Contract game episode 14

Mr Clark Adams visited his daughter in law when he heard what happened to her.He was one of the people who cared for her,so he didn’t want anything to happen to her especially when she was carrying his grandchild
“Daughter…….what happened to you”.Mr Clark asked.
Letisha turned and looked at Fred then she continued
“Nothing father….i was just tired that day that’s why”.Letisha replied
“But the doctor said you’ve been stressing yourself.Talk to me hope the maids are not giving you a ha-rd time or is it Fred”?Mr Clark asked.
“No….no….. Father,that’s all in the past…….now am okay”.Letisha said
“Yea……..Fred how about letisha having her baby in the united states”.Mr Clark suggested
“Dad………but we didn’t discuss about it and besides she’s not gonna agree to it…..or what do u think sweetie”.Fred said in surprise
“Hmmmm dad Fred is right.Lets act like citizens of our own country.I want to have my baby in my country,not in a foreign land”.Letisha said in support of Fred
“Uhhh uhh no problems since that’s what you want.Mr Clark concluded.
“Thanks for your concern”.Letisha greeted while Fred heaved a sigh of relief.
Mr Clark spent three hours with them and left to his ap@rtment while the two couples continued their contract
“Letisha why are u doing this na?Just open this door ehh”.Fred pleaded
“I said am not hungry……go and enjoy your meal”.Letisha shouted from inside.
“No na……oya tell me what will I do for you that will make u happy.plea-se open this door we nee-d to talk plea-se……”.Fred pleaded.
Letisha actually locked herself in her room immediately Mr Clark left.
“Listen Fred I dont have your time ok”.Letisha said again.
“Fine…..i’ll break this door if u don’t want to open it for me”.Fred said and started looking for something to break the door with.
When letisha knew he was serious,she stood up and opened the door for him.
“Why are you doing this to me?Do you want to starve yourself,plea-se i beg you for the sake of our baby lets go and eat something”.Fred said.
“Am not hungry na,is it by f0rç£ to eat again?Go and eat alone”.Letisha said almost shouting.
“St©p na…….ehh plea-se i beg you”.
“Fred dont t©uçh me,take your dirty hands off me”.Letisha shouted in anger.
“Tell me my offense and I’ll apologized immediately”.
“You think its easy to leave in the same house with a man who doesn’t consider me as anything?you simply believe am just after your money yes…….am after the money but not your money but mine because I am working for it now.They say na condition make cray fish bend,na money make me de here.Fred….i don’t have time for any explanation so plea-se let me be”.Letisha said
“Emmmm…..em what did I do na”?Fred asked sounding innocent
“You’re still asking what u did Fred…… no no waif you’re still asking”?Letisha asked and pushed Fred out”Out……….out of my room plea-se go”.
“Letisha wait…….”Before Fred could complete the s£ntence he was alre-ady outside.Letisha went back and l@ydown.
Sandra and David were having a good time.Their relationsh!pwas growing but not like gras-s.They ba-rely had disagreement.Letisha was the one going throu-gh a lot.Everything about the marriage was boring like she told her sister
“Thank God this is not a real marriage if not……”.Letisha said
“Hahaha hahaha plea-se don’t make me laugh letisha”.Sandra said
“Am serious,this marriage is the most boring one I have ever seen or heard of so far”.Letisha said to her sister.
“There’s something you’re not telling me letisha”.Sandra said
“You love fred more than yourself”.Sandra said slowly
“Hmmm dreamer!!!!wake up and face reality”.
“C’mon talk to me,I know something is fishy.We grew up together and I can tell when there’s a change in your behavior”.Sandra said and letisha breathed out
“You are right sister……..i was in love with Fred.Not until he disgraced me”.Letisha said
“I know it must be something like that but calm down ok everything is going to be fine”.Sandra advised her.
“Not anymore Sandra cuz my heart is locked and no one can come in not even fred”.
“Is it that serious”?Sandra asked
“Even more serious than you thought”.Letisha replied
“Hmmm but be careful sister,I dont want anything bad to happen to you”.Sandra said
“Don’t worry I’ll be fine”.Letisha replied while they changed the t©pic.
Their usual quarrel continued.And seriously speaking Letisha was tired of the dirty contract like she started calling it.It was now fred’s turn to do Mr gentle guy.He even brings ice-cream for Letisha whenever he closes from work while sometimes he brings Apples.All these things were no longer enticing Letisha.
Fred has totally st©pped drinking,he no longer womanize,to him he saw ladies that they were nothing compared to Letisha.He stayed at home for two to three days just because of Letisha and yet still she wasn’t giving him the attention he nee-ded.
Mrs Letisha Adams pregnancy was now complete,so she was just waiting for her expected d@t£ of delivery but unfortunately that day c@m£ and pas-sed but nothing happened,same thing the next day and then she just forget about it.A week later Fred was at home,after preparing the meal,he s£nt Nkechi to go and call Letisha for him.He knew very well that if he go there letisha will not open the door so he s£nt Nkechi instead.
“What’s the meaning of this Nkechi”?Letisha asked
“Don’t blame her,it was my instructions.I knew that if I come myself you won’t open the door for me that’s why i s£nt her”.Fred explained
“Whatever…….so what is it”?Letisha asked
“Hmmmm food is re-ady”.Fred said smiling
“You think you can bewitched me with food abi?You lie fred cuz am not a fool and I can never fall for your…….whatever it is you call it”.She said and turned to leave but suddenly got a sharp pain in her stomach”Ahhh……….ehhhh…….Fred help…….”.Letisha shouted.(E don happen oo make Una help her na).
Fred throw away the spoon in his hands and rushed to Letisha.
“Are you okay……talk to me na…….”Fred said almost shouting
“Ha!!!!!!the baby is coming……….plea-se get the driver”.Letisha said and Fred turned to leave”Where are you going to”?
“To get the driver na”.
“s£nd someone……ha!!!!!!help…….hmmmmmmmmmmmm”.Letisha shouted and tried to bear the pain.
Fred who was confused didn’t know where to run to……he ran to where the fridge was and ran to the kitchen door and suddenly remembered he had maids
“Emm Nkechi……Jessica…..Juliet,Cynthia,uju where are you?Someb©dy call the driver for me na”.Fred shouted
“Emm sir……Nkem,get the car re-ady”.Jessica shouted.
The car was re-ady,Fred carried letisha in his hands and took her to the car.While the driver drove steadily(abeg small small o)
Getting to the hospital,Fred Was restless.For those of you who have wife’s or you have esc-rted someone who is in labor to the hospital,you will un-derstand what I mean.He was moving here and there….
“Sir plea-se calm down”.Cynthia said but Fred didn’t reply.
30 minutes later the doctor c@m£ out.Fred and his maids quic-kly rushed to him.Everyone with their personal question.
“How is my madam”?Uju asked
“Has she delivered”?.Jessica asked
“What baby”?Cynthia asked
“Doctor how is my wife”?Fred asked worriedly since the doctor wasn’t smiling.But immediately he asked how is my wife the doctor smiled and gave him his hand for a handshake
“Doctor…..”Fred called waiting for the news.His prayer was for the baby to be a boy.That was his heart de-sire and did God answer him?
“Congratulations Mr Fred Adams,your wife has put to birth a set of twin.Two boys…….you are lucky”.The doctor announced and left while the maids started shouting and jumping.Fred smiled but quic-kly remembered the contract.Just a child oooo but now its two(Una go tell me how Una wan do am)
Fred thought for a while and asked
“Jesus christ of Nazareth!!!!!!twin???two boys”?
What will you do if you were either Fred or Letisha?