Broken episode 3

Broken episode 3
Emily and her Father got worried and went to Nana’s rescue, just then, Nana fell of the chair he was sitting on, still coughing out blood, before they knew it, he was lying down motionless.
That was it, the end of him. His mission on earth was now complete. Just a twi-nkle of an eye, his life ended right there and then. His death was swift and quic-k. He was not ill; it just happened all of a sudden. Emily and her father appeared to be so confounded about this.
The news of Nana’s demise broke Sheila down. What even hurt her most was the fact that, Nana was upset with her during his last days on earth. To the society in which they lived in, people thought, she had lost her b©yfri£ndbut the reality was that Nana was even more than a b©yfri£ndto her. She didn’t believe Nana’s demise until he was la-id in state during his funeral. She just couldn’t st©p crying. It was even so ha-rd to hold her back when she wanted to hold the corpse that was la-id in state.
All sympathizers could relate to how she felt and the pain she was going throu-gh. Emily on the other hand, saw the bright side of this irreversible tragedy. She thought this was the time they could be together with Sheila without anyone coming in their way. It was as if Nana’s death didn’t affect her so much. She mourned alright, but you could tell that it was not going to be an easy task for her to get over it.
Nana’s father also, found himself so depressed even to the point of feeling wary. There was no explanation to his death, no p@rticular cause was found, it was just mysterious. His father couldn’t just believe it. Emily again was most of the time found consoling Sheila. This gave her the chance to be visiting Sheila on regular basis.
However, Nana’s death changed a lot of things. If Nana had carried their secret to the point of death, she then thought that the best way to apiece Nana’s death was to start a new life and perhaps to put a total st©p to her relationsh!pwith Emily.
She knew it was going to be a difficult task especially when she was so much into the act. She also knew how tough Emily was and wondered how she will take it after she tells her about her new decision.
Sheila was however determined to do this regardless of what she may go throu-gh. During one of Emily’s visits, Sheila decided to break the news to her. She wanted to end it all right there and then.
“Emily, I have something to tell you” She said. Her tone in which she said that was enough for Emily to know that there was something at stake.
“I think we nee-d to put an end to this, I want out Emily” She said. It sounded like a total joke to Emily. She never thought this would even come out from Sheila’s mouth.
“You are joking right” Emily asked in surprise.
“Look, I know what this may mean to you, but I can’t continue anymore. I don’t want this.” She said. Emily now knew how serious Sheila was at this point in time. You could tell from her facial reaction that she was getting upset. Emily was well noted for her quic-k temper.
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And when she doesn’t react that instant, you can expect the worse from her. She never let things go that easily and for Sheila to take that decision meant that she has to be re-ady for anything that will come along the way, in other words she has to be re-ady for Emily’s reaction.
Now, Emily somehow seems to her father’s favorite since she was the last born of his father, so most often, she gets what she wants even before she can think of asking. Sometimes, she uses this to her advantage.
Emily knew very well of the position of her father in Sheila’s father’s church. Her father was basically the financial backbone of the entire church. Without his help and financial contribution, the church will have so many difficulties. Due to this, the entire family of Emily pla-yed a very influential role in the church. She then thought of nailing Sheila down with this.
This even goes beyond that, Emily father was the sole benefactor of Sheila’s father. It was throu-gh her father’s generosity of funding that Sheila was able to finish her university education. Sheila was so much aware of this and knew the kind of influence Emily’s father had in her family. It was this same reason that she got betrothed to Nana and now she has been caught up with Emily who doesn’t seem re-ady to let go.
“Hmm, you better change your mind Sheila. Don’t forget, I can easily convince my father to st©p funding the Church” She said.
“Emily, you can’t do that, this is has nothing to do with them” Sheila pleaded. Emily smiled just when she said that. She knew that she had something to pin her down. That was how powerful she is but there was more to it.
“Well, maybe you are right, I think I should leave them out for now” Emily said. She was now beginning to sound conceited. Sheila instantly knew she was not going to be happy with what Emily had to say.
“I’m sorry, but I also can’t leave this one out. Let’s talk about the sudden mysterious demise of my brother” Emily continued. Sheila wondered what Nana’s death got to do with what there were talking about at that moment.
“What about Nana? Sheila asked.
“You know, I have been wondering about this for some time now. My father and I took a different dish that night he pas-sed away. He only ate the meal you prepared for me later that afternoon and guess what; it was midway throu-gh his meal that the sudden incident happened. From where I stand, I think it’s a food poisoning. Maybe, I should tell my father who prepared that meal. What do you think Sheila” Emily said.
Sheila was stunt, she didn’t know where all these were coming from. She prepared the meal alright but she never knew that was connected to Nana’s death.
To be continued