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Crazy billionaire child episode 11 & 12

❣(psycho’s falls in love)❣
✍️Episode 11✍️
“Kendrick Lamar, you had better co-operate with me else I would tell everyone what you did five years ago” I threatened.
“You will do no such thing, Bianca” Kendrick protested, “you promised to keep it a sec,,,,ret” He hesitated.
“That was then!” I said boldly, “Kendrick, you won’t disobey me, will you?”.
“Baby of yesterday” Kendrick smirked referring to me, “you know that, the secret is enough for me to forfeit my licence as a judge.
“You should have known that before ra….ping” I didn’t finish my statement when Kendrick covered my mouth with his hands.
“Someone might be eavesdropping” He whispered dragging me towards his car.
“Kendrick, you would do what I have to say” I ordered.
“And what’s that”
“I need you to wheedle Ashley into having an affair with you” I grinned.
“But she’s married” Kendrick challenged.
“I don’t care” I yelled, “she started all this first”
“Bianca, I think you two should resolve your difference” Kendrick suggested.
“Kendrick, shut up!” I paused, “you will do as I say” I walked away.
I laid on my bed and waited for Ashley arrival. Ashley came in, sitting on the sofa, seething.
“What’s the matter” I eyed her suspiciously, “how was the dinner?”
“Can you imagine, Kendrick knows that good for nothing Bianca” She hissed.
“So?” I asked
“I can’t stay close to that girl, I had to walk away” She said with an irritating look and I chuckled lightly.
“Didn’t I warn you” I teased.
“Obviously, I don’t think I can stand you right now” She grabbed her bag and walked out of my room.
The sun peeped through my curtain and I realised it was morning. Since, it was my honeymoon, there was no need working. Besides, Dad had given Ashley and I enough allowance.
I got up from the bed and walked to Ashley’s room. I knocked twice but there was no response.
“Maybe she’s still asleep” I sighed, “or she’s avoiding me” I muttered walking to Mrs Geraldine’s apartment.
“Goodmorning Zach” Mrs Geraldine smiled at me.
“Goodmorning ma” I responded almost immediately.
“Ma, please if Ashley is looking for me, tell her I’m at the beach” I stared at her briefly.
“Mr Zach, do you have problems with your wife” Mrs Geraldine asked concerned.
“Yes, but it something I can handle” I faked a smile.
“All right, but remember that Love conquers all flaws” She said and waved at me.
“Love conquers all flaws”
The words kept echoing in my hand. I walked reluctantly to the beach with the thought of Ashley. I remember how I first met her at the pub, I remembered how I tried to be rude towards so I won’t fall in love. I remembered how surprised and excited I was when I found out she was my betrothed.
“Hey” someone called and I turned to see Bianca, “I’m sorry about my outburst the other time” She apologised pulling me to sit beside her on the sand.
“It’s fine” I smiled
“Let me get a gl@ss of water” She got up and returned almost immediately with two gl@ss of water.
I took a sip and she did same.
“What your business like?” I tried to start a conversation.
“We do hauling of cars and some electronic stuffs” She said glaring at the ocean.
“All right then, you would work with my issurance company” I smiled.
“Speaking of that, why is your wife so naive?” She snickered.
“Please, leave Ashley out of this” I frowned.
“Is that, how she picks a fight with you?” Bianca asked.
“I’m use to her now” I took a deep breath as Bianca moved closer to me.
Her body very close to me. She pulled closer to me and held my wrist. All I could do was to shiver.
I was about saying something to her when I saw Ashley. This time, Ashley didn’t say a word. She glared at us for a long time before tapping her phone. I presume that she was on a phone call.
Kendrick walked towards Ashley and I suspected Ashley must have called him. I gave a frown as I gaped at Ashley and Kendrick laughing. Bianca noticing my expression, pulled me up from the sand.
“Let’s go horse riding, it would help you take your mind off that” She turned to face Ashley and focused her eyes back on me.
We went towards the horse session and I noticed Ashley was coming towards us, not alone but with Kendrick.
I helped Bianca climbed the horse and sat behind her as we drove off. Ashley did same and she drove her horse in an opposite direction. She kept laughing and playing. All the times I had spent with Ashley, I have never seen her this happy. I lost focus and was staring at Ashley.
“Watch!” I heard Bianca scream but before I could compose myself, Bianca and I fell to the ground.
The horse had lost direction since I was no longer controlling it.
“See what you caused” Bianca pointed to her bleeding toe.
“I’m sorry” I muttered rubbing my bruised hand.
I glanced at Ashley and she was still laughing. Didn’t she see when I fell?, I got up and staggered home because I had a fractured ankle.
“What happened Mr. Zach?” Mrs Geraldine rushed towards me and helped me to my room
“I fell” I winced in pain as I laid on my bed.
“I could help you treat the bruises” She said concerned, “And where’s Mrs. Zach, I thought she said she was going to meet you at the beach” Mrs Geraldine brought a bucket of water, antiseptic and a small cloth.
“I saw her” I said
Mrs Geraldine was still cleaning the wound when Ashley walked in.
“How’s he, Mrs. Geraldine?” Ashley felt my body temperature.
“I guess, he’s getting better” Mrs. Geraldine said, “what really happened to your husband”
“Mrs Geraldine, I really don’t know what happened” Ashley lied, “I just got a call that my husband was attack” she said.
I closed my eyes as Ashley m@ssaged my injured ankle.
“Ouch, it hurts” I screamed in pain.
“Sorry, but that what a lizard gets when he goes to where he is not wanted” She sneered.
“What would be the Lizard’s, would definitely be” I said back understanding what she said.
“Well, the Lizard should be careful next time so he doesn’t get his eyes pluck off” She chuckled.
“No crocodile can take what belongs to the lizard” I frowned.
“What are you two talking about?” Mrs Geraldine who sounded confused asked, “did you see a crocodile at the beach?”
“Well, we are talking about Zach’s favourite movie” Ashley smiled at Mrs Geraldine.
“What sort of movie is that?” Mrs Geraldine asked again.
“Something like a comedy, Zach loves comedy a lot” Ashley said and I smiled.
Mrs Geraldine snickered before leaving the room.
“What makes you think you can make me jealous?” I yelled when Mrs Geraldine was out of the room.
“Zach, please shut up!” she threw the cloth she was holding into the bucket.
“I’m not surprise, what was I expecting from a slut?” I coughed, “I guess he klzzed you”
“Zach, how dare you?” She roared.
“Ashley, you have cursed me troubles than I expected, what haven’t I done. What crime have I committed other than loving you, you hurt me Ashley!”
“Zach, I hate you” She got up from the bed
“I hate you more” I replied angrily and she left my room.
❣(psycho’s falls in love)❣
✍️Episode 12✍️
…………..She got up from the bed
“I hate you too” I said and she left my room.
Did Zach just say that to me?, that means he never really loved me. All these while, Zach had been pretending. I took my phone and dialed Kendrick’s phone number.
“Please, I need someone to talk to” I cried.
“Ashley, meet me at Camille’s square” He ended the call.
I got out of the compound and boarded a cab. It was not until I got to Camille’s square, that I remembered I left my money at home. Thank goodness, Kendrick was still at the entrance of the restaurant.
@Kendrick Lamar: 💬Please, come help me pay.
I s£nt a text immediately. I got down from the car. I watch Kendrick checked his phone and as he walked to my direction.
“How much is it?” Kendrick asked no one in particular.
“Two dollar” The driver answered politely and Kendrick paid.
“Thanks for coming Kendrick” I shrugged as he held my hands, “Zach is angry with me” I sobbed.
“Because of me?” Kendrick sat on an empty chair.
“Yes” I sat beside him, “He’s always picking on me, maybe he doesn’t really love me” I sniffed.
“He doesn’t love you, then how did you two get married!”
“Because, I love him, I love Zach but he has chos£n to take my love for granted” I yelled.
“Does he know about this?” Kendrick glared at me.
“No, I’m not going to tell him, never” I said boldly.
“Ashley, keeping how you feel for Zach would only aggravate issues” Kendrick sighed, “it’s best you tell him”.
“But what if he doesn’t love me back” I wiped the tears on my face.
Here I was having a perfect time with the girl my heart once craved for. Ashley was my crush in high school. I thought, I could date her after school but she left the state after her studies. Here I was with her again, even though she was married, I still felt something for her.
I needed no one to tell me that her marriage was having issues. I thought of the task Bianca gave me, I could probably not do it for Bianca’s threat but also for my self.
“Kendrick, I’m asking a question?” Ashley’s shrieking pulled me out of my thoughts.
“H,,,,mm” I stuttered, “you said what?”
She was about to say something when a call came into my phone. I picked the call and immediately recognised Bianca’s voice.
“How did you get my number” I moved slightly away from Ashley.
“Does it matter, huh” Her tone was harsh, “what about what we agreed?”
“Bianca, I can’t……..”
“Mr Kendrick Lamar, you are daring my patience” She roared and ended the call.
I glanced at the phone screen briefly before returning to Ashley.
“Who was that?, you seemed frightened” She gave a puppy face.
“It’s nothing” I shrugged helping her to get up.
“Where are we going?” She swiped the hairs blinding her eyes.
“To my house, I mean where I stay” I smiled.
“Why your house?”
“I thought you said you wanted a company” I shot her a stern look and she rolled her eyes.
We got to the hotel and I stopped at the reception to pick my room keys. I held Ashley’s hand as we both surged the stairs to my room.
“How long do you intend staying here” She asked me.
“Probably two weeks” I opened the door and Ashley walked to sit on the couch.
I went downstairs and returned with two gl@ss cup and a bottle of wine.
I watched with so much zeal as Kendrick opened the bottle of wine. He turned some reasonable amount of the liquid into both gl@sses and handed one over to me.
“Cheers” Kendrick raised his gl@ss for a toast.
I took a sip and I began to feel dizzy.
“Kendrick, I don’t think I would be able to stay here again, please help me call Zach” I said softly.
“There would be no need for that” He snatched my phone.
Then it was dawn on me that I was in for a big trouble. Kendrick turned off my phone and walked towards the washroom with my phone still in his hands.
I was completely weak at this time but I needed to be strong for Zach. I took Kendrick cell phone and dialed Zach’s number since I had it stored in my head. I called twice but Zach didn’t take the calls. I quickly s£nt a text.
@Zachprice: 💬Zach, please help me……I need help
I s£nt the text and bent my head. Kendrick came out of the washroom shirtless.
“Kendrick, what doing you think you are doing?” I asked slowly
“Doing what I was supposed to do long ago” He took off his trousers.
“Kendrick, don’t do this” I managed to get up from the bed with my eyes almost closing.
Kendrick pushed me, he pushed me so h@rd making me crash violently against the wall. I staggered after getting up. This time, Kendrick pushed me to the bed.
He gripped me tightly as he tried to take off my clothes.
“Somebody help” I tried to scream but I was too weak.
Perhaps, nobody was hearing me. I kept struggling with Kendrick hoping that Zach would come to my rescue.
“Help!!!, help!!!” I muttered very faintly.
I got out of the washroom to see the missed call notification on my phone screen. I was about dialling the number, when I saw the text.
“Ashley” I screamed loudly.
I dialed the number and someone picked. I couldn’t figure what was happening, but the only thing I knew was that someone kept screaming for help.
I threw on a white shirt and a short as I hurried out of the house.
“Where are you going, Mr” Mrs Geraldine who was sitting on the balcony asked.
“My wife needs help” I said urgently.
“I’m coming with you” Mrs Geraldine followed me.
When I got to the beach, I took my phone and decided to track Ashley’s phone but I couldn’t get the location.
“Is it working?” Mrs Geraldine was fidgeting.
“No” I sighed in frustration
“Take mine” She gave me her phone and I was able to detect the hotel.
I got to the hotel and ignored the receptionists greetings. With aid of the tracker, I was able to get the exact room. I opened the door to see Kendrick on Ashley.
He was klzzing her at that point, Ashley kept struggling with him. In anger, I s£nt a punch on his head. His head began to bleed.
“Zach!!!, I thought you won’t come for me” Ashley rushed to Mrs. Geraldine.
Kendrick got up and picked a fight with me. We exchanged b!0ws. My face was bleeding. I pushed Kendrick to the floor and picked up a knife which I saw on the table.
“Zach, don’t kill him” Mrs. Geraldine pleaded.
By then, a lot of persons had gathered the room. I took Ashley and Mrs. Geraldine and we went home.
“Zach, I’m sorry for everything” Ashley kept crying.
“Ashley, you don’t have to be sorry, if I had shown my feelings, if only I told how much I love you, you wouldn’t have gone into the comfort of another man”
“Zach, I was scared of losing you” She sniffed.
“Losing me”
“I love you Zach, I felt you didn’t feel the same way” She smirked in tears
I knelt beside her, “Ashley, please allow me make things right again”.
Finally nah💃💃💃………they finally accepted love……..buh Kendrick😢 hope Ashley wasn’t raped tho…….find out in the next chapter……


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