-Chapter Twenty Seven-




I leave that café and drive straight home. When I finally get home I delete Mike’s messages before i block and blacklist his number from my phone.


I will not have any relationship with Mike outside work.

I have never been this embarrassed my whole life I hope no one recorded what happened at the café or else that will cause me more problems for me.

Imagine what Jason would do if he found out I was being accused for going out with someone else’s boyfriend, all hell would break loose not just for me but Mike too.

I wish Lillie could have politely asked me about my relationship with Mike before jumping to conclusions like she did. My relationship with Mike is purely business and I consider him a friend because he shared some personal stuff with me.


He actually told me about his late girlfriend Sarah and nothing about Lillie. I have not even once entertained the idea of being with someone else while being married to another.

After resting and relaxing for several minutes, I change into some comfortable clothes then I head outside to check on the clothes I washed in the morning.

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I take the clothes off the line and walk back into the house I will try and be productive by ironing these clothes, I am sure Nita is gonna be surprised when she finds I have ironed the clothes. I hate ironing, I usually do the washing and she does the ironing.

Placing the clothes on the couch, I set up the ironing board, turn on the radio and start ironing.



When I called Wendy and asked her to meet up with me, I just wanted to have a word with her, woman to woman I didn’t want to cause a scene or to cry.

But when I looked at her and saw how beautiful she looks, my anger spiraled.

I always get angry even when I don’t want to especially when I stop taking my medicine and if I didn’t leave that place I would have attacked her.

I wasn’t always like this, I used to be sweet and nice but life fucked me up and now I am a mess, I don’t like to be taken advantage of. Mike made a commitment to be with me, I will not allow him to play with me. I hope Wendy stays away from him because I don’t give empty threats, things could get pretty badly for her.


When I left home earlier this morning, I left Mike in bed I told him I was meeting up a friend for breakfast. I hope he hasn’t left then house because I want to spend some time with him. I feel more relaxed now after taking a few deep breaths and drinking some water.

After driving for several minutes, I pull up in front of the house, step out of the car and head for the front door, the door is slightly open so I push it wider and walk in. As I walk towards the living room I can hear Mike and his sister talking.

Instead of announcing my presence I stand behind the door and listen to their conversation, hoping they aren’t talking about me.

‘’So what are you gonna do?’’ His sister asks

‘’I don’t know but Lillie behaves in a weird way. I told her I didn’t want us to move in together next I find her in this house and she has changed everything.’’

‘’But who gave her the keys?’’ she asks

‘’I don’t know.’’

‘’You should sit her down and tell her how you feel about all this.’’


‘’I think I will do just that and if she can’t respect my decisions then we are better off ending this relationship, I don’t even love her after all,’’ he says.

‘’What?’’ My heart pounds in my throat and I feel my palms begin to sweat.

Suddenly my anger roars to life and it throws through every part of my body.

Without thinking, I open the drawer and grab a knife.

‘’Lillie! Is that you?’’ Mike asks

‘’Yes,’’ I respond walking into the living room.

His sister looks up at me and then she notices the knife in my hands.


‘’What’s that for?’’ she asks.

‘’So you don’t even love me?’’ I ask Mike in calm voice.

‘’What are you talking about?’’ he asks.

‘’I heard your little talk with your sister.’’

‘’Put that knife down,’’ Vee says.

‘’You better shut up,’’ I respond.

Mike stands and walks towards me, ‘’you really have to put that knife down.’’

‘’You don’t love me?’’ I ask again.

‘’I like you, I think I have been truthful with you from the beginning.’’

‘’So you want to end this relationship?’’

‘’You want the truth?’’ he asks


‘’Yes,’’ I respond.

‘’Your behavior is weird, I don’t think I want to spend the rest of my life with someone like you,’’ he says.

‘’So you made me fall for you for nothing?’’

‘’Put that knife down,’’ he says.

‘’No!’’ I yell

He inches closer to me, ‘’Please put the knife down and let’s talk like civilized individuals.’’

‘’I don’t want to,’’ I yell waving the knife in his face.

He tries to reach for the knife but when he does, I raise the knife and charge at him burying it into his arm and he groans in pain.

‘’Mike!’’ His sister yells.

‘’What have you done?’’ he asks as blood trickles down his arm to the floor.

‘’I am sorry,’’ I say before I pull the knife out of his arm and he screams on top of his head.

‘’OMG! What have I done?’’ i scream

‘’You are crazy,’’ his sister says.

‘Don’t you call me that,’’ I yell.

‘’I think we have to get you to the hospital but first let me bandage your arm first,’’ Vee says.

‘’I didn’t mean to do,’’ I plead.


‘’Please leave my house,’’ he says, his voice barely audible I can see he is in a lot of pain.

‘’Leave!’’ his sister yells after she is done bandaging his arm.


I quickly rush out of the house and get into my car before driving out. I know I messed up in there but I hope he forgives me and takes me back.

‘’I didn’t mean to hurt him, I love him, I don’t hurt the people I love,’’ I say to myself over and over again.

‘’You are a monster,’’ my inner voice responds.

‘’No I am not,’’ I yell.

‘’Remember what you did to David and Lucia,’’ the voice whispers.

‘’David pushed me to my limits.’’

‘’And Lucia? She was just a little girl.’’

‘’I had to get back at David using Lucia she was his weakness, leave me alone I yell.’’

‘’’Monster! Monster! Monster!’’ the song rings in my head.

‘’I am not a monster,’’ I cry out before bringing my car to a sudden stop, almost causing a crash. The cars behind me hit their horns and yell at me as they drive past my car. I silently sit in my car for a few minutes as tears stream down my face.


-Chapter Twenty Eight-


Several minutes later when my crying subsides, I calm myself down and wipe my face with the back of my hand then I drive myself straight to my house.

When I reach home, I get out of the car and head into the house.

Then I kick my shoes off, grab myself a beer and throw myself on the couch.

Depressed, I drown my sorrows in beer.

I shouldn’t have gotten myself involved with Mike in the first place, maybe I should have stayed off relationships for life but I was so lonely and I needed someone to be with. Mike is the first man I have been since David.

I honestly thought Mike was different but he turned out to be worse.

Even though David cheated and was almost leaving me at least he loved me. Mike however led me yet he had no intention of being with me.


I am willing to look past what I heard him say to his sister if only he humbles himself and asks me forgiveness. I know I shouldn’t have stabbed him but he got me angry, I am sure he has learnt his lesson, now he will know how to treat me.

After almost finishing all the contents in my bottle, I begin to feel lightheaded.

I know I have had enough but I can’t seem to stop, alcohol helps me cope.

When I finally finish the whole bottle, I grab my phone and dial her number.

I know she asked me not to call her again but I can’t help it.

The phone rings thrice and just when I am about to give up, she picks up.

‘’What?’’ she asks

‘’You are not happy to talk to me?’’

‘’You know you shouldn’t call me.’’

‘’’But you always pick my calls, why not ignore them or better yet block my number?’’

‘’I worry about you and your stupid ass,’’ she says.



‘’What do you want?’’

‘’I stabbed Mike in his arm,’’ I laugh.

‘’What?’’ she asks. ‘’And why are you laughing? Are you drunk?’’

‘’I am not drunk but I have been drinking.’’

‘’OMG Lillie! Is Mike dead?’’

‘’No, he isn’t.’’

‘’Thank God,’’ she breaths.

‘’I overheard him telling his sister that he doesn’t love me and he wants to dump.’’

‘’You should have just left him than stabbing him I am sure he now thinks you are crazy.’’

‘’I like him,’’ I cry.

‘’You should learn to control yourself, if history repeats itself I might not bail you out,’’ she says.

‘’What should I do?’’

‘’Forget Mike and start taking your medications, please,’’ she pleads.



‘’Please Lillie just forget about him and don’t do anything stupid. He is not worth it.’’


‘’I will call you later to check up on you,’’ She hangs up.

After that phone call, I cry some more. I feel like screaming, so I do.

I feel so much better after screaming so I stand up and head to my room where and throw myself on the bed before I close my eyes and wait for sleep.


I still can’t believe that Lillie stabbed my arm that woman is crazy and I am so done with her and nothing she says will make me take her back. And I am never dating any one from Tinder ever again, seems most of these online women are mentally unstable.


Vee drove me to the hospital after Lillie left i was treated and released because the injury wasn’t serious. Vee and I are currently driving to Lillie’s house, I am taking back all her belongings, i don’t want to ever see her in my house.

‘’I hope she doesn’t try to do anything silly,’’ Vee says as she pulls up in front of Lillie’s gate.

‘’I hope so.’’

We carry her suitcases and walk to the door. At the door we knock twice and wait. When the door opens, Lillie is standing there in a white bathrobe, she has a surprise look on her face.

‘’Hey!’’ she says. ‘’I wasn’t expecting you.’’

‘’I know.’’


‘’Do come in,’’ she opens the door wide.

‘’Oh no, this won’t even take a minute, we just brought your stuff,’’ I say.

‘’Oh,’’ she exclaims.

‘’I am sure after what happened, it’s clear that you and I are not compatible.’’

‘’I see,’’ she responds.

‘’It was good while it lasted, I wish you happiness.’’

She smiles, ‘’I wish you happiness too, I hope you meet someone humble and calm.’’

‘’Thank you.’’

She gets the suitcases and pushes them into the house.

‘’I am really sorry for what happened earlier today,’’ she says.

‘’That is in the past I have forgiven you.’’

‘’Friends?’’ she extends her hand to mine.

‘’Friends,’’ I shake her hand firmly.

After that we say our goodbyes and she walks back into the house slamming the door behind her back while we head back to the car.

‘’That ended better than I thought it would,’’ Vee says.

‘’I know right,’’ I laugh.


We get into her car and she drives off.

‘’Have you talked to Wendy today?’’ I ask Vee.

‘’No, why?’’

‘’We were chatting on whatsapp this morning and then she went quiet. I haven’t been able to get through to her since then.’’

‘’Maybe it’s the network.’’

‘’I doubt, it looks like she has blocked me.’’

‘’Why would she do that? You are her client or did you say anything inappropriate to her?’’

‘’Not that I know of.’’

‘’You should try and call her on my phone.’’

‘’Will do just that.’’


‘’And please maintain a business relationship with Wendy, her husband isn’t someone you would want to cross paths with.’’

‘’It’s not like I said I want to date her.’’

‘’I know, I am just telling you to be careful, Wendy is nice and sweet but let’s not forget she is still a married woman.’’


She laughs, ‘’that okay is suspicious,’’ she says.

‘’Awe Vee, leave me alone I have been through a lot today.’’



I am sitting on the bed texting on my phone when a knock sounds at the door. I already know who is at the door so I grab my bag and head out, sure enough it is Jason.

‘’Hey!’’ he says.


‘’Hey,’’ I respond.

‘’These are for you,’’ he hands me a bouquet of flowers.

‘’Thank you,’’ I smile.

‘’You are welcome.’’

‘’I will just put these in water.’’


I head to the kitchen and grab a vase then I fill it with water before I place the flowers in it. After that I head back outside.

‘’Shall we?’’ he asks


He leads me to his car and opens the door for me, I slid into my seat and he walks around to the other side, once he is fully settled in, he drives off.

The drive to the restaurant is quiet except for the song playing on the radio.


We arrive at the restaurant almost an hour later, stepping out of the car we walk in and take a seat. The waiter walks over to our table a minute later and takes our orders. Surprisingly, Jason allows me to choose what I want to eat.

‘’So!’’ we say at the same time.

He smiles, ‘’you first,’’ he says.

‘’No you go first.’’

‘’How are you?’’ he asks.

‘’I am fine. How are you?’’

‘’I managing, I would be lying if I say I am fine.’’

‘’What’s wrong?’’

‘’I miss you a lot and the house feels empty without you.’’

‘’How’s your counseling going?’’

‘’It’s hard,’’ he responds.

‘’Take it a day at a time.’’


‘’I am doing just that.’’

The waiter walks back to our table with our order. And we instantly start eating.

‘’I need you to come back home,’’ he says as we eat.

I look up at him, ‘’you caused my miscarriage,’’ I say.

‘’And I am really sorry, I didn’t mean to do, I don’t want to become like my father, I need your help, I want to be a better man for you and our kids.’’

‘’What assurance do I have that you will treat me better when I come back?’’

‘’Just trust me.’’

‘’I have trusted you along, see where we are now.’’

‘’Give us a second chance and if mess up this time around then you are free to walk out and I will not stop you,’’ he pleads.

‘’Let’s finish eating the food is gonna be cold.’’

He looks at me as if he wants to say something but nothing comes out of his mouth.

I squeeze his arm tightly and smile at him, ‘’Eat up.’’

He nods his head and continues eating.




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