Contract game episode 15

Her name is Letisha Michaels.The second child of Mr and Mrs Michaels.
After delivery,she was still at the hospital when her sister c@m£ to visit her
“Hello beautiful…….”.Sandra greeted her
“Hey……whatsup with you”?Letisha asked
“Am good oo,how did you guys do it?I mean its not in our family lineage that anyone has given birth to twin before so am surprised at how it all happened”.Sandra said to her as she settled down on the hospital be-d
“I break record na”.Letisha said and gave out a faint smile
“What is it?Why that face”?Sandra asked as she noticed her sisters face
“Hmmm nothing”.Letisha lied
“Be serious na……….ok fine let me guess…….you’re thinking about Fred right”?Sandra suggested
“Not that…….fred isn’t anything to me.Am just thinking about my kids.I think i don’t want the money anymore.I guess we’ll have to close the contract”.Letisha said
“What???are you okay?Do you think it will work?You and i know who Fred is,and he will never give in to that kind of arrangement not even in this life or the next one.And besides it was signed alre-ady,the court has their own copy of the do¢v-ments you signed when you agreed”.Sandra said
“fv¢k the contract Sandra…….i have arrived and nob©dy can temper with me.I will fight for my kids…..”.Letisha said but when Sandra was about to speak again she raised her left hand up which signifies she didn’t want to talk about it anymore.
Letisha was the kind of girl who got jealous easily,and she was a fragile type.The day she delivered and Fred c@m£ in with the maids to see her she was too tired to reply to any of their questions.So they allowed her to be.Now Fred took pepper soup to her in the hospital
“Hi sweetie……how are you doing now”?Fred greeted her but letisha didn’t reply so Fred dropped the food and went to his kids
“Look at my boys……their nose like mine,even their eyes”.Fred said and smiled at Letisha but she returned his smile with a frown.
Just then Mr Clark walked in
“Oh my God!!!!Father……..i missed you”.Letisha said as she stretched her hands to Mr Clark and they hvgged
“Daughter you’ve made me proud.Congratulations…..”.
“Thank you father”.Letisha replied and smiled
“Finally i lived to see my grandchildren……….Fred look at their eyes,they are so identical.And they look so much like you”.Mr Clark said while Letisha frowned.
“You’re right dad…….only God knows how happy i am”.Fred said
“You are now a man my son”.Mr Clark said and smiled at letisha while she returned the smile.
All throu-gh the discussion Letisha was quite as she didn’t want to contribute to the discussion.She had her plans.She later drank the pepper soup as she didn’t want to create a scene.She was discharged the next day.Fred noticed her new character but he ignored it cuz he knew he caused everything.He did everything possible to make her happy even to the extend of ma-king plans with her sister(Sandra) to go and bring their parents.Though the journey was successful but do you think Letisha will be happy with it?After the stress of finding them,he brou-ght them to his house in order for the family to make peace.(Is that not a good sacrifice)
“What are they doing here?Sandra what’s all this”?Letisha asked as she saw her parents.
“Relax Letisha we can fix this up.Just listen to them first”.Sandra said
“I dont want to listen to whatever they have to say.Where were they when i was roaming the streets of Lagos looking for shelter,where were they when i was suffering……look i dont have time for all this.When they are throu-gh show them the exit”.Letisha said and went to her room.
“Letisha…….wait na……just listen”.Fred said but letisha was alre-ady out of their midst
“I smell trouble……she won’t be able to forgive us.I feel so useless”.Mrs Michael said.
“Mum…©p talking like this…..she nee-d some time trust me she will come around”.Sandra said
“Hmmmm”.Mr Michael breaths out.
They were entertained and Fred asked them to stay there for a week maybe when she sees them everyday,she might have a change of mind.
“My parents are in town now”.Sandra said to David as they cu-mddled in be-d
“Really?I would really love to see them.At least to make it known to them that am the in-law”.David said and closed one of her eyes.
“Dont worry you’ll see them soon.They actually c@m£ to settle things with my sister.It still baffles me that parents could feel so less concerned about their children.Our parents case is not exceptional”.Sandra said.
“Hmmm maybe their was a reason.And you know parents can’t reveal all secrets to their children”.David suggested
“Maybe……”.Sandra agreed
“So tell me how many kids would we have.Cuz its supposed to be now we should l@ythe foundation”David said and smiled at her
“Are you kidding me”?Sandra asked amidst laughter
“Am serious….how many”?David asked again.
“Ten would do”.Sandra replied.
“What?…… you want to kill someb©dy?Ten children……..will it be every year”?David asked again but Sandra didn’t reply but only smiled”Talk to me na”.David added
“Speechless,speechless that’s how you make me feel”.Sandra replied with a song and they bust into laughter.Minutes later,they were k!ss!ngand R0m-ncing,soon enough they were unclad(Do i still nee-d to tell you what happened next)
Letisha and Fred were having an argument from the room and Letisha was coming out
“Hey hey hey Fred…….st©p pestering my life.I have concluded and that’s how its gonna be okay”.Letisha said in anger
“Really?You can’t be serious………how can you just conclude like that”?Fred asked
“They are my children and I have made up my mind.Am done with the contract,am no longer interested.You can keep yourfu-ck**g ten million and I’ll keep my kids ok”.Letisha said and was walking close to the kitchen
“That was not the agreement Letisha…….we signed a contract and the court knows”.Fred yelled and her
“fuc-k the contract Fred… done with it and tell the court that i said so”.Letisha said and went back to her room while Fred stood there
“$h!t!!!!!!So what’s she planning to do?Damn it!!!”.Fred said and stamped his feet on the ground.
Is Letisha doing the right thing??