Clumsy nurse batch 13

In opened the first page the introduction.
It’s a new diary just one month old seems her old diary got filed up.
I tried opening the next page when my phone rang , I dropped the diary and rushed outside with my phone.
Someone was calling and it was Daniella
I picked up the call
” Ryan I am in Africa”, she said
” omg did they finally accept you “, I asked her.
” yes , my dreams c@m£ throu-gh and my skills will cover all the bill boards.”, she said
” congrats”, I said
” I have a little problem with lodging. so can I stay with you its only for one night..
” yes sure , why not, my nurse just moved .”, I said
” ok sure .
I dropped the call.
Liams pov.
We sat facing lunch at my new friends place food was alre-ady set.
“Liam don’t worry I know u don’t eat out so u can drink wine ,ur best br@nd is here.”, mr Hitler said
” ok.
” miss clara eat too “, he said
” oh thank you but am full”, Clara replied.
” ok guys just enjoy the wine “, he said.
I opened my wine. I poured for both myself and Clara
She took a glas-s from me . I sipped my drink .
” so how is bisiness.?.
” business is fine .
Clara lifted her glas-s and tried drinking she instantly dropped the glas-s and took my glas-s from me .She threw my drink into the bowl of water.
What’s she doing .She filled a glas-s of water and lifted it to my face.
I took it and drank
” the content is not good for your health Liam … “, she said opening the next drink.
I dont know what she is doing but I trust her.
She poured a glas-s for both of us.Mr Hitler looked at his as-sistant.
Minutes later we went to the field for sight seeing.this sight is the main reason why I built this place.
Clara p.o.v.
Both of us walked into the middle of nowere , we climbe-d some mountains and rocks … then we climbe-d stairs
Thats when I met beauty as I looked down from that high place it was so pretty and de-ep.
it was an open cave outlet that let out blue beautiful water . Many pretty flowers and animals.what a sight.
” why did u buy this ?.
” he wanted to build a h0tel here .he wanted to ruin this beauty.and kill this I met govermment and took it from him…
” thank you for saving them .”, I said.
I really love this sight I enjoyed it , it is so much fun.
Minutes later we waved at Mr hitler and rushed out .
We got to the car and the driver took off.
” so why did you pour my drink. He asked
” it was poisoned “, I replied
He chucked softly and picked his phone I wonder who he is texting.
Minutes later we arrived at the restaurant . I sat down and he sat too.
The whole place was cleared out it was only the both of us but one empty chair was there.
The waiters alre-ady served us like they knew what we wanted.
I looked at the empty chair and tapped him.
” but who are we expecting “, I asked.
” someone you want to see so badly “, he replied.
Just then i heard shouts outside, everyb©dy screamed I wanted to see for myself but Liam took my hands.
” the reason for the screams is coming “, he said.
I sat back… I wonder what’s going on. Just then like 10 security guards walked into the restaurant , two opened the door for someone.he cat walked in with his hands hands on his face like he was tired … I looked at the f!ngershe wore 3 pure gold rings .
People crowded at the window of the restaurant flashing c@m£ras.
Some people tried forcing themselves in but security ti-ght£ñed .I wonder who he is.
He wore a white track’s obvious the t©p is more like a looked simple but obviously expensive…he wore a white sli-pper but the surface and the un-der was stonned with diamonds …
His figure was Just too h0t like my Ryan or even h0tter .is he a model.hes tummy was so behind him.
He held two phone the first one had a casing made out of pure silver.
He wore a watch , a gold watch. He had amazing long hair ..tick black and straight.
He is so tall but looks soft hes skin is so eatable and sp©t less .
Cloud it be who I think.
Just then he re-moved his hands from his face and waved at the crowd outside …… God Danny hoffman
I smiled wi-dely and he waved at Me from the distance.
He is so cute oh my God.
He walked down to us and sat down …I almost fainted. I looked at him like a movie he’s guards sorrounded him like gold
He dropped his phone on the table.
” liam , I c@m£ at least you won’t kill Me now”, he said smiling.
Liam shook hands with him.
Omg I melted.
He rolled his eye at Me.
” oppaaaaaaa !!!!!! ” , I shouted
He smiled
” I love you so much you are my crush your songs ,movies everything you are so amazing.
” thank you Clara.
” omg you know my name.”, I screamed again ” he knows my name !!!!.
Liam chucked softly.
” well Liam told me dear “,he said.
I looked at liam
” Clara u wanted to see him so badly well here he is eat him up.”, Liam said.
Danny smiled and picked his phone.seems he is add!çted to texting
c@m£ra’s flashed in throu-gh the glas-s .
” oppa can I have a hvg and a picture?.
He smiled
” why not.
He stood up and he’s guards shifted .. i stood beside him and liam took a picture .just then he hvgged me and k!$$£d my cheek. I almost fainted but he caught me smiling.
He sat down and I just kept staring at him …. Liam smiled at me.
” actually I will just eat , u both are on a d@t£ I am the third wheel “, Liam said.
Danny chuckled.
I cant st©p looking at his face.he’s eye is just so blue…he’sl-ips pure pink.he’s lashes are so long.when he smiles he’s gap teeth gets obvious.he moved his hair with his hand and he’s diamond ear ring sparkled.
Omg are you human too.he’s eye brow is so right like he made up.he’s eye se-duc-tive…..he’s nose accurate, lisl-ips are naturally well shaped so h0t. his face was set by God himself I swear.
I was carried away looking at my crush I didn’t know when he poured me a glas-s of wine .
” hey cutie , what will you eat ? He asked me.
Omg Danny Hoffman wants to feed me this is a dream come true
” oh anything “, I said.
He served me and pushed the plate to me.
” you remind me of my fiancee Clara , Celine was busy she couldn’t come “, he said .
I smiled wi-dely again.
” thank you .
” Clara ur picture just hit 5 million likes you are now a star. Liam said .
I smiled wi-dely .
” oppaaa give me your real number “,I said smiling
” of course Hon”, he replied and gave me his card.
I smiled happily ..this is the best dinner ever.
” so how is business Liam ?.”,Danny said
” everything Is fine , its all good “, Liam replied.
Danny smiled and placed another fish in my plate.
He gave me water.
” don’t choke.”,He said .
I nodded smiling.
Just then his phone sparked. He picked it up.with his hand where he wore 3 rings .
” liam I nee-d to go a mob is coming here .”, Danny said
” true, a crowd of 500 people are coming here. Liam said.
His guard tapped Danny
” sir we nee-d to leave.U can’t be in public places
Danny smiled.
” too bad sweetheart our dinner was cut short. “, he Said as be k!$$£d my cheek. I smiled.
” bye liam, we will talk.
” all right Danny thanks again.
Danny stood up and walked out he packed his hair as he walked . The crowd rushed him . His guards covered him again.
I finally turned to Liam
” thank you “, I said to Liam.
He smiled .
” thank you too, Liam replied .
I am so happy.
We where finally done eating we started gisting our whiles away.
Ryan p.o.v
I finally opened up the diary .
The first thing i saw was what she wrote in the first chapter.
Wait what. Clara is still vir-gin, I mean her d@t£ with Tony was just ………….
Oh no what is going on. She planned to sleep with Liam but why make such hvge sacrifice.
I dropped the file and rushed out I nee-d to get Clara back before she does something she would regret.
I got out when daniella called .
” hello ?.
” ok Ryan I arrived.
” ok I will pick u.
Oh no I can’t keep Ella waiting she will get stranded .Clara will sleep with Liam tomorrow so I still have time…
I drove off to pick ella.
Clara Pov
It’s been long we c@m£ back I changed in my room after showering..I wore a white long sleep go-wn cos I feel cold.I Zi-pped it behind.
I miss Ryan I have been missing him all day.all this luxuries didn’t st©p me from missing least now Liam alre-ady signed two do¢v-ments it remains only tomorow.
Just then I heard a knocks I opened up it was him.. he walked in and locked the door
I sat down on the be-d he l@yback on my pillow.
I wonder why
” i like you alot Clara .
” oh thanks”,.I Said quietly .
He stood up and placed his hands on my shoulders from breathing hanged . Those he want me this night.just before he signs the last file.
he gently k!$$£d the back of my n£¢k. Then he k!$$£d the sides of my n£¢k ma-king me feel de-sires I Dont want.He fetheared hisl-ips throu-gh my ear. I was just quiet in thoughts…
Until i felt his hands on my Zi-p.I gently turned to look at him
” can I ?”, he asked without Zi-pping down.
I have no choice if that’s what he wants.I just nee-d this contract completed so I can go back to Ryan. After all he alre-ady created a stupid nee-d in me…
If wishes were horses I nee-d Ryan right now
I gently lifted my hair up so he could see the Zi-p well.
He Zi-pped it down and k!$$£d my back as he brou-ght down my hair from my hands and moved them to my shoulders…he feathered hisl-ips down my n£¢k and pu-ll-ed down the go-wn gently…
As he p@rted the sides of my go-wn He brushed his hands throu-gh my ba-re back.I was alre-ady br@ less.but the go-wn still covered my front until he turned my face and k!$$£d me then he gently tried sli-ping it off totally when someone knocked.
He opened up. It was a female maid so I didn’t bother covering up myself
” sir I told him to wait but he just…..
“, before she could conclude sir Ryan rushed in.
He looked at liam for a while then he looked at me .I got embarras-sed….. tears ran down my eye like it was my b©yfri£ndthat caught me in a wrong act. He ran his eye down my back then to my n£¢k and my che-st which the go-wn still p@rtly covered .
He turned to Liam.
” liam if her b©dy is really p@rt of your criteria to invest then am sorry but her pride is not for sale. You can keep your own share of the files.We can’t contract.
He walked down to me and dragged me up from the be-d. He gently sli-pped my hands back into the go-wn and Zi-pped it up then he took my hands and dragged me out.i looked at liam for a while then I faced sir Ryan . We got to the car.
Just then he’s dad called.
Ryan’s p.o.v
” how are things son the money is nee-ded urgently right now. things are moving fine right?, because tomorrow is the final day.
” dad why do you nee-d this money so much.
” we can only withdraw to a p@rticular amount from A.G.H.C untill u formalize ur engagement to Anna .
Unless I will do it myself at the law court tomorrow AND Anna Will sign while ur cousin stands as u wen u return the p@rty will hold.
Oh no this is confusing.I am not re-ady for marriage yet. What do I do.if i tell him I lost the contract he will get angry at me and still formalize the marriage.
I looked at Clara .what do I do.
Just then a maid walked out and handed Clara a file. It was the was signed.Clara smiled.He didnt make any offers.
” dad the contract was a success in two days.”, I said .
” I knew I could trust u my son i am indeed proud of you.
I smiled
” I will s£nd the files
” ok son
I dropped the call and turned to Clara.
a note c@m£ with the files.we both re-ad.
You might not belive me but I signed the file before I made advances at you.your b©dy was never the price.20 minutes ago I was just being a man who got attra-cted to a pretty girl who he thought wanted him too and I swear Clara if u said no I wouldn’t have moved on, that’s how much I respect and value you.thanks for saving my life .thanks for everything,thanks for teaching me where to throw money.I hope we do this again out of clean mind of friendsh! muse
Clara smiled and looked up at him in his window she waved at him.
well Am glad he signed all.
Am I not the luckiest girl I meet good guy’s everywhere I go.
Sir Ryan entered the car and I sat with him he drove off
” thank you Clara and sorry too”, he said and I smiled.
” oppa you are welcome.
” we have a visitor at home
” who?
” you will meet her .he said.
Minutes later we arrived home.
We both walked in and there she sat Daniella Grande.I got annoyed.
Daniella Pov
Oh no this girl is h0tter now this is not how she was when I s£nt her here.what the fv¢k.
” hy clara “, I said.
She bowed.
I moved over to Ryan .
” is she the urgent meeting u left Me for?.
” yes she is.”, he said.
” come let’s go inside I have something for you.”, I said .
He turned to clara
” Clara go on in , u must be tired.
Clara nodded.
No ryan don’t go with her.s£nd her out of your room plea-se am jealous I won’t even sleep..
She’s looking so se-duc-tive.what If she s£dûç£s him into slee-ping with her.
I feel bad I am not happy.I walked into my rooom and l@yon my be-d.thank God I alre-ady bathed.
Sir Ryan dressing me up made me wish he was the one removing my cloths but right now in the next few minutes he might be removing Daniellas cloths..she was in a relationsh!pwith him before after all.
I f0rç£d myself to sleep after I wore my night go-wn.
Daniellas Pov
” Daniella are u comfy “, I would have lodged u but I didn’t know Clara will come back. He said
” Ryan come on, we spent years living together In a house , slee-ping in same be-d and doing many other things too. “, I said
” well something’s changed he said.
He re-moved his shi-t and rushed into his shower.
He c@m£ out from the dressing room door .He wore a black t shi-t and white shorts.
He l@ybeside me by the be-d and arranged his pillow.
What no I want him to make love to me that’s even why I c@m£, I could have lodged but I missed him.
I turned to him and looked at him at the pillow. Where he l@ywith his eyes closed. I gently re-moved the jacket of my short singlet hand red night go-wn. I dropped it my s£dûçt!veshoulders and attrac-tive hair fell freely down my che-st. My firm br£@st and attrac-tive n!pplewas visible throu-gh the transparent go-wn. Back then this was his favourite go-wn.
I gently moved my hair and it t©uçhed him he opened his eye and saw me so close to him as I l@ymy head on my Palm and stared at him… I caught him he’s eye ran down my che-st and carefully collected my shoulders… He looked at my slightly expo-sed br£@st with de-sires. He couldn’t help himself. It’s been long Ryan had been with a woman.waiting for Anna was something he did without cheating.. it was long when he pla-yed women . He changed a little for me cos i didnt give him space to cheat.but he changed completely for anna.
He stared at me and closed his eye……
I slowly sli-pped my hands into his singlet and brushed it up from his belt line to his che-st then I k!$$£d hisl-ips pas-sionately as I brushed my f!ngersround his b©dy. He k!$$£d me back for a while then he gently withdrew.
” daniella st©p , this is wrong, Anna is your sister.He said while trying to control his eye which kept going to my che-st.He was once my mine I know exactly how to get him helpless.
I gently ran myl-ips down his n£¢k.then I m0@n ed out whispers.
“Ryan you want me too, st©p holding yourself. “, I said this as I de-eped my f!ngersinto his shorts gently.
He m0@n ed, he was alre-ady getting ha-rd on.
” daniella plea-se just st©p I beg you.”, he said as he f0rç£d out my f!ngers
” but I want you.I whispered into hisl-ips.
He finally stood up and moved his hair back .
“I am going out we can’t stay together”, he said
” so u won’t lose your control ?.
” daniella I was wrong to think that we can be normal friends but it can’t work because u haven’t gotten over me yet.he said
” where will u go , ok I will st©p , u can’t sleep in the couch u have cold.
” I will just stay with someone else.
” u PREFER TO stay with her , is she not a woman , can’t she so what I just did. I Said.
” you are my ex , she is just a nurse. And we are both used to slee-ping in a room , I know u hate her alre-ady and u won’t stay in her room so just stay here and let me be.”, He said
Before I could say one word Ryan rushed out.
Omg I hope I didn’t arou-se him that bad or else he might give what i de-sire for to that other girl.
After all they had been together , her se-duction will be very strong.and she Is very h0t too and it seems ryan likes her .even the way he looks at her its ro-mantic…the way he left me at the park today with only the house Address just to go pick her up is very suspicious.
Clara pov
What I had been imagining of sir Ryan and Daniella had chased sleep from me.oh God plea-se I want Ryan to leave that room before I die of jealousy.
Just then someone knocked I opened up it was him .I smiled in my heart.
” I there space for a friend”, he said.
I smiled and opened the door..
Maybe Daniela tried s£dûç!ng him am glad he didnt fall.
I l@yon my white pillow facing the sky .
He did the same.
The air changed , the air between us got ti-ghter.filled with more of r0m@nç£and de-sires.
I can’t even look at him can we really stay together.
I spoke up.
” sir am.glad u saved me today.”, I said he turned to look at me as I l@yon the pillow my hair fell freely backward
He looked in my face he’s eyes ran down my n£¢k then they centered on myl-ips.
whats going on he Is looking at me with de-sire that’s unlike him .I hope he doesn’t try anything because he is one man I can’t resist. We will both make a mistake this night.
I rolled my eye up to his eye and he gently started moving closer to myl-ips.. I too moved closer to hisl-ips as I looked at them with de-sire.
What are we doing.finally he k!$$£d me and I instantly closed my eye as I de-epened that k!ss…
this k!sswas h0tter than The first one I stole from him as we both opened our mouth and our ton-gues met.
feels good … sir Ryan kept de-epening the k!sswith his hands on my tummy.
Clara what are you doing ….
just then he unlocked hisl-ips but why I didn’t want him to st©p.
just then I felt his hands de-ep into my th!gh I shivered ….feels somehow sweet..
he k!sses me n£¢k deliciously as he brushed his f!ngersupward from my h!praising my go-wn at the same time .
What are we doing. Ryan what are u doing.
I am lost I can’t control myself.. it’s just too sweet ….. all my imaginations and day dreams is happening…..
sir Ryan is holding me , me Clara!!
but I think we are doing the right thing at the wrong time. what am I to him….
what if its just S-x after tonight what will I do .
he’s still d@t!ngAnna so who am I to him and will giving him myself make a difference.
I have the right thoughts but my hands are going wrong as I alre-ady wra-pped my innocent hands round him….
Just before the go-wn could come down someone knocked .thank God .it must be Daniella.
Sir ryan st©pped , he moved his hands from me.
The person knocking left the door I saw her shadow move away.
We both looked at each other with no words.we were speechless.I gently covered my che-st well I feel so embarras-sed
” Clara am so sorry , am really sorry, am sorry pls , I don’t what c@m£ over Me. I know we stayed together before, I know u trust me more than this but I am really sorry I dont normally do this .
” am sorry too I couldnt control myself , I couldnt st©p u.i was carried away, we almost had S-x if daniella hadnt knocked .”, he said
” its not your fault , we both got got carried away so don’t blame yourself, I am all right .
” what’s going on “, he Said
I finally called Ryan’s room for ella to tell us why she c@m£.
Ryan took the phone.
” tell me ella.
” dont worry I will sleep with Clara so come here.
He stood up
” uhm Ella will stay here.
” oh ok .
He opened the door .I l@yon the be-d quietly as sir Ryan walked out Daniella walked in.
She locked the door behind her
” what were u both doing?.
” nothing we were just slee-ping.
” how come the be-d is so unkempt
” well.
She sat beside me.
” are u having an affair with Ryan ? She asked angrily
” no I am not.
” better not becsuse u don’t know how possessive his girlfriend can be.
” nothing is going on btw us .
“Good so piece of advice ryan can never like u , I see de-sire in ur eye u want him so badly He belongs to Anna but not for long.better stay away , I will fight mercilessly for Ryan. Leave the fight for I and Anna ,you are too small to drag a man with me.
I nodded.
She l@ydown and I l@yback with my eyes open , i kept savoring my moment with ryan.
I smiled and t©uçhed my br£@st . my br£@st is no longer a vir-gin….. I ran my f!ngersdown my th!gh then I wra-pped my hands round my tummy .
I just t©uçhed everywhere Ryan t©uçhed I can’t believe he held me like that
sweet, little by little cute guys sre spoiling me…..
Ryan’s p.o.v
Could i be in love with Clara ?
Could i have feelings for her.
I hadn’t felt like this for years.
..all I know how to do recently Is think about her.
I am ma-king a mistake ….
..I stupidly let myself fall in love with Clara .what can I do now
.I nee-d to control this emotion …I nee-d to st©p this before it grows…. falling for Clara now is wrong.
What will I do now.
I fell to sleep.
early the next morning
Daniella alre-ady left.
I don’t even know how to face Clara right now.I don’t know how to define my emotions.
Finally Clara walked out of her room she caught me staring at her room door.
She bowed
” good morning “, she said as she tucked her behind her ear.
” oh morning I replied.we both rushed our different ways.
We sat facing the table .the cook is delaying.
” so how was your night clara
” oh it was fine , it was nice
” Oh ok.
Claras p.o.v
The air between us just got weird the cook served food we both rushed our fork just then he’s phone rang it was Anna.
He picked and all I heard after a while was
” am dropping the call “, he said and dropped the call .
I wonder what she said but he can’t concentrate .he can’t even eat anymore.he keeps fightng his fork against the plate . What’s going on .
does she wanna break up.I don’t un-derstand sir ryan why are you Sad .
.he finally threw his spoon to the ground .
She finally called him again.he picked the phone and walked away I ran after him after a while
.he locked his room door I placed my ears there.I nee-d to find out what went wrong.
Ryan’s pov
Anastasia calling me to tell me that she wants to stay with Tony.what nons-en-se .she want me to let her stay with her ex.even with what Ella tried last night.
I picked up
” won’t u drop ur ru-bbish habit Ryan.
” I drop the call when the caller says something useless.
” what is so wrong in staying with Tony.I told u about the security.
Ryan nee-d i remind u that u are staying with a girl , a pretty one at that. Just two of u in a couple suite.but I trust you so am not bothered.
” the girl is not my ex girlfriend.Tony is your ex, u can’t and wont leave in his house.
” Tony was my best friend even before he bec@m£ My b©yfri£ndRyan am just staying as friends why don’t u trust me
” ex b©yfri£ndu say?.come on Anna u never really broke up with Tony. I kept quiet doesn’t mean I don’t know the truth.I just ignored u because I loved u .but I won’t tolerate this one.if u move in with Tony we are breaking up.
” ryan what do u mean I didn’t break up with Tony.what are you saying .
” come on Miss Grande, i s£nt u to go and break up tony because u just couldn’t do it over the phone. what did u do when u got there Anna, are u going to lie , i was the first person to cut u open just 10 minute after u left his house.
” Anna you made love to Tony that day why , u crushed my soul. Will you lie , was i the last man u sle-pt ? .tell me if am wrong , was it me, was I the last person that made love to you ?.
” Ryan am sorry I promise u I later broke up with him , I only got carried away . away that S-x it didn’t happen out of plea-sure, it was pain and confusion..Ryan I love you.
” Anna its been 2 years , I knew for two years but I let go. I forgot it because I love u.
I didn’t question you neither did i ask about it but this is one of the reasons y I would never trust u having a normal friendsh!pwith Tony , u both never had a normal break up.u cant stay in his house.
” ryan I am really sorry for that , I really wanted to tell u after I got up from coma but i didn’t want to spoil things.
” Anna its ok ,its in the paste.
” Ryan I won’t go to tony.
I will be here, even if i get stabbe-d i will stay here.
if thats the only way u will finally trust me.we trust each other so much alre-ady, lets not let others ruin our trust….Ryan I trust u so Much u nee-d to trust me back u nee-d to trust me the same way I trust u.
” Its ok Anna.
I dropped the call. This call just spinned me back to order.Anna trusts me so much yet am falling in love with Clara,
I nee-d to st©p myself now I can’t love them both .I can’t repeat the same mistake Anna made.
maybe Clara likes someone somewhere whom she is keeping herself for.
This love game has to end.I nee-d to st©p loving Clara any way possible.
I nee-d to control my emotions before they control me.
What I feel for Clara is wrong.
I called my secretary .
‘ tell me sir
” Annas nurse , Mrs delvaliers where is she.
” she travelled
” I nee-d you to change Anna’s maid I dont trust Rita again.
” ok sir.
” Anna is scared and that’s not good for her health so ti-ght£ñ security for me.
” ok sir
” she won’t have steady guards , how many guards do she have
” 4 sir
” make it 15, her entrance door must be crowded for me.with guards.
” ok sir.
” always check up on her.her maid must be changed everyday she won’t have a persistent maid .there must different maids for different days as well as her guard.
New and refreshed guards must be replaced every two days.
” yes sir. I will do it all right away.
” get closer to her I nee-d the name of the real person behind her recent fear.
” ok sir.
” where is she now.
” well sir Tony just went to pick her from her morning exercise.
” how many guards watch her work out
” 2 ”
” make it 6. Protect her like gold, her strand of hair can’t get hurt.
” sure thing sir .
Fear is wrong.Fear is not a very good can kill

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