Contract game episode 16

(A story written by Akpan loveth)
Letisha was alre-ady getting used to her mum staying in the house.Her father has returned back to the city.Mrs Michael was now helping Letisha out in washing of the kids clothes.Even the bathing,it was her mum that helped her out.
Letisha maintained her peace till the kids were two months old,now it was time for her to act.
Fred has gone to work,while the maids were busy with one thing or the other.Not knowing that Letisha has been doing a lot of packing throu-ghout the night.She c@m£ out with a white trou-ser,a black t©p,a white glas-ses,a black hand bag and a white snickers to match her dressing.She was with her luggage,she went to the car and dropped her luggage at the boot and went back to get her kids.She carried her kids and in the process Nkechi c@m£ out of the kitchen
“Ma’am……..looks like you’re going out”.Nkechi said to her
“Where’s my mother”?Letisha asked and ignored her question
“She should be slee-ping”.Nkechi replied
“When she wakes up,tell her that am out and tell your boss the same thing,tell him that i appreciate him for his ten million and I’ll keep my kids and when i ave up to ten million i’ll return his money……..and tell the girls to take care of their selves especially you”.Letisha said and smiled at her.
“Ma’am……i hope all is well”?Nkechi asked
“Sure…….all is well”.Letisha replied but before Nkechi could ask another question she was alre-ady out.
“Welcome sir”.Jessica greeted
“Hmmm how are you”?
“Am fine sir”.Jessica replied
“Where’s my wife and mother in law”?Fred asked.
“Sir…….ma’am left the house since morning”.Nkechi c@m£ out and said
“To where”?Fred asked
“I don’t know sir and she took the kids along even her luggage”.Nkechi replied
“What????and you didn’t bother to call me”.Fred barked at her
“I’ve been calling her line since Nkechi told me but its not reachable”.Mrs Michael said
“What game is Letisha pla-ying”?Fred said and brou-ght his phones.He first of all called Letisha buy the number wasn’t going throu-gh so he called Sandra
“Hi in-law”.Sandra sounded from the phone
“Is letisha in your house”?Fred asked
“Am supposed to be asking you Fred.She is not here……i hope its not what am thinking”?Sandra asked
“Of course it should be.Letisha is nowhere to be found with the kids.The news just hit me now that she left the house since morning”.fred said
“What????Did she really mean it when she said she didn’t nee-d the ten million anymore.Oh my!!!!!dont worry Fred I’ll try and reach her……i’ll do everything possible to get to her ok”.
Fred hung up,he also called his father and told him the situation at hand.His father was shocked cuz he didn’t expect such from her.
“Now am going to show Fred that i am re-ady for him.I know my right and nob©dy can stand on me”.Letisha said and picked her phone to call fred
“Hello Letisha…..”.Fred said almost in a hurry
“Hey hey dont be in hurry young man,hope you didn’t think I’ll change my line cuz of you?Thank you very much for the ten million hairs you transferred into my account a month ago.But don’t worry am gonna return your money when i have it,you know why?Because i love my kids more……and i can’t trade them for ten million naira ok”.Letisha said
“Letisha……what is wrong with you?We had an agreement and this is not it”.Fred said in anger
“Oh really?did Nkechi not drop the message?Too bad……..don’t worry I’ll deliver the message myself.I said am done with you……the kids are mine”.Letisha concluded and hung up
“No………no no you can’t do this…..hello hello…..Damn it”.Fred said and smashed his phone on the ground.
One word for Letisha pls!!!!

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