Clumsy nurse batch 12

Clumsy Nurse
Claras pov continues
When he saw my thumb up he nodded but he didnt actually say another word I guess he didn’t
have anything else to say.
Actually am re-ady to do this, I am re-ady to do this for sir Ryan…
I smiled gently then we arrived at home.
He walked out and ran upstairs to his room I ran into my own room too.
Minutes later he knocked on my door what’s that.
He walked in with a file
It’s the contract files .
” I want to call Liam and tell him about your decision.
” ahhh ok sir.
” hi first I have some questions.
” ok, ask away sir.
are you still a v!rg!n?.
if tell him I hadn’t had S-x he won’t let me go. The only criteria I want him to st©p me is jealousy
out of love or small likeness. not out of right judgement.
” no why would I be a v!rg!nthat’s not possible. I have sle-pt with many men in the past.
” thought as much secondly why do you want to this ? . Are u doing this for me and for the
If I tell him am doing it to make him happy he won’t let me go he wluod st©p me out of right
” well I have a crush on Liam too so am happy to do it. I really want to .you are not the reason.
” you are a grown girl your decisions are yours. So as you know this contract is very important to
Mr dervantes. Investors are giving 3 days to sign the 3 files .that means one daily so they won’t
ever say they didn’t re-ad before signing or they signed in a haste ….I hope u un-derstand why
Liam wants you for 3 days now ..that means each day he signs one file….untill the last day .
note all 3 of them is important.
” I un-derstand.
” when it comes to his de-sires he alre-ady said he’s not having u in be-d for the 3 days …maybe
once or twice that’s on you and your crush.Just make sure he signs the contract every day.
” oppa I will make sure of fact I have a plan.
” tell me
” in other to make sure he only has me in his be-d once or not at all.I will keep postponing him..
The first day I will watch him sign contract no S-x I will just be a tour guide.
The second day the same thing I will just be a friend , and make sure he signs too. No S-x too.
He will keed signing because I am by his side .
” what if he doesn’t sign on the last day….all the other contracts will bec@m£ invalid.
” oppa its ok I will sleep with him on the last day if he persists. And complete the contract foryou..its not a big deal. It’s fun.
” ok your plan is nice but be protected don’t make mistakes.
” oppa I should be protected with what.?.
” come on Clara no time for games you know what I mean. He said.
I smiled and nodded am.Still lost but its a pity sir ryan can’t even beg me to stay..
” Clara I Wil call him .
” ok sir .
He walked out.
Ryan’s p.o.v
I can’t believe I went to her room to tell her not .thank God she told me about her crush on him
before I spoke up.
At least finally its settled ..clara wants to do it.. thank God I did not st©p her she might call me an
enemy of progress.
But truthfully Clara has a carefree lifestyle.even that book she re-ad alre-ady proved this point.
She didn’t even think about the act she that fast to jump into a man’s be-d.
Anyways am glad her her free life will help me … finally dad is going to be so glad he is going to be
so proud of me.
I nee-d to call him and give him feed back.
I called my dad on phone minutes later he picked up.
” ryan how was it.
” he requested for a girl.
” which girly
” my as-sistant.
” any offer .
” no.
” what Is she waiting for
” nothing it’s un-der control in 3 days time he will be a full time board member.
” I hope to see the results.
” u will dad.
” ok goodluck.
He dropped the call.
I returned my phone.I looked in throu-gh Clara window.why is she walking about like a mad
Clara p.o.v
I really hate Liam I wish I could give myself to Ryan first before going.but will ryan have me….
ahhh am going crazy.
I scratched my head crazily I looked up and saw sir Ryan who leaned on his window pavement
and watched me
Sir Ryan looks dull recently wonder why he is annoyed…
Sir Ryan I really want you to tell me not to go. I want you to get jealous..I will be happy if u st©p me
out of jealousy or anger that way I won’t do it cos i will believe u love me too and my b©dy is meant
for only u.
I have a feeling Ryan I jealous …I think maybe he started liking me..ever since Liam made this
offer be has been annoyed.
No maybe am wrong.
But since u don’t care..I will die Loving you alone.and i will do anything for you.that is the
punishment unrequited love threw at me.
I looked at him for a while untill he walked away…
I walked into the shower.I better get my good night sleep
Ryan’s pov
Time ran fas-ter soon it was night what Clara wants to do I feel good and bad about it at the same
time .I guess she is fast asleep now.
I nee-d to visit the hospital tomorrow so that all surgery can completed. We took much of break.
I took a glas-s of could water after which I fell fast asleep.
Claras pov
I over sle-pt as always I ran out in my pink over sized pajamas
Sir Ryan was busy over cofee as he re-ad some health records.
I walked over to him. I scratched my hair .ahhhhh sir Ryan is ma-king me get shy nowadays.he
won’t even talk to me..acting like he is secretly mad at me.
” sir Ryan , good morning.
” Clara take ur bath Liam is coming for u today.
” oh of course.but are you ok.
” don’t forget the files. He said
He tried rushing past me.
I angrily dragged his hands back and shouted at him.
” oppa what’s wrong with you , did i do something wrong. Are u going to keep suffering me for no
reason. U won’t talk casually unless it concerns Liam.
” Clara.
” why are you acting up , y are u avoiding Clara disgusting you ?
I wiped my tears.
” even if I feel moody and I don’t feel like talking. why is it affecting you personally ? He asked.
It’s affecting me personally becsuse I am in love with you.
” oppa , even if I sleep with Liam why is it affecting you personally. Y are u annoyed “,I asked
Ryan just say the words …if u say the right words I won’t go to Liam I swear.
” affect who ? .. am glad u are doing it after all u know how much I nee-d this contract.. I don’t care
who I sleep with ur just a nurse ur personal life is yours.
” ok ,I don’t also care if u ignore me , I won’t take it’s not my business you are just a
doctor friend.don’t ever think I am taking anything personal.
I said and walked past him.
My tears streamed down…
I wiped my tears and rushed inside … am I not stupid…how can sir Ryan even like me.
Sily Me.
I can’t even be compared to Anna. Beauty , wealth, clas-s,packaging,character, she has it all she’s
a proper girl.what am I.
It’s the first time I am fighting with sir Ryan…I wonder when we will settle this .
I got to my room door and looked back at him.
He sat down and picked the surgery book again….
I rushed into my room and took my bath then u changed.I picked the files and looked throu-gh
Ryan’s p.o.v
Was I rude to Clara… I am.really sorry.I don’t know what’s going with me. I feel annoyed with her
all of a sudden .
I can’t even concentrate on this health records anymore.
Just then I heard sounds so I walked into the estate.
3 cars pu-ll-ed over I guess Liam finally s£nt for her…..
6 men In suite walked out with a not scared of Liam, if I was ,I wouldn’t let her go.I have
known him for long Liam is not a rou-gh’s just he’s outside.he’s kind and calm.he’s only
problem is he’s crazy love for women and he’s enormous pride when he likes and wants
I called Claras room from the land line in the study.
” hello.
” opp….sir Ryan , how may I help.
” Clara they are here .
” oh i will come out now,kuma`wo
She dropped the call just then she walked out. She looks like a gang star … this crazy girl won’t
change.but the outfit suits her she looks h0t.
She wore a black short with a white singlet.She wore a black bag across her che-st had tied a
jacket round her w@!st.then she packed her hair up in a clean bun.her face looks dull. She held
the file bag in her hands…Clara shouldn’t wear a singlet Like that she will get cold.
Clara p.o.v
Why is sir Ryan looking at me like this I just dressed according to my mood.
He walked down to Me I looked around I suddenly can’t look at him.
He untied the black jacket from my w@!st.
” you will catch a cold if you dress like this “, he said as he raised the jacket to my shoulders and
just covered me up.
I held it with my hands and looked down.have fun .he said. He tried rushing out but I stupidly dragged him back with both hands.
” oppa , don’t over work yourself at the hospital… and don’t forget to take your drugs… “, I said.
He nodded and just looked at me.he’s very Careless i am scared to leave him.
Clara walked down and closed the Windows that led to the ocean behind the penthouse. Then
rushed up to me.
” don’t open those Windows and secondly you nee-d to eat right…. I don’t know what’s wrong with
the cook she keeps traveling so I will call her ..but for now… “, she walked to the fridge and
carefully checked everything in it.
” oppa check the expiration d@t£ of all this stuffs before taking fact ….”, she bent down and
checked the expiration d@t£ one by one after which she took them all to the bin…
” cover yourself well and don’t take cold water….plea-se don’t catch a cold at night…..and if you
nee-d me just call I will come running to you no matter the time. We might have shouted at each
other but you are still my best friend”, she said and bowed.
I don’t even know what to reply.she’s really a good friend.
” ok, won’t u go alre-ady.?.
” of course “, she replied.
And bowed to me I watched her walk down ..She arrived at the car.I looked at her from the door.
All the guards and maids bowed to her…She bowed to them too.
So funny.
She finally entered the car and they took off.
I have surgery in 1 hour I better get re-ady.
Clara p.o.v.
What a pretty car.I kept smiling so much that the maids smiled with me.I looked up and down the
window grinning happily..
I wonder where they are taking me too. I am worried about sir ryan I really wonder if that crazy
cook has arrived……
Minutes later we arrived at a big estate it had a fountain….it had an amazing’s just like
Tonys compound.I have not been to Ryan’s before I don’t know what it looks like.but this place
looks more expensive than tonys house it looks clas-sy.
The white big mansion sat in the middle omg I wonder how much one month rents Is.
I walked to the door and all the guards bowed to me .
I walked in and there he sat on a white chair he really is handsome
He saw me and smiled. Hmmm why is he acting different.
” hello “, he Said and waved at me smiling.
I looked around.
How do i reply.I am confused.I gently stood £r£¢tand bowed ….then I lifted my face and s£nt my
hair back.
” good day sir
” Liam call me Liam plea-se.
” oh of course.
I bowed again
He tapped the chair so I sat down I looked around the house.
Liams p.o.v
Her aura is so so sweet.her dress s-en-se is crazy but girly
I always prefer ladies in go-wns not shorts.She must be a pack of trouble in decent packaging.
Just them she tapped me.
” this house Is it yours Mr.?.
Lols Mr I just told her to call me Liam.
” no its not I actually rented it for one month.
” hmmmm its too pretty.who has everything in it.
” oh well it was decorated before.I found this house like this.
She placed both hands on her mouth.
” gbo!!.?.
” what wrong?.
” well I will tell u SOMETHING”, she whispered.
Why is the girl whispering.Omg my boring day just got lit.
” oh tell me .
” there was a movie I watched ummmmm what was the name haunted house . She c@m£ close
and whispered again
Omg I got scared
” oh really
” yes u won’t believe what happened Mr , it was the most unimaginable.
She said spre-ading her hands wi-de
Ok she got my interest.pls can Ryan just sell this talking doll to me.
She continued
” the man he had money but he stupidly bought another’s man’s mansion.but am not saying you
are stupid Mr.
I chucked softly plea-se where is this girl from.She is crazier than I thought…
” I know cont.
“U know , he didn’t know that someone was buried inside his house.She said and I placed my
hands in my heart.
” omg really
“yes Mr , the outcome, very dangerous.the spirit kept killing and destroying him ,his wife and hischildren until his family dried up.
I shifted to her side this girl suddenly got me scared.
” what happened next
‘ ahhh shi`rooo,dont get scared its just a movie .nothing bad happened just that the spirit
Also killed he’s.
“how do i know that thus house is chaste ?”, I asked looking up.and down
Oh Mr now u are taking .ask sir Ryan I have an award for my prophecy.I will ask the spirits in the
“.Oh plea-se do.
‘ cool down lemme find out where they are ,for now sign todays do¢v-ments”, she said.
I took them and signed them hastily…. this girl got me scared what if this house is haunted
” Mr the spirits Said they are on the floor so I will ask them . “, she said
She walked down and bent with Her ear to the floor
She knocked there for a while I was so eager with interesting
” this guys house haunted”, .she asked the floor
Then she stood up ..
” oppa andue`yoo , your house is safe.totally ok .”, she Said bring and gave me a thumb up.
I smiled wi-dely…what a girl
.She cl@pped her hands together and sat down again
finally that is over…
Oh God I was so scared .
Clara p.O.v
He still looks scared I guess I got him scared.
He softly and t©uçhed my hands be ca-ressed it softly.
” do dinner with me ?”, he said .
I got speech less I started coughing he smiled only few people know what this cough means
I gently nodded.
Just then a maid walked in.
” pls prepare her.
” if you may madam”, the lady replied me.
I nodded.
I stood up and walked away with her.
She took me into a room four other ladies in white where there the room was big and beautiful.
” wow , je`baang. Its perfect “, I said
” yi`pu`da , huh.
” chom’marl yi`pu`da unnie”, I replied her.
She smiled.I wonder who she is she is quite pretty .I better as her.
” unnie , don’t mind me asking , bun`De, to sir Liam , du`gu`nya.
oh am his as-sistant , he’s personal as-sistant.
” oh chom`ma`riyoo ?
” uh,chom`Marl. She said.
” yi`pu`da!!, unnie.u look like like the goddess of beauty I added. And she chuckled softly.
” I really like you Clara you are amazing.
” oh ku`ma`wo`yoo. I replied her she t©uçhed my hair softly.She is so motherly.very pretty.makes
remember Lia.
” pa`li , we no longer have time “, she said.
I bowed and we both walked closer.
She re-moved my jacket the woman c@m£ and they re-moved my cloth too.
His as-sistant walked down that was when I noticed a c@m£ra was even in the room.She used her
black handkerchief to cover the c@m£ra then she smiled to me she sat on the be-d.
why is a c@m£ra in every p@rt of the house ,
The wra-pped the white towel around me and she walked me into the shower.
No time for details but this bath was awesome.
I c@m£ out and the ladies l@yme on the be-d.they carefully apllied and mas-saged many oils into
my b©dy. oh feels good.
they where done so they arranged my hair and stretched it .
I like my curly hair but STRAIGHT makes me look more better.I wish sir Ryan can see me.with
this straight hair he will learn to respect me.
Omg I almost forgot I had plans of calling the cook and I hadn’t called her
I don’t want sir Ryan to sleep alone the night is long.
Soon they where done with my hair so they started on my make up.
His as-sistant has alre-ady picked out a white go-wn wow it looked pretty.
She l@yit on the be-d then she turned to me as they made me up.
” so where did u meet Liam.
” well.
” are you his newest d@t£.
well unnie all I can say is this is an arranged marriage.
She chuckled seems she likes Liam not sure , just guessing.
Soon the make up was over.they helped me dress up.
Omg so if end up getting married to Liam my life will be like this ,but I dont love him.
in the same way if I end up getting married to Ryan my life will be like this but he dont love me .
Ahhh what crazy fate..
They fixed up my nails I look like the first lady of New york.
Soon they were done I looked at myself in the mirror and wow I can’t even recognize myself turns out I am not the Clara David I use to know ..
” come your betrothed husband is waiting for you “, she said.
I smiled gently then i walked out with her.I held my purse . on seeing me Liam stood up smiling.
The as-sistant walked out and I walked towards him he looked at me for a while
” you look pretty.he said. I smiled
He gently k!$$£d the side of my cheek I looked down innocently, only sir Ryan ever did that.he just
seconded him.
He lifted my jaw into his arms.I rolled my eye up to him.Is he gonna k!ssme.
” pretty girl’s don’t bow their face Clara.he said.
I smiled gently.
” let’s go.he said and took my hands.he is not as terrible as I thought he would be but am more
worried about sir ryan.I wonder what be is doing .
Ahhh this hair cl!pis disturbing me .I just left it cos it’s la-id with diamonds .
the driver car took off.
” Clara where is your best five star restaurant ?.
” no five star restaurants, its too costly.I don’t like them. I eat only at my auntys shop if I want to
eat out your aunt has a shop, what’s the name.
“um tasys tasty. U know once I was about eating at a restaurant and the pay for a plate was
80,000 .what…I almost was after that day that I no longer visited five star resturants I
prefer one star or no star “,.I replied him.
He chucked gently
Liams p.o.v
.one star restaurant really , ayyhhhhh what am honest girl no lies ,no forms, no pretenses, she’s
just so simple. .She kept fighting with the cl!pin her hair.I guess she is not used to all this.
” don’t u like it.
” well it’s hurting my skin.”?she said.
I moved my hands over bad re-moved it myself.then in threw it out the window she shouted.
” ” !! Driver St©p , Mr kwen`Chanan`nin?.
” of course I am okay whats wrong.
The driver st©pped and she rushed out of the car I rushed after her , what’s wrong.She kept
looking down she looked down for hours I wonder what she is searching for.
” hey Clara , are you ok.
” Mr you shouldn’t waste things.”; she said.
I was confused until she smiled and lifted up the diamond stoned hair cli-p.I was shocked I g@sped
for air.
She smiled
” Clara did you st©p my car because if a stupid cheap hair cli-p.
” yon`gam , if you want to throw away something you should throw it in the right direction… should
i show you an example ? ok fine come”, She said And dragged my hands. I walked by her until
she st©pped at a very deserted area filled with kids and moms who are on the street .
some of them l@ydown they all looked dirty and poor.Clara waved at them and threw the hair cli-p
into their midst all of them rushed it.
I was surprised she smiled happily as the all dragged it.showing it to themselves.
She walked closer to the kids and opened her purse.they all rushed her.She gave them money
different notes each . She smiled wi-dely she didn’t even care if they t©uçhed her with their dirty
What an angel.I swear of all the sights i have seen ,this right here is the most beautiful sight I ever beautiful so real so natural.
Finally her purse went empty she smiled and cl@pped her her hands together.
” this unnie just used up her most recent salary . She Said.
All of them laughed at her.
Claras p.O.v
I am finally broke but I feel fulfilled I just wish it was enough for all of them. I turned and I didn’t
seed Liam again.just then I saw him waking down from the car.he held a Brown envelope.
He got closer to me and handed it to me.
” let’s throw money where it is worth “, He said.
I opened the envelop and it was filled with money.I shared a note to all of them.Finally they all got
a share.I smiled at Liam.
Just then the food saller pas-sed by.the kids cried out.
I st©pped her.and I Took take aways ,i handed to the kids.Liam.just stood there watching me I
know why he is scared he doesn’t want to get dirty..
I carefully served them all one by one untill I was done.everyone got a share.
I looked at him and smiled then I shouted
” kids this cute Mr was the one that bought everything!!!!”, I shouted.
The all rushed him and hvgged him.he almost died.I let go of the one I was carrying and she hvgged him too.
Liam looked so pitiful the stained his cloth so much now both of us looked dirty.
I looked at him and smiled .he smiked gently too while pushing away some kids .
” can we go home now.
” home?
” we can’t go to a five star restaurant looking like rose cleaners.
I smiled as we both walked down to the car and i sat beside him and the driver revised.
” thank you “, he said.
I smiled wi-dely.
” ur welcome
” this is one of the bext days of my life I did something I never did .thanks .he said
I smiked at him..
Soon we arrived home. He walked into his room and I walked into my own to freshen up.I alre-ady
dropped my purse and tried removing my go-wn when the line rang I picked up. With one hand on
my che-st holding THE go-wn.
” tel me.
” uhm u might want to cover the c@m£ra again.
I turned to the c@m£ra and the hand key fell off. I instantly covered it with the handkerchief again.
he chucked on phone and dropped the call.
I re-moved the go-wn and bathed .I opened the wardrope wow so many night wears. .but all are
too h0t…I picked the the show back go-wn it was the longest it fell to my kneel..
I tied the rope and looked myself in the mirror wow it flatteered my amazing br£@st and attrac-tive
shoulders ahhh pretty.
Just then someone knocked I opened the door it was Liam.
” uhm may I ?.
” oh sure.
I moved back and he walked in he held a glas-s of wine in his hand
I gently sat on the be-d he sat beside me .he ran his eye down my n£¢k. I noticed his sight he couldn’t even control it.
He dropped the glas-s of wine on the table.
I gently coughed and wra-pped one hand round my che-st .
He smiled.
” you are truly irresistible Claras. U are blessed with one of the most amazing looks I ever c@m£
across….”, he said
Liams p.o.v
They still have not s£nt her out .I sat in the couple pool waiting for Clara to come out.
Just then she finally c@m£ out wow I trust my designer…
She wore a white bikini p@n-t and br@ then they wra-pped a white scarf round her w@!st.
She looks h0t just like I wanted.I de-eped my b©dy in the water as she stood facing me on the pool pavement .she kept looking up and down.
” plea-se come in.
she gently nodded.
She wra-pped her hands round her flat Tommy and walked into the water.
The water got to her tummy. I lifted her to sit at the pavement such that her b©dy t©uçhed water..
.she sat with her hands in her hand th!ghs.
I gently sli-pped my f!ngersto her hand’s and held them there as I moved over to her and gently k!$$£d the sides of her n£¢k. I fetheared myl-ips down her ear lobe…. I ran myl-ips down her n£¢k when my phone rang I picked up the phone ..she just looked down gently.
Claras p.o.v
Suddenly I don’t care anymore.Liam is a nice guy.maybe he will like me truly and with his help I will get over sir Ryan who doesn’t care about me…
He’s world is fun and expensive and he is not rou-gh he is very gentle.
He dropped the call and smiled at me.
” guess whats ?.
” uhm what.
He poured me a glas-s of wine and took his own cu-p. then he sli-pped one hand into my w@!st and moved close to me.
Oh wow that feels somehow.
” I was dragging a land with someone I finally got it . I thought he would be angry but guess what he wants to come to peaceful terms .so we will go sight seeing there today you will love the sight”, he said.
I nodded.
” so our ruined dinner won’t we have a repeat .
” oh of course”, I said .
” …. how do you feel are you cold”, he asked .
” no I feel good”, .i replied ..
” so tell me how long have u been working as a nurse
I sipped my wine .
” all my life i have been one right from when i was born.
” what rank are u
” ah junior.
He smiled
” it’s because of your troubles.
” no am not troublesome.I replied sharply .he smiled and threw water into my face .feels good.
The moment in the pool was fun he’s random jokes ma-king me laugh my heart out.I got comfortable with Liam bit by bit.I had no plans if getting fully we-t but he suceeded in splashing water all over me even to my hair.he’s quite a fun person.
After a while we both walked out.I walked out first and gave him a hand he smiled he is so s£dûçt!ve.everything he does is s£dûçt!veeven the way he t©uçhed my hand .he must be a buried de-ep pl@yboy
I looked into the compound hmmmm looks like the owner of the house likes basket ball.
I tapped him
” who pla-ys basket ball there .
” no one.
‘ if I forgot u can’t do it you are too rich.
” wait do you want to challenge me.
” no u should ask me if I want to beat you.
” fine let the challenge begin”, he said.
We both rushed in and the maids changed me many cloths have I worn
It was a sports br@ and a white short .
I rushed out and there he stood.hahahahaa I can’t even pla-y
” hey Liam , get re-ady to lose .
” bring it on Clara
We both ran to the field I headed for the ball first.
I threw it in successfully like 2 times while he ran after me . I smiled at him am not really Good I just like br@gging .
” I warned you.. I shouted.
He watched me bounce the ball laughing , once he got the ball game ended
I couldnt even smell the ball.he was so good ,he kept laughing softly as he kept throwing it in without stress..
” no you are cheating
” how
” you are taller
He smiled
He squ-atted down and threw it he still nailed it .
He kept keeping the ball from my reach
I ran my hands all over him as he either took the ball up or down or left. or rights… I just kept shouting
Oh he’s cheating me and wining me
I started b!tt!g him with my teeth and hitting him like kid
He laughed and handed me the ball.I shouted and jumped up.
” am going to nail it ten times ..better watch”, I said
I tried throwing it but it wont enter.
” Mr you took away my inspirations “, I said as I threw it again.I got mad I keep failing .
Just then I felt both his hands om my w@!st. he gently spoke behind my ears .. you are throwing it wrongly.
” oh really
He raised his hands from my w@!st to my hands and helped me throw the ball in .
” you should concentrate and aim right .he said ,he moved his hands finally.
I tried again and nailed it. I smiled and jumped up he laughed and scattered my hair , i just remembered sir ryan, he always does that when he is happy with me.
I wonder how he is .I wonder if he is ok.
Minute later we both walked in and sat down .
A maid walked in.
” sir its started “, she said and liam smiled wi-dely.
” Lets go to my movie room my favourite movie is screening “, he said
I stood up
We arrived wow it looked like a real movie .the tv was so big.the four corners of the wall was filled with big screens all showing the same movie .
We both fell on the couch the maids brou-ght in a lot of goodies, pop corns, chocolate.
Liam p.o.v
This movie is from a story written by author chidinma jerry. my favourite.
“Love ,hate, lvst”., though I enjoyed
” na-darna “the movie was h0t another of my favourites out of her scripts was
“one day with Lia hart “.
but this p@rticular movie makes me glad , it makes me hate falling in love.
” this script was written by chidinma jerry right , that African WRITTER.”, clara asked
” yes She`s amazing
” of all her books I loved “Celine and the Hoffman’s” as well as “diary of an Indian girl ” and ” clumsy nurse “, she completed .
” if he didn’t love her why did he carry her along , she sacrificed so much for him. “,Clara said and wiped her tears .I tapped her
” hey are you crying.
” I always cry in this movie.she said and cries more.
Lolx this girl is one of a kind.
She kept crying like a baby .especially after their break up
Her voice was so loud the maids rushed in.
” Clara are you k.
” LOVE Is wicked ..I keep crying she said and cried more.
I laughed so much that the pop corns dropped out of my mouth
” are you laughing at me ?.
‘ no am not”, I said laughing
She carried a handfull of pop corns and threw at me laughing
I took my own and threw at her .
She ran afte merAnd i ran away .that was how our movie ended
Just then my maid c@m£ to me.
” he’s re-ady to meet”,.she said..
I took Claras hands and we walked back inside .
I went to change in my room she she went to change in hers.
Mr Hitler’s p.o.v
Am expecting Liam my maids set the table.
” do i put it in the food sir ?.
” Liam don’t eat out like that so poison the drink.
” the wine?.
” of course .
” ok I will.
” inject it so it wont be noticed.
” ok sir.
Liam thinks he can joke with me.he took my land from me . he claimed it and owned it.
.he thinks i want peace.well he will see piece indeed….
Liam p.o.v
Finally Clara was re-ady she rushed out wow she looked h0t
.my designer is always on point.
” come Clara lets go on a peace visit “, i said but first
I handed her the second day file which I signed alre-ady.
she smiled and took it. She looked throu-gh it and walked into the room where she kept the file
” Ryan’s p.o.v
I did only one surgery, I couldn’t concentrate I miss Clara so Much.I walked into my room and l@yon the be-d.
I sli-pped my hands into my cu-pboards and i saw her diary.
I don’t like re-ading peoples journals , but this diary can tell me a little about Claras kind of life . I looked at the cover for a while .
It was boldly written.
I carefully opened the first page.