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Crazy orphan episode 3 & 4

Crazy orphan 🙆🌺
( His weakness)
Written by Aishat kemisola (Three stars)
Don’t copy or repost ❌❌❌❌
Episode 3
Alora p.o.v
“Am not surprised I knew something like this will happen.
cause this is what most Arrongant rich men does.
I pray I didn’t see him again cause if I do, he will regret ever knowing me.
I went out of the restaurant to take a cab. a car drove roughly to my side.
are you blind i yelled.
two hefty men came out of the car and bundle me like a bag rice to there car.
let me go I yelled. kicking them,
but this fools are far stronger than me.
they put me inside there car and drove off.
where are you taking me to I yelled.
“relax young lady and stop stressing yourself,
you can keep your stress till we get there, the strongest among this idiots that kidnap me Said.
“just keep quiet, who s£nt you guys to kidnap me I asked and they just smile.
you guys think it’s funny right.
you better tell me who s£nt you before I……..
“before you do what?
they asked still smiling, young lady you will know who s£nt us when you get there they said again.
thank goodness am with my weapon I said to myself.
we drove and drove until I lost count of time..
I didn’t Know where they’re talking me to, hope they’re not going to kill me I thought.
anyway I should be strong,
I shouldn’t let them knew am scared.
I was still deep in my thought that I didn’t knew we are there.
the guys came down and drag me from the car.
you guys should take it easy on me.
you guys didn’t have respect for woman I said again.
“which planet are you from the tough looking among them asked.
“why did you ask I asked him.
“cause you’re not scared.
you don’t know if we are going to kill you he said.
“look I believe if am going down one of you is going with me I replied.
I take time to admire the building,
it’s very beautiful,
I haven’t seen a building as beautiful as this before.
Authoress P.o.v
“Xander close his laptop and get into his car and the driver drove off.
he was surprised to see his bedroom door opened.
what’s happening here, who’s inside my room he said.
he enter his room and was surprised to see his brother Andrew sleeping on his bed.
Andrew Xander shouted angrily.
“why are you shouting as if you saw a ghost Andrew replied him stretching his back.
“what are you doing in my house and my room to be precise Xander asked.
“your house? is this your house Andrew asked looking around the room.
oh am sorry I don’t even know when I got here Andrew said.
“Andrew am not in the mood to play what are you doing in my room and I thought you have a show Xander asked.
“yeah I cancelled it.
and am sure it’s none of your business cause you don’t love me Andrew said cleaning imaginary tears.
Xander scoff.
“who told you I don’t love you Xander asked.
“your actions, why did you shout when you saw me in your room.
your house and your room is not if beautiful as mine, am just managing it.
you supposed to thank or pay me for sleeping in your room Andrew said.
“why should I pay you Xander asked.
“cause am a superstar Andrew replied.
“you’re a superstar to your fans not me Xander replied.
“Hmm this room is always smelling sperm Andrew said.
“Andrew you need to get going Xander said.
“but why am not leaving any time soon.
cause I will travel for a concert next week,
I will spent a month there, so I want to use this week with you, so I won’t missed you Andrew said.
suit yourself Xander said angrily and walked into the bathroom.
“I love you too Andrew replied b!0wing him a klzz.
crazy fellow Xander replied.
“I heard that, am coming into the bathroom to check the size of your d!¢k.
I knew mine will be bigger and longer, cause your d!¢k will be short due to how you used it on every women you came across Andrew said.
“l knew this brother of mine is up to something. Andrew thought.
“boss the lady is inside the dark room one of Xander guards said.
that’s nice bring her to me Xander said and sit on a chair like a king.
they brought Alora out shortly after.
see who we have here Xander said with a grin.
wow I never knew this is the idiot that ask you fools to kidnap me Alora said.
how dare you call me a fool.
watch your tongue Xander said.
“what if I don’t watch my tongue Alora asked.
“I will cut it for you Xander replied.
Alora burst into laughter.
“are you crazy?
why are you laughing Xander asked.
“why did you kidnap me?
oh I have forgotten you’re a fool and a coward Alora said.
Xander growl angrily.
Alora move closer to him and kick his ball auch Xander gr0@n in pain and Andrew burst out laughing in his hidden place.
“tie her she has gone mad Xander shouted and the guard move closer to her.
but Alora Is far smarter than them.
she brought out her chilling pepper from her pocket and spray it in the guards eye’s and they keep shouting in pain.
she move closer to Xander and he stand up immediately.
Alora move closer to him and he move back till his back hit the wall.
how dare you kidnap me she said throwing punches to his face par par,
Leave me alone, Xander keep shouting in pain.
Andrew can’t hold the laughter anymore.
he came out of his hidden place and started rolling on the floor laughing.
Alora turned back to look who’s laughing.
she was surprised to see her favorite musician.
“Oppa she shouted happily.
“how are you doing my super hero, Andrew said Still laughing.
Another guards came in and carry Alora away.
Xander was breathing heavily on the floor.
“wow I can’t believe a lady beat my brother up like this Andrew said and brought out his phone to video Xander.
you dare not Xander shouted in pain.
Xander entered the room they tie Alora and Alora scoffed.
“continue scoffing. I have a gift for you Xander said and brought out his phone.
Xander played something in the phone and show it to Alora.
Alora open her eyes in shocked.
“what!!!!!! she shouted.
how did you get this she stuttered and Xander smirk.


Authoress p.o.v
“How did you get this she stuttered.
‘relax ugly not to fast Xander replied with a smirk.
Alora tried and release the chain from her body.
she stands up on her feet and walked towards where Xander is sitting.
she hold him by his collar.
what are you doing with my brother she yelled.
“don’t wound me, cause if you do, I won’t hesitate to kill you and your brother Xander said.
“leave my brother out of this you coward, Alora shouted.
“ugly bitch have your seat.
you see I can kill you and your brother with my bare hand.
and no one will know of it.
and if anyone know of it they can’t do anything to me.
so you better cooperate with me Xander said.
“what did you want from me Alora asked.
good question. “I want to punish you, for making me looks like a fool in the pres£nce of the press and infront my guards.
“punish me then, and leave my brother out of this she said.
“no no no. I can’t leave your brother out of this.
so what punishment did you have for me Alora asked.
“punishment, I should have asked you to have s£× with me for a year.
“like being your s*x slave Alora asked.
“don’t bring your hopes high. I can’t have s*x with someone as ugly as you are. you’re too ugly for my likely Xander said.
“As if I wanna have s*x with you. am sure your d*ck will be as small as my f!ng£r Alora said and scoffed.
I should have show you what my d*ck looks like but I don’t do ugly b*tch he said.
“call me a b*tch again and you will see what I will do to you Alora threaten Xander. and Xander quickly shut is mouth.
continue am listening Alora said sitting like a boss.
“as I was saying, you will be my maid for 6months.
you will do all sorts of work. without getting paid, Xander said.
“you’re cr*zy you think I will do a thing like that, how did you expect me to pay my bills and my brother school fees Alora replied.
“that won’t be a problem cause you and your brother will move in with us Xander said.
“what if I say I won’t do it Alora asked.
“get ready to loose your brother Xander said.
“you dare not do anything to him Alora said.
“Am sure you wanna see his face Xander asked with a smirk.
“yeah I wants to know how he is doing Alora said.
Xander On something that looks like a Tv on the wall and it shows Byran on a chair. they tied his hands and leg on the chair.
“tell your dogs to remove that rope from my brother legs and hands, they’re hurting him Alora shouted.
“You know what to do, if you wants them to lose the rope Xander said.
“why are you so heartless ?Alora asked.
“and why are you so stubborn? xander replied her.
am sure you wanna hear your brother voice Xander asked and Alora nod her head positively.
hey Mathew remove that cloth from his mouth Xander order one of his guards and he removed the cloth from Bryan mouth.
Mathew point towards the screen for Bryan to see his sister.
“sisi hope you are fine Bryan asked his sister with concerned written on his face.
“yes I am fine Alora replied.
“please save me from this goliaths if you are fine. I don’t know what I did to them.
please help me. am very hungry, I can die if I don’t eat Bryan said and Alora scoff.
“he still remember food in a situation like this, such a foodie she thought.
“I will try my best Alora replied. “Sisi save me from this bad guys please Bryan pledge again crying this time. “that’s enough Xander said and put off the Tv
“I have agreed but you will surely pay for this, you will pay for making my brother cry Alora said Angrily.
“your work start now, ugly go and pack my dirty p@nties and wash Xander said.
“release my brother first Alora said. “you will see your brother in the next few minutes Xander said. “fine where are the p@nties Alora asked. in my room Xander replied.
“I don’t know your room Mr, Alora said calmly. “ask one of the maids they’ll direct you to my room Xander replied.
“Where’s Alora? what did you do to her, I have been calling her line for the past 3hours. and is not reachable,
what did you do to her? cause I saw her coming out of your office, 3hours ago pepsy yelled.
“calm down darling the manager replied. don’t tell me to calm down what did you do to her pepsy asked.
‘I sack her the manager said. “you must be joking pepsy shouted. how could you do that to a poor girl, what did she do to you.
pepsy asked Angrily. “relax baby, it wasn’t my fault the manager said. don’t baby me, you didn’t know am your girlfriend when you’re sacking my best friend.
you knew that girl didn’t have anyone pepsy said. “am sorry the manager said.
“sorry for your self, you just have to tell me why you sack her. pepsy said and put her hands on her waist.
“am sorry Mr Xander asked me to sack her the manager said. “how much did he pay you for that pepsy asked.
” aswear to God he didn’t pay me any money. he Threaten to lock this restaurant up.
and this is my only source of income the manager said.
“just pray to God she’s fine, cause if she isn’t fine, it will be over between us pepsy said.
“it’s not up to that, I have a believe she’s fine the manager said.
Alora was busy looking for a maid to direct her to Xander room.
when she heard the voice she has been dieing to hear again. “looking for something or someone Andrew asked.
“oppa Alora said smiling. did you stay here Alora asked.
“yes and no, this is my brother house. I can be of help to you Andrew said. “help? but I didn’t asked of your help Alora said.
“common I mean no harm. I knew my brother force you to be his maid Andrew said.
“really did you knew your brother kidnap my brother? Alora asked. yes I knew am sorry for not interfering, my brother is very stubborn.
he won’t back down no matter how I beg him. but I can join you to frustrate him till he release you himself Andrew said.
“but why did you wanna join me Alora asked.
” because I love teasing my dear brother, and he is very arrongant.
I want us to bring down his ego are you in Andrew asked.
“I think I can trust you, am in Alora replied. “so what are you up to Andrew asked Alora, I will tell you later Alora replied.
“oppa can you please show me Xander room? Alora asked. sure this way Andrew said and lead the way.
Alora walked into Xander room and search for his dirty clothes.
she didn’t see any dirty clothes apart from a white polo and his p@nties Alora smirk and park them into the bathroom.
she sniff one of the p@nties and squeeze her face in disgust. so dirty she said. she dig the p@nties inside water and brought it out immediately.
she took scissors from her pocket and torn the p@nties she checked the p@nties and she was satisfied with the new designs she gave them she smiled to herself.
she went into Xander room and came back with a empty water container. she poured the water she use to wash the p@nties inside.
she put the white polo in the water and remove it immediately. she poured some dust on the cloth.
“ugly girl aren’t you done with the boxers Xander yelled.
“am sorry sir, am done sir Alora said and ran out of the room.
“your brother is on his way go inside the kitchen and prepare some food for him Xander said.
“but there are maids in the house that can cook Andrew said. “stay out of this Xander yelled.
come back here Xander said and Alora turn back. “sir you called for me Alora asked politely.
make me a cup of tea before you cook Xander said. yes sir Alora said and ran into his room to get the p@nties water.
“I have finally gotten her weak point Xander thought and smile to hiself.
Alora but the p@nties water in the cup the one of the maid gave her, “this is his favorite cup the maid said and handover it to Alora.
Alora poured some tea in the p@nties water and smile to herself.
“Am done sir she said and handover the tea to Xander, fool she muttered but is loud enough to Andrew to hear.
Xander gulp the whole tea down and gave the cup to Alora.
Andrew burst out laughing. “hey fool why are you laughing Xander asked.
“Andrew didn’t replied him, he keep laughing and pointing to the cup.
Alora too can’t take it anymore and she burst out into laughter. Xander was confused, what’s this two cr*zy people up to he thought.


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