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Crazy orphan episode 5 & 6

Crazy orphan 🙆🌺
(His weakness)
Written by Aishat kemisola (Three star)
Don’t copy or repost ❎❎❎❎
Episode 5
Authoress p.o.v
Xander was confused. “what’s this two crazy people up too he thought… enough of this madness, why are you guys laughing like a phychatrict patient Xander asked.
“Your just drank your p@nties water brother” Andrew said smiling.
“you must be joking” Xander replied.
“this is not a joke brother it’s reality”Andrew replied.
“ugly” Xander called.
but Alora Doesn’t stop laughing.
“hey are you cr*zy, don’t you know am calling” you Xander said.
“am sorry sir I never knew you are calling me, cause you called ugly, and my name is not ugly, my name is Alora” Alora replied.
“what did you put inside my tea” Xander asked.
“hmmm your tea Alora pretend as if she doesn’t know what Xander is talking about”.
“don’t play dumb with me young woman” xander yelled angrily.
“Actually I…. hmmm. ahh, I actually” Alora stuttered. “talk louder young lady” Xander yelled angrily.
“sir I think you have to calm down so you won’t have heart attack” Alora said.
“I said what did you add in my tea” Xander yelled.
“sir you know I don’t like lieing” Alora said scratching the back of her head.
“what does that got to do with my question” Xander gr0@n.
“I will tell you just calm down, is just that I add just a little, a mean a little of your p@nties water to the tea to make, I think sugar is not good for your health, I thought and thought of what could make the tea more sweeter that’s why I add small of your p@nties water inside the tea”. Alora said
“what!!!!! how dare you” Xander shouted.
“sir stop shouting you know if you shout from today till tomorrow I won’t be afraid of you just calm down cause shouting isn’t good for your health” Alora said.
“Marko Lock that door no one is going out, of this house” Xander said and ran to the bathroom to vomit,
“Brother if you vomit from today to tommorow you can’t undrink the water”Andrew said.
“just keep quiet this shows you can kill me” Xander shouted Angrily.
“me who told you I can kill you, you only drank your p@nties water not poison.
moreover the p@nties is yours not mine” Andrew replied.
“just keep quiet, am driving you out of my house today and I mean it” Xander said.
“and Andrew burst onto laughter, you can’t do that”Andrew replied.
“Hello Marko come inside I need you to bundle someone out of my house, but don’t allow that crazy woman in the sitting room to run away Xander said on the phone.
“you think I don’t know you’re not calling anyone Andrew said.
“sir am here” Marko said.
“Carry this guy out of my house” Xander said.
“What !!!! don’t mind my brother he is joking you can leave” Andrew said.
“did I look like a joke to you carry him right now” Xander yelled.
“am sorry sir but I have to do this” Marko said and Carry Andrew, “drop me right away” Andrew yelled.
“am sorry sir I can’t drop you” Marko replied.
“brother this is not over, I will come back for you, before I go,let me tell you I love you Andrew said b!0wing him a klzz.
I hate you too Xander yelled.
“Hello I need two cops from your station, I need you guys to arrest one idiot for me” Xander said.
“you guys should leave me alone” Alora said struggling with the cops”
“madam you need to corporate with us” one of the cops said.
“I didn’t do anything wrong Alora said struggling to get free from the cops.
“Hi honey did you missed me” Mrs Cole Xander mother said to her husband.
“your wish Mr Cole said.
“God can you see the unromantic husband you gave me, instead of you to say, baby darling, sugar I missed you, I can stay a day without you, you’re here saying my wish” Mrs Cole mimick.
“since you don’t missed me I will make you missed me by force”
Mrs Cole said tickling her husband.
“honey stop it, you went out few minutes ago and you expect me to Miss you” Mr Cole said between laughter.
“just admit you missed me and I will let you rest” Mrs Cole said.
” fine I missed you” Mr Cole said raising up his hand in the air.
Mrs Cole leave him and started dancing dramatically
, “I have the best husband in the world” she said.
“Andrew walked into her parents house pretending to be angry”,
“my darling, how are you doing, what happen to you, how is Xander Mrs Cole asked his son and Mr Cole scoff.
“honey is this the right time for you to scoff” Mrs Cole asked.
“you are talking as it if you don’t know your son, what have you done this time” Mr Cole asked.
“I didn’t do anything but Xander was p@ssing his anger on me” Andrew said.
“what really happened dear” Mrs Cole asked.
“it’s was a lady that was frustrating his life” Andrew said.
“A lady please tell me more about it Mrs Cole said and adjust her sitting position.
“Andrew explained everything including the tea part”.
Mrs Cole burst into laughter rolling on the ground.
“what’s funny and why are guys laughing” Mr Cole asked.
“you mean these is not funny Mrs Cole asked.
“not at all is arrant nons£nse” Mr Cole said.
“that’s what’s I don’t like about you, you always take life too serious Mrs Cole said.
“mum Xander is just like father can’t someone have fun again” Andrew said.
“come son tell me the full gist” Mrs Cole said.
“I wish my son’s marry someone like me” Mrs Cole said.
“what!!!! someone like you ,do you want to kill my son’s” Mr Cole exclaimed.
“I really wish to meet that lady. maybe we go there tommorow” Mrs Cole said.
“mum Xander have arrested her” Andrew replied.
“what why did he do that” Mrs Cole asked
Episode 6
Authoress pov
“madam, what did you do to Mr Xander”? the cops boss asked.
“can you imagine these man that call himself a cop asking me foolish question why don’t you asked the person that told you to arrest me what’s my offence” Alora yelled.
“hey shut up another cop said. ooooooo who borrow you this cloth of yours you can’t see is oversized you looks like those security man that have suffered alot.
oh sorry I will tell that idiot, that told you guys to arrest me to transferring some money into your account” Alora said laughing.
“lock her behind bar” their Boss ordered. “lock who behind bar… did he asked you to lock me up, he can’t say that, he only asked you guys to arrest me so I can come to play with you guys and all of you start behaving like I offended you” Alora said. “I said lock up her their Boss yelled.
“ouch she shout holding her stomach. “I knew you are trying to fool us, so quite the pretence” the cops boss said.
“ouch, does this looks like am fooling you guys. I want to make use of the toilet” Alora shouted.
take her to the toilet” the boss ordered. “sir the toilet is under construction” the cop said yeah, Alora knew the toilet is faulty she heard two of the cops talking about it earlier, that’s why she pretended.
“oh shit what did you want me to do now” Alora yelled pretending to be in pain. thank her to the backyard their Boss said and Alora smile secretly to herself.
she looked around the back of the station liking the fact that theirs a fence there. she could easily run away in the process.
“Excuse me are you going to follow me to the bush” Alora asked the cop that have been following her.
“nope I think I will wait here for you, since there’s no way for you to escape” the cop said and Alora smile to herself. she walked into the bush, Alora look back and discovered The cop isn’t watching, she started running toward the fence.
she jump over the fence and as fast as her leg could carry her. she saw a moving truck and jump into it.
the cop waited for thirty minutes, and he was very worried, worried is an understatement, he is afraid.
he went into the bush to look for Alora but he didn’t see her, “where did she went to” he said looking around.
he saw a leg of sl!pper on the ground near the fence he move closer to it and see it’s Alora sl!pper.
“am in trouble what am I going to tell my boss now he said and went back inside the station to report the current situation to his boss”.
“how did you do it what did very want me to tell Mr Xander now” he yelled. his phone rang, is Mr Xander what did you want me to tell him now” he said and picked the call.
“hello how is that crazy woman doing in your cell hope she’s is not disturbing you guys” Xander asked.
“hmm actually sir one of my boys took her out to used the toilet but she ran away”.
“what!!! how could you guys allow her escape are you guys that dumb that you could allow her escape, you must find her between now and the next four hours, I repeat four hours” Xander said and hang up.
“how are you doing my son” Mrs Cole said walking into Xander living room.
“chairs what’s mum doing here I don’t have her strength” Xander muttered. “I heard that” Mrs Cole said.
“am also here brother” Andrew said. “mum what are you doing here with this son of yours” Xander said.
“Xanders you mean I can’t come into my son house anytime and your brother I can’t believe it, did you forget I carry and birthed you for nine months later” Mrs Cole said cleaning an imaginary tears.
“mum you can have your sit before continue with your cry”. Xander said. “I haven’t seen the girl since, where is she” Mrs Cole asked.
“Alora get down from the truck when she get to front of Xander house, she saw pepsy trying to knock at the gate”.
pepsy she shouted, Alora pepsy said and they hugged each other. “where are coming from with one leg of sl!pper” Pepsy asked.
you can’t believe that idiot arrested me” Alora said. “really but for what reason Pepsy asked.
“I Add a little bit of his p@nties water inside his tea” Alora said. “wait….. you mean you add his p@nties water inside his tea” pepsy asked laughing.
“that’s funny and crazy girl, “you deserve more than what he did to you” pepsy said. “pepsy you need to get going, I want to show that fool who the boss is” Alora said.
“fine make sure you call me, so I can knew you are fine”Pepsy said and peck her cheeks.
“you think you can arrest me. Alora said. sisi her Younger brother said and ran to hug her. “how are you doing my big boy” Alora said.
am doing great” Bryan replied her. “And who’s this beautiful lady Mrs Cole asked. “mum that’s my partner she’s back” Andrew said excited.
“such a beauty” Mrs Cole said. “good evening ma Alora greet Mrs Cole politely. “good evening my darling” Mrs Cole replied “mum where did you see beauty ? this girl is very ugly” Xander said.
“oh I see you guys will make a good couples. I think m son have found his perfect match. the only thing that’s remaining is to choose marriage date” Mrs Cole said smiling.
“God forbid I can never get married to this ¢0¢kroaches face” Alora said. Mrs Cole and Andrew burst out laughing.


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