Cruel intentions Episode 31

-Chapter Thirty one-
Monday morning, I stood in front of the mirror scrutinizing myself. I was wearing a grey suit with a white shi-t un-derneath it and on my feet were a pair of white heels. My hair was brushed and tied back in a ponytail.
I didn’t apply a lot of makeup on my face, just the basics.
Jason was downstairs preparing breakfast for us apparently he woke up on the right side of the be-d today. He actually woke up before me, cleaned the kitchen and ironed both our clothes. This is the first time that this has happened ever since we got married, I guess people do change.
‘’Babe, breakfast is re-ady,’’ he called.
‘’I am coming,’’ I responded taking one final look at my face.
I gr@bb£d my stuff and joined Jason in the dining room he had alre-ady set up the table and dished up for me.
‘’You look beautiful,’’ he said.
‘’Thank you babe,’’ I responded before I sat down.
We ate our breakfast in silence as usual. I cleared the table and washed the dishes after breakfast. Then I gathered my phone, bag and car keys.
‘’I will drive you to work this morning,’’ he said.
‘’I have clients to meet outside the office,’’ I responded.
‘’What time?’’
‘’I will have to check my schedule for the day.’’
‘’I will drive you to work and if you nee-d to go anywhere just call me and I will s£nd someone to pick you up, he will drive you wherever you want to go.’’
‘’Okay,’’ I responded, I didn’t want to start an argument this early.
‘’That’s better,’’ he said as we walked out of the house and got into his car.
On our way for work, we talked about my upcoming birthday which was a month away he asked me what I wanted from him for my birthday.
‘’I wouldn’t mind taking a mini vacation during my birthday week,’’ I said.
‘’Consider it done,’’ he responded.
‘’Thank you babe,’’ I smiled
He pu-ll-ed up in front of my work place an hour later.
He k!$$£d me lightly on myl-ips before I got out of the car.
I walked into my office and sat down at my desk before I started sorting out the papers on my desk.
‘’Morning,’’ Karen walked in fifteen minutes later.
‘’Morning,’’ I said back.
‘’Had a great weekend?’’ she asked.
‘’Tell me about it.’’
I rolled my eyes, ‘’Why are you interested in my affairs.’’
She shrugged, ‘’I just want to know what you were up to?’’
‘’My husband took me out.’’
‘’Mmmmmm, tell me more,’’ she laughed.
‘’I will tell you about it later.’’
‘’Okay, I am heading out, I have a meeting with a client.’’
‘’All the best.’’
‘’Thank you babe.’’
She walked out and I started responding to my emails.
My office door creaked open a several minutes later and Mike walked in.
He re-moved his jacket and took a seat in a chair away from my table.
‘’Hello,’’ he said.
‘’What are you doing here?’’
‘’I am here to see you.’’
‘’About the engagement?’’ I asked.
‘’What did I do wrong? I thought we were getting along just fine.’’
‘’Like I said, I went back to my husband’s house and he doesn’t like it when I have male friends.’’
‘’And why did you go back?’’
I laughed, ‘’what sort of question is that?’’
‘’I thought you were taking some time off.’’
‘’And I did take some time off, I am back home now.’’
‘’I just wanted us to be friends.’’
‘’Your girlfriend humiliated me the other day,’’ I said.
‘’What girlfriend?’’
‘’Oh $h!t!’’ he cursed. ‘’Lillie is crazy I had no idea she followed you but anyway you don’t nee-d to worry about her anymore, we broke up.’’
‘’So can we be friends again?’’
‘’My husband doesn’t allow me to have male friends.’’
‘’St©p bringing your husband in this.’’
I shook my head, ‘’what do you want from me Mike?’’
‘’I want us to be friends.’’
‘’I will think about it,’’ I responded, I wanted him to leave so I could get back to work.
‘’Do you remember what my last text was to you on whatsapp?’’
‘’You have to leave,’’ I said.
I rose to my feet and he did the same.
‘’I told you that you reminded me of someone,’’ he said as he walked towards me.
Standing in front of me, he cu-mpped my face in his hands and made me look into his eyes. His eyes were filled with love and warmth.
‘’Everything about you reminds me of Sarah,’’ he said.
‘’You are as fragile as she was and I just feel obligated to protect you.’’
‘’I am someone’s wife.’’
‘’I just want us to be frie—,’’
As he talked my gaze settled on hisl-ips and for a minute there I wondered how it would feel if he k!$$£d me. I have never k!$$£d anyone aside from Jason, he was my first, I have always been curious about what it would be like to k!sssomeone else.
To see if another pair ofl-ips would taste different.
‘’Wendy!’’ he ca-ressed my cheek.
‘’Did you hear what I just said?’’
‘’What did you say?’’ I asked, startled.
He moved his face closer to mine and I froze.
‘’You deserve the world,’’ he whispered before he pressed hisl-ips on mine.
And then he k!$$£d me, I didn’t respond at first but eventually I gave in.
Reaching around his n£¢k, I melted into his mouth.
He k!$$£d me intensely I couldn’t remember being k!$$£d like that before. His k!ssmade me feel like a de-sired woman, which was new for me.
We continued k!ss!nguntil my phone rang.
Getting back to my s-en-ses, I pu-ll-ed back.
‘’You nee-d to leave,’’ I said.
He let out a long h0t breath, ‘’won’t you answer that?’’
‘’plea-se leave,’’ I pointed at the door.
‘’I am sorry,’’ he said.
‘’Just leave.’’
He k!$$£d my forehead, gr@bb£d his jacket and walked out.
I stood still for a few minutes, ignoring my ringing phone, my thoughts were hazy, I couldn’t believe what had just happened.
I walked out of Wendy’s office and headed to Vee’s office.
She was on phone when I walked in, so I gr@bb£d myself some water from her fridge and sat down. When I walked into Wendy’s office, I only wanted us to talk I don’t know how I got carried away and ended up k!ss!ngher.
‘’Tsup?’’ Vee asked when she got off the phone.
‘’I k!$$£d Wendy,’’ I said.
‘’What?’’ her eyes wi-de-ned in shock.
‘’I don’t know what happened, I couldn’t control myself.’’
‘’She is a married woman Mike.’’
‘’I know.’’
‘’You should stay away from her.’’
‘’I know.’’
‘’I am serious, I don’t want trouble with her husband.’’
‘’I have to leave now,’’ I stood up.
‘’I will see you ate lunch.’’
‘’Cool,’’ I said before walking out.