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Crazy billionaire child episode 9 & 10

❣(psycho’s falls in love)❣
✍️ Episode 9✍️
Faster than Zach, I grabbed the card and tore it into pieces.
“So you think you can flirt with my husband in my pres£nce” I hissed loudly dragging Zach away from her in anger.
I pulled my hands out of Ashley’s grip when we were out of Bianca’s sight.
“What your problem?” I yelled in anger.
“Didn’t you see the way she was flaunting herself at you” Ashley gave a disgusting look, “laughing and giggling like an idiot” She scoffed.
“Ashley, the more business partners I get, the higher your chances of being paid as we agreed” I rolled my eyes, “please don’t ruin this for me”.
“So what are you saying in ess£nce” She grinned.
“What am I saying is that, nobody meddles in each other affairs, mind your business and I’ll mind mine, stop scaring my busniess partners” I screamed at her.
“I’m sorry Zach” She said with a teary voice, “I’m sorry for interfering” She said and walked away.
“Ashley!” I called her name but she kept walking away..
I went back to take our luggage and tried to meet up with Ashley.
I walked very fast, almost running, so as to catch up with her. I made a sigh of relief when I finally held her right wrist.
“I’m sorry” I muttered faintly.
“Zach, book a room” She ordered, “I’m tired of standing”.
I moved towards a small bungalow which seemed empty and I decided to make inquiries. We could probably use a house instead of renting an hotel and besides I wasn’t so sure of leaving Florida now.
“What are we doing here?, I thought we were suppose to rent an hotel” She questioned
“Ashley, it would be cheaper if we rent a house”.
I pressed the door bell and a middle-aged woman came out.
“Good afternoon ma’am” Ashley and I greeted almost the same time.
“Afternoon” The middle-aged woman responded with a smile, “How may I be of help”
“Ma’am, I was wondering if my wife and I could get a room in your house” I said pleading.
“Wow!, you two just got married, I guess” She chuckled.
“Yes” I said quickly with a smile.
“Well, we have two spare room at the back flat, your wife and yourself could use there pending till when you make up your mind to leave” She said softly.
“Ma’am, I think the two rooms will be perfect” Ashley shrugged.
“Ashley, I have money for only a room” I scolded.
“Zach, I need privacy, we can’t share room” She argued.
“No need arguing” The woman interrupted, “you can pay anything you have for the two rooms”.
“Thank you ma’am” Ashley smiled.
The woman led us to the back flat and opened the door.
“My son built this house” She said moving into the kitchen, “He stayed in this apartment before relocating to Australia with his wife” She handed the house keys to me.
“Ma’am, your son also built the house your are staying?” Ashley asked
“Yes, both apartment are joined” The woman answered showing us the room we could take to get to her apartment, “well, you can call me Mrs Geraldine”
Ashley and I went through the rooms and I was satisfied with the house. Mrs Geraldine was really a nice woman.
I parked my luggages into one of the room while Ashley sat on the sofa. When I was done parking my luggage, I closed my closet.
“What about my luggage, won’t you help me bring them in” She said rudely.
“You said you wanted a separate room” I walked out on her.
Was he angry because I wanted my own room?.
“Zach” I called his name softly but there was no response.
I got up from the sofa and put my things in the second room. Both rooms were adjacent to each other.
I glanced at the wristwatch and noticed it almost two hours Zach left. I got off my bed and hurried to Mrs Geraldine’s apartment.
“Ma’am, have you seen my husband?” I asked worried.
“Yes, I saw him going out of the compound”.
“Do you know anywhere I can relax, I mean feel the environment” I said
“There’s a beach and it’s two street away from here” Mrs. Geraldine directed me.
I left the compound and decided to go ease off. I sat on the sand and felt the water with my hands. The thought of Zach running through my mind, what if after allowing myself love him, he decides to take my love for granted. What if he never loved and he was just pretending. So many thought ran through my mind.
“Ashley!” I recognise Zach’s voice
How on earth did he find me?
“How did you know I was here?” I blinked my eyes.
“Mrs Geraldine told me” He said sitting beside me.
“Ashley, I’m sorry about my behaviour earlier today” He brought out a pair of sl!ppers from the nylon he was holding, “I bought this to tell you I’m sorry” He giggled fixing the sl!ppers on my leg.
“Zach, you were right, we aren’t really married” I glared at him fixing my legs properly into the sl!ppers.
“Ashley!” Zach called smiling, “you are extremely beautiful when you are angry?” He poked my nose.
“Very funny” I slapped his hands off my face.
I got up from the sand and walked away.
Recently, Ashley gave me reasons to smile each day. Even though she was crazy, my bossy wife was entertaining.
“Ashley, wait!” I yelled but she was already out of sight.
I got up from the sand when Bianca approached me.
“Hey” She waved her hands.
“Hi Bianca” I greeted back, “I’m sorry for what happened earlier today” I apologised.
“It’s nothing” She smiled, “I understand your wife is jealous”
“Not really jealous” I quickly corrected, “she’s trying to protect what is her’s” I laughed.
“Do you mind joining me for a drink” Bianca suggested.
I nodded and we both sat opposite each other on a small table. I gulped the first gl@ss of wine and grinned.
“Want more?” Bianca turned more drink into my gl@ss cup.
I gobbled it and became tipsy. She kept turning into the cup and I kept drinking.
Slowly, she began to fondle my face.
Time was tickling, it was past 9.p.m and Zach was not yet back home. I rushed back to the beach to see Zach in the comfort of another woman. I ran to where they were seated and pulled Zach away from her.
“What’s wrong with you” I faced the so called Bianca.
“You should ask your husband who loves flirting” She challenged.
I managed to drag Zach home, change his clothes and slept beside him on the bed.
I sobbed quietly, why will Bianca call Zach a flirt?. I checked the time and it was past 8.a.m. I must have slept in tears.
“Ashley, I’m sorry about last night” Zach opened his eyes.
“I saw her fondling your face” Tears dropped from my eyes, ” did she klzz you” I cried
“Ashley, please don’t cry, it won’t repeat itself ” He said confidently
“I’m not crying” I wiped my tears, “in fact I’m going to tell that girl a piece of my mind” I got up in anger.
“Where would you see her” Zach held me.
“Anywhere, I’m going back to that beach to tell her my mind” I freed myself from Zach’s grip.
❣(psycho’s falls in love)❣
✍️ Episode 10✍️
“Where would you see her?” Zach held me.
“Anywhere, I’m going back to that beach to tell her my mind” I freed myself from Zach’s grip.
“Wait!!!” I heard Zach yelling.
I hurried to the beach. I searched thoroughly but couldn’t find Bianca. I was about leaving the beach when Bianca walked in.
“Seems like you are jobless, Coming here this early?” I sneered.
“Aren’t you jobless also?, what are you doing here?” She smirked.
“I came to see you, to warn you to stop flirting with my husband” I laughed.
“Tell your husband to stop throwing himself at me” She grinned.
“You know” I smiled, “my husband tells me that I’m the best thing that has ever happened to him so there’s no way he would be throwing himself at you”
“You think so, huh” She smirked, “your husband is just despicable” She said rudely.
“Don’t you dare say that again” I s£nt a slap across her face.
She held her cheeks and slapped me back.
I bent down to gather sand from the floor, throwing it her face, “stay away from my husband”
I was about leaving when she gripped my shirt, tearing them. With all my strength, I pushed her to the floor. I was about to rip her dress also when Zach held my hands.
“What your problem, Ashley?” Zach tried to arrange my dress.
“This snake called you despicable” I blinked my eyes removing the sand on my hair.
“Bianca, don’t ever try to attack my wife, ever again” Zach said sternly and I gave a mocking laugh.
“Zach, is that all you have to say” Bianca said crying.
“Stay away from me and my wife” Zach challenged.
“I swear, you two will live to regret this” She said and walked away.
I removed my jacket and wore them on Ashley since her body was exposed.
“You shouldn’t have fought with her” I said calmly.
“I wasn’t going to fight with her” Ashley sighed, “She insulted you”
“Why should you be fighting for me?” I scolded, “or does it mean y,,ou lo,,,,,ve me” I stuttered
“Zach, I wish to be left alone” She was about walking out on me when I pulled her hands back.
“We would walk together” I held her hands firmly as we strolled to our home.
We were still strolling when a car pulled over. The driver blared the car horn about three times before we stopped.
“Ashley Bell” The person called coming out of the car.
“Kendrick Lamar” Ashley giggled as she hug him.
“Ashley, it been year’s!” Kendrick shrugged.
“Look at you, looking so big and hot” Ashley said and I coughed, “pardon my manners, Kendrick, meet my husband, Zach Price and Zach, meet my cl@ss mate, Kendrick Lamar” Ashley introduced.
I stretched my hands for a handshake and Kendrick did same.
“Ashley Bell, you are looking so beautiful” He stared at Ashley lasciviously.
“Thanks” I answered for Ashley, “And she just told you she’s married, so address her as Price no longer Bell” I said rudely.
“I’m sorry, Mr” Kendrick quickly apologised, “if you don’t mind, can you two join me for dinner today” He gazed at me.
“That would be perfect” Ashley said and I let out a frown.
“I came to Florida for vacation and I guess you would make a company” He chuckled.
“My wife won’t be a company to you” I challenged.
Ashley gave our house description to Kendrick and I kept fretting with anger. She bid Kendrick a good bye hug and hurried to me.
“Why are you walking away?” She questioned.
“Weren’t you complaining about Bianca few hours ago, what makes you better now” I eyed her.
“What’s your point” She said harshly, “I thought you said no one should meddle in each other affairs”
“Fine, if you are joining him for lunch, you would go alone” I said.
“You said no interfering” I chuckled.
“So you want to go back to Bianca” She sounded jealous.
“Not really” I coughed and walked away.
“Are you leaving me?” I heard her scream but I ignored.
I got home and went straight to my room ignoring Mrs. Geraldine greetings. I laid on my bed thinking of how Ashley was free around Kendrick, she had never been so free to me. She didn’t have to put up any of those her crazy stuff in Kendrick’s pres£nce.
“Zach!, Zach!” Ashley kept calling as she knocked on the door.
“One minute”, I wanted to s£nd her away but on a second thought I opened the door.
“I’m sorry, Zach” She sat beside me on the bed.
“You don’t need to be sorry” I said angrily and she gave a sad face.
That girl was gonna pay for every embarr@ssment she caused me at the beach. Since I had spies, it wasn’t difficult locating where she stayed. I rented the apartment that was two houses away from her’s. Where do I even start from?.
I got up from my bed and headed towards the beach. Maybe, I could see Zach and his wife and probably rip their clothes like Ashley did to me. I was still walking when I jerked into someone. I raised my head to get a clearer view of the person.
“Kendrick Lamar!” I exclaimed.
“Bianca George” He chuckled.
Kendrick was my late Dad’s Lawyer. It was after the death of my father, that I left Colorado, where I knew Kendrick.
“Kendrick, nice to meet you again, my lawyer” I teased
“I’m now a Judge” He corrected and I smiled.
“What are you doing in Florida?” I asked
“I came for vacation” He glowed.
“With your family, I guess?” I rolled my eyes.
“Not yet married” He replied sadly, “what about you, what are you doing here”
“I live here now” I said, “do you mind joining me for dinner”
“Oops” He scoffed, “I invited someone already, maybe some other time”.
“Your girlfriend?” I smirked.
“No, a cl@ssmate” He said immediately, “besides she’s married”
“I don’t mind joining” I insisted.
I followed Kendrick and hopped into his car as we drove to Camille’s square. We took a seat opposite each other and Kendrick ordered two gl@ss of wine.
“Where’s the person you invited?” I took a sip from the gl@ss of wine.
Kendrick took his phone.
📲”Ashley, I’m still waiting” He said in a low tone.
Ashley?….The name kept ringing in my head. I just couldn’t figure out why I was so particular about the name.
I couldn’t hear what the Ashley was saying, but I saw Kendrick smile.
“What did she say?” I persisted.
“She’s coming” Kendrick said.
Kendrick and I chatted about few things before Ashley walked in.
“Kendrick, what are you doing with her?” Ashley blurted.
“Well, I should be the one to ask that” I dared Ashley
“You two shouldn’t fight over this” Kendrick held Ashley.
“Kendrick, I’m sorry, I can’t have this dinner again” She freed herself from Kendrick and walked away.
Kendrick turned to walk after her.
“Don’t even dare” I roared, “Kendrick, you have to help me deal with that girl” I ordered
“I don’t understand”
“Kendrick Lamar, you had better co operate with me else I would tell everyone what you did five years ago” I threatened.
What’s Bianca up to again????😩……..poor Zach & Ashley………. Please pardon all grammatical errors.


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