Candy crush episode 4

Candy crush
Episode 4
In real life, I have not still been able to approach Esohe. But I still knew I loved her. So I gat to keep pushing.
So I decided to strategize this time around. I went online to research on ways on how to approach a lady you love. I saw too many things and they made me more confused.
So sitting in the balcony and thinking of how miserable it is to love someone and the person don’t even know or love you in return, I saw Esohe coming out from her house with Gladys. Gladys is my church member oh. We are not that close but we are in talking terms. I never knew they were friends.
So in Bible study that day, I got to church by 5pm for a 6pm meeting. My trou-ser was neatly ironed that the gator could literally tear one’s hand when mistakenly t©uçhed.
I knew I had to impress Gladys so that she will have the morale to help me talk to her friend Esohe. I had to resort to a third p@rty communication oh. Since anytime I see Esohe my heart skips.
“Hello Gladys, it’s being a while. How are u doing” I said
“Tega! Ah…It’s really being a while oh. Am great and hope you are cool too? Meanwhile you have a very nice outfit oh.” Gladys replied
At this point, my mind was alre-ady drinking coke and holding sharwama on the other hand. I thought “since she could observe and compliment my outfit, then she is probably impressed with me alre-ady. So am sure she will help my ministry with Esohe”
So with that confidence I said, “Gladys I kinda like your friend Esohe oh. How can you help me get hooked up with her?”
“Oh you too. Hahahaha” Gladys laughed so ha-rd .
In my mind, I knew there was a problem alre-ady for she to be laughing like one that is being tickled by a boy.
“St©p laughing now. Talk to me. Can you help me? plea-se, I really nee-d your help. I love her so much” I said
Managing to st©p laughing she finally said “Wait oh, Esohe is very h0t now oh. You are the third person asking for my help now to that regards. Well, I would have loved to help you sha as per church member. But only on one condition”
I was now very happy. “What condition can’t I meet for my love? Just say it jor. Am up to the task.” I said to her
Then she said “Hold on man, don’t be in haste. On Sunday after church I will tell you”.