Candy crush episode 5

Candy crush
Episode 5
Then she said “hold on man, don’t be in haste. On Sunday after church I will tell you”.
At home that night, only one word occu-pied my mind – condition. “What could that be?” I thought
“Well, me am re-ady to do it oh. Even if it means me getting the Sk-irt of a lioness or the suit of a monkey. I can go anywhere just for Esohe.” I said to myself self again.
All I was now waiting for was Sunday. Wednesday to Sunday was now like 2002-2015. It was so far for me. My mum could see the eagerness in me to be in church on Sunday. Normally, they used to f0rç£ me sef to come to church. But now, I was the one reminding them of the special service we would have on Sunday.
Nothing was special about the service to me oh. Just hearing what Gladys had to say was the special thing.
So in church that day, Pst. Itoro used 3 hours to preach his sermon. “Oh oh. I thought we have heard this sermon before. Pastor just close na. Adam will not eat another apple. We alre-ady knew how he ate it jor” All these thoughts were running throu-gh my mind just because of Gladys.
When I just thought they were about to close the service. Then Pst Itoro said “plea-se just five more minutes, let’s listen to Deaconess Okoro’s testimony”
“Five minutes you said oh. Am counting it.” I said to myself. You will not believe that Deaconess Okoro used the five minutes giving just to shout praise the Lord and Hallelujah. The she said “I have not even started oh. If I start telling you what God has done for me, day will dark, day will break, we will still be here”
Then I was like ye. “This woman has killed me” If not that Gladys was still in choir, I would have probably gone to call her outside just to hear it. Because I was so eager to know that condition.
Service finally closed. Choir started their FAF (fellowsh!pafter fellowsh!p). I thought I used to be a man of patience. But there and then I knew it was just goodluck I had. There was no iota of patience in me.
After all of the waiting Gladys finally c@m£. Then she said “Oh handsome, am so sorry for keeping you waiting. I had to do one or two things. Hope you are not angry with me my dear? ”
I wasn’t un-derstanding what she was saying sef. My own goal is to get Esohe, so I didn’t pay attention to her choice of words.
Then she said “why don’t we discuss it in the eatery along the road there” pointing to one.
I was a bit confused. “First condition, later handsome, now eatery. Well, I just hope these all works out well sha.” I said within myself.
Then we got there and Gladys said “Tega guess what?”
In my mind I was like “This girl have come again.” Then I said to her. “Why do you just want to give me heart attack? It’s not fair now. Just tell me plea-se.”
“Alright, I will tell you. I spoke with Esohe during the weekend. And she has kinda noticed you too. But you would have to approach her yourself first to prove that you love her na. Then I can come in from there.” She said
So relieved and happy, I was like wow. But I didn’t want to get too excited until I hear the condition. So I said “what’s the one condition you talked about na?”
Then she put her heads down, with a f!nger in her mouth she shyly said “I like Akpevwe your brother. How can you help me get him to talk to me?”….