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Crazy Billionaire child episode 13 & 14

❣(psycho’s falls in love)❣
✍️ Episode 13✍️
………….She smirked in tears
I knelt beside her, “Ashley, please allow me make things right again”
“Ashley, did that demon really rape you?” Mrs. Geraldine gave a sad face.
“No ma’am, Zach came in time” Ashley coughed and I let out a sigh of relief.
“Ashley, I’m sorry for everything, I’m sorry for hiding what I felt, I’m sorry for causing you so much pain” I touched her cheeks.
“Zach, I should be sorry” She wiped the tears on her face with the blanket, “I shouldn’t have let my past take advantage of my feelings”
“Your past!!?” I asked curious.
“Huh” Mrs. Geraldine g@sped loudly, “I would have to excuse you two” She smiled at us and left the room.
“What about your past?” I broke the awkward silence between Ashley and I.
“While I was in the college, I dated a guy. He was everything to me, but somehow, I suspected he was cheating and then I confronted him and he denied. I later caught him with my best friend and instead of apologizing, he told me, he was tired of me. I was so devastated because I made lots of sacrifices to that relationship. In pain, I vowed never to love again and that was how I found myself smoking” She rushed every bit of her statement.
“Ashley, now I see” I took a deep breath, “talking about your smoking, you no longer smoke” I said.
“Zach, I don’t find pleasure in it anymore, so I stopped”
“You know” I held her hands, “vast times I have asked myself, when did I fall in love with you, was it when I first met you at the pub or was it the day you said ‘I do’ to me” I klzzed her back palm.
“Zach, this heart has longed desired you” Ashley moved closer to me and placed a klzz on my l!ps.
“I love you so much, Ashley” I returned the klzz.
“Thank you Zach, for not giving up on me” She chuckled.
“You became mine the moment you accepted to marry me, so don’t thank me”. I cupped her cheeks and lifted my face as she slowly lifted her eyes to look at me.
I klzzed her again.
Her soft gaze filled with P@ssion as she gr0@ned a bit. I got on top of her and klzzed her neck making a w€t path towards her neckline.
“Za,,,ch.,” she m0@ned my name softly.
I sat her down and lifted her dress from the bottom and pulled it over her head.
I was now half n@k£d and I bit my l!ps nervously. Shiver, nervousness, fright was all that ran through my body.
Zach breathed a smile of happiness. He klzzed me. I reciprocated the klzz because l was too drown into this and damn! He was such a good klzzer. I’ve klzzed him numerous times, but this, felt different.
Was it because I was half n@k£d?. Shivers ran down my veins as he swift his tongue in my mouth. Oh! The feeling, it was the best ever
He smiled when he noticed me and I burried my head on his chest.
He took off his shirt, and his abs was revealed as I traced my f!ng£rs lovingly on it. Then, I fet his hand touch my v and that was when
my fears increased.
I had s*x so many times but then, there was something different about this one. I felt extremely excited but was so scared.
Without a warning, he pushed in a f!ng£r.
“Hah! Zach”… I muttered
“You’re damn so tight’ he whispered into my ears and klzzed me.
I just m0@ned into his l!ps.
Oh my God!
I clutched him tight as I feared the moment. He placed his forehead on mine, making me feel his mild breath on my face.
He suddenly looked into my face, his forehead still touching mine.
I was so scared to the teeth that my breath wavered. He kept staring at me and didn’t say a word and it made me wonder what he had in mind.
He looked into my eyes for the last time and inserted his stuff.
I penetrated into her and damn it, she was tight and too good to be true she hadn’t had s£× in a long time.
I stopped a bit and looked into her dark eyes.
“Are you okay with it?” I ask her.
“Umm okay ” she replied with a tight l!pped.
That was the height of it!. I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt tears building up in my eyes and didn’t know when they streaming. I cried like a baby.
Zach pulled out of me and it felt like everything changed. I had never felt this good. I finally closed my eyes to sleep after a lot of thinking.
✨ Zach’s✨
I opened my eyes to see Ashley’s still sleeping. I got up from the bed, covered her up with the duvet and walked into the bathroom.
I smiled as shower water streamed down my head to my toe.
“Don’t worry, my Pride.I promise to be there for you always. Though you came to me as a crazy betrothed but I knew you were the one the day I saw you. The only key to my heart and the happiness that arises my soul.
I’ll make you worth more than you’re right now, just for reciprocating my love you’ll be cherished for life. I’ll make sure you lack In nothing,
I promise to fight for us till my last breath. You’ve become a part of me”.
I came out of the washroom to prepare a cup of coffee for Ashley when she wakes up.
☪The next morning☪
I woke up to find Ashley still sleeping beside me. The events of yesterday rushed into my memory and I smiled at my thoughts. I was about to pick my phone when I noticed the cup of coffee.
“Oops, I must have slept off” I muttered faintly.
I leaned closer to Ashley and placed a klzz on her forehead.
“Goodmorning Zach” She greeted with smiles.
“Goodmorning love” I responded immediately.
“Love!” Ashley blinked her eyes, “since when?”
“Yesterday” I replied and we both laughed, “Ashley, we are leaving Florida tomorrow” I caressed her hairs.
“Why” She asked confused.
“I don’t think I like here anymore, I don’t think I would have been able to forgive myself if that Kendrick had done anything to you”
“Speaking of that” Ashley paused, “how where you able to get me?”
“I tried to track your cell phone, something like that” I shrugged, “but Ashley, the phone you used in s£nding me a text belongs to?”
“Kendrick” She frowned, “Kendrick turned off my phone, so I decided to use his” She said
“But Kendrick doesn’t have my number” I rolled my eyes.
“I have your number stored in my head” She stated and I chuckled lightly.
“Why didn’t I figure this whole thing on time” I smiled.
“The feelings……” I was about to say something when a call came into my phone.
“Mr. Zach Price, I’m really sorry for my son’s behaviour” The caller said and I believed it was Kendrick’s father.
“There’s no need for that” I said with anger, “my wife and I are leaving Florida soon”.
“Anyways, Kendrick is leaving also, please we are deeply sorry” The man apologised.
“It’s fine” I shrugged.
“Bianca is behind all this and I promise, she’s gonna regret ever meeting us” Ashley said angrily.


Anyways, Kendrick is leaving also, please we are deeply sorry” The man apologised.
“It’s fine” I shrugged.
“Who was that?” Ashley asked immediately after the phone call.
“Kendrick’s father” I replied with a frown, “he called to apologise for his son’s unruly behaviour”.
“I seriously don’t believe that Kendrick would make an attempt to rape me” Ashley sighed, “Bianca is behind all these and I will make her regret ever meeting us” Ashley yelled angrily.
For the first time, I saw my wife really furious. I chuckled silently at her facial expression.
“All good but had it been that guy had touched you, I would had, had his head chopped off” I said out of point.
“Haha haha” She laughed uncontrollably.
It felt so good spilling out the truth to Zach. I kept laughing at his facial expression when he wrapped his hands around my waist.
“Mrs. Ashley Price, I want us to start this union all over again.
“Mrs. Price” I smiled at the romantic way called my name.
I leaned forward to klzz him and he caressed my hair.
“I love you, my forever” He whispered faintly into my ears and I turned red.
“I love you more” I said slowly as Zach help me lay straight on the bed, “what are you trying do?” I asked.
“Nothing, just enjoying my honeymoon” He smiled taking off my gown.
“Babe, I think we should go back to the state” I said plainly, “I miss Aunty Ophelia”
“As it pleases you” He took off his trousers and the rest was history.
I opened my eyelids slightly to find Zach’s spot empty. I yawned as I cheered up, still in search of Zach.
“Goodmorning Mrs. Price” Zach walked in with a tray containing fruits.
“I think I prefer been called Mrs. Zach” I admire my wedding rings.
“Babe, we will be leaving Florida today” Zach took an apple from the plate while I took pineapple.
“What time?” I asked admist munchies.
“9.a.m” He smiled.
After eating the fruits together, I took my towel and headed to the washroom.
“Where are going?” Zach wore his tiny towel round his waist.
“To take my bath” I glared at him and he moved towards me.
“We are going in together” Zach smirked.
“No!” I yelled, “I need my privacy”
“That was then” Zach carried me the bridal style, “now, you are all mine” He klzzed me.
“Put me down!” I teased
“Thank you so much, Mrs. Geraldine” Zach said almost kneeling.
“I’m happy, especially now that you two are in good terms” Mrs. Geraldine glimmered.
“Don’t worry ma’am, my husband and I would definitely come visit” I chuckled.
“Goodbye darling” Mrs. Geraldine hugged us both.
“Love, Did you take everything from the house?” Zach turned to face me.
“Yes, I did” I rolled my eyes as Zach pulled the luggage out of Mrs. Geraldine compound.
We gave Mrs. Geraldine another goodbye.
“Zach, let’s take a stroll, instead of standing here, waiting for a cab” I suggested.
Zach accepted and we both strolled chatting. We were still talking when Kendrick showed up.
“What do you want?” Zach yelled.
“Ashley, I’m sorry about that day, it was never intentional” Kendrick pleaded.
“It’s fine Kendrick” I shrugged trying not to create a scene.
“So, can we be friends again?” Kendrick lunged his hands for a shake.
“Didn’t you hear her” Zach pushed his hands, “she said it’s fine” He said.
“Well, you heard my husband” I crossed my hands round Zach’s arms, “babe, let’s go” I pulled Zach and we left Kendrick.
We got a cab and drove home. The journey home was kinda silent. Zach and I didn’t really say much. I still had my fears, my fear of Zach leaving me for another.
The car stationed, from the window, I could see the Price’s smiling at us. I got down from the car while Zach tried to get our luggage.
“Ashley darling” Aunty Ophelia hugged me.
“Good afternoon sir, Good afternoon ma” I greeted the Price’s.
“This honeymoon has done a lot” Mrs Price complimented.
“Zach has been a loving husband” I klzzed Zach lightly on his forehead.
“You see what I meant when I said you will grow to love each other” Mr Price said and we all laughed.
We got into the house. After dinner, Zach and I went to the room. I sat on the bed while Zach sat on the couch.
“Aren’t you joining me on the bed” I frowned lightly.
“Of course, I’ll” Zach smiled turning off the TV, “Love, let’s go swimming tomorrow” Zach giggled.
“Fine” I sighed, pulling Zach close to me.
It basically been sixteen hours since the day begun and there was no sign of either Ashley or Zach. What could be wrong?. I moved towards Zach’s house and saw a middle aged woman.
“Good morning ma’am” I greeted responsibly.
“Morning dear” The woman studied me.
“Please ma, I’m looking for Zach Price, I was told he lives here” I smiled.
“Well, he no longer lives here” The woman replied.
“Sorry, do you know where he stays?” I asked.
“No, is there a problem?” The woman eyed me suspiciously.
“No ma, he’s just a business partner” I lied walking away.
Where would they have gone to?, how could I be so careless not to detect this on time. Or could it be, Kendrick had done what I s£nt him. I took my phone and placed a call to Kendrick.
📞”Bianca, you shouldn’t be calling me” Kendrick screamed.
📞”I can’t find Zach and his wife” I muttered
📞”They are out of Florida” Kendrick replied.
📞”Wow!!, so you know that too?, why did they leave?”
📞”Something came over me and I tried to rape Ashley, that the reason I guess” Kendrick’s tone was sad.
📞”You are such a dumb head, Kendrick” I insulted, “I said an affair not rape” I screamed, “you are just an idiot”
📞”You can insult me for all I care” Kendrick cursed, “you made me lose the respect Ashley had for me, I hate you Bianca”
📞”I didn’t asked you to rape her” I fired at him angrily, what’s your thing with rape, that was how you rape a twelve years old girl to death” I blurted
📞”I thought that was supposed to be a secret” He said calmly, “Bianca, why are you even blackmailing me with this whole thing, when you know I was drunk that fateful day”
📞”Well, I don’t care if you were drunk or not. All I need is you” I said sternly, “I need you, because I need Ashley to pay for all the embarr@ssment she has caused me.
📞”Bianca, please leave me out of this”.
📞”Except, you want the world to know of how little secret, I mean how you raped someone to death” I chuckled.
📞”What do you want, Bianca?”
📞”I need you to get me Ashley’s new location” I smiled, “In five minutes” I ordered and ended the call.
Less than five minutes, a text came into my phone. I glared at the Address before moving to pack my bags. I got into my car and stopped in front of the Price’s mansion(the address I was given).
What was I going to do next?, satisfactorily, I decided to look for a house. I got a house, like a stone throw from the address I was given.
I decided to take a stroll round the city when I bumped into Ashley and Zach.
“Look who we have here?” I chuckled.
“Bianca, don’t you think you should stop stalking us” Ashley said rudely
“Not when you aren’t in good terms with your husband, “stop pretending to everyone” I challenged.
“Bianca, my husband and I aren’t pretending” Ashley wrapped her hands round Zach’s as she klzzed, Zach did same and they deepened the klzz.
I couldn’t help but to walk away in tears.
This Bianca is really annoying😭………


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