Clumsy nurse batch 14

I ran out and continued dinner immediately sir Ryan dropped Anna’s call. Wow Anna really did something so careless.
⏰2 days later ⏰
Clara Pov
Isn’t it painful after that call with Anna that day sir Ryan changed towards me , he kept pushing me to the corner I didn’t un-derstand why.
He treated me just the way he treated me when we first lived together.
He s£nds me out of his surgery.
He started treating me like dirt.
I finished my meal.and walked into my room. we have work to do at the hospital..
Soon I was done bathing I dressed up and rushed out sir ryan entered his car and I sat with him.
he drove off quietly.he started ignoring me again.
I won’t confront you Ryan am just bothered about your health u have not been following your drugs.
” Clara are you strong
“yes sir
” you kept wra-pping your hands on your tummy yesterday
” no its nothing just normal tummy pains
” take care of yourself , you can’t fall sick …I nee…the hosoital nee-ds you.
” ok sir.
too bad we are not friends anymore ,Ryan I miss you.
U fought with Anna and started avoiding me.
we arrived at the hospital Samantha rushed out.
” ur in time I was just about to call u
” what’s wrong ?.
” patient number 15 ? She is having heart pain.
” but her record said she has br**st lump and that is what I am operating her for .
” sir am confused
” so which report are we following.
” sir maybe lets look for the lump in her br**st.
They both rushed in everything was set for surgery.
I checked the list for team 15 so I am in his team i rushed into surgery room surgery alre-ady started.
” scalpel”.
Samantha gave it to him .
I noticed him staring at me ,
” hook, sorry, i meant clamps!
” sure sir
” sharp toothed hook
” ok sir.
He took it and cut open again. he is doing this wrongly . He is cutting to de-ep.
He cant find the lump.
he’s just cutting carelessly and sighing , he won’t concentrate why .
Every b©dy looked at each other
” saw “, he said.
“Sir u are cutting too de-ep”, Samantha said.
” pls Clara go outside , may be get busy in the drug admin dep@rtment.
how is it my fault that you are failing surgery,why s£nd me out ,i really want to look at you every time,at home u rarely come out of your room I rarely see you nowadays.
i nodded and I rushed out..I wiped my tears I arrived at the drug admin dep@rtment, Louisa was there .
” Clara did he s£nd u out again
” yes
” it’s ok .
Just then a p@rticular drug was brou-ght in.
It was packaged expensively.
” what’s that”, I asked
” Important drugs imported by mr devantes .They are expensive .they will be s£nt to aghc soon .
” really
” yes one of them cost like 500,000 thats y you and sir Ryan will take it home and Mr dervantes agent will come and pick it from the house for safety reasons .
“Ok now I un-derstand.
Just then I looked out the window I saw ryan step out
I ran to him.
“oppa….sir , how was it
” surgery was a success.
He walked past me , he opened the car door.
They packed the drug in the car.
Sir Ryan sat down and i sat beside him
we left ,I keep wondering if it is just the call with Anna We arrived home and I rushed into my roomI re-moved my cloths and l@yon the be-d .
I heard his loud coughs from the room sir Ryan is really abusing this drugs.
Ryan’s pov
Next day
I am glad I woke up in time saamantha had been calling.I nee-d to go to the hospital I rushed down and clara just opened her door.
She bowed .she wra-poed a big towel round her head her face looked dull. Is she sick
” are u ok clara
” yes its its just normal sickness.
” ok since u are home no nee-d telling the cook about the drugs , soon the agent will come give the drugs to him but first count them out and write the figure.
” oh ok “,she said.
She keeps wra-pping her hands round her tummy it could be her period, I nee-d to get back as soon as possible so I can check up on her.
I looked at the table oh So that’s where I forgot my drugs .
I took a single tablet when Samantha texted me. I dropped it on the counter and rushed out.
She said my patient died .
I rushed into my car oh God pls.
I started coughing again , why am I coughing out blood.
Well if I get to the clinic I will check if they have my drug there .
Claras’s p.o.v
I feel week but I still have to do what Ryan told me I brou-ght out all the drugs and counted them it was 82.
I wrote it down and carefully arranged the drugs and packed up everything I saw on the table into the the drug carton then I carefully locked it well I dropped it close to the suite door closer for the agent to locate . I walked back into my room and I l@ydown then I wra-pped my hands around my tummy..
Ryan’s pov
I arrived at the hospital in my fear of loosing a patient but Samantha rushed out after me
” am really sorry sir I wanted to text the next Ryan in the drug admin dep@rtment I didn’t know it was wasn’t your patient who died.
” ok.
I rushed back into my car I nee-d to go home so I can check on Clara..secondly I nee-d my drugs
Claras p.o.v
In heard car horns it was the agent so I opened the door and he carried the drugs .wow his car Is pretty.
I watched him enter his car.just then I saw sir Ryan coming in.I left the door open the man alre-ady took off.
Sir Ryan walked in and coughed again he held his heart then he rushed to the table.
” Clara did you see my drugs i saw it here this morning.
He started coughing again
He shouted and fell to the chair.
” Aaaaaaaarrrrggghhhh!!!!, it pains “, blood streamed down from his nose.
” Clara check un-der the table for my drugs .
I ran un-der the table.
Omg I think I gave it to that agent . am dead ,i rushed to sir Ryan and be is no longer breathing well.
” sir Ryan , sir Ryan , are you ok.
I wiped the blood out what do i do.
My tummy still pains. I rushed out and ran after the van
.I borrowed a bike and ran after him…I rode so fast even with my tummy pain .just then I saw the man he actually even St©pped to talk to someone .
before I could get closer he moved off again I kept chasing behind him, I can’t possibly over take him he is fast ,I nee-d to st©p this man at all costs .
I rode very quic-kly and tried over taking him he got shocked and took a wrong turn he almost hit me but he didnt , I fell out of the bike because of shock
I hit my head in the road blocks
Ryan’s p.O.v
I finally strugged to the counter and took the tablet I left there
The pain St©pped, the bleeding seized .
I got so scared so now where is Clara
She is not even feeling fine.
Agents p.O.v
This girl looks baldy hurt I carried her up and tried rushing her into the car but she started beating me instead.
“Give me sir Ryans drug “, she said g@sping for air
” what
” sir Ryan is dying , give me .
She jumped down from me and opened my booth
She searched for the drugs until she found it.
Her forehead was still bleeding.
” u nee-d to visit the hospital girl.
” no I must give this to Ryan.
” but.
She entered the bike and ride off.
Clara p.o.v
I feel so much pain i wonder how sir ryan is just then sir Ryan pu-ll-ed over .
I saw his car he c@m£ down I st©pped driving my bike .
He t©uçhed my first head
I gave Him the drug .
” are you crazy , why do you always do this ,won’t you st©p .u are always placing me before yourself now u almost killed urself Dont you know that someone might die if you get hurt .
he shouted at me .
” is it better if you get hurt Ryan
” clara st©p it , why do u do this , just tell me why you keep risking your life.
Ryan’s p.O.v
she c@m£ down from the bike and looked at me. she wiped her tears
” I love you , that is why i do all this ,
I am in love with u.
everything I did , i did because I love u.
I think about u all the time
I can’t breath , eat or dream without u
Yes Clara is in love with you.
The reason i take things personal is because I love you.
Then reason I would sleep with Liam to get a contract is because I love you.
The reason i entered fire for you is because I love you.
I love you so much that it pains me
I said it .
What are you going to do best surgeon.
“this Clumsy nurse is in love with you.
what is Clara saying
Ryan’s p.o.v
Clara ran off after she said this I knew it was pointless chasing after her cos right now she really nee-ds to be alone.
I looked around the road for a while then I walked into my car.where ever she went to I am sure she will come back.
Clara had been in love with me all this while , why didn’t she say anything and I had been the biggest fool why didn’t I notice all of this ….
I drove off in a high speed and headed straight home …
☆☆ Claras p.o.v ☆☆
what did I do, sir Ryan just found me out its so embarras-sing ……
I opened my purse and saw the card that woman gave me before …back In the drug administration dep@rtment.
I traced the address and took a cab to her house after all its useless I can’t possibly go back to Ryan. I can’t leave with Ryan again.
I am just too embarras-sed.
the driver took off he was really fast soon I arrived at the street I followed the address to her house .
I knocked and she opened up.
” hy I was wondering if you still nee-d a nurse for your baby
” oh Clara I alre-ady Got someone infact she took the baby out .
” oh ok “, i replied and walked away.
what do I do now . it’s alre-ady getting dark . I walked out to the streets its pretty exactly the same place I and sir Ryan sat that day .
I sat on the floor quietly and folded my legs together … sir Ryan what do I do now I told you how I feel about you .
I wra-pped my hands round my leg abd sat there quietly ….. I dont know what’s next.
♡♡Ryan’s p.o.v ♡♡
Clara is not yet back ..what’s going on where did she run too. i entered my car and took off soon I arrived at the junction she left from .
I switched on my tracker thank God her phone is on.
I tracked her down with the GPS in my phone ……
finally the tracker st©pped working I drove down and there she sat quietly on the road near the food seller.
must Clara always be a character.
she helped the woman organise her plate and the woman’s kids pla-yed around with her .
I watched her queitly then I finally walked out of the car.
☆☆ Clara p.o.v ☆☆
oh its sir Ryan what is he doing Here ..I separated myself from the kids whom there mum was selling near by ..
I stood up and he walked down to me.
” hey miss “, he said..
i gently bowed
” if you run away because you fell for me then maybe I should run too cos I am in love with you.
” what
” do you know why I chased you out of surgery ….. that’s because you distract me. I love you so much that you distract me.
what is he saying.
” do you know why I avoided you ….I avoided you because I wanted to st©p loving you ..I wanted to st©p this feeling.
but what are we going to do because this surgeon can’t breath without you.
” what” i love you Clara ….I love you too.
marima’s pov
yes that’s my name , i am Anna’s Maid for today.I went to get her somethings while she bathed I opened the door and walked into her room… sometimes I forget Anna’s house is a’s really pretty.makes me think of being in coma …she was done bathing I watched her carefully from behind… she must be really fashionable she has a tattoo behind her w@!st… she applied her cream…. she wore a silver chain on her w@!st and only a red p@n-t her figure is really drop dead gorgeous.her hair fell below her bu-tt she just packed it up.
she finally spoke up.I didn’t know she saw me
” are u going to keep checking me out.
” madam you are too h0t “,i gave her a thumb up.
she smiled and wore her shorts.then she wore a white ti-ght singlet [email protected] br**st is pretty compared to mine I ha-rd ly go [email protected] b©yfri£ndmust be really lucky.she walked down and picked her phone she smiled.I dropped the stuffs on ‘the cu-pboard.and walked behind her.
” check out this couch”, Anna said
” it’s pretty
” my fiancee, I want to change our house’s decoration that’s the new couch and this will be our new room paint and design.
” it’s really clas-sy madam
” is it “, she dropped her phone just then someone walked in it was her friend maybel.I walked out and maybel sat down
* Anna’s p.o.v*
my second bestie,my first bestie traveled. she sat facing me smiling.
” anna am glad you are all right
” thanks how was your trip
” awesome ,woow u look more beautiful
” shut it
” I saw the changes in the hospital…wow you are really doing a great work.
” yes… I really want to change a lot of things.
” it’s good
” how Is our sweet heart
” Ryan traveled
” Ryan must really miss you , he has not held you for two years.
I wra-pped my hands round my b©dy “thats true …
” Ryan really loves you some other guy would have just been fooling around e.g. Nathan.
yes that’s her b©yfri£ndhe cheated de-eply
“I love Ryan too,he is the best thing that happened to me .but Ryan is changing, he is distant recently I feel him in my heart, ryan knows about that affair with Tony May.
” omg how did he find out .
” I dunno but I miss Ryan… whenever a p@rtner misses a p@rtner so much then something is not right
” which nurse did Ryan travel with
” Clara is not an issue may, i trust her
” don’t trust any woman with Ryan ,he is every woman’s dream, he has it all, your b©yfri£ndis too h0t and s£dûçt!velyhandsome…. think about it .what if Clara gets a crush on him and tries s£dûç!ng him .won’t he fall after all, he has de-sires too and …here you are.
could maybel be right.
” maybel that’s not true
” anna you nee-d to visit Ryan , u guys deserve a one week vacation just the two of you ….this work your doing shouldn’t be your priority.ryan is ,two years is not two days
” you are right , i will look into it
” you should.
minutes later Mabel left.
claras pov
breakfast was fun …thank God we took the day out.right now am in the shower sir ryan is re-ading at the study .I dried my b©dy and wore my white p@n-t ..I love this p@n-t ,my has a pocket where I Always hid my mother’s Money.
I hanged my towel , seems i forgot the br@ in my room ..I always likes wearing them both in the bathroom all becsuse of Tyler the room sneaker.u never know when he is on your be-d.
I walked out while drying my hair with the hand towel and there l@yryan ,jesus!! , wait sir ryan is on my be-d . what!!
he turned to look at me I instantly wra-pped both hands on my che-st and turned my back ..
I heard him chuckle.arhhhh am too shy.I ran into the shower and locked the door.
Ryan’s p.o.v
” arrrgh what a crazy girl ,did she just run away….fine i will still wait lets see who gets tired first…..
after few minutes I knocked on the door
” miss , come out pls
” no did you see my br**st
” no I didn’t ,I swear.
but truthfully I did , beautiful.
” what about my p@n-t
” no what is the colour ?.
She chuckled happily
” I am shy…
I smiled
” should I hand you a cloth.
” yes
” ok.
I went to her wardrobe and saw my favourite female singlet… it’s h0t … it’s best worn br@less and the hand lies throu-gh the n£¢k .the colour was black so I picked her white short to match. this outfit will totally flatter her figure.I handed the cloth to her.
she brou-ght out her hand.
” hey , are we clubbing
” no … pls just wear that
” um give me the white br@
“no don’t wear a br@
” pls
” really
” yes
” ok 1 mimute.
Clara p.o.v
I wore the singlet , Diana bought it.
I don’t really dress this h0t.
Ryan is right she doesn’t wear it with a br@ cos it has no hand …it’s pretty …made my br**st s£dûçt!veand h0t …. sides of my br**st were visible from the sides so I pu-ll-ed it up. arhhhh he is gonna see my ni**ple.I careful packed my hair behind me and wore the short … jeez its too short sides of my bu-tt is visible …ahhh must I looks this h0t.
I opened the door and walked out … am still shy .he was using his phone he just lifted his face and saw me .he looked down my shoulders then my tummy which the singlet didn’t cover well ..
he smiled
” you look pretty.
” really
” yes
I smiled as he dragged me down to the be-d . I sat down and he switched on the t.vI smiled as I sat between his legs.
” let’s Watch a movie “,he said.
I smiled and he pla-yed the feels sweet.he sli-pped his f!ngersinto my tummy from behind and just left it there with the remote.. just below my br**st. feels tingly cos he is tou-ching my br**st unconciously and its sweet ..
” I fell fully into his shoulders and turned my face to k!$$£d hisl-ips .he smiled against myl-ips and de-epened the k!ss..I ti-ght£ñed my grip that was when he raised his f!ngersfrom un-der my br**st and gently carr-esed my br**st ma-king the k!ssmore delicious….
he gently turned me over on the be-d and feathered hisl-ips down my ear to myl-ips…he k!$$£d my nose and then k!$$£d myl-ips de-eply our ton-gues met again.
ryan held me with so much pas-sion .
I felt hisl-ips pressing into mine and his f!ngerswondering round my b©dy .I just held him ti-ght ..I embr@ced his sweet t©uçh and k!sses . he k!$$£d my n£¢k deliciously down to my shoulder blades I smiled as I felt his f!ngersall over my br**st, his ton-gue c@m£ down my n£¢k so sweet.I pu-ll-ed out his singlet I just want to feel him all over me as he k!$$£d me de-eply ,his che-st was pressing on my br£@st so sweet. he li-cked me down the hollow of my throat I smiled deliciously this feels sweet …. I feel so nee-dy of him. the nee-d intensified as he ran his f!ngersfrom my leg down my th!gh.sir Ryan explored every p@rt of my b©dy in a h0t steam. bringing out all the de-sires I burried he pressed hisl-ips into mine again..I don’t want him to st©p k!ss!ngme. I opened up and let his ton-gue slide in… I used my sparkling eye to tell him what I wanted…. yes I want him to make love to me….. Diana can as well go to hell now. I lifted my singlet up and dropped it on the be-d side … I really nee-d him. he ran his eye down my shoulders with plea-sure and de-sire. I smiled and dragged him down into my arms .he gently li-cked my n£¢ I fell my ni**ple ru-bbing on his che-st .. sweeter. i felt his ton-gue coming Down below me from my n£¢k bone ma-king me bur-st with de-sire but he suddenly st©pped. he looked at my face for a while ….. he doesnt un-derstand how much I nee-d him, why did he st©p.
even myl-ips, my eye, my nose, even the way I moved myl-ips towards his was all filled with nee-d ,I couldn’t resist it ..
my eye is enough weaken his defense.. he should make love to me alre-ady before I bur-st with nee-d he moved into my b©dy and k!$$£d myl-ips slowly then he unlocked , I chased after hisl-ips to k!sshim but he moved back gently and spoke.
” Diana is right Clara, he lifted the blanket to my che-st and tried moving up .. I still dragged him down to me I want to look into his eyes while he speaks..
he c@m£ so close just like I wanted him, i was breathing halfly fumming with de-sire … I looked into hisl-ips with my innocent hands accross his face and hair nee-d almost made me cry he spoke into myl-ips which were desperately moving close to his .
” Clara you are beautiful and your first night should be beautiful too. I re-ad your diary ..I know you are scared of entangling with the wrong person but why are you so sure of me?, what if I am that wrong person”…..
I ran my eye on hisl-ips and his face and tears streamed down my eye ..I love him so much it makes me cry.. myl-ips were still desperate over his.
” Clara I want to be the person u deserve , i want your first night to be beautiful with a man that is truly yours,someone who doesn’t hear I love you over the phone ,someone who has severed all ties, someone you can claim anywhere…that’s who I want to be before I take your vir-ginity away from you . so just give me time and pls continue being my half girlfriend.
I moved his hair back with my f!ngersand looked into his eye he nodded gently and finally k!$$£d my shiveringl-ips ma-king me melt beneath him…Ryan is my destiny….
I hvgged him ti-ght and he gently placed his head on my che-st.I t©uçhed his hair pla-yfully…. it was all sweet ..the way Ryan explored my b©dy today…it was really sweet I nee-d him to do it every day.I brushed my f!ngersdown into his back and t©uçhed his bu-tt smiling .I heard him chuckle …. my b©yfri£nd.
Anna’s p.o.v
maybel alre-ady left , everything she said is true.tony walked in ,he locked the door behind him and sat beside me on the be-d,he t©uçhed my hands.
” anna am traveling , am glad you are strong.
” really were to
” I got a contract in an outside hospital..I will also learn more.
” congrats
” you look beautiful
I t©uçhed my newly stretched hair and smiled
” thank you I said .he smiled and carr-esesd my hands with de-sire as he drew closer to myl-ips …and boom he k!$$£d me. while brushing his hands behind my hair… I k!$$£d him too I don’t even know why….Tony de-epened the k!ssand our ton-gues met ..s£nding back some memories to me. I remembered my call with Ryan and gently withdrew.
he smiled…
” I will get going”, he stood up I took his hands and rolled my eye up at him.
” be careful and safe Tony
” I will …bye
I nodded and Tony walked out.
I blacked out my mind fully …I will not think about what happened today…
Claras p.o.v
I alre-ady dressed up and I and sir ryan rushed into the yard.
he said he wants to take me out I really wonder where too.we entered the car and soon we arrived at a five star restaurant but it was empty.
it was so colourful, i sat facing him and some men c@m£ to us and pla-yed the guitar and other instrument..they didn’t have to say any words only that sound melted my heart.
” Clara I love you , i really do .I don’t know what you may think of me but the only reality I know is that I love you .Clara I know that this is wrong .. I am still d@t!ngAnna ..I really want to just to be just normal friends until I break up with Anna but I can’t …I miss you so much.I want to hold you when I want .
I want to taste yourl-ips each time I can’t say the words I love you.I want to feel your b©dy against mine and I want you with me so badly that I might die so plea-se ….you  might feel insulted ….but bear with me and don’t ever leave
I smiled
” saran`heyo oppa!!!”, i said
(i love you too)