Broken episode 4

Broken episode 4
Sheila was stunt, she didn’t know where all these were coming from. She prepared the meal alright but she never knew that was connected to Nana’s death.
Emily once again succeeded in getting things done her way. There was nothing more Sheila could say when she said this. Emily noticing this, left her alone to reconsider her decision knowing very well of how dre-adful she can be. Something else bothered Sheila. For Emily to have threatened her over this meant that she knew the cause of Nana’s demise.
Sheila on the other hand intended to find out about this. As far as she was concerned, she only prepared a meal in Nana’s abs£nce which happens to be his favorite. She thought by doing that, she could win back her friendsh!pwith Nana; only for her to find out that was the last time she was going to see him alive.
Shiela had alre-ady made up her mind. She was not going to change and go back to her old ways regardless of Emily’s threat. However, there was no way she can also overlook them. She then took the ha-rd est decision she could ever think. Her only option was to finally open up to her father and tell her who she really was. She knew very well that her father will be disappointed in her and will not take it lightly when she opens up to him. Like the saying always goes, “Blood is thicker than Water”, whatever she does, her father had always been her back bone, though he may be disappointed, she knew her father will find a way to be by her side.
Growing up with her father, things had never been easy. Her education had never been an easy one. Before they met Emily’s father, they ba-rely had anything to depend on. Sheila’s father tried her best to get a job but his age wouldn’t allow him since he was so close to the pension age. Shiela herself felt helpless, as young as she was she also tried to look for a job to support the family. That was where she met Emily.
From the onset, Emily seemed to be a nice person and her father on the other hand was also a devoted Christian and just when Emily spoke to her father about Sheila’s father, they agreed to meet, that was when their friendsh!pbegan. Everything was almost perfect until Emily’s ulterior motive began to divulge.
During their time alone, Emily will influence Sheila with homoS-xual videos and all that. Eventually, she was able to convince Sheila to try it with her. That was where it all began. From one point to the other. Emily’s father and Sheila’s father friendsh!pgrew over the time. They bec@m£ so close to the extent that Emily’s father began supporting Sheila’s father financially. He was able to set up a church, that has always been his wish and as usual, since Emily’s father was a devoted Christian, he went all out to support him.
Sheila’s father felt there is the nee-d to show appreciation, his common “Thank you” was not always going to be enough. He felt the nee-d to do more. Emily’s father, thought that his son Nana was not growing any younger. He didn’t want him going out for a lady whom may not bring any good to their family. He alre-ady knew how Sheila was and thought that she will be the best lady her son could get marry to.
Since that was the only request of Emily’s father, Sheila’s father had no option than to grant his wish. Besides, he also saw Nana to be the kind of guy he would want his daughter to marry. Emily was never happy about this. But no one knew her intention because; she knew how to pl@yher cards very well.
Sheila was now in a position where she didn’t know what to do at all. Her only option now was to come clean so that her father will help her out of this. . App Available on GooglePl@y“Tales Of Elton” Download for free
Sheila’s father was type that listens so she had confidence in him, though he may be disappointed but that won’t last. Usually when she does something wrong, her father will wake her up at dawn in her room then they talked about it for hours. She thought of doing the same.
Before the time c@m£, she went on her knees and prayed, she gathered confidence and slowly walked to her father’s door. It was alre-ady half past two in the morning so the whole place was quiet. Just as she got to the door, she stood behind the door thinking of what to do next. Seemed all her confidence had alre-ady died out. She nee-ded moment. All what she could think of was how father was going to see her after she tells him everything. She then raised her hand and got re-ady to knock the door.
Then again she felt that wasn’t the best idea so she turned back and began to walk away. It’s now or never, she thought. She st©pped again and this time around, without knocking, she opened the door and to her surprise, she met Emily slee-ping comfortably in be-d with her father.
To be Continued