I walked towards the front door then I unlocked it and entered the house, everything was as I had imagined.

I spent the next two hours unpacking and settling in.

After that I slept. When I woke up a couple of hours later, I got in the shower before pulling on some shorts with a sweatshirt then I walked into the kitchen and made myself something to eat.

When I was done eating, I turned the television on and grabbed my phone. Then I looked Wendy up on Facebook, it wasn’t hard to find her because she was friends with Mike. I went through her photos and was struck that she had such a handsome husband yet she was busy running after my man.

So Wendy works with Vee, I am sure that this was all Vee’s doing, that woman didn’t like me from the start, by the time I am done with her, she won’t know what hit her. After going through Wendy’s profile I went through her husband’s profile, I jotted down what I wanted before I logged off.



Having slept longer than I had intended too, I awoke with a start.

Sitting upright, I grabbed my ringing phone and answered it.

‘’Hello!’’ I yawned.

‘’Wendy!’’ Mike said. He was the last person I had expected to hear from.


‘’Are you okay?’’

‘’Yes, tsup.’’

‘’I have been trying to get through to you on my line but I can’t get through that’s why I am using Julia’s phone.’’


‘’Did you block me or something?’’ he asked.

‘’Yes,’’ I responded, I was in no mood to play games with him.



‘’I don’t want to deal with any sort of drama.’’

‘’What is that supposed to mean?’’

‘’Let me make it clear to you,’’ I said.

‘’I am all ears.’’

‘Don’t call or text me if it’s not work related, I am a married woman and my husband won’t take it lightly that I have male friends pestering me.’’

‘’Is that so?’’


‘’I am glad we are on the same page, I —,’’

He cut the call before I could finish my sentence.

‘’’And who was that?’’ Jason asked, I had not even noticed him standing at the door.

‘’No one important,’’ I said as I got out of the bed.

‘’You are sure?’’ he gave me a questioning look.


‘’Okay. I got you some food, I figured you would be too tired to eat.’’

‘’Thank you, that’s so thoughtful of you.’’

‘’You are welcome.’’




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